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Multiaward-nominated author of 100 FATHOMS BELOW (with Steven L. Kent), DYING IS MY BUSINESS, CHASING THE DRAGON, and more. Married to @librarian_alexa.

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Rainy train day. @LastTrilobite I thought there would be more nudity.Spotted on the subway yesterday: a woman reading an old paperback of Ray Russell's INCUBUS. @grady_hendrix, I think you've started a trend!The President of the United States tweeted this. How far we've fallen, dragged down by this man. I urge you to join… @LastTrilobite I think it appeared just this week! @NMamatas Oh man, I remember reading this one! Featuring The unlikely origin of Venom as a new costume for Spider-M…, David Lynch's short film "What Did Jack Do?" on Netflix is so weird, and weirdly funny. Prime Lynch.
@paulGtremblay Mr. Tremblay, do you know what ice cream is? @paulGtremblay How come nobody ever asks you if you know *nice* things?Alert! The e-book of @DouglasClegg's excellent horror novel YOU COME WHEN I CALL YOU is on sale for just 99¢! Get i… @fredvanlente Looks like Snoopy's dog house.No president in this country's 200+ year history has been removed from power by an impeachment trial, and it's not… wouldn't matter how many witnesses or how much new evidence is allowed in the impeachment trial, the GOP senator… Almost finished with THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON by @malloryomeara. Great book!
@RobertSwartwood The one true peanut. @RobertSwartwood Don't worry, this will all be over after the Superbowl. @TheNuminous1 And so we're the greens! @peterndudar It knows what it did. @AndyRichter "You say the air is polluted, and yet you continue to breathe that same air. Interesting."Today my lunch bowl had a base of greens instead of rice and farro. I await my medal! @randeedawn @JKCorden What? Up is down! Day is night! Nothing makes sense anymore!Are you free on the evening of Tuesday, January 28? Are you yearning for an evening of professional development wit…
Retweeted by Nicholas Kaufmann @SweetColleen Thanks! @gerribuchanan I hope so! I'm so sleepy all the time.Doctor's orders! It's time for me to cut back on starches like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. Rice will be parti… mention of 100 FATHOMS BELOW? 🙄
@ChuckWendig @johnhornor Babu Frik-Dengar 2020My thoughts on #DoctorWho : "Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror" @OldFogeyDean Your heart was in the right place for wanting to spread the word, but for his own reasons he wants to… @OldFogeyDean I thought he wanted it kept to his page for privacy reasons? @schanoes @BPEricAdams I'm with you on that. @schanoes @BPEricAdams "Go back where you came from" is ugly when anyone says it.This is sad news. I grew up watching MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS, as so many of my friends did, and of course Jone…, telling people to go back where they came from is not a good look, @BPEricAdams. There are far better ways of… 100% need this. mention of the Anti-Life Equation on SUPERGIRL? Can Darkseid be far behind?
I saw a bumper sticker that said “LEGALIZE IT” 🙄 yall need to stop!!!! nobody wants that spooky ass clown 🤡 legalized!!!!
Retweeted by Nicholas Kaufmannthe amazing thing about television is that even a mediocre show can generate thousands of damn good memes
Retweeted by Nicholas KaufmannToday is @librarian_alexa's birthday! I got her these two books!
@TananariveDue This is also why so many working class and poor whites keep voting against their own interests. Sure… could sit here and make fun of the NY Times endorsing two candidates for president, but the truth is it's making… Boskone 57 schedule: is one in a long list of movies in which actors brush their teeth without toothpaste. @JasonArnopp Lucky!"The time is always right to do right." - Martin Luther King, Jr., 1965 On this MLK Day, let us continue to strive… @NMamatas Somewhere, RC Cola fumes and plots revenge.I agree with this 100%. There's no such thing as perfect. #VoteHimOut #VoteBlueNoMatterWho @EllenDatlow Yeah, I think so. I had a really good time!I liked it a lot! It's an old fashioned monster movie. Tightly plotted, tense, and exciting. @ZakalwesGirl @LastTrilobite No one's complaining.There's a lot of underwear in this movie.
Now watching UNDERWATER with @LastTrilobite!Look what came in the mail! from yesterday's Women's March, while the weather was still nice. (Photo by @ahkerchoo.)
Sometimes it's hard to believe this is the President of the United States. How far we've fallen. @JasonArnopp LOL! If only for that scene in the limo with the woman from Texas! @JasonArnopp 26 is a solid season, probably McCoy's best. A shame the show was canceled despite this upward trend.The Women's March was made all the better by running into friends at the start! It began to get windy and snowy as… out soon to attend my fourth Women's March--in the freezing cold! @GreenMtRed I find when I have cravings like that, all I really need is some toast.I'm finally starting season 2 of CASTLE ROCK! (I'm only on the first episode. No spoilers, please!)
@KealanBurke @JoshMalerman Same. I supplement my living by walking past windows in the background of movies and TV shows! @GlennHauman America sure loves its rich folks, doesn't it?Annual physical exam: ✅ Blood drawn: ✅ Flu shot: ✅ @cmpriest Kaufmann 2020: Okay. @NMamatas That means I'm a couple of years older than Parnas. Yikes!
@OccultDetective Quite a step up from graph paper!I never thought I'd be so jealous of anyone who has to take the 7 train! love the deeply intellectual conversations I have with my friends over lunch. It makes me feel like a Talmudic sc… @dalila5 Jules and Jim and Mr. Whiskers @ChristophGolden ChiZine? Fuckery? The deuce, you say!Olympia's nickname is "little chair thief." If I get up for even one second... @johnfosterfic I love them both dearly, but if the amount of rewatches is a metric we can use to determine a favori… was a lot of fun. I like these DCTV crossover events a lot; I enjoy seeing all the characte… @thejordache Ugh!
@malloryomeara OMG"Police are on the lookout for a man who was caught on video taking multiple MTA service advisory flyers and formin… @cmpriest @ChuckWendig Steyer was my #2! Maybe I need to look at him more closely! @schanoes This is why you never see bearded men in relationships or married.
@deadmeatjames You have my support, James, 100%.My Boskone mini-interview is now live on the convention's blog, along with incredible artist @raqmo and motivationa… @LairdBarron Live and Let Die is great, maybe my favorite of the lot. I also like Adele's Skyfall and Tom Jones's Thunderball.Wow, another bookstore opens in Brooklyn, and not that far from me! of the reasons the forthcoming horror movie THE TURNING doesn't look good to me is that it appears to be retell…"At 5:12 p.m. on Thursday, NYPD received a report of swastikas and the message ‘Kill All Jews’ scrawled on the wall… @ChuckWendig Yes, but not season 1 Leslie Knope. @rbdwarf When asked for a statement, Ms. Strain said, "Braaaaaaaaiiiins!"Wait, now the article says she's NOT dead?Sad news. Julie Strain was a staple of low-budget, direct-to-video horror movies in the 1990s. thoughts on #DoctorWho "Orphan 55":
Rather than leading the country, the President of the United States prefers to spend his time tweeting grade school… was a little bit on the fence about seeing this, mostly because I'm not into Jared Leto, but that last scene in t… @mmdevoe I consider myself extraordinarily lucky that my wife is interested in my writing! @grimace898 LOL! @tdelucci I'm glad Florence Pugh was nominated for something. I've been obsessed with her since MIDSOMMAR.Kind of annoyed that Lupita Nyong'o didn't receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination for US. Not only did she turn in… important works of science fiction, both political allegories, are on this list. then, once he was back from the hospital, a fucking spectral hunter took a chunk out of his neck. But he still survived!
My Call of Cthulhu character got stabbed in the eye with a sword but miraculously survived. Now he has a badass eye patch!Wishing all my fellow New Yorkers a happy first day of summer!