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Retweeted by Kimberly @marksnotnice JesusMy impact 🙄
Retweeted by KimberlyPain my Instagram in case the twitter f*ds get me: thekimbinoThis is such a powerful art piece on masculinity. Like if you love it so much & it boils down to genitalia, then he…
Retweeted by KimberlyChristelle Coco for Seredin & Vasiliev Fall 2001 Couture: & Vasiliev Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2001 give me heebie jeebiesBitch subscribe or shut the fuck up it’s that simple spots left for 40% off ❤️ don’t miss out @COOCHIECOWGIRL He possessed🌊 @KamalaHarris
Retweeted by KimberlyIt’s just dawned on me that my king Lawrence sounds like Lee McQueen omfmejskskxkxkxk @balenciogre I saw a tweet that it’s coated in Stirling silverMcQueen brought beauty and commerce to Givenchy. Not many can relate. @OverAnalystVera @OmondiPresents I haven’t had time 😭😭😭 this baby taking up all my time @nyenoahshitfuck Literally like give me something historical but make it modernThese designers are Louis, Dior etc don’t really have that personal magic. Instead of beauty and commerce it’s just commerce.McQueen’s runways and collections were biographical and it’s the reason he pushed for it to keep standing and not f… in Pyer is fucking cool. It’s a move. A MOVE MOVE.She heard us
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Retweeted by KimberlyWhy would you wanna miss out 😌 it’s 40% off for the next 30 people ❤️ and California be fighting over who can do the biggest worst fire“No you black”- a black man....
Retweeted by KimberlyWe need to storm dr Phil house it’s his fault we are here now soul surfer and why are these yts throwing SAND at each other is this normal8 spots left ❤️Hvcfhbnkkihgffgjbjkkkjjjjkkk stormed McQueen Jungle show and one of the cars caught fire cause of the fire props being too close to the… Shaw talking about McQueen ugh 🥲Bernard Arnault’s appointment of McQueen at Givenchy was a power move. A shift.It made me the researcher that I am.The highland rape collection changed my life, I saw it for the first time in my fashion history class. Everyone was… just be running hoping it work outMcQueen running to Italy with no money is so meWatching McQueen 🥲 painGod Grace Coddington is that girlAnna drinks Starbucks? Must not be much choice for coffee over there @JoeyMenson A thespianGonna watch the September issue to watch Grace get mad at Anna“Ice Age”. Oluchi Onweagba by Steven Klein for Vogue US, December 2008. @pink_variegated Yummy! @TheKimbino This Gucci for Gut Mag story from 2020 by Ivar Wigan starring Zaina Miuccia kinda has similar vibes
Retweeted by KimberlyWhen American Vogue did things that matter. Shot by Steven Meisel no less @gum_mp3 I’m telling you...Mila ate that’s a model that’s a thespianThey don’t do it like this no more and what is the reason?Magazine: Vogue Italia (October 2000) Title: L.A. Report Photographer: Peter Lindbergh Models: Karen Elson, Milla J… Margiela, Fall–Winter 1994–1995 Ad Campaign photographed by Katrin Jacobsen for Street Magazine Volumes 1 &… Welling, Torso 2005-2008 I think about Milan fashion week all I think about is the atrocities that are gonna come from D&G and that’s a shame
kostas murkudis spring/summer 2001 || jw anderson spring/summer 2016
Retweeted by KimberlyCrazy how many versions of this we’ve seen in the early/mid 2010sPeggy Moffit wearing the Rouault swimsuit by Rudi Gernreich, 1971. off for the next ten people ❤️’s the Prada logo what r y’all talking aboutOne of these shoes is $277 the other is $1300 McAcoy ate that role up in Split8.1% y’all doing the damn thing onlyfans is $3.50 for the next 30 people ❤️’s called signature isnt it? That’s how we identify him don’t we?What im hearing is people didn’t enjoy the Prada show and I don’t think I can relate @TheCourtKim As you should and deserveIs it houndstooth? got to see it first plus the process so eat it can pre-order here 🌫
Retweeted by Kimberlywater hat 💧 made by me intention: water refractions on your face
Retweeted by KimberlyIDK, I personally think America needs to pay for what they did to Raf Simons.
Retweeted by Kimberly @maisonmeIissa I just wanna know peaceBut when I speak on this kinda stuff it’s an issue usually don’t speak on these things, however prettylittlenothing is trash for this.
Retweeted by KimberlyROMANCE
Retweeted by KimberlyAH @Itsashforde Literally me Rn kekskskxkkdjxI love mess FW21 by Miuccia Prada & Raf Simons
Retweeted by Kimberly @niaws_t @AhniyahGold Could’ve typed it in google @TheCourtKim This is what Camilla and Shawn think they look likeThere’s no Givenchy couture?Maybe Berger was Carrie’s karma for cheating with Big.Berger came over to screw Carrie and then fucked off in the morning and left his shitty flowers and shitty note omg.