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I'm Shaker! they/them. Artist, game designer. AD @theLandThirsts tip jar/marker fund:

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I'm baaaaaack!! This time with 13 songs from games based on physical toys.
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Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Loop Alley (1935) Color woodcut by Chicago artist Charles Turzak (1899-1985)
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Other project is laminating sheets of black acrylic into a half inch slab which I'll cut to shape laterguy called yelling that we hadnt given him his whole order when he picked it up weeks ago; he left it here when he… guy off, another called off sick, a shipment of sheets to unload later Today is gonna be quite a dayDO NOT CONGRATULATE
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Exquisite embroidered forests by Katrin Vates. Thanks @kottke
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!PSA for those who use stock or free images from the internet- make sure the one youre using isnt by Marco Verch- he…
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Retweeted by it's Shaker again!2018年製の名刺まだ大量にあるんです🍣
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @aenglestudio Your power grows stronger every single dayJust did some cute fashion drawings of my characters and uh... everyone is very cute. Here's a preview. :)
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @RickWrightNow Rock climbing @Dinosaucy Yeah its EXTREMELY Nintendo as is the fact that they 100% have probably already forgotten about ir hahaMy ultimate fantasy escapist role is "charming person who is good at people and social situations" hahaVery far opposite of me who lacks any people skills whatsoevernot like a murderer or a monster just an "I love drama" guyLoads of "soft" skills, people skills, forgery, performance Plays the role of a dashing hero but suckerpunches wit… had an idea for one who describes himself as a merchant but what he IS is a /son of a bitch/. Just a lying laughi… about TTRPG characters i will in all likelihood never get to playKotaku gets a lot of shit but this article is a great one that no one will read
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @thebookspage It would be wonderful to have that kind of stamina.. @Dinosaucy Like on your real life actual phone not the nookphone hahafound an old doodle of one of my clown ocs and decided to line and color it !
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @Dinosaucy on the phone app you get a special coin for daily check ins and they sell little framed photos of isabel and the three nooksin addition to my earlier post
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!half detective, half clown, half... bike? its tom turbo!
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!"but sir those are my emotional support gay middle aged circus men"
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Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @normalcatpics This one is kind of lovely @Dinosaucy I know!! And like that new Nook Coins thing I dutifully check in every day but like... Why really? Im n… of my favorite Lin Manuel Miranda things is Toni Morrison hating him so much that she funded a play called The…
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @SadfaceArt Haha, this is great :Dconsidering a sona.... 🤔 #originalcharacter #characterdesign
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @AntonArcana This is excellent! Do you mind if I ask what brand the liners are? I'm always on tbe lookout for pens… coloured it! The sepia liners hold up to alcohol markers pretty good which is cool - They fade a tiny bit but the…
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"broken boat garbage" is the majority of what people bring in for us as templates I guess i should expect that, no… @achydreamer She is! Sorta new viable parts based off of broken boat garbage Each of these was shattered and warped like a vinyl record… stretch
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!like i get it New Horizons feels like only maybe 2/3 of an animal crossing game and it would be nice to get the mis… crossing fandom gets a whole new game last year and this year is right back to the old "no animal crossing n… This will be a thread of corporate PRIDE tweets + the FACTS of each company's political giving to anti-gay polit…
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Here's a preview for July's sticker! Nina!!! Is!!! CUTE!
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Managed to slash two of my knuckles surprisingly deep dusting under this goddamn drillbit. Wont do THAT again. @normalcatpics Fuckin slime mold cat wowFinishes this one up last night! Moonglow and Lunar Violet add some nice granulation.
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @SaraQDavid Broke part of a tooth off in an Abba Zabba bar or a big hunk amd thought it was just a very crunchy peanut when i chewed on it
F547.3.6 Penis cuts down trees.
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @brownstoneadd Shit rolls downhillllCant start a project I was aboit to begin because the boss cut the plug off the grinder to splice onto the compressor!!!The company pres is here Immediately makes a joke about how no one in the company is allowed to be taller than him Sorry pal cant help it @toorurii Good Samaritan laws, yep @toorurii A 911 operator will instruct on how to do CPR or if the caller should wait. What people SHOULDNT do is re… @Miranda_Dragon What a day @Miranda_Dragon My coworker pointed out that the cord th compressor was drawing from was running hot, and the plug… boss accidentally killed our new air compressor and half our extension cords on the day the ceo or pres or what… @WSJ Fuck off, you fucking lying-ass ghouls.Artist tip: if your work is stolen on Instagram, you don't need to contact the thief directly. IG has a form you c…
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Augsburger Puppenkiste You can find whole 80 minute shows of theirs on youtubeThen again our visits to the farm started right around the time the Berlin wall came down, maybe a bit before unificationWest on the left, east on the right I was surprised to learn the sandmannchen i watched as a kid was the east germ… way too late because I want to learn more about a puppet theater troupe from bavaria and found to my surprise th… @Sharessan Its like a slightly large grain of sand in my shoe. Too small to matter but large enough to be an irritant @Sharessan I keep seeing this and getting mildly irritated because Grover doesn't use contractions in his speech an… week, we see what happens when Garfield STOPS being polite and starts getting REAL
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!alan moore what the fuck is your deal dudeI wondered if there were books about Dorothy, Wendy, and Alice meeting and becoming friends. There are. But i als… @gravislizard i want that aesthetic to come back I genuinely miss it
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @normalcatpics got the horse right here, his name is Paul revere, and hes the ghost of the horse that won last year… AL SOAP NOW AVAILABLE! Do not use on infected toes.
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @topjerg I HOPE THEY HAVE ICEES
elf marker, posca, and gold pen on translucent vellum backed with gold vellum
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Been seeing posters for this show all over town! Marker, watercolor, posca.
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Looks like her trick didn't quite turn out right. But as long as the audience laughs, it's okay! Watercolor, posc…
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Doot do doot doot do do do doot doot doooooooo #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!free her I made a counterpart to Confetti the clown magician. It's the Marvelous Mille-Feuille. A mime.
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Bigtop the strong man.
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Maybe she doesn't always hit the target, but she's a hit with audiences! The remarkable marksman Miss Ditt!
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Whenever an act needs a target- er, a volunteer, this clown is always ready! The courageous Ivanna Gohome!
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Retweeted by it's Shaker again!otters should not be kept as pets. ocelots should not be kept as pets. monkeys should not be kept as pets. why do i…
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!some of you guys seriously need to install a little voice in your head that says "why is there a wild animal in som…
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Kung Fu Panda @atomicthumbs Cooks just fine from frozen on a cast iron skillet#Knowledge was a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, skills, or objects.
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Hello, #FilipinoCreators! My name's Zack and I make graphic novels and fan art and whatever!!
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @JoshLipnik Ah, I see! @JoshLipnik Wait. Is that the same house? Does that home have a drinking fountain? @JoshLipnik Oh, that's beautiful! @NathOnSecurity @MewMus Also, don’t email researchers who will absolutely not provide you their papers and access t…
Retweeted by it's Shaker again! @NathOnSecurity Another disgusting piracy site to avoid at all costs is library genesis
Retweeted by it's Shaker again!Please don't let people know about Sci-Hub which hosts 85 million scientific research papers. Absolutely do not sea…
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