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D.A. to seek murder charge against former Fort Worth officer who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson… halts release of Quentin Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' least 62 people dead in blast at Afghanistan mosque campaign cuts ties with donor linked to Laquan McDonald case Cummings remembered as eloquent and militant voice for democracy Prize-winning New York Times columnist @NickKristof joins the #LastWord to respond to Donald Trump’s “deal… announced that he's endorsing Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee. He discusses why this is Sande… joins @KatyTurNBC to talk about the latest in the Trump impeachment investigation. He says there's "somet…, who observed Donald Trump up close when he co-wrote “The Art of the Deal,” joins the #LastWord to d… NOW: @MMFlint on #LastWord @MSNBC IN: The #LastWord is starting right now on @MSNBC. backed effort to 'shake up' leadership at Ukraine's state energy company Clinton suggests Russia is grooming Tulsi Gabbard for third-party run
Warren won't say how she'll fund 'Medicare for All.' Experts have some ideas. are going online for abortion pills, especially in states with more restrictions Yorkers organize to avoid another census undercount is a 'bomb cyclone'? Mae execs tan at Maui retreat while student debt crisis tops $1.6 trillion's Mark Zuckerberg defends political ad rules, calls digital speech new 'fifth estate'… Democrats call five more Trump officials to testify in impeachment inquiry leader says Trump promised he would protect the Kurds White House announcement that next year's G7 summit would be held at a Trump property is another example of Tru… reacts to Trump likening the current attacks on the Kurds to kids fighting in a schoolyard at a rall… tells @Lawrence that Gordon Sondland and other witnesses are providing new info to the impeachment c… Mulvaney confirmed that military aid to Ukraine was held up as Trump pushed Ukraine to pursue political invest… forward to joining @Lawrence on @thelastword shortly to discuss the latest situation in Syria. @MSNBC
Retweeted by The Last WordTUNE IN: The #LastWord is starting right now on @MSNBC.'ll be joining @Lawrence tonight on @MSNBC at 10 to talk about the admission of what are obvious high crimes and m…
Retweeted by The Last WordGiuliani's work for Iranian group with bloody past could lead to more legal woes acknowledges Trump held up Ukraine aid for political reasons: 'Get over it'
Trump chooses his own Florida resort as site of G7 gathering of world leaders major drug distributors in talks to settle opioid claims for $18 billion Motors, United Auto Workers agree on tentative deal to end four-week strike vast heat wave is endangering sea life in the Pacific Ocean. Is this the wave of the future?… denies Alan Dershowitz's motion to dismiss Epstein-related defamation suit Oligarch Firtash linked to Giuliani pals' gas deals and Biden dirt digging'Never Trump' Republican to represent Bill Taylor, diplomat at center of impeachment inquiry Syrian conflict escalates, Kurds guarding one ISIS jail threaten to leave House Oversight Cmte. Chairman Elijah Cummings has died, his office says.
Retweeted by The Last WordFormer CIA Director @JohnBrennan joins @Lawrence to react to Nancy Pelosi’s charge that “all roads lead to Putin” w… candidate Sen. @amyklobuchar pointed out in the presidential debate how Trump’s abandonment of the Kur… told @Lawrence that Trump administration officials are putting their careers on the line to testi… Pelosi stood up to Trump during a White House meeting on Syria and called out his support for Russia and Puti… NOW: @amyklobuchar on #LastWord @MSNBC Pelosi stands up for us all. The photo “tells the story of the Trump presidency better than any othe… IN: The #LastWord is starting right now on @MSNBC. overwhelmingly votes bipartisan condemnation of Trump withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria… cancels classes Thursday in anticipation of teachers' strike
TONIGHT: @amyklobuchar returns to #LastWord. Tune in. walk out of White House meeting after Trump 'meltdown' @brhodes joins @TheLastWord 10pm.
Retweeted by The Last WordNASA's first all-female spacewalk will now take place this week Court seems likely to uphold Puerto Rico's fiscal oversight board After walking out of a meeting with Trump on Syria, Democrats say the president called Speaker Pelosi a "…
Retweeted by The Last WordDetroit school officials adopt new policy to reduce soaring classroom suspensions faces price pressure as subscriber growth slows rejects indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter, charged with using campaign funds for affairs's president defends security strategy following massacre of police officers Huffman reports to prison, begins sentence in college admissions scandal Trump is demanding the whistleblower whose complaint led to the current impeachment inquiry be revealed.… Giuliani defied a congressional subpoena as the Wall Street Journal reports federal prosecutors in NY subpoena… today’s deposition from State Dept. official George Kent, @RepRaskin tells @Lawrence that the Ukraine scandal… IN: The #LastWord is starting right now on @MSNBC. has still not answered question about Firtash extradition, says senator's office the U.S. withdraws, Assad and Putin are emerging as the winners in Syria
Hunter Biden defends foreign business dealings, but admits 'poor judgment' won't comply with congressional subpoena, Buttigieg reject O'Rourke threat to tax anti-LGBTQ churches luck if your GM car needs spare parts or a repair, as UAW strike continues into its fifth week… violent clashes, Ecuador reaches deal that cancels austerity plan, ends indigenous protests… who was wounded in 2009 search for Bowe Bergdahl has died officer who fatally shot unarmed, naked black man found not guilty of murder administration asks states for citizenship info despite Supreme Court ruling police officer who killed unarmed 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson in her home on Sunday has been charged with mu… Wall Street Journal reports that federal prosecutors are examining Rudy Giuliani's business dealings in Ukraine… News: White House tried to limit testimony for former Trump Russia adviser Fiona Hill by raising the issue of e… IN: The #LastWord is starting right now on @MSNBC., I witnessed 11 hours of testimony from patriot Fiona Hill. Tune in to @TheLastWord with @Lawrence at 10:00…
Retweeted by The Last WordGiuliani says he has 'nothing to do with' oligarch at edges of Trump-Ukraine affair special ops Marine who fought with Kurds blasts Trump move in Syria as betrayal
Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson resigns as family calls for his arrest… EPA scientists to release air pollution report they say agency unqualified to issue researcher breaks sexual taboos in an effective HIV prevention program illnesses may lead to repeat hospitalizations, outrage over wildfires threaten Bolivian president's re-election'Rourke says churches against gay marriage should lose tax benefits, draws backlash Kingdom: How Brexit might break Britain look to crack Biden's black-and-white coalition
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed awarded Nobel Peace Prize… answered questions about the impeachment process from @MSNBC viewers and readers. #LastWord… judges block Trump public charge rule for immigrants receiving public assistance's libra cryptocurrency coalition is falling apart as eBay, Visa, Mastercard and Stripe jump ship… law bans for-profit, private prisons, including immigration detention centers Leonov, first human to walk in space, dies at 85
Judge rules Trump violated the law on wall funding with national emergency Fonda arrested in climate change protest on U.S. Capitol steps Week in Pictures: Northern California in the dark, an eagle's-eye view, Biles on the beam and more.… was asked about faith and gay marriage. Her response went viral. trade announcement expected to be positive, but not a blockbuster deal chief news anchor and Trump critic Shep Smith abruptly announced he was leaving Fox News amid growing tens…