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@JamesDuncanArt I'm totally cool with people doing great art. I'm not cool with them scamming people by saying the… cool thing is people telling me about the “Official Rick and Morty Artist” who was here last year who’s done two… @mskvarla36 @apocrypals @angelozanola @theisb They absolutely appreciate that I’m sure @mskvarla36 @apocrypals @angelozanola @theisb Benito and Chris are GREAT- smart, charismatic, great times and I have no doubt it’s great
@apocrypals @angelozanola @theisb I’m going to listen to this one! @apocrypals @angelozanola @theisb @angelozanola @apocrypals @theisb OH?!?I could’ve swore this 5 year old girl just yelled “I HAVE A BIG ASSHOLE!” But I looked and she was waving an apple around. @franzferdinand2 I gotta find who I AM @franzferdinand2 I want it. I have to know which garbage son I am @whoisrico This dude is killing me. Im coming into Heroes a week early to play with your dog
@ewzzy Thank you for your constant and long-lasting support, my dude!!Come see me In Albuquerque at the Albuquerque Comic Con all weekend! @archiecostello2 Listen if it were up to me...Hey hey! I'll be at ALBUQUERQUE COMIC CON all weekend! Every day! I'll be here! Come buy stuff! Come talk! Good times are ahead! @ThatDaveJordan I AM INSIDE OF ALBUQUERQUE RIGHT NOW
Random Cat Crashes Fashion Show, Fights Models
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle Starks @Wil_Moss Bless you for sharingThere’s a lady not sitting next to me on this 4 hour flight that is holding a puppy like a baby and why isn’t she sitting with me??!?!?! @RandallTrang SnapIt's here! It's now! Secure your Color Crow pin while you still can!🌈
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle StarksI think I sweetened my airport coffee and didn’t stir it bc it’s been very disappointing until I got to the end in… @galvosaur COMICS can’t convince a quarter million of anyone to give them money @galvosaur there's like a million of them though! @EricaFails @Worstwizard @MarcEllerby Find us money!Just keep thinking about this absolute entitled, stealing, garbage human my solo show at the #ToddArtGallery. Show opens on the 21st and there’s a reception/walk-through talk an…
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle Starks @schweizercomics Homey you need a haircut
@MarcEllerby @Worstwizard @Amuly21 Make sure you open with “okay so it’s, like, two hours long” @EricaFails So he could get through the metal detectors. He outsmarted them.“This is a couple guys John Beluschi and another guy Dan Akroyd. Dan Akroyd is still alive but the other guy died from an overdose”
He’s now explaining the Blues Brothers to him. “It’s like a two hour movie.”He’s telling this tween Blues Brothers movie facts now.He apparently owns a blue brothers car and an Andy Griffith car. I want to ask if he’s looked to see if local cons…’s laying down a string of very timid nonsense it’s hard to keep up. He just told a story about a car being stole… Squaredance only wear bib overalls so he had Velcro ones made for flying.He says these ecologists (what he calls liberal thinking) won’t let people cut grass and trees that why we’re having these firesHe flew aerial patrol in Australia once. Calling out lightning strikes.Grandpa Squaredance says the fires in Australia are because the alignment of the planets have effected the tides an… @IDieClassy He’s being very tame.I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up- including mine- but Grandpa Squaredance just showed up to Dance ClassMarc is so ace at storytelling and elevating a joke. He's a pro's pro at this game and he'd a boon to any publishe… @Wil_Moss Aw that’s awesome! Congratulations! @froonding_loom @kenlowery Hi! It’s me, your dad that kind of digs on Billy Joel. (I was also a drunk in the 00s w…
@MarcEllerby @galvosaur *Everything* is a chain here, my dude. @galvosaur I ended up going to a sportsclips, lolIt was an honor and a privilege working with Marc, the heart of the R&M comic, the only one who was on it from begi… place I’ve been getting my haircut for like forever up and closed. WTH I thought I had sorted that part of my l…
@nltduprey @EricaFails I'll be in ALBUQUERQUE this weekend for the Albuquerque Comic Con! I'm VERY excited because I've never been to… gang! The Legend of La Mariposa officially kicks off today with a brand new six-pager! This will be the main…
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@ericnewsom GrubHubStealingClub @Emilferrisdraws @sbotzakis @MKupperman @gregory_benton @PULPH0PE @PenelopeB @chadsell01 @lisadraws @MichelFiffe
@DialHForHagai I’m taking you with me!Lady with a grub hub bag just came up and grabbed all the bags off the Chipotle mobile order station and looking to buy a grub hub bagSiri: how do I quit social media? @JonHexLives it SEEMS that @webtoon has no way to search for comics that aren't in the top 1%, SO LET'S START A LIST HERE YAH…
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@TiniHoward HercuAerial PoirotThis is the best movie of 2020, give this all the Oscars
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle Starks @strictlyworse Everything’s fine just taking a year off!About half way through my final issue 🙏
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle Starks @strictlyworse Not this year, unfortunatelyAn evergreen political mood.
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@rays__helll @DialHForHagai YOURE SWEET TOO! @DialHForHagai @rays__helll You've always been cool, kid. Maybe the coolest. @DialHForHagai @rays__helll WHAT? STOP IT @rays__helll @DialHForHagai YOU ARE ALL SO SWEETNew #LilKaiju comic is live! be sure to subscribe if you can! WE WANNA EAT THE WHOLE WEBTOON CITY!…
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle Starks @zdarsky "It was my time to pick the movie. I picked INTO THE SPIDERVERSE. He was my favorite. More than Sherlock…
1. I've never smoked a cigarette 2. I once threw up on then-vice-president Dan Quayle 3. I had a fake ID in high sc…
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@MadsterPhoto you can tell my daughters the same thing when i'm dead. 300 years from now. @MadsterPhoto MAYBE pour a beer on the ground demonstratively for me. Or do like a drum ritual. But don't be sad.… @MadsterPhoto for what it's worth, as a dad, when I'm gone I don't want my daughters to lament my death, but be str… made me mad again so I'm watching Hot Fuzz for the 7000th time and it's such a grand solid decision @danmcdaid motherfuckers out here criticizing *CONCRETE* now?!??! @danmcdaid wtf
sorry to absolutely everyone but i'm losing my mind
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle Starks @katebrezzy these people commenting are the ones making the bad art, Kate.I've just put some new stock up in the online shop
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle Starks @CharlieChu I hate this tweet @kibblesmith Oh no @treswritesstuff There’s places across the street from it - if you’re hitting a game they hit those fancy chicken sandwiches in the center @_aubrey @JonHexLives I didn’t want to do it bc I knew it was going to be bad but I didn’t think it’d be 91 yo bad. 🙁
@MarcEllerby that flick is so good @UndressJess It's the Polite Block. @ymercado GASP @marissadraws Snap @ymercado Fact Check: Ghoulies came out before Critters! @ymercado The hive mind likes what the hive mind likes. @ymercado What is that? They rebooting ghoulies? @ymercado Uh no. You weren’t muted.Just discovered a ton of muted accounts on my twitter that I 100% didn’t mute - if I no sold an @ to any homey I’m real sorry @JonHexLives That’s my game strat every time @jeff_boison Dm me your username
One thing I've learned in my lifetime is to not believe our government when it comes to matters of war. Johnson and…
Retweeted by Yer Boy 2020 Kyle StarksI switched to COD:Mobile for a large portion of 2019 and it was very casual fun but now I'm back on PUBG:Mobile whi…