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Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle Starkshow :) the fuck :) is this not enough :) to remove him :) from office :) every day :) is a new nightmare :) with no…
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksLook into this and spread the woooord’d think publicly announcing intent on dismantling US Post Office so votes cant be counted would prompt 100+ new…
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle Starks @Bob_of_Skull yeah, trying to figure that all out @Peposed Thanks, Pal! @winterdiagram I'm not exactly sure of the plan - there have been some talks about where they might land. I might… the Karate Prom follow up, Karate After Party, today - 40 pages, 25 days, very excited to move on to the f…, It’s Only a Dad Joke If It Comes From the Dad Region of France, Otherwise It’s Sparkling Shitpost, I’m Dad
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksEpic Robotman art. And I dig the risque shirt text.
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle Starks
@Emaldrien yeah, I'm not sure either but that *article* was talking abou the other thingI saw that Trump was concerned about how Biden selecting Kamala would "affect the race" and it honestly took me a m… @kibblesmith killing replies on money tweets like TwitLegend he isSave money on a dominatrix by telling the Starbucks cashier that your name is "Little worm who doesn't even deserve this coffee."
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksPlease note that the words "nasty," "shrill," and "strident" are never used to describe male politicians.
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle Starks @themikenorton Aw, Mike- I'm so sorry for you. We lost our special girl last year and still carry the weight of it… @jason1749 I tried to get Schweizer to see it but he refused bc he hated (fairly) Ritchie's last handful so I never…
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has announced California Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice presidential runn…
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksOuch.
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksStill the best 11 seconds of television in 2020
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksSave the U.S. Postal Service! It's the VERY DEFINITION of an essential service! #savethepostalservice
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksbrilliantNothing can prepare you for the journey you’re about to take through this video.
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksOnly two seasons of Party Down continues to feel criminal.
@misscecil I found it! @misscecil Same!Send 'em back to school, it's okay the President says children are immune. @cybrninjamifune @schweizercomics This show was epic - it was a couple days after Something to Write Home About cam… like best friend who I only met fiveish years ago @TheKyleStarks and I were at the same power-went-out-and-ev…
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksPopcorn Factory ships via USPS. Maybe stop Trump from defunding the USPS. Millions of businesses, Veterans, & tens…
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle StarksMy family's livelihood. I ship out a lot of small drawings that would cost an exorbitant amount were we to ship the…
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle Starks @andemcdandy @bleepbloopblip Aw man it was great! Such a great rec!! @timebandit I've been tricked! I'm actually thinking about doing something with the X-Men - maybe a sticker of the… @timebandit Only 5 is TOUGH - and I don't know what's happened to them since like 1998, mostly but my heart pure:… uncle’s dog carries a 30-pound weight everywhere he goes
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@reidchancellor You think I haven't seen Tales from the Bus? @jason1749 They apparently un-ironically call this their Salmon Cannon. They also have a Broodmaker and a FishCradle, @HitlerPuncher @BurnBigTexBurn @beard_and_teeth Dang, bud @BurnBigTexBurn @HitlerPuncher @beard_and_teeth To be fair, I've never not been paid on time but to be more fair it was rarely very much. @jason1749 Swimming up to men in yellow jackets and waders, begging them to pick them up and send them through Tube Space again. @jason1749 These fish are never the same after this. They're fish astronauts. They're going to spend the rest of… us send our children to school in the fish tube
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle Starks @BurnBigTexBurn @HitlerPuncher @beard_and_teeth Benefits AND Pay AND etc?!?!?! @bigredrobot a percentage of social media is following people who make you mad @david_wolkin @bigredrobot this guy is a man of the people @bigredrobot "What's he mad about?" asks the guy who'll never play it. @Prof_Matthew Like I'm saying he's swinging a chicken at these fool's heads @GeorgeJPickett I keep hearing things about Dark but I worry it's not something I could watch while I was working @alexdecampi I just called up This Must Be The Place to see what it was about and that synopsis is tight. The last… @bleepbloopblip @andemcdandy Definitely watching it today - I love Shalhoub and Tucci @Prof_Matthew the opening of this movie is Lee Marvin beating up some other hobos in a hobo jungle with a chicken.… @andemcdandy Tucci and Shalhoub you say @IvanBrandon this looks interesting @el_gray @david_wolkin @schweizercomics I just watched it a couple weeks ago! @galvosaur Really, Gabo. @thomzahler I love Diggstown. @samstoneshow those would all cost me money, Sam, why you teasing me @tepi_pike @DanielCutler STEALING? @CodyDolan34 I think everyone's seen it now. I'm a basketball head so I've been waiting for it since they announced it. @JonHexLives You know what? I'm all about light, breezy, good quality fun. if it's shot well and a good time I'm always down. @Figur34 Here's the trick - will I get any of that if I'm drawing while it's on? @Joesmithforreal ROFL - I'm 43. I was a freshman in HS when it came out and I lived liked 2 blocks from a theater so I saw a bunch. @Joesmithforreal I saw Hudson Hawk in the theater and many times since @DanielCutler Yeah, if I could Roku it I would've gotten it (Max) instead of the amprime sub for sure, but the ampr… @metrokitty whatsit? @brian_level you trying to give me the scaries like always @DanielCutler I got normal HBO though - I can't access HBO Max through my AmPrime sub right? @LouSchu SO good - it's on my "when I give up trying something new rewatch this again" list @Figur34 You are the second person to rec this and I'm throwing out hard REALLYS??? Kids listening to the radio at night? @DanielCutler I wish. @Hypnohustlin I don't think I've seen Branded to Kill (I have seen the others) but I ain't looking to spend more money! @KyleLeRoy Listen, so far it's on the short list of I definitely haven't seen - you liked it a ton enough to rec it? @garylkuykendall I thought the first half of Outsider was AMAZING and the second half PRETTY SOLID. The directing… @KyleLeRoy is that the movie about the telescope kids?? @McKnut_45 I really wonder what is skipping over me, honestly. Like, is it because I live too hard the Hitman Fict… @JonHexLives I saw Murder Mystery! I forgot that was the name of it. They're making a sequel! @JonHexLives Palm Springs - Loved it. What Happened to Monday - Solid okay. Good Boy(with Judy Greer) - ? Murder My… @fuckinalpamare what's it? @CodyDolan34 Cody, you know I was DVRing the Last Dance. YOU KNOW I WAS. @nurse_nurse Katie, no. Please? @TheDooge YOU KNOW I SEEN IT @david_wolkin I've been pushing Adkins on @schweizercomics but he's resisting me. I have surely not seen everythin… @Mad_Dog_Tim Tim, this feels like a trick @Magic_Mike777 I just watched was fine? Good to fine? Good performances and atmosphere. @lasthometown Yo, I *love* Hotel Artemis. I saw it in theater with Schweizer - I think in terms of fun action, grea… @McKnut_45 I've seen In Bruges a bunch of times - it seems on paper like something that'd be right up my alley so I… @HankJonesColors I've seen the Nice Guys too many times! It is a frequent solution to me not being able to find something to watch. @IDieClassy Look at me, Andrea. Look at my work. You gotta know I've seen the Evil Deads 100x @lasthometown Seen both! @schweizercomics has been praising the naturalistic action sequences of Haywire for years…'m getting a lot of "No"s on Joker - give me a rec, something you think I haven't seen then (I've seen SO MUCH) -… @TheDooge I've already seen it!Is tonight the night I finally watch the Joker? Do I gotta?
Jimmy Butler not being top three for MVP is borderline criminal. @EricaFails Gus is good too, but a cat named GPS has one hell of an origin story @EricaFails GPS!!!!!When I’m president I’m going to try to boost my poll numbers by announcing that murder is now illegal.
Retweeted by Yer Boy Kyle Starks @IvanBrandon Please, no. @EricaFails these chores are in trouble @IDieClassy @plasticfarm I was like “girl friend making sausage in this pandemic?!?”