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Multiaward-nominated author of 100 FATHOMS BELOW (with Steven L. Kent), DYING IS MY BUSINESS, CHASING THE DRAGON, and more. Married to @librarian_alexa.

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I just sent the attached to my Representative and both my Senators. If you would like to contact your congresspeopl… @ChristophGolden Same. I would urge everyone who is capable of voting in person to do so.New Clive Barker books? I can't wait! @nadiabulkin Me too. I am compelled by my love of Clive Barker!He also hung out a lot with Ghost Rider and the Defenders, and even married Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Trish from JESSICA JONES!I'll give this a shot. I suspect it won't be anything like the Marvel comics (which could be a good thing?). In the… I suspected, except for the framing story everything else in the movie is original and not from Barker's Books o…
It's just a joke, folks. A play on my phone's dark mode and the famous line from the movie BEETLEJUICE. I'm fine.My whole life is a dark mode. One big dark mode. @schanoes He also considers Jews citizens of Israel, not citizens of the United States.HALLOWEEN in 2020: Some masked maniac ONLY kills 4 people, and now the government locks down ALL of Haddonfield an…! in 2020: The giant ants in the New Mexico desert have ONLY killed seven people! That's NOT even 1% of New Me… in 2020: Sure, he killed the whole crew of the Demeter, but that was on a BOAT. I'm on LAND, where he's on… @Jackalope_Hope Thank you! @erricknunnally Thanks, Errick! @LairdBarron @larissaeglasser I would love to see that!Did you know my Shirley Jackson Award-nominated and Thriller Award-nominated short novel CHASING THE DRAGON is avai…'m excited for this, but I know that in the same way that Flanagan's THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE wasn't Shirley Jac… @larissaeglasser @LairdBarron What, you didn't like the Halloween mask monster in Rawhead Rex? ;-) @LairdBarron I think this movie may not be what we want it to be. @michaelianblack Not everything translates well from Russian.The trailer is out for the Hulu's Clive Barker anthology movie BOOKS OF BLOOD, but aside from the setup based on th… actual name of the company in this Facebook ad is Jewel Daily, @HillaryMonahan This is why every season of AHS has 4 good episodes followed by 9 more that ruin it.As a giant-monster lover, I think this is a great list! IMO, there's only one glaring omission: Ray Harryhausen's Y…
@grimace898 It's a very fun movie! I'm due for a rewatch!5 of 5 stars to Anaïs Nin at the Grand Guignol by Robert Levy mentioned in the article are the Amicus horror anthologies from the '60s and '70s, which are definitely worth your attention.To me, CREEPSHOW is the ultimate horror anthology film, one I can watch over and over. The films on this list are a… @TerryLightfoot He's the Doctor I grew up with, and he's still my favorite!The last of our early Halloween shopping items arrived: skeleton kitchen towels from Williams-Sonoma! @dalila5 There were many good things in the Before Times.Tonight we watched HAIL SATAN? on Hulu. Even though it's a real documentary about the Satanic Temple, at times it f…
Our order from Pottery Barn came: a skeleton hand multi condiment server, a skeleton hand platter, and a gold skull… @GLValentine Glad to see you're still alive out there! It's been too long! @RueMorgue "Good riddance."It's true. Just yesterday I was in line at Trader Joe's and the guy in front of me left his basket in his place to… @grady_hendrix @StephenKing I just read THE STAND for the first time last year. It's quite an achievement! @cmpriest In normal times sure, but after 6 months of record millions of people being out of work? No. It's a bad take. @HillaryMonahan Redeemer 2: Judgment Day @TheNuminous1 @NBallingrud I'm glad you picked it up! @BrackenMacLeod @StephenKing All books on the Kingathon are first-time reads! @AmyGoldschlager @StephenKing What do I watch for *your* birthday?Happy birthday to @StephenKing! I will return to my sporadic Kingathon in 2021 with CARRIE and THE DEAD ZONE.Our Founders are spinning in their graves. @cmpriest This is a bad take.We're watching SCARY STORIES on Amazon Prime, a documentary about Alvin Schwartz and his Scary Stories to Tell in t…
@dalila5 Precisely! @HillaryMonahan I'm sure he'll win a Republican primary somewhere soon.We had a lovely time this afternoon hanging out in Bryant Park with @KarenHeuler, @leggysnake, and @EricTaxier. For… have short memories. Inevitably, years down the road, people will ask if the Tru mp presidency was really… made a honey cake for Rosh Hashanah! Peel did a back flip out of a chair, bashed a guy's head against the mantelpiece, and then threw him over a table!Let’s keep it to seven tweets per thread, people, we all have places to be
Retweeted by Nicholas Kaufmann @farahrosesmith Happy birthday!I'm watching an episode of THE AVENGERS in memory of Dame Diana Rigg ("Too Many Christmas Trees") and I'm struck by…
Alexa and I went early Halloween shopping at HomeGoods at Triangle Junction and found some great stuff! We also wen… @SwatiAvasthi @johnyopp Golden brown and lightly buttered! @johnyopp @SwatiAvasthi You must have miscounted, because I'm pretty sure I was just at your wedding a couple of years ago. @johnyopp Happy anniversary to you and @SwatiAvasthi! I hope you're doing well!I dreamt I was on the production team for a film of the Dolly Parton song "Jolene." I must have heard the song 100 times in the dream!
Spooky tablecloth from Williams-Sonoma! (Stay tuned for a picture of it on our table.) @therobertlevy @danielbraum Thanks for stopping by the video launch! I'm sure I'll enjoy the book. The reading you… Tova! May 5781 be a better year than 5780 was!I love the drive-through haunted houses they're doing this Halloween season. If monsters can't get through your bla… About to start ANAIS NIN AT THE GRAND GUIGNOL by @therobertlevy. @bbcdoctorwho It would have made much more sense if he'd seen the War Doctor in that room, a part of himself he fea… @CarolPinchefsky It's a lesser known Hammer movie, but one of their best. @NocturneTomDeja In this and in The Reptile, too!Now watching THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES with commentary by Constantine Nasr and Steve Haberman!
@ellenbwright Preach! @farahrosesmith Good luck! @paulGtremblay You get bees! You get bees! Everyone gets bees! @paulGtremblay Classic. @paulGtremblay Yay! Oprah is your biggest fan!Exciting news featuring some great authors! @warandkeith Perhaps he saw it as a stepping stone to running for president, which was itself a joke.5 of 5 stars to Harrow County, Vol. 2 by Cullen Bunn @Y3ll0wZlgN A creepy classic!By the way, having recently seen episodes of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and MONSTERS again, I don't think I'd say they aged really well!I remember all of these shows! The only one I never watched was FREDDY'S NIGHTMARES, which passed me by while I was…
And in case you missed it, here I am in conversation with Dan about the book from Sunday night's launch: book birthday to my pal @danielbraum, whose excellent new story collection, UNDERWORLD DREAMS, is finally ava… @disco_remix Seen it, own it, love it! :-) @JohnJwirenius It's a good one! @RobertSwartwood I can't imagine how much filler there must be in this book! @LastTrilobite I've actually never seen it!For years, Ken Russell's 1986 film GOTHIC has been my go-to movie to watch on Halloween. This year, I'm looking to…
@gerribuchanan @timesunion What the...? @farahrosesmith We went to the Brooklyn Zoo recently and felt safe with everyone having to wear a mask. There were…'s a picture of @johnfosterfic and me Halloween shopping at NYC's fabled Halloween Adventure! Afterward, we bot… @LastTrilobite @TheNuminous1 I think so, and her husband is the thing in the basement! @TheNuminous1 @LastTrilobite As far as I recall, there's nothing in the movies specifically detailing each book. Ho… PLEASE! @LastTrilobite @TheNuminous1 I *am* the Thing in the Basement! @RobertSwartwood It's true. It's very easy to see right through him.
@delisacarnegie I mean, she waits until they're done, so at the very least she's considerate.In the original #FridayThe13th, do you think that while hiding under the bed that Jack and Marcie are having sex on…! The e-book of @ChristophGolden's fun, fast-paced horror novel SNOWBLIND is on sale for just $2.99! you miss the online launch of UNDERWORLD DREAMS last night, featuring author @danielbraum in conversation with…