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@Deathveilinc sent in the pic of your knees? yeah me too =) @Deathveilinc Hope they also expressed how happy they were for you as well. @Asikaa604 I live and feel this way every day. 8)
@SIMSYOFDOOM @_Bodunk @bhinkk Hey if you want to or not that's each person's choice. Me ill wearing it at times but… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM With this statement you prove mine, thank you. @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM also, as I stated your tone is that of someone who doesn't agree with what I've seen… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM when someone gives you a step, you go forward from there. to help you further underst… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM Actually that is exactly how evidence in the empirical sense works. This isn't a crim… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM gave you evidence to research, I'm not here to write you a book bro, help and educate… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM yeah googles a great thing best of luck on your research and learning of the worlds history. @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM wait are you meme'ing? or did you seriously not read about the soviet union, nazi ger… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM Did I at all say once that it's the same? nope, did I say it's one of a list of thing… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM a pointed example of what im stating and a place that in the past did this very thing. that's the relevance. @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM A lot of people like to think when put in a moral impasse they'd do the right thing o… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM these controls slowly but over time ad more and more and more to the point where peop… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM over the times of history forces of power that have a dangerous agenda they see as "f… @OhMissYessi it's crazy.. can't believe it seriously. @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM I picked my words carefully, and said power be that a body of government or forceful/… @_Bodunk @bhinkk @SIMSYOFDOOM Most have an issue with handing out because of the above comment that says history re… @Deathveilinc Yooo wow.. thats horrible! @MythicTreez @PapaFinch Yoooo thats sick. @Crix_TV It has a bit of time to make a savage turn around, let's hope that it does! @Brittmar love my bean bean @Brittmar thats my lil bean bean @RebelDustyPinky too awesome man!Now live! @thejexodus
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@Deathveilinc Have a great stream my dude
@SteelSeries been rocking your products for almost 20 years so that would be dope! @Deathveilinc @Twitch Dude, I'm so happy for you bro! Congrats! Give them that rockin unique content brother! @Crix_TV Bruh.. at some future event we should totally find a local range and hit it up! @Ki1ika @C4rCr4sh Wow.. can I edit that and fix the fat finger typos... yikes.. @Ki1ika @C4rCr4sh There is so much that can be sad about all that you have done for so many of us streamers, countl… @SoullessWyvern @TheNinjaWolf @TeddyP_TV @Asikaa604 @Ubisoft Yooo.. gotta give that a try. @HoosierBoyTV let's gooo bb! Congrats my man! @Nozzabox go get it you snack! @SuitJames @WatchMixer There you go Fam @C4rCr4sh Thats really dad someone is going to do that. What you're doing for many content creators is giving them… @HarrisHeller You aint wrong at all @HarrisHeller and just like many of your YouTube vids its with adapting content…
He’s now live on Twitch! @TheJexodus
Retweeted by Jexodus 'The Beard'Stream slightly delayed. Watching over the new kitten until the wifey gets home @SWOLEEETV I mean... don't kink shame me lol. @ForrestCaffray Ahh hood Ol'meg. Such good og people. @JerkyXP Stack them all together and take one bearded man size bite, cause just 1 flavor aint good enough some days… @SplitDaWig Now that could be dope. @SplitDaWig Yo, you know I'd be down to check any br out. Just hope one sticks one day for me. @Cyborgbaron Thats what its all about man, community. Gotta stick together and support man. @CaptainRoBear @SpotifyGames 100% gotta love the memes and have fun with it all, you ain't having fun with life what you doin right lol @CaptainRoBear @SpotifyGames
Hey everyone, I just wanna say a big thanks to all of you showing such amazing support and love during this time. G… @_strwb @TheNinjaWolf strwb a busy 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 @Crix_TV Blessed brother, blessed.His will be done. @SplitDaWig All of these pedo, sexual abusers seriously need to all keep being called out. @StormBreakerTV Dude I'm right there with you bro. But There is always a plan for all of us, we just gotta be patient and trust. @FrigidFenix @C4rCr4sh soo nice
@Zune_Girl @SeeOhKnee When I was in NY you were above and beyond your job and professionalism. @Zune_Girl @SeeOhKnee worst part is, some of us that have gotten to be around you and/or work with you know your in… @PapaFinch you all are too much lol @OhMissYessi look at this love!love my wife! thanks for the support wifey @C4rCr4sh been pointed towards you, and just wanna say you're doing an awesome job with those banners. It's nice to… @yagirlbrig I'll see you around for sure booboo just keepo your head up and have the best life possible! @yagirlbrig @Asikaa604 @C4rCr4sh good to know! hope you're doing well BRIG! @Asikaa604 Love these and how are all of you getting these lol? @RaisedByKingsGG 33 @Zune_Girl Everyone needs Zune in their life. @PinkMeatBall @FacebookGaming Hey brother, I truly hope it works out for you. I mean that from the bottom of my hea… @Asikaa604 we will always be family. @DefinitelyInch @Xenmic @TheMixerMagic @CuteLibrarianX1 @XenAndCL @Twitch @TwitchSupport Seriously Thanks for this,… @StormBreakerTV @Twitch @C4rCr4sh Looks fresh. Best of luck brother! @PLAYRgg World of warcraft. @AudioDrown @Tawseeey Beards.. yes. @Deathveilinc @WatchMixer @discord Nothing but love brother, we shall all rise above this better than ever. We all… @AEGIS_COYOTE You're cute
@PrestonalityC You're awesome brother. @Jack_J0n3s @Qwik Absolutely, and hey if it ain't for you in the end thats cool too 8) appreciate. @AudioDrown @PrestonalityC That sounds like a soild idea for sure i know many of us content creators have a lot of… @shogunoflive @Qwik Yeah we strictly played on darktide pvp, back when you could lose all your gear not like pvp to… @Qwik @Qwik thanks man, appreciate the kind words bro. Good ol' Asherons Call days. @Jack_J0n3s @Qwik I currently am mainly doing world of warcraft classis content from levelijg to raids, also in the… @Asikaa604 I'm so happy for you!!! @Zune_Girl I can understand that view for sure. @Zune_Girl ahh i didn't know the mods would know the first and last name, personally my fb is private as is and mos… @Zune_Girl right right, absolutely. @Zune_Girl yeah, and I don't very well know the legal stuff behind that. Honestly my heart goes out to everyone con… @Zune_Girl this is one thing I thought was really cool personally. Cause most of us have to get our communities to… @Zune_Girl One thing I found interesting was the behind the scene content you could make, like Stream->have a commu… @tdrobbo thanks so much for this! just set mine! @Zune_Girl still worried lol @LuckyShotsMIX @Twitch Congrats my dude! work to be done bb @ScoFu13 @Twitch NICE! Congrats bro! @NickGasm_ @Twitch Lets go bb! So Happy for you man! @SplitDaWig Nioce.
@DeepBlueBeard @Solitude3pt0 @SgtSquid1 Yeah and with most of us going to twitch even if for the the time being mak… @DeepBlueBeard @Solitude3pt0 @SgtSquid1 oh wow. amazing! @Solice We love you solice! @Drucila @WatchMixer @Twitch That's a good list, made me a lil sad seeing my name and knowing all that is coming to… @Qwik my man speaks the truth!