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Ten…pounds? can’t make an ethnostate omelette without killing some babies, oh well! Today: you folks know about thi… shit who's the idiot who gave this lunatic a sword???? fuck, oh no! — unnamed, unidentified security force unit deployed in Israel’s cities. Won’t answer questions from civili…
Retweeted by Rafi Schwartz @lankybutmacho TGIF!!!!! @Learnonaut @jason1749 godspeed, good sir @Learnonaut Oh man, they’re a hoot. Impossible to describe in a tweet, beyond “fun!” @parva_x Right?! What a delightWell i guess we're listening to Sparks today, huh?’s a special kind of pyrrhic victory when someone breaks into your car *again*, rifles through everything *again*… @xoAlinaVaughn Hm, no no. That can’t be right. This guy on TV said so.IT BANGS
🚨 BIG NEWS🚨 (THREAD) MinnPost staff are proud to announce the formation of #MinnPostUnion! Today, with 100% suppo…
Retweeted by Rafi SchwartzFucking hell what the fuck @racheleklein goddamncan't tell if this is trending cuz of the cdc or cuz b*ri said it's "an unavoidable burden" for israel to kill inno…
Retweeted by Rafi SchwartzOh good. Good good good. It’s good. Great.’re having funWoman he’s with is now sharing her own broken catheter story, complete with sound effects (“psssh! pssssh! PSSSSSSH!!”)Guy in this waiting room is loudly talking about the time his catheter broke. @dellcam exactly, cancel culture works!Antisemites like no not the queen of England! home country? Motherfucker, I’m from Minnesota. @chick_in_kiev This ownsThe secret Jewish history of @chick_in_kiev.
Retweeted by Rafi SchwartzPLAYERSELECT #23: STREET FIGHTER 2 (SNES release) - art and concept by your pal Rusty #playerselectsbyrs
Retweeted by Rafi Schwartz
@JeremyDauber They’re….okay. The sort of thing you could read in an hour, combined. @JeremyDauber If i remember right, i read it right around the same time I read Ellis’ “Black Summer” and “No Hero”… @JeremyDauber I read, i think?, the first TPB, annnnnd… that one was enough for me, thank you very much. @JeremyDauber yeah, that’s the thing. How much of it would be “not aging well” and how much is just…this is what made it what it is? @JeremyDauber I’m long overdue for a re-read, but i’m honestly a bit afraid that it will NOT have aged well @JeremyDauber I mean, I’m absolutely funning, but also…only sort of. The bit where they’re at the top of the empire… knows the one and only good book about New York City is Preacher #5lol yang with that 10th grade required reading ass choice
Retweeted by Rafi SchwartzNothing to see here. Please disperse. a power move to be accused of various sex crimes and respond by unveiling your new spokesman, the boss baby man i’m pretty dumbah but have you considered supporting the mighty mighty workertones?screaming @BurnBigTexBurn pipeline hack on the eastern seaboard is fucking everything up + general panic"Liz Cheney torpedoing her own future in Congress is the first useful thing she’s ever done in her adult life, and…
Retweeted by Rafi SchwartzJapanese fashion brand A Bathing Ape is teaming up with Sesame Street for a new line of clothing.…
Retweeted by Rafi Schwartz @TheJewishDream Some suffering suffered by sufferers suffers suffering sufferers somewhere.
Retweeted by Rafi Schwartz @cohenben technically trueI’m losing it. Somehow this is even worse???"It's come to my attention that I did a real shitty post. In response, allow me to tell you why all my staff think…, Grass Demand Rises As Gas Shortage Grows
Retweeted by Rafi SchwartzMorris Day says he's "got a serious problem" with Rhino/Warners' newly announced 2LP reissue of #TheTime's 1981 deb…
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@hannahgais No no, Wikipedia is * C O M P R O M I S E D * @thetomzone You laugh, but that’s how Melville wrote “Billy Budd” @hannahgais What will he become next I wonder?? @bfishbfish Dave Barry had some bestsellers, let’s see if he can solve Middle East peaceImagine telling the cofounder of 972 that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about when it comes to I/P but you do… a truly incredible doofus. Honestly impressive. Witch Hunt Org Recounts Harrowing, Heroic War Story Of Doxxing Comedy Writer @Learnonaut exxxxxxxactly. @Learnonaut Well, i would modulate “perfect” to something more like “perfect to be loved by…” because, boy, do i no… @Learnonaut I mean, he’s six, and after the deadpool ep he started running around yelling “chimichangas!” so, job well done show. @Learnonaut yeah! My oldest got super into it and, honestly, it was fun!lol these clowns definitely have their priorities straight @Learnonaut Oh is this the one about the kids who get taken in by Tony?b*ri w*iss solemnly intoning "first they came for the horses..." while drafting a second harper's letter
Retweeted by Rafi Schwartz#TheMandalorian Pinball Machine revealed! #SternPinball #StarWars
Retweeted by Rafi Schwartz[shrugging guy emoji] committed the cardinal sin of the Trump family: humanizing the help @PoliSciAnkers That seems….extremely reasonable. And then, just hook them up directly to a receiver of some sort, a…, any audiophiles out there able to recommend the best wiring for a pair of almost-new ELAC Debut 2.0 bookshelf… @JamesFDennin Thank you! And, hmm, this was a pico issue that was supposed to have been fixed. Lemme see what I can… hell yeah #YangGang amiright people!!!!!! Jewish person here to say “get fucked, Johnny!”, trying to log off today Andrew! an only marginally different universe, this would mean calling Jeffrey Epstein down in Palm Beach and begging him to please move backRunning on the inspiring platform of “begging rich people to please come back, please please pretty please??”Via: Yang is like John Cusack calling all his ex girlfriends in “High Fidelity” in that when you’re young and dum… should just make this my pinned tweet huh?Oh hell yeah - oh HELL yeah - Andrew!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Rafi SchwartzAndrew, you’re doing great, bud!! @JeremyDauber Someday, someday....Christ what a shitass day online and also, y’know, on earth.How DARE you even SUGGEST the British monarchy might have even the slightest WHIFF of bigotry why the very NOTION i… work Andrew! Terrific job all around![me, looking at the bridge that is 300 feet in the air and also made of glass] well, sure, that’s your problem righ…
@AndrewYang i made some hot dogs. @snipy If your playground experience doesn’t involve burning off a layer of skin on a metal slide, or getting so ma… @theJCPA @noelyoungstudio @jrnorton23 I’m strengthening my hands to ring... your neck! Shut up! @jason1749 heads up for our subscribers: If you're having issues accessing paywalled posts, Pico has been struggling a littl…
Retweeted by Rafi SchwartzBlogged the bugs, i have questions🔥🐓BREAKING NEWS FROM WAUKESHA WISCONSIN🐓🔥 when more than half a million people died @sophiekleeman okay, but she *ate bread* sophie. Bread!