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nigga thats Pee Shitty
@codyIol It’s not top 5 trap oat listen to more trap musicWhy tf trav and carti smiling @beebinc Lmfaoo?? yo add me @voolxn Why is that yo name they beating my ass for the shit I said on November 12th,2020 10:47 pmImagine you out in public and a nigga just yell out yo gamertag @CorinnaKopf Yo I’m hereIve already spoken to dr Umar and he’s said this is fine until further noticeHappy Juneteenth’s happening @laprincessaari @laprincessaari It’s the amI’m a simple man, if I see ass and titties on the tl I like itWhat happened to that young thug punk album @JuiceGawdHidden Cryin😭😭😭😭 @caminhiding Ep.280 nigga ichigo just got bailed out against ulquiorra😭 @caminhiding I’m watching bleach rn and I haven’t seen Aizen fight yet n he already intimidating💀
Imagine you go through your kid’s phone and find out they run a Corn⭐️ fan account @tlop444 👀 @Swervioo @OverByCartii @419gwalla This the best troII I ever seen @tlop444 Lemme see sum @javrawr Bruh what?I would’ve kept that shit to myself @denitsue @ps2joystick Ik this off topic n all but why did you give that girl aids?? @javrawr I’m literally begging you @javrawr Humanity is on its last straw because of this tweetnigga getting stomped out to 90s r&b what has this world come to @Rhe10k @AmaniCapaIot Nigga think he Madara @stymead Damn nigga what I do to you @Youngoat0 Damn nigga what I did I had the death note I woulda went crazy the first day @javrawr Soulja boy was the first migo @whoskumba What if she white @MistaElliott @_birdiejackson @javrawr Was this video necessary @javrawr @demondessy What is that @tokygoh’s just tyga @javrawr HeII no im not apart of that @javrawr Don’t ask this @kheslime I aint get hacked idk wtf that is @snuurid @CommentPeasant Nice and wetWomen who eat ass>>>
@Bowser_Not ?? @kysccalamity Yo u good my nigga? @laprincessaari @whatifiwasblack Them high top forces gave u an extra 6 inches we know u 5’2 @whatifiwasblack You wild😭😭 @YeDropYandhi LMFAOOO😭😭 @IonG0tHoes Snap out of it tryna run the show back without Sam finna have her saying nigga in the next episode @shabbaranks___ 😭😭😭nigga so fried he prolly forgot how old he is @Chief_JD “Happy birthday to youuuuuu🎶” @weloveyouhassi
Only on Facebook @javrawr Burns different* @plxyboihurting ChillAyo?? @javrawr Imagine @playboyylos @ronfromjupiter Only if I had 4 holesI’m on this app to laugh nobody cares if y’all getting cheated onNigga is fed tf up😭😭😭 finals MVP @whatifiwasblack Love yourself bro @TheeHornyyPoPo This has got to stop @fbgwayno a what? @_yelsew___ I’m feel like I’m da only that don’t know what font yall talkin bout @tlop444 😭😭😭Niggas be 14 and a old head how that workthis a whole Jerry Springer episode @whoskumba @LILUZIVERT RATIOOOO @big_business_ Nigga got no hands @big_business_ He’s sooooo long @javrawr Pizza hut>>>> @20Kylies
The nigga who created math definitely had NO bitches @Jae_Lovesu @goodlooking_mff Nigga went 6/6 @chiefteefsosa Cp3 was wylin @snuurid Na we was doing real cokethat’s what he get @whoskumba Nigga is that NOT normal? got a 0.6 GPA @Aneeq2x Not a single rt lmaoDurant to James Harden this morning
Retweeted by Jitta ♛ @spitstart 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦 @xvslam @vlptuouz Different pfp not me @xvslam @vlptuouz ?? @kysccalamity Me n Jackson buddies @kysccalamity Yall be getting susd? @kheslime @Aneeq2x Bruh a nigga threw a c4 at my body the other day 😭😭bro was so mad