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tryna live tryna cry tryna die

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@torrmusic how can we be certainbabe wake up new jedwill just dropped @jedwill1999 LETS GOOOOOO
@koalaXCF i believe in you !!!! hope all goes well !!! @swampchum woke up feeling good today too !!i am listening to modest mouse in my car and i’m feeling pretty good today :,) hope everyone is doing okay and has a very swag day @3_1_2_5 i’m gonna try and host a smash tournament with everyone in the community this year we’ll see how that goes @jedwill1999 call me smashkey the way i be infiltrating the music communitymy real goal is to secretly infiltrate the music community and convert everyone into pro smash players @vampiric_shirin @jedwill1999 they call him legs @jedwill1999 @vampiric_shirin hey guys what do u think about this lil dude @jedwill1999 @vampiric_shirin I HOPE IT DOES REALLY WELL WHEN YOU DO !!!! I SUBCONSCIOUSLY HUM THIS SNIPPET ALL THE TIME !! @vampiric_shirin @jedwill1999 jedwill just likes seeing us suffer at this point i think ! @jedwill1999 i will rt again @jedwill1999 how can i change this @emihead i think he’s had enough @dustinjswatson 3 D babes @shoe0nhead hey mom quick question why did you decide to give them the name “shoe”i mean not that i’m complaining or anything..... @gIitchgirl it be yr own hands 😔okay who gifted me a sub to neekolul @analogjudas let’s gooo @Lemonkeeperrr @3_1_2_5 OOOFtag a friend and like this post if you have the ability the breatheMy mom passed away on Thursday because of Covid-19 & I’m just finding out now that I'll be homeless. I'm unemployed…
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GUTSHOT Small clip to share :)
Retweeted by laptop funeral 🤍 @wheredthesodago okay honestly i think the iphone UI is really pretty design wise and it’s also super simple to use… @bskulldragon1 idk !!!! @jedwill1999 maybe i like auto played the video ? and then the video disappeared??? idk hahah @wheredthesodago rose gold iphone 6 @jedwill1999 oh yeahh i get that a lot too.... i didn’t even click a video for this tho it kinda.... just happened haha @jedwill1999 u get haunted by guy giving away $19 fortnight gift card on a regular basis? @thayerperiod but i don’t want $19 fortnight card !!!!! 😭😭😭😭 @singtoconley why would you do this to me @realatagdubs i just.... started playing on repeat i have no idea !!!!WHAT IS HAPPENING multishined @abbigaga thank u abbi u are awesome sauce @koalaXCF @disposable_usa i don’t even remember doing this hahaha @koalaXCF @disposable_usa aaaa i’m glad you liked it ! thank u !!! @briannax0x0x hey bri yr beautiful and also awesome @sadtittyboy hey hi hello himight just fuck around and commit arson @briannax0x0x hiiiLaptop Funeral is live 🥲
Retweeted by laptop funeral 🤍 @abbigaga abbi what does this meanAlso skirts is playing rn now and it’s very good and awesome and cosyhey im on in like 20 mins !!! everyone !!! today at 8pm ET / 5pm PT i’m playing a really cool set for the @disposable_usa charity live st…
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@rayberrycrunch HOW DID I MISS THIS(if u saw the other post i used the wrong poster my bad)hello everyone !!! today at 8pm ET / 5pm PT i’m playing a really cool set for the @disposable_usa charity live st… @dweebozoid we were mutuals when all he did was make covers !!!! so crazy how big he got @swampchum how in da world @notdaine AAA THANK U !!!! U R ALSO VERY (!!!) PRETTY FR @briannax0x0x @baldslimeball @ceecide_ @stepdilf @trapplebee @ccqze @dreambIuehaze @ughlyiah @synthecysts'ride' remix
Retweeted by laptop funeral 🤍 @HampsterMouth big hat time !!! @sadtittyboy omg i love croptop that have the collar like that this is so cute !!!! @SSBMagi let’s goooo @deadsunproject i love u blair !!!!!!! hope everything is okay !!!!
challenging the panera bread manager to a duel in smash bros if i win i get the job @holidaykiss_ @deadsunproject yes we all making podcasts !!!!! podcasts for everyone!!!!! everyone gets a podcast !!!!literally impossible to take pictures without my lil tongue out @neekolul you get it @deadsunproject making a podcast brb @ratstep AAAA NO YOU !!!! YOU ALSO CUTIE !!!!!back in orlando :) 🤍 This Is Sus 😞
Retweeted by laptop funeral 🤍playing this !!!! this saturday!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaa
Retweeted by laptop funeral 🤍 @singtoconley @swimgoodnow love u forever @singtoconley so good so good so goodmade by @cablobb btwww @disposable_usa right ?????? @ethanpoggers I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!HAVE I SHOWN YALL WHAT MY FRIEND MADE ME FOR CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!????’ (THAT IS MY GUITAR !!!!!!!!!!!!) @singtoconley u kno what honesty sometimes u need the “wow so sickkk” guy i am pro “wow so sickkk” guy they make me… how insane that headache must’ve been.... they were like DAMN this shit hurtin.... i gotta tweet about this fr !!!i will always have high respect for twitter user @laprip who in 2010 made a twitter account to say “my head hurts”… @holidaykiss_ currently furstorming (fursona brainstorming)okay u know what it’s time for my fursona arcyo gabba gabba hat ? @bangers_ntrash i think u are cool ! very cool and sweet even @nari_xcx they thought jesus was an imposter 😔 they didn’t know he was crew mate 😔 @vampiric_shirin they have to figure out whether their life is in danger or if they have been formally educated @vampiric_shirin i think it means threat but this made me spit my water out omg hahah @vampiric_shirin /th @hunter_hhhh over there @ambiencreek i have never related more to a chair
@hentaibots ITS SO CUTE !!!!! @abbigaga will simply request all president portraits to be replaced by abbigaga pictures 💯 💯 @hentaibots so true so true so true @whytwokaleb thank you !!!! :)) @whytwokaleb i love the fit !!i have ADD, OCD, and really bad social anxiety.... the biggest thing is that it can make it very hard for me to mai…’m not really sure when this is coming out but i’ve been working on this album for over 3 years now and really hap… @alarisoheart i cries for like two hours when i finished my album it was a lot @ellalalune YES !!!!! i love that album !!!! so so so goodokay so to make a long story short my friend børge told me to try n put more emotion into my music and as a result… @realatagdubs yr cool !!!!!