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Associate Editor at Atheneum (S&S) by day, purveyor of dad jokes by night, eternal sea hag. My tweets are my own. she/her 🇧🇷🇺🇸 Avatar by lovely @NicoleGoux

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@dsantat DAN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
This. This is (one of the zillion reasons) why Aliza is So Brilliant and Great and Wonderful 💜 @dsantat DAN SHHHHH I AM WATCHING TONIGHT!!!! @AmandaIsA_Ram Give this boy a raise of 10,000 boops to the snoot! @LorStohler @alizabees @SimonKIDS @Inkpug Wahhhhhhhh and THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️Guess which rascals made it to Kirkus’s Best Books of 2020?!?!? That’s right, BEETLE & THE HOLLOWBONES!!! Bravo,… for including Beetle!
Retweeted by Julia McCarthyHey what’s up my name is Julia, I’m 32 and I’m a CRANKY SLEEPY BABY, welcome to my crib!!! @AmandaIsA_Ram @tryguys YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES… @bookofkellz KELLY YES @SophiaJay42 ALSO DRINKS AT HINTERLAND NEXT WEEKEND? @SophiaJay42 THANK YOU!!!! Gonna make SO much tea and get cozy if I ever dry off!! @capeybara ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️It’s auspicious to move during 100% precipitation, right??Very pleased to announce that my partner has stopped violently snoring for up to the next five minutes. Thrilled at… paltry human being could even dream of reaching this zenith of humor @thehipp Aw maaaaaaaaaan Sprinkle my ashes around Medieval Madness @whatsmynom I spend some episodes just SHRIEKING with JOY @thehipp There is NO way I’m getting murdered by a Beatles-voiced vulture bub @thehipp Yeah that tracks!! I always imagined my Death Bird to be an enormous albatross, but I like the brave color… @whatsmynom IT IS SO GOOD OH MY GOD @thehipp Is this because I brought up the Giant Bird of Death?I saw an ad for expensive dinosaur-patterned overalls and now I am FURIOUS at my future mysterious wealthy benefact… @StephanieRuble Ahhhh sending you all the good moving vibes! It’s a doozy but always exciting :)
@sayrahcreech Ooohhhhh this is INSPIRING me to finish packing! (And to buy that top!) thank you my dear ❤️ @ellewcee @danaslis YES BLESS YOU THANK YOU @liz_adventures No I’m not a former theater kid desperate for laughs, and how dare you accuse me of suchWhat if I just...didn’t pack that last box of crap for my move tomorrow and took a nap instead? @thedaintiest DAINESEThe doorman at our new place just said re my elevator dancing “No twerking on Sundays” so I think we have made the correct first impression! @AmandaMustafic Nolan really doesn’t know how to write women or make them dimensional, and it really stood out in t… @AmandaMustafic THIS yes!Finished this last night~ kids are going to love the unlikely heroine, Lark. Many lessons to discuss, this book wou…
Retweeted by Julia McCarthyI am so thrilled to see NIGHTINGALE out in the world! Thank you @KCreadsALOT and #collabookation 🗡️✨
Retweeted by Julia McCarthyMy review of Tenet: SO! MANY! THINGS! ARE! HAPPENING!
Why do I always forget how exhausting it is to move? Past Julia is a LIAR. @TVCeline If this is about Happiest Season I KNOW but RILEY @BrittSiess Plus all the pants that haven’t fit in five years!!! @BrittSiess This has been the BEST part about moving tbhSecond up for small business Saturday is Fuck Off Squad Beanies! If you like the book or if your head just gets col…
Retweeted by Julia McCarthy @HannahFergesen Deeply deeply thisThis is a niche tweet for @xDaveBakerx and @NicoleGouxBaby Yoda and Dougie Jones from Twin Peaks: The Return are the same character. @Amadeus_CV Please yesssss!!! @futuresarahsays This this this this this @jpchanda !!!!!!! @rchllipp Like I CANNOT believe it ended the way it did!!!!!JUSTICE FOR RILEY #TheHappiestSeason @rchllipp I am 99% certain and yes I LOVE it @jpchanda Sir, this is a family gathering. @BraveIrene77 It’s SO WASP-y and nasty, these are precisely the people I avoid and it makes my heart hurt!Wait why are there so many jerks in The Happiest Season it’s stressing me out!!! @jpchanda Shh let me have this!!I mean at least SantaCon isn’t happening this year @AmandaIsA_Ram ALWAYS @FirenzeMike You did it you won the meme
I don’t know much but I do know this: those Coen Brothers sure do love inclement weather. @TVCeline I just want to be the marmalade-loving bear I wish to see in the world ❤️I think we could achieve world peace if everyone decided to sync up and play Paddington 2 at the same time. @JimHoover17 It’s a visually stunning episode 😭😭😭Today many are buying gifts or donations for the holiday season. Right now, small businesses & food aids across th…
Retweeted by Julia McCarthyMore like Ahsoka TaYES, amirite?!?!In case anyone was wondering, “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” still slaps. In case anyone was also wondering, yes, we are…
Some inspiration from @Lin_Manuel in the kitchen today 🦃 🥘🌽🍴 morning! Here are a few pieces on how to decolonize Thanksgiving (feel free to share others in the replies!)…
Retweeted by Julia McCarthy @LiliFeinberg @NicoleFios Yesssssss I can’t wait!! ❤️❤️❤️For #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth and #Thanksgiving2020 — please give a listen if you have a few minutes. Teach tr…
Retweeted by Julia McCarthy @all_superb Thank you so much! What a great resource!Practicing gratitude has been an essential part of surviving this year. I'm blessed with an abundance of love and g… @imzeferino Obrigada, querida Isadora 💜 @thehipp I'm gonna come down and yell about this with you soonI have now traveled down dark, winding underground staircases in two separate DnD campaigns. @jeffvandermeer , your… @HeyWhitney Yyyyyeeeesssss
"Narratives overlap like gentle waves across a sumptuous orange and purple palette in this silly, life-affirming LG… @DanaPotter1 @RosenthalMaggie It's gonna be "Dancing Queen" time soon enough 💜💜💜 @dsantat 💜 @HeyWhitney ❤️❤️❤️ @Nadia_Shammas_ ❤️❤️❤️ @tanyajscott This MOVIEHi sweet loves, I am deleting Twitter from my phone for a bit for my own well-being! Turns out speculation gives me… @ellewcee Marry me @chloegoodhart Oh god the PERFECT memory @chloegoodhart I’m actually stupid happy about that @JimHoover17 Heyyyyyyy neighbor!!!!Seconded! @Lora013 It’ll all be absolutely okay! Just a lotta news!Just love that peaceful holiday season! @navahw ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @navahw @sarahcpr This is the antithesis of The Gift of the MagiI for one welcome our desert monolith overlords. Maybe they can do something about student loan and medical debt. wish I had all the money in the world so that I could obviously end poverty and hunger but THEN so that I could b… @jennyhan @AlannaBennett Seconding! @AmandaIsA_Ram @amandarliving @_BENJAMINTO @thedaintiest @AmandaIsA_Ram @amandarliving @_BENJAMINTO @thedaintiest YESSSSSS you want to hear a secret about how to find the perfect relationship? Date someone who laughs at all your weirdest jokes. @amandarliving @AmandaIsA_Ram @_BENJAMINTO @thedaintiest OMG @lucyruth