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JP Bloodily @TheJPBradley The Aviary, Red Row, Spire

TTRPG & fiction writer. Star Trek and Destiny fan. Cishet (maybe). SPIRE: SHADOW OPERATIONS out now. He/Him.

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Devouts, old piece. Soon I'll have some extra time to finish some new personal pieces🌚🌚
Retweeted by JP BloodilyI don't really want to talk about it (I'm fine) but today has been rough and I just hope you're all doing ok and ta… of Poison and Darkness. Drink deep the dram of shadows, salve of sorrows, joy-stealer and escape all your yes… is really, really good
Retweeted by JP BloodilyThis is a Dusa appreciation post <3 #HadesGame #Hades
Retweeted by JP BloodilyThe Producers. businesses out there that don’t currently have a substantial food offering but would like one so they can carry…
Retweeted by JP BloodilyAs some of us have been saying since March, the gap between an arrogant govt & people on the ground was always this…
Retweeted by JP BloodilyBe careful, Guardians. You aren’t the only ones who seek to use Stasis as a weapon.
Retweeted by JP BloodilyThe whole shambles around the Greater Manchester lockdown has been appalling. Fuck this government.This is absolutely shambolic. I really can't quite believe what I am seeing here.
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @AWizardIsYou I feel you. UN investigation into how austerity measures the government took from 2010-2017 lead to 130,000 'preventable' exc…
Retweeted by JP BloodilyI did some light baking last night. @UnrealEngine @quixeltools #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunreal #lightingartist
Retweeted by JP BloodilySucks so hard that government sympathisers parrot the mental health impact of harsh lockdown, when really the impac…
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @HazelMonforton @KarinAelaCos Please stop perceiving every molecule of my being. Thank you.Bradley 2020 - "There goes my fucking morning." 4am lust closet cosplay #blacktober
Retweeted by JP BloodilyLRT: The support from Whitehall is insulting but at least people are talking about Manchester, we should also be ta… Manchester population: 2.8m Money on offer: £22m £/person: £7.86 Yes - the amount of financial support the…
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @lawilga In my defence I was asleep :P
Retweeted by JP BloodilyOne thing I heard yesterday is that GM had asked for £15m a month on the furlough/self employment side. Apparently…
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @Genesisoflegend Field commission I believe.
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Retweeted by JP BloodilyMy brain would not allow me to sleep without getting this out of my system so I HOPE it works @Bungie
Retweeted by JP Bloodily[#Trinity_Quest] I'm reimagining the pokemon starters as fantasy adventurers and have them go on quests together. H…
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @jenn_raye Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhideas that haunt me at obscene hours #HadesGame
Retweeted by JP BloodilyDear GOD.
Retweeted by JP BloodilyIn Warframe I now have a dog.⊿ ⊿ Lavender Beds -M 🏡 #FF14ハウジング #FF14housing
Retweeted by JP BloodilyWithout downloading any new pictures where are you at mentally
Retweeted by JP Bloodilyi like zag's shade fan #hadesgame
Retweeted by JP Bloodilyalright heres my pitch. i live retired in alaska and train my pet huskies but i get called in to disarm a large wal…
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @Under_Punches AC Odyssey was similarly enjoyable to traverse but the level grind on that and the sheer volume of t… @Under_Punches There's a lot of intent in BotW's design that I liked and the way mechanical things interacted meant… of them. I am really weary of open world games. Give me choices that matter not just toys and a sandbox to f… @Ardent2150 Well I hope a couple of days helps, you take care.This spoop month it has dawned on me that the scariest scene in Aliens is this one: cw: claustrophobia탄자그 감사뽀뽀 그런거 #thanzag
Retweeted by JP BloodilyHey @stoneadrianart, someone did a pumpkin of your Red Row Burlesque illustration:
Retweeted by JP BloodilyNotes From Small Planets is my travel guide to nine entirely invented worlds, and it's out now with…
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @BrighanArt I hope you have a nice week too 😀I would eat one mouthful of this and expel every organ in my body.「Action!!」 若手アニメーター5人による連作です! 是非ご覧ください!
Retweeted by JP Bloodilyleave room for Cerberus ☺️ #Thanzag
Retweeted by JP Bloodily✨ this 3/4th headshot was made possible by contributions made to your biji ko-fi from viewers like you. thank you ✨…
Retweeted by JP BloodilyWithout downloading any new pictures where are you at mentally don’t know who needs to hear this, but there is no such thing as pre-existing conditions. It is an invention of h…
Retweeted by JP BloodilyPlease RT. I need some help paying for my insurance through December. COVID setting back my surgery date seriously…
Retweeted by JP BloodilyCalliope pls channel this energy more. #callillust #gawrt
Retweeted by JP BloodilyRemembrance #FFXIV #Haurchefant
Retweeted by JP BloodilyLet’s all take a moment to appreciate Raul Julia as Dracula (Broadway, 1978-79), with set designs by Edward Gorey 🖤
Retweeted by JP Bloodilyday one with the new familiar
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Retweeted by JP BloodilyTier 2 lockdown is essentially middle class people staying at home while poor people bring them things.
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @GayestTiefling Where did you get these pictures of me?[cn: suicidal ideation] Wrote about how boring it is wanting to kill yourself for most of a year
Retweeted by JP BloodilyFinal Fantasy Tactics Advance mage series ✨ scanned and cleaned
Retweeted by JP Bloodilythere's been a criminal lack of dandy in this tag so i took matters into my own hands #blacktober
Retweeted by JP BloodilyI’m kinda late for #blacktober But here is Misa from deathnote ❤️💕💕
Retweeted by JP BloodilyHe's not good with words but he's trying #tloz #botw
Retweeted by JP BloodilyI’m back!! for #blacktober, bringing you guys my take on Motoko “Major” Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell!!
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @ithayla 1 and I mean that in the best way.1 five horsemen of the apocalypse
Retweeted by JP Bloodily“This... is what I brought you here to see” Exo Stranger redraw of previous piece to match the recent styles. ⏰…
Retweeted by JP Bloodily#HadesGame awww yisss he’s giving the good scritches
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@lawilga Bungie: We screwed our damage curve so now enemies do one shot kills or yeet you out of the it's amazing that every single nonbinary person is hot
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @TheJPBradley Your work out in the wild.
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @jenn_raye Mario Kart Love LiveSpooky 🕷
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So happy to share that this piece was part of 3D World Magazine Issue 266😄🙌
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Retweeted by JP Bloodily @eoin_dooley @gshowitt Yeah but there comes a point at which it's fracking your psyche. Hope you feel better Grant.
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Retweeted by JP Bloodily(crystalline screaming intensifies)
Retweeted by JP BloodilyI think a lot about what Mr. Rogers said and did when he accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 Emmys:
Retweeted by JP BloodilyThis interview with anime director Seiji Mizushima is super insightful about the state of the industry…
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This is how Star Trek should have ended as a franchise.
Retweeted by JP BloodilyLocal himbo dies dashing into butterfly ball
Retweeted by JP BloodilyAbout to start playing this game at last so I decided to do some makeup for fun to celebrate! #HadesGame #zagreus
Retweeted by JP Bloodily @pikapies Whaaa? We need to fix that. @pikapies Or a day off to try and Day 1 it. Guess I need to start looking for a raid team.this is what 166 Labour MPs have ultimately waved through. A dark day and one that ought to go down in infamy in th…
Retweeted by JP Bloodily"we survived Reagan"
Retweeted by JP BloodilyNot to be overly reductive or simplistic, but if you are complaining kids shouldn't get #FreeSchoolMeals because of…
Retweeted by JP Bloodilyin case I dont make it out of this alive: #HadesGame
Retweeted by JP BloodilyTime for a Gudetama Egg Custard Cookie with my coffee. is my issue with blaming the public for not observing the rules: They don't make any fucking sense. DAMN NUMBSKULLS #HadesGame
Retweeted by JP BloodilyJust wanna debut this Video of my cat hitting herself with her tail
Retweeted by JP Bloodily"Here's a lighthearted account to educate you about this important legal document and show the ways we casually ign… most depressing thing about this is the number of people in the comments attempting to construct a tissue thin… "GRANDMA! Do you like my costume??" Eva: "Oh, sweetie..." Heimdall: *sweating in a mix of sudden realization +…
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