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@Gucc107 yeah i just got that water flush pump thingy today, feels weird @witnessgg1 went to an ear specialist and they just did an ear flush, there was a massive buildup of hard ear wax that came outgot them cleaned out, now in game audio hurts my fucking ears :( @KnightsGG @agmFPS @Complexity @jcrueL_ @JonahP_ @ohaaii @valyngod @eBay @sheetz @daprcs @GeezaOfficial some say you’ve got options 😈 @frostyZK @Sum2ProveVAL @dcopGG @CFBrando @Tsuyaval @GeezaOfficial that’s so poggers babeLFT POST- Elmerz Glue and I mutually parted away. Will be exploring my option in the mean time -Can play any Sent…
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@GeezaOfficial @KookyKoalas do you even need it 🥶 @DerrekOW @triskkkk lmao @shotoftodoroki wrong @shotoftodoroki im not playing cypher on all 6 maps yetLIVE NOW with my first ever charity stream to raise funds for breast cancer research with @BCRFcure!! campaign lin…
Retweeted by Noble KingMe: "can we have @JoshNissan?" Mom: "we have steel at home" steel at home: @ScrewFaceVAL ez for umugshot gang rolling up 😎🥶 @NobleGG as one of the featured teams for this weekend's 🦁#KnightGauntlet: Spring Fling presented by…
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Retweeted by Noble King @katsumiFPS trying to close the ascent doors and popping a killjoy molly ;-;
@SicK_cs ❤️ @katsumiFPS knew you could do it! lets go @PlayVALORANT the Cypher buff I’ve been looking forward to @katsumiFPS ez for u
@Money_Folder i have suffered both OW and Valorant metas i am untouchable @HitBox_Hiros i already leaked it...All of us at Noble want to wish everyone a very happy Mother's Day today. No matter if it's comp, casual, or sing…
Retweeted by Noble King @rizajpg @zekkenVAL @zekkenVAL wouldnt show his face i guess ill leak.... @frostyZK @hyunFPScasting winners semis with @L4st_v1, they're making me use my webcam so face reveal lol
Retweeted by Noble King @BayonetVAL @NobleGG i like chickens @mel_anji ive never had friends to begin with!!!!!!!!! @katsumiFPS YES DO IT @Glorinsz i feel like im the opposite lmao, i get like 4 kills in ranked but in tier1 matches i can hold my own. i guess ill take that tbh @MoobsXD nt @TrickVAL NO YOU ARE @TrickVAL i will not tolerate this bulldog slander on the timeline @TrickVAL biggest cap that shit slapsI have been officially benched from Ghost Gaming, and I am currently free/available to look for other opportunities…
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@DerrekOW weird flex @Apex177 we lost our scrim wdym @JonahP_ ❤️
@LarryBanksFPS dont need an antivirus if you dont install random shit
@TeddyTran_ @Cryocells_ this is what you eat in jail anyways lmaooo @Cryocells_ 🥶 wanted to say @janglerr is one of the best astras in the game, he made the switch better than anyone in the sc…
Retweeted by Noble King @JasonPalafox @zekkenVAL @frostyZK ?? @rizajpg @zekkenVAL @frostyZK leaking my shit score kinda weird @Apex177 @hyunFPS That shit looks like a battlepassdown bad, been egod by @ScrewFaceVAL on steam for like 3 weeks now. i dont know if i can continue living @zekkenVAL
@MoonBlueOW @zekkenVAL okay Ivan "5/20/9" Wong @zekkenVAL never supporting you again @shotoftodoroki words hurt @TrickVAL @NobleGG @menace_val glad we brought you on for your Yoru talentI DID IT ITS BEEN 84 YEARS @Bruh_Tu just made an appointment for an inspection so we shall see @abervalorant nah I used to do that a few years back and it never helped. I guess I just naturally produce a lot of ear waxbro I keep waking up not able to hear out of my right ear cause of my fucking ear wax, guess I gotta go get that sh… @Vanityxz nah just delete jett @hyunFPS aaaaaaaaaaa @b0ssyCS 😳aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaee e aa
Parted ways with @NobleGG, I’m open to any offers as an unrestricted F/A Preferably play Duelist (Jett/Raze), but…
Retweeted by Noble KingI'm still contracted with @TeamHeretics but I'm looking for new options, I'm very motivated to keep up the hard wor…
Retweeted by Noble KingMy Contract with @akellaesports has ended LFT/Exploring all options I mainly play Astra/Omen but able to flex dueli…
Retweeted by Noble Kingvibin @zekkenVAL okay @zekkenVAL just finish lolayo g
Wish everyone at Noble the best, it was a fun experience. I am officially LFT now. Prefer to play smokes but can al…
Retweeted by Noble King @jcStani large vouch, good luck going forwardI wish the best of luck to both Menace and Jangler going forward I love these guys to bits and I know they will suc… we say farewell to @menace_val and @janglerr. We'd like to thank both of them for everything they've contrib…
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Retweeted by Noble King @hazedCS you guys got this dont worry @Korsonix @THESPIKEGG .98 on the KJ for me 😎 @GregoFPS nah ranked is literally no mans land in ww2, i feel you @GregoFPS I'm the sentinel that ran it down 😔
@RevampFPS @HitBox_Hiros it is breakable, just not from the convenient angle seen in the clip. if you go heaven and… @RevampFPS @HitBox_Hiros likely not. i know the old lamp/lantern KJ ults were only banned in EU and not NA. now the… @HitBox_Hiros dont leak itmight wanna change this Liquipedia... @Vanityxz @Cloud9 I DUOD WITH YOU ONCE YOURE SO HOT @frostyZK did i teach you nothing about sentinel...
If any teams need 1 for VCS tmrw lmk😌
Retweeted by Noble King.@OfficialBoaster is a kid in an esports players body. lmao love this guy @OfficialBoaster @LiquidValorant LETS GOOOOOOOJust went for a jog for the first time in like a year or two. My body hurts @zekkenVAL No. @NotReduxx cat @LarryBanksFPS @sevvn @sevvn sussyd @TrickVAL kix/interro are goated R6 casters