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im sorry but if youre still dodging breeze youre just a bitch i dont make the rules @koalanoob never queue after a tourney loss thats a rule.@koalanoob gianny nooo what happened :( @pl1xxval ANS is that you? @FrostyValorant no sir @FrostyValorant we know its an AI which essentially means its e-dating so ur cringe
@neT_valorant "neT is insane for a sub" bro are people on crack why is that a crazy concept that a sub can be good @zekkenVAL @XSET damn XSET kicking a literal child out of their house? cancel themEZ5 is looking for an organization! Current Roster: @C0Mtweets @dcopGG @PaincakesVAL @Kanpeki_XD @Gucc107 C…
Retweeted by King @RealStrongLegs @mel_anji blursedReleased from @NobleGG. I appreciate this opportunity and I wish them the best going forward, but I am now a F/A an…
Retweeted by King @currydtx this a vanity level tweet, nice @zekkenVAL what a misteak bro.. @zekkenVAL is it a beef burrito tho.. @diaamondTV Blue hair changed you @PrecisionVal Alright who’s gonna @ zexrow @LeviathanAG I did it for you @katsumiFPS your collection is more organized than my entire life @r3p_valorant i rarely did PvP when i was younger, 2013-2016 minecraft was pretty much all survival or like skybloc… was simpler when all i had to worry about was my minecraft skyblock island level @andersin_val this game is 99% mental and you cannot convince me otherwise @MikesHD_ Bind and Icebox are masterpieces that CS:GO map designers wish they could have created themselves @rickyeffps @frostyZK ah yeah i used to queue late but now im a noon kinda guy, just how my sleep schedule goes @rickyeffps @frostyZK when you beat me in ranked, but we like never get in games with eachother so idk @rickyeffps @frostyZK yeah but ur bad 🗣️ @Asunaa hbd 🥳 @moonxes nah we caught a dubinteresting feel like im missing half of the drama... do i wanna know? @ny_SmolSakura it is consumed @neT_valorant isnt it already a common understanding that long distance relationships suck, why would you intention… @OkinFPS @Nurfed @khanartist9 i mean i saw the okeanos thing but i also didnt plan on reading the comments for that… @Nurfed @khanartist9 i swear im not seeing any of this shit you guys are talking about is my timeline just blessed? @Lear_VAL bro i kinda miss hawaii, but only if it were for a short vacation to see friends again not to live perman… steak and mashed potatoes again and holy shit this hits idk why i was too scared to cook it
@AYRINval @zekkenVAL he didnt even trickshot fucking drop him @andersin_val ;-; @TiGG_TV @Cloud9 we need to check what they were feeding you guys at beastcoast. jammyz and now you for being insan… @andersin_val although at least you guys made it once so thats what matters @andersin_val we can cry together @notvibra_ none of Stage 3 impacted their stats since they didnt even make it to the last round of the openT1 - 2/5 GenG - 2/5 LG - 2/4 ABX - 2/4 DarkZero - 2/3 Ghost - 2/2 Renegades - 2/2 Sentinels - 1/4 NRG - 1/4 Versio… list of teams that choked qualifying to a closed event in the last round and the number of times they made it… @bangzerra i agree, but dont take my gun :( @Ban_Val @Cloud9 @YaBoiDre so goodHere's the official LFT: - Tons of high t2 exp, and some t1 scrim exp - Main Sova/Sage, have also played Skye/Breac…
Retweeted by KingSpectre9 BlueOurBoiDre @Glorinsz 1:1 @GeorgeCGed @bumpaah its your time @Ban_Val @Cloud9 CLOSE IT OUT BANCloud9 is running old Phoenix1 strats rn... rush A rush BLETS GO @Ban_Val @902Creed @nitr0 waffles are always good, but a good pancake hits differentfuck fruit flies man @Vanityxz @dawnFYB spite @diaamondTV ninja poggers @yoojpls LFT as NOT an IGL @GeorgeCGed fortnite salty springs field @TTVTrauhmatic @bruhsimon_ @CarbynVAL i think youre missing the point @TTVTrauhmatic @bruhsimon_ @CarbynVAL who said i took it to heart? i just think you look stupid as fuck @TTVTrauhmatic @bruhsimon_ @CarbynVAL difference is you have absolutely nothing to back it up @TTVTrauhmatic @bruhsimon_ @CarbynVAL you replied @TTVTrauhmatic @bruhsimon_ @CarbynVAL you seem upset are you okay @TTVTrauhmatic @CarbynVAL @TTVTrauhmatic @CarbynVAL @jrush512 @aEvilcat @nerdstreet hey she said it first @kyedae im having a stronk @aEvilcat @nerdstreet would you say you.. cast from this couch?errands have not been ran :) @notvibra_ probably tbh i shouldve chanced itStill LFT -Experience on every agent -Prefer Sova/Skye -Can flex any agent like & rts appreciated🤍
Retweeted by King @kepraj more suffering @CarbynVAL i doubt he even has a twitter knowing how toxic he is, will never make it anywhere in his career with th… your only accomplishment being beating fucking TradeLikePros and shit talking me in ranked yikesranked time: if i win my first game of the day i continue playing if i lose my first game i go do my errands @aleksandarosa 🥶lol
Retweeted by King @katsumiFPS Hmm interesting I haven’t had it do this to me yet. Probably just jinxed it now unlucky @katsumiFPS Go to your Task Manager, select More Details and scroll until you see VALORANT running under background… Lotta Red @TeddyTran_ is he doing sicko modelol @katsumiFPS time to become Katapult tho @katsumiFPS spaina cursed Breeze immortal lobby VCT match i watch just makes me more driven to get back on top and show what im made offuck 0/2 sadge @LeviathanAG u are insane, good shit man best sova NA @t1tan1um_ so close lads, you should still be very proud @ScrewFaceVAL @KOLER1337 @andersin_val @Ange_AMIL @HarmonVAL1DARKZERO TAKE MY FUCKING ENERGYWHAT?????
TSM ?? @PrecisionVal @902Creed @NiSMO_VAL @Subroza @PrecisionVal drop the Siege team its the only way.@menace_val are you in Vegas rn? @OkinFPS Inspect Element @OkinFPS his salary is, double it