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Catholic. Traditionalist adrift in the Novus Ordo wilderness. A sinner who still tries to be a faithful servant of Our Lord and Our Lady.

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@JonahofNinevah Another thing I don't get is ppl who say Russia has been consecrated and we have had our period of…
Retweeted by LB236Stupid comments like this is why individuals shouldn’t interpret Scripture on their own w/o recourse to Church teac… Mass as on the feast of the Sacred Heart. White vestments. Gloria. Credo (1954 only). Preface of the Sacred He… Commemoration is made of St. Donatus, B & M, at Lauds and all Masses (1954)/low Mass (1962). Today is also Fi…, 8/7/20: Today is the feast of St. Cajetan, C, under both the 1954 (double) and 1962 (III class) rubrics. Mass…
@MaryKayCabot The cynic in me wonders how many of these opt-outs are over legitimate fears of contracting COVID-19… of the Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity in the Use of Hamburg-Bremen, 1450
Retweeted by LB236(3) Commemoration of Ss. Sixtus II, P, and companions, Mm, at Lauds and low Mass only under both the 1954 and 1962… The special rubric calling for the use of the Preface of the Nativity today was suppressed in 1960, replaced w…, 8/6/20: Today is the feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord under both the 1954 (double of the II class)…
Maybe I’m just cynical, but it seems like a great deal of hubris for George Weigel to presume his influence is so g… @davidgmac9 @EternalLifePlan @TaylorRMarshall Your arguments are neither intellectual or mature. If you cannot be b… @davidgmac9 @EternalLifePlan @TaylorRMarshall You made an assertion, sir, namely, that something changed in Church… @MahoundParadise Sounds like the governor of my state (Ohio), what with his increasingly draconian and arbitrary regulations.The Catholic "left" is intellectually bankrupt. There, I said it, so you don't have to. @davidgmac9 @EternalLifePlan @TaylorRMarshall This is not an answer to my question. I asked for specific informatio… @davidgmac9 @EternalLifePlan @TaylorRMarshall I reject your question, b/c it is ambiguous. Name a specific proposit… @davidgmac9 @EternalLifePlan @TaylorRMarshall I'm not certain what your specific objection is. As recently as 1943… @davidgmac9 @EternalLifePlan @TaylorRMarshall Which is what, specifically? That’s a pretty broad charge you are tossing out. @BWCACatholic @digital_granny @SteveSkojec @erickson_ang It might be an Android vs iOS thing. The Trad+ feature is… @davidgmac9 @EternalLifePlan @TaylorRMarshall Last I checked, Jones is hardly a "trad". He's fully on board with th…, 8/5/20: Today is the feast of the Dedication of Our Lady of the Snows (St. Mary Major) under both the 1954 (d…
@SteveSkojec @erickson_ang Or (shameless self promotion) follow my daily liturgical tweets. @SteveSkojec @erickson_ang iPieta. Set the calendar to Trad+. If you click a day on the calendar, it will take you…
Retweeted by LB236 @toooldtobehook @bbournival No one wants to be the guy who cancels football. Ergo, everyone's trying to be able to… @HartzheimTyler @JimOwczarski Just checked. You're right. They get a per diem during camp. @HartzheimTyler @JimOwczarski I don't think NFL players get paid until the regular season. And then they get 16 che… @RorateCaeli It's all so tiresome. Bishop Barron, "why seest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye; and seest… So no, Bishop Barron, don't presume to lecture me or anyone else on what it means to be a "good" Catholic when… ... we'd magically be back in the oh-so-wonderful 90s (who's nostalgic NOW, btw?) when the cancer in the Churc… Don't believe me? Just read the archives of publications like "Crisis" or "First Things" and tell me these "co… For all the complaints that trads are "nostalgic" and "pine for the 50s" (newsflash: this is called a "strawma… no mistake: It's only going to get worse in the next 10 years. "Conservative" (aka "JP2") Catholics have spen… @ZackMeisel This should be statistically impossible for a major league club.Tues, 8/4/20: Today is the feast of St. Dominic, C, under both the 1954 (double major) and 1962 (III class) rubric… comments on this tweet are utterly despicable and demonstrate just how lost we are as a society.
How is this news? *No one* should speak to law enforcement w/o an attorney present, whether guilty or innocent. Tha… This is called leading from behind. If he wants to close schools and cancel fall sports, he needs to be a man… Schools can open and have kids in close proximity, but they can’t play football w/o testing 72 hours in advanc…’s drunk with power at this point. His rules are arbitrary and inconsistent. COVID magically becomes dangerou… Votive and Requiem Masses are permitted today. Alternatively, the Mass of the Invention of St. Stephen may be… Under the 1962 rubrics, today is a feria (IV class), as this feast was removed from the General Calendar as an… Red vestments. Gloria. Common Preface. 2nd prayer A cunctis for the intercession of the saints. 3rd prayer at…, 8/3/20: Today is the feast of the Invention (finding of the body) of St. Stephen, Protomartyr, under the 1954…
Dave Armstrong’s getting his red pen and stack of proof texts ready to go so he can “prove” Francis didn’t actually… @Danny__MIA That's what all that cash from the new postseason TV deals is for. And I'm only half kidding. @pgoche5 @Indians Why Van Burkleo is still hitting coach (other than Francona’s infamous loyalty and stubbornness) is beyond me.(3) For the Breviary, today is the liturgical 1st Sunday of August under both sets of rubrics. Readings at Matins from this week.(2) Under the 1954 rubrics, commemoration is made of St. Alphonsus Liguori, B, C, & D, and St. Stephen I, P & M. N…, 8/2/20: Today is the 9th Sunday after Pentecost under both the 1954 (semi-double Sunday) and 1962 (II class S…
@oyoungiv No, he didn't "opt out". He was placed on the reserve/COVID list, which means he either tested positive h… @BPeregrinus @ProtecttheFaith The phrase "legend in their own lunchtime" comes to mind when thinking of the majorit… @ProtecttheFaith @Mazula05 Try posting anything on Catholic Answers Forum that remotely smacks of traditional gende… @ProtecttheFaith Catholic Answers long ago degenerated into a don't-rock-the-boat milquetoast "centrism" that tries… Under the 1962 rubrics, the 1st liturgical Sunday of the month is the 1st calendar Sunday of the month, rather… At I Vespers today, the Magnificat antiphon is Sapientia of the I Sunday in August, not the antiphon for I Ves… those who pray some form of the pre-Paul VI Breviary, be it the 1954 Divino afflatu rubrics, or the 1961 Roman… 1954: No additional prayers are said at the Immaculate Heart votive Mass. 1962: Comm of the Holy Machabees.… Today is also First Saturday. One votive Mass of the Immaculate Heart may be said in churches where devotions… Any priest may say the Mass of St. Peter's Chains from the Masses for some places supplement today using the p… FSSP: Mass of St. Peter's Chains as abov)e, w/o Credo. Commemoration of St. Paul at all Masses under same conc… Alternatively, the Mass of the Holy Machabees may be said. Proper Mass. Red vestments. Gloria. Common Preface.… Mass of the day Salve sancta parents no. 5 (Trinity Sunday to Advent). White vestments. Gloria. Preface of Our… Under the 1962 rubrics, today is a Saturday of Our Lady (V class), as the feast of St. Peter's Chains was remo…, 8/1/20: Today is the feast of St. Peter in Chains under the 1954 (double major) rubrics. Proper Mass. White v…
@MrCasey62 Barron, Weigel, and the other neo-Catholics be like this whenever the disaster V2 has been is brought up: @EricRSammons Shocked this statue hasn't been taken down considering the 180 turn the Church has made in relations… today's feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I can't help but imagine, were he alive today, the saint would expunge… you have some time this weekend, might I suggest you watch this, if only in small portions? I was able to catch… very important and timely observation. Please read., 7/31/20: Today is the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, C, under both the 1954 (double major) and 1962 (III cl…
@Indians The rotation is phenomenal. The back end of the bullpen and the offense, however ...(4) Alternatively, the Mass of today's saints may be said as above under the 1962 rubrics, w/o additional prayers.(3) Votive and Requiem Masses are permitted today under both sets of rubrics.(2) Under the 1962 rubrics, today is a feria (IV class). Mass of the day of the preceding Sunday w/o Gloria or Cre…, 7/30/20: Today is the feast of Ss. Abdon & Sennen, Mm, under the 1954 (simple) rubrics. Proper Mass. Red ve…
@DougPrishpreeed @SportsCenter Makes sense. NBC gets to broadcast home Notre Dame games, w/ACC opponents getting a… @SportsCenter So does Notre Dame still have its own TV contract w/NBC for its home games, or does it forfeit those… @GinjaNinja22 @MandyBell02 If Dolan's rhetoric about "contending when we can" is true, they can't NOT claim Lucroy,… @GinjaNinja22 @MandyBell02 Red Sox just DFA'd Lucroy. You almost have to think the Indians will claim him off waive… @tribeinsider Wonder if the Indians will put a waiver claim on Lucroy since the Red Sox just DFA'd him. If no one e… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils The alternative, it seems, is that you have to accept the Church was *wro… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils Like I said, numerous trees have been chopped down to provide the necessa… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils (5) • Since V2, it as if policy has changed 180 degrees. While “on the b… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils (4) • Prior to V2, it was understood non Catholics *could* be saved, but… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils (3) ... magisterium. • If civil authority attempts to impose a false rel… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils (2) • Toleration of false religions may be necessary and prudent for the… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils I’ll try to distill my understanding of traditional teaching as simply as… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils (2) ... at a practical level, in post-Catholic Europe, toleration of fal… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils The best way to square the circle seems to be what Thomas Pink (I think t… @rothfarms @tokiIIthedragon @tradcatveils Not to jump in, but Pamela, with respect, isn't it troubling to you that… Votive Masses are NOT permitted today under the 1962 rubrics, unless they are of the I or II class. Ord… The man abandoned us and gave us the disaster that is Francis/Bergoglio. The "hermeneutic of continuity" is de… Today's Gospel is the same as the pre-1950 feast of the Assumption (Gaudeamus). Per the Sacred Congregation of… Commemoration is made of Ss. Felix, Simplicius, Faustinus, & Beatrice, Mm, at Lauds and all Masses (1954)/low…, 7/29/20: Today is the feast of St. Martha, V, under the 1954 (semi-double) and 1962 (III class) rubrics. Mass… @feltdangerous @MattLoede My guess is DeShields is ready to be activated from IL, so Johnson was optioned down. Tay… @Davidfromthe216 @72yearstoolong @MandyBell02 Makes sense if DeShields is ready to come back. Taylor has 3 minor le…
(3) End rant, prompted by seeing yet another "conservative" commbox warrior on Disqus use the very tactic I descri…