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Retweeted by Spion KopNew Article: Liverpool Edge Closer To Title
Retweeted by Spion KopThe new craze 👆 plenty of money to made on this Football Index above 👆 @peterslater4 Who are they? Clown @WockportWoat @husho73 16 then. Explains a lot. @vondercat Haha yeah @husho73 Just doing it for a reaction. Probably only young, about 15/16.Some hilarious prices here. But the Henderson one (now favourite for player of the year this season) is the best 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Spion KopWATCH LIVE: @WHO holds daily news briefing on coronavirus
Retweeted by Spion Kop @Daniely79 Draw thatNew Article: Liverpool Edge Closer To Title
Retweeted by Spion Kop @AbhishekMeghani @ManUtd I have & it was a Red. You anonymous fake account. @_ColeModZ_ ? 25pts clear. Facts. Same as Man Utd getting most VAR decisions this season. Facts. @Chris_Ujang I was watching a live game. I commented on Arsenal Sunday. Spurs too. Facts are, Man Utd have benefitt…
Major Trophies: Liverpool - 47 Man United - 45 Hth
Retweeted by Spion Kop @NolesAndPhins Want an away goal @mziyaad28 Clown @Kloppaholic3 Sound. Off you pop. @_MikeLFC_ 1-1 & 2-0 I'll go with. @jjburton88 @LOggers109 Be a big shock if we do. No team does that to them. @LOggers109 @jjburton88 So suggests a low scoring game tomorrow. @souveer @jjburton88 I think we'll score 1 myself @jjburton88 1-1 I reckon @jjburton88 Be very surprised. Only conceded 22 in 30 La Liga & CL games this season. @ALSmigielski3 Yeah. Expecting a tight tense game. @D84537821D Obviously @habspatel 17 in 24 La Liga games. Not sure about CL games.What's your Football knowledge worth? ✔ Trade on the move ✔ Build your portfolio ✔ Earn Dividends ✔ Sell at a prof… Champions League tomorrow. Tough game for Liverpool in Madrid. Atletico don't concede many, so expecting a… ever say LiVARpool again @ManUtdVARchester United. The real winners of VAR and the stats prove it too. So stick your LiVARpool shouts up your backsides.
Retweeted by Spion KopVARchester UnitedAnthony Taylor is a disgrace to his profession @SamBWFC Spot on mate @BrandonCheah29 Fuck off soft lad @clarkey2007 Yeah had the officials against them tonight like.You know its bad when you lose at home to this poor Man Utd team. Chelsea are a messChelsea are a shambles @Kentriley I said when he signed the other week though anyway, I feel he'll flop here in England. Obviously any sig… @Kentriley We didn't pay £46m though did we.Anthony Taylor is giving Man Utd everything here v Chelsea. A Manchester referee aswell. Who knew? @BeardlessDen Fernandes will flop in England. Said it when he signed.Biggest signing of the 2019/20 season? VAR to @ManUtdVARchester United. The real winners of VAR and the stats prove it too. So stick your LiVARpool shouts up your backsides.VAR has to go now after that @premierleague #KickItOut VAR is a shambles.That's a disgrace that. Fred pushes Azpilicueta onto Pushing Williams and the goal is disallowed. That is the mos… just realised Bruno Fernandes is playing for Man Utd tonight. Anonymous @daveh270 Correct x 3In 12 home games in the Champions League knockout phase under Simeone, Atleti have never lost and only conceded two…
Retweeted by Spion Kop @reynoldsdavidp Disgrace to be honestLOL' - GOOOOOAL!!! CAIN! A brilliant Jake Cain finish from distance in injury-time. Great strike!! [1-2] #LFCU23s | #WOLLIV
Retweeted by Spion Kop @Matt_Bazza @stetheb Maybe. But you just never know with Chelsea fans. @alanfrancis09 Two awful teamsChelsea fans showing their true colours there. Booing their side off at half time. Honeymoon period over for their… is shite. BatshitHere we go. 1st or 2nd assist all season? Hahahahaha isn't it. Man Utd are terrible, yet seem to have the Indian sign over Chelsea the past 12 months or so.Maguire is English so stray boots are a result of misguided passion not crazed malice
Retweeted by Spion KopAbsolute sitter by Batshuayi @reynoldsdavidp The 2nd kick out was a red card, simple as that.Harry Maguire should be sent off for that
Retweeted by Spion Kop😂😂😂 it happen 👀
Retweeted by Spion Kop
Retweeted by Spion Kop @rupesumo Can defo make some good money on it like. Loads of people have to be honest.The new craze. Loads of money to be won here 👆Money to be won here 👆👇
Retweeted by Spion KopJust had confirmation that my book ‘Alder’ has made it to the final of the People’s Book Prize. Thank you so so m…
Retweeted by Spion Kop @R3dorDead Cheap enough. Lewis has been looked at aswell. @Jimmy011087 @KopK0pH0ora @wr_ghty @GraemeKelly1 Its Cantwell we are interested in. @Smigger67 I think he's style & attributes suit the way we play under Klopp. @Bennygerrard8 Lets trust Klopp & Edwards @Smigger67 No idea mate. But we want him anyway. @Jimmy011087 @KopK0pH0ora @wr_ghty @GraemeKelly1 Well its Cantwell not Buendia who we prefer. @paul_twite Spot on mate @AdamMorris139 We are after him. @Banumustafa24 He has been looked at as a backup to Robertson. @GFThompson7 😂😂😂 @GFThompson7 What I sent to me uncle whilst at the match against them that night... @g98smith I know. When will they ever learn? @mattyiles78 Definitely @6times2019__ @MoustacheHis Possibly a factor in it all, yes. @6times2019__ @MoustacheHis No. Cantwell we want. @SEANLWOODCOCK @MoustacheHis Spot on @MoustacheHis No idea. But we do want Cantwell. Just have to see what develops. @Nina_LFC Be surprised if it was more than £30m. @MoustacheHis We want him. So maybe time for you to accept it. @Nina_LFC Good possibility of it, yes. @MoustacheHis Bang average? Well Klopp and Edwards disagree with you like. @001Haz @NicklessColin @GraemeKelly1 @wr_ghty Lets leave it up to Klopp & Edwards, Harry. They know better than me,… @robjone95669996 It really doesn't matter what the Twittersphere thinks. If Klopp & Edwards want Cantwell, which it…