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@sndwnbeats I hear you. I tend to use more then take stuff away if it feels too busy. Listen to some dope 70s stuff… @CraterJohannes I'm good fam thank you @OfficialMinel Dm me! @creativelychaya ❤😊 @suffdaddy ❤😂 @YourFaveCity 😈 @nocemusic Buy my drums!! Or @lemaestromind kit! Lots of really solid snares. Layering is key. Lots of handclaps an… @bdotfurest Logic x!
@tomcaruana Do it! @bdotfurest This one was an 808 tom sample I pitched down. Usually use the juno 106 for bass. Not much mixing reall… @jergmehoff So annoying to make the loop lol @jergmehoff Just copped it! @lemaestromind Fills in the gaps like butter @illexotic Gave him 50% puplishing @_NicNacc @A_Ptato Caffeine and nicotine 👽 @tshizimba Respect man! Got a bunch of freebies on there too 👍 @MixedbyCole My g thank you ❤ @MixedbyCole Yup! Depends what I'm going for sometimes I'll just use the pres @MixedbyCole I just do 1 or 2 layers into it then dump to logic and time alignMy bedroom is an instrument @skylar__spence Love u bro 🙌❤ @willycrooks 😎🙏Coffee @NACEY Yee I dust up the drums sometimes or record Rhodes and wobble it. I did it once but my machine doesn't have… @tomcaruana I use logic x! I just roll the camera and jam until I get a solid loop 🔥 @HandTid @219JV Its great 🔥Tomorrows gunna be a good one trust me haha 👀 @makatlampana Everything runs into a focusrite scarlett interfaceMaking beats with @no_am91 @_2ndSon_ all day @STEVEisNutz The famous ones are really dope. Tweak those ones to start! @219JV Lots of sidechain, retro color, vulf compressor, t racks clipper @assylkkk I'd start with that gives you lots of options for sounds! I have a komplete control but a $50 mini contro…
@nf872 Nothing I just made a good one. Kount drums 2 brehWhen I tell y’all I got some shit with @THEK0UNT 🤯
Retweeted by THE KOUNT @bilbobutters It's pretty noisy but sometimes I'll record some overdriven drums through it or Rhodes and touch the tape to wobble it @izzycee_ 🙌❤ @TylurOcean Bruh did your chair just do 64th notesMy last ep. Music is coming I assure you ⚡ @TylurOcean Respect bro ⚡ @tennysonmusic How @219JV Literally everything I use is on my sellfy. Kount drums 1 & 2. Get busy! @curtistootrill ⚡⚡⚡ @rael_one ⚡🙏 @THEK0UNT @noname This would actually be sick
Retweeted by THE KOUNT @LiliKjazz ❤🙌 @Dr_Dundiff Embrace the contenttt lol @KingThelonious Oh yeah buddy 🔥 @KingThelonious That whole japan album was my life for a yearJust got lost down a rabbit hole of watching @THEK0UNT videos. so so good
Retweeted by THE KOUNT @brasstracks Duuude! ❤ @KingThelonious My ringtone for 5 years lol @KingThelonious 😂 my g thank youLike every pop star need to come to Dude and have him produce the whole thing.
Retweeted by THE KOUNTDude beat me to it 🦆 @prodbyharrison This guy 😂🔥Comment your all time favourite Dilla track 🔥👀
@noname You'd sound crazy on this 😍 @noname Got u ❤ @ItsTheEXP 😏 @GoldenSoul144 ⚡🙏 @flobama91 👽⚡ @THISISTWIGG Its tight eh?! Can put shit on top of it which is key for my tiny ass room @emoshawtyy2002 The Kount on soundcloud dawg lots of shit on there 👍 @TylerAallDay @Jacob_Rochester I start with drums and percussion then once its slappin I jam on the Rhodes or juno… @THISISTWIGG Mk 1* @THISISTWIGG Mk rhodes w custom caseSpicy @conandcat I just jam the part over and over till I get it and record audio and video while I do it. All the sounds… @Goodwthr Respect man! @Goodwthr I usually just play drums live with backing tracks! Any mic will do I used a 57 for 6 years. Perhaps 👽🔥 @imadumbthot420 Logic @frank_mirando Akai gx-4000d. It's good at making things dusty @akatsukiponane @Nothing_Neue Komplete control! @DeffieDeff 🔥🔥🔥 @assylkkk Juno 106 is my favourite synth. Do you already have a midi controller? @Goodwthr I always play everything but sometimes nudge midi stuff if it ain't sitting right @danielkuntz0 Just practice man. Listen to a lot of different genres. Listen to a lot of dilla and madlib. I've been drumming for 10 years 🙏 @lunaliband 🤯🔥❤ @yungRoshi Always. Minor and major @FrilentMusic Local usually. Theres a few weird shops in Toronto I like but I feel like a trip is in order soon to get more @Buscrates @ItsGQ Man these are the best. Want one so badIt was good chopping it up with the homie @THEK0UNT salute my G ✊🏾✊🏾❤️
Retweeted by THE KOUNT @iampatjunior Woah crazy 🔥🙌One of my favourite people ⚡ @ACDChickalo Wont be that exact one cause I did that live yesterday but I recorded the same snare for kount drums vol 2 👍🔥 @ACDChickalo Do you man! I got the wavs on my site 👊 @SundaeSauuce @IanDigsHummus 🙏 Now I just need to put something out!! 😏 @cezairemusique My dude! 🙏 @LemAli23 🙌⚡❤ @sen09mpls @prodbyharrison Yee it's a mk 1 with a custom case @mrmarstoday You coulda just called ya boy lol @ItsGQ @Elaquent @beatchild @Potatohead_Ppl @MOKA_ONLY 🙏⚡ @1NikoTheGreat Letsgoo! @GOTInsomnia @funkemcfly @prodbyharrison The actual goat
@shmings @prodbyharrison 🔥 @KylePlantEmoji @prodbyharrison I prescribe mo dillaMe n the Kount jus made sumn
Retweeted by THE KOUNT @trentandrewrld 🙏😉 @KaneChattey Lol my sister just said the same thing