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@IAMLPX 🔥Being a brand new artist trying to make noise in 2020 is way harder than it was 5-10 years ago. Respect to all tho… evidence of our new bromance w the menses @thespongesrback last night was perfect. Yall never disappointthis was the most fun I've had in a looooooooong time
Retweeted by The KnocksDJing with your friends is one of the most fun things in the world
Retweeted by The Knocks @dances We got that one year and we were sooooo gassed. Have it framed in the bathroom of the studio lolSame 800 people tonight in DC to close out the Knocks & Friends parties 😳😳
@FUnkymoses17 What’s that! @BuffKitFisto @skylar__spence Will fix this ASAP! ThxMost slept on album of the decade @skylar__spence & FRIENDS DC TONIGHT 1000p - Kevin Tillman 1100p - James Dank 1200a - @thespongesrback 0100a - The Knocks… @MNEK Lmaoo @bobpatters He’s amazingEDm guys love tame impalaCHICAGO KNOCK & FRIENDS SET TIMES @Spybar Joe & Joey – 10PM – 12AM @thespongesrback – 12AM – 1AM The Knocks – 1AM…
Retweeted by The KnocksLuv day
CHICAGO KNOCK & FRIENDS SET TIMES @Spybar Joe & Joey – 10PM – 12AM @thespongesrback – 12AM – 1AM The Knocks – 1AM… @ModernMachines Proud of u gChicago the kids hath ‘rrived what is really goooood
Retweeted by The KnocksThis is us manifesting destiny? Or whateverIt’s crazy when ur working on a song on ur little laptop on a plane that all the people around you will probably he… tix on sale for our show with @LouisTheChild at @BrooklynMirage !! tonight ✈️
@Dag_Hardcore Just posted itShe snapped @canarolls #KissTheSky @wyclef anything to!!!Soooo were our own dance label. Anyone wanna submit some demos ?
honored to be on this album! @shalloumusic 💕thank u for having us @MatthewKoma @stephanjenkins @ThirdEyeBlind @HilaryDuff @RAC This rulesKNOCKS & FRIENDS SF
Bringing Here For Now to Brooklyn! Register for presale at
Retweeted by The Knocks @allyhun11 @ILLENIUMMUSIC @SaidTheSky @iamdabinlee @day_gatsby Lol girl u are missing the point. we have been playi… @KickNaptur Aye aye sgt wook major captain @GiallanzaTiana @SullivanKing Oh Man U figured it out. This whole tweet was us being mad that this guy we don’t kno… SATURDAY!! WE GOT A WAREHOUSE WERE BRINGING @THESPONGESRBACK 👽 Some tix left at u @lilaaron911 That’s live af broThis whole tweet was not inspired by hating on someone else. It was because people come to our dj sets expecting a… @alkstunes Idk who this mans is @MissiHippian Isn’t that what twitters for ?Like we have the real historians coming out for the tea this rules @SullivanKing 🤦🏼‍♀️ bruh do the research. All respect @bot106 All love g! Much respect i wasn’t trying to take shots at anyone just making commentary ! @tomixoxsina Yeah that’s what we do. @bot106 Was a little more than that but who knows what was really happening @tomixoxsina Sick mom @bot106 Yeah. Lot going on in there! @bot106 Have u seen inside the pyramid? Look closer and do some research.The tea is hot today 🍵
Forgot this this @craymusic Piping @wopnizzle Thanks g! @punkdafunk Lol facts !!Chicago come join the love party Friday night @Spybar 💘 the archives: @theknocks - Modern Hearts (Ft. @stlucia) | #electronic #electropop |
Retweeted by The Knocks💕💕💕💕💕💕 @emilyr293 😈People that come to these Knocks & Show gigs expecting a live show need to understand it’s a PARTY we’re up there g…
San Diego that was crazy last night !! We’ll be back 💯 @joe_kelley This is good stuffClassic @atrak @dances Yeah the whole original EP was kinda amazing then they signed to COlumbia and Sam & Dave reproduced… @dances Wow yep.. produced by Pharrell too right? How about this one from 2009.. Dude is now a doorguy at swanky ny… @skylar__spence What is this !? @EventJoe @oasis Haha in good company thank u Joe!This is a strong vibe SET TIMES @BangBangSD 10:00PM-12:00AM - Alex Harrington 12:00AM-1:45AM - The KnocksSan Diego Is sold out tonight- will be a few tickets at the door. Haven’t gotten out of bed all day besides to let…
@dances Where r u streaming it? @asapranch Said no one @AnythingforA Pass that!!SF KNOCKS & FRIENDS WAS A FILM. WERE STILL DRUNK AND ON OUR WAY TO SAN DIEGO TO DO IT AGAIN. PHOTOS BY… @MrJPatt looking holy cause that set was a blessing @theknocks @djbroc @AudioSF
Retweeted by The KnocksLucky number 7 @molly_wobbles17 Oh noooo lets drink to forget
SF KNOCKS & FRIENDS SET TIMES @AudioSF 10-11:15 Blkwht 11:15-12:30 Riffa 12:30-2 The KnocksCan’t fucking wait to dance my face off at @theknocks tonight!! 💃 Only thing getting me through this Friday…
Retweeted by The KnocksStoked to be joining the @LouisTheChild boys in our backyard @BrooklynMirage not over this song you’re cleaning the house and hear @theknocks on a Starbucks commercial 🤯😍
Retweeted by The KnocksFuck this is good year fashion week shit feels more and more silly
Why have i never thought of putting reminders in sessions before 🤯
Retweeted by The Knocks @PhoebeRyan Lmao @skylar__spence Omg the BVS that come in on the last chorus @skylar__spence banging this in the apt right now wearing a Robe and u alreadyknowthefuckinvibeWhy have i never thought of putting reminders in sessions before 🤯
@skylar__spence @skylar__spence Yes as long as i don’t have to watch it everDon’t think I’ve watched an entire music video in years @dances Lmaooo @djequal YesThe Sponges and Joey & Joey will join The Knocks next Friday for a raucous night. Snag a ticket now:…
Retweeted by The KnocksAyyy happy to announce we got @thespongesrback joining us for Knocks & Friends DC + CHICAGO! Been playing their tun… DIEGO SATURDAY Tix:
Retweeted by The Knocks