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Catholic. Traditionalist adrift in the Novus Ordo wilderness. A sinner who still tries to be a faithful servant of Our Lord and Our Lady.

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Perhaps the dear bishop should stop letting President Trump live rent free in his head and start focusing on how hi… in-depth interview with Fr Reto Nay of @gloriatv Nick Donnelly - Interview with The Most Famous Deacon in the…
Retweeted by LB236(2) Under the 1962 rubrics, today is a feria of Advent (III-class). Mass of the preceding Sunday is repeated, w/o…, 12/14/19: Today is a day within the octave of the Immaculate Conception under the 1954 (semi-double) rubrics.… @vb2616 Feel the "mercy"!
@BishopStika Alternatively, the quality of our bishops as a whole is so theologically deficient that it doesn't sur… @BishopStika How is what Greta's parents are letting happen to her not child abuse, dear bishop?Bishop Rick's tweeting again. You have been warned. @S_OReilly_USA One follow up on Hannity: Hannity is symptomatic of American "conservatism" at large in that it has… @frjohnhollowell My problem, Father, is it seems theologically problematic to INSIST that baptism take place only a… 12/13/19: Today is the feast of St. Lucy, V & M, under both the 1954 (double) and 1962 (III-class) rubrics. Co… @rothfarms @laberry15184440 @Project5Three @EricRSammons Just go. If I had access to the SSPX, I'd go in a heartbea… @MEMcCaffrey1 @S_OReilly_USA That may be what he says publicly, but I doubt very much he was ever really properly c…
@EricRSammons I don't understand the emphasis on only allowing adult baptisms at Easter. If someone's ready, why ma… Under the 1962 rubrics, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is observed in all parts of the U.S. as a III-class… In some parts of the U.S. under the 1954 rubrics, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is observed, with proper Mass. (cont)Thurs 12/12/19: Today is a day within the octave of the Immaculate Conception under the 1954 (semi-double) rubrics…
@RadicalCath They're not even trying to pretend any longer that continuity exists. That "hermeneutic" has been dead… 12/11/19: Today is the feast of St. Damasus, P & C, under both the 1954 (semi-double) and 1962 (III-class) rub…
@MrsCasey6 @rc_GladTrad @TaylorRMarshall @Maristlizard @Xopherplance @timotheeology @Michael_Voris I don't think Vo… @SteveSkojec It's not enough she is the FEMALE protagonist of "Disney Wars" and the feminists' SJW dream in this re… Thankfully, "strictly 62ism" is dying out with each passing year. I completely forgot about this feast until I… Prior to 1960, in some places (pro aliquibus locis) it was permitted to observe the feast of the Translation o… Under the 1962 rubrics, as mentioned yesterday there is no octave of the Immaculate Conception. Today is a III…, 12/10/19: Today is a day within the octave of the Immaculate Conception under the 1954 (semi-double) rubrics…
(3) Under the 1962 rubrics, today is simply a feria of Advent. Mass is of the 2nd Sunday of Advent w/o Alleluia af… According to my St. Gertrude the Great Ordo, the priest may also say the Mass of the feria (due to the rubric…, 12/9/19: Today is a day in the octave of the Immaculate Conception under the 1954 rubrics (semi-double). 2nd… @Carolyn83103672 Since the U.S. bishops dispensed with the obligation in years December 8 falls on Sunday, forcing… @Reversion0815 (3) So no, it is not a day of obligation in the U.S. this year. @Reversion0815 (2) 2. The U.S. bishops at one point (in the 90s, maybe) removed the precept to assist at Mass when… @Reversion0815 There's a whole bunch of wrong info on this thread. 1. The 2nd Sunday of Advent outranks all solemn… @ExScientiaFides @TaylorRMarshall Does it not fall under disciplinary norms that a pope, rightly or wrongly, may im… @ExScientiaFides @TaylorRMarshall Much as I hate to admit it, Paul VI made it quite clear in Indulgentiarum doctrin… @arturovasquezk1 @robcarlin_ @BVMConsolatrix I'm sorry, but it isn't difficult to realize that many of the things t… @robcarlin_ @arturovasquezk1 @BVMConsolatrix I suspect if the Archbishop had had access to the type of scholarship… @BrianKillian @Johnthemadmonk I know you are, but what am I?
Thou art all fair, O Mary, and the original stain was never in thee. Thou art the glory of Jerusalem; thou art the… The 1960 rubrics fixed this problem, explicitly stating the Immaculate Conception outranks Sundays of Advent.… I believe the 1955 elevation of the Advent Sunday over this feast was an error caused due to haste in preparin… From 1955 to 1960 and again since 1970 in the Novus Ordo, the Advent Sunday outranks the feast and it must be… Under the 1954 rubrics, this feast has a common octave. This octave, like almost all others, was suppressed in… 12/8/19: Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady under both the 1954 (double of the I clas… @YemeniCutie @BVMConsolatrix The irony, of course being that strictly 62ism can be found solely in the SSPX by and… @robcarlin_ @BVMConsolatrix He certainly had no problem with diversity in the Society, with priests using anything… of the most tragic errors of the Novus Ordo table of precedence. @BVMConsolatrix One of Archbishop Lefebvre's errors, I must admit, though I understand WHY he imposed the 62 Missal…
@BrianKillian @Johnthemadmonk Hmm. Either every previous pope was wrong, or Francis is wrong. See, I can play this game too.(4) The vigil of the Immaculate Conception does not exist under the 1962 rubrics, as it was dropped from the calen… Under the 1962 rubrics, the Mass is of St. Ambrose is said with commemoration of the Advent feria. Unlike 1954… According to my 1954 ordo, priests may also say the Mass of the vigil under the 1954 rubrics, with commemorati…, 12/7/19: Today is the feast of St. Ambrose, B, C, & D, under both the 1954 (double) and 1962 (III-class) rubr…
@LouieVerrecchio @SteveSkojec Or, alternatively, we could all stop condemning each other (especially when others ho… @LouieVerrecchio @SteveSkojec Look, I don't have a dog in this fight, but Mr. Verrecchio, let's be honest: You've…
@SteveSkojec When Francis starts doing this, then I'll be concerned. Under the 1954 rubrics, the 3rd orations are "Deus qui de beatae" of Our Lady. These prayers are not used under the 1962 rubrics.Thurs, 12/5/19: Today is a feria of Advent under both the 1954 (simple, major feria) and 1962 (III-class feria) ru…
@CtCathCorner @TaylorRMarshall @Michael_Voris @Church_Militant @hilarityjane @remnantnews @LifeSite @OnePeterFive @CtCathCorner @TaylorRMarshall @Michael_Voris @Church_Militant @hilarityjane @remnantnews @LifeSite @OnePeterFive 12/4/19: Today is the feast of St. Peter Chrysologus, B, C, & D, under both the 1954 (double) and 1962 (III-cl… considering the liturgical reform of Paul VI and the new Mass, it is necessary to recount the history of the…
Retweeted by LB236 @Johnthemadmonk Fr. Ripperger called this years before it became "cool" to say things like this. It describes "cons… @captmorgan1956 @LjTradcat This is what the TRUE liturgical movement should have ultimately produced. It is wonderf… @LjTradcat If you like the Confraternity New Testament translation over the Rheims, that's what's used for the Epistle and Gospel readings. @LjTradcat I think the cover is a facsimile of what the actual Father Stedman Missal cover looked like at one time…
@juventutemDC I found it on Amazon quite by accident. what's back in print. The Father Stedman Sunday Missal has been republished by some outfit named Saint Gregor… @ReffittNathan @TaylorRMarshall @USCCB As I recall, Sheen pretty much said it was wonderful. Whether he believed it…
I want this so bad. just had a Disqus commbox "conservative" tell me that Dignitatis Humanae is wonderful and that "no real theologia… is this man not been run out of the primary race in today's woke climate? This is hilarious and terrifying at t… @juventutemDC @Johnthemadmonk Reminds me of the story (probably apocryphal, but still funny) of the city government… @Johnthemadmonk "A better tomorrow"? Such arrogance. Such hubris. Such pride on display that these men would think…
@ilGrand_Inq @Michael_Voris I'll keep that in mind when I go to work tomorrow. "Hey boss, you suck at your job and… @SteveSkojec But he's the "frontrunner"!!!! @SteveSkojec @andy_ngi3 @Michael_Voris Look, I have no ill will toward Voris personally, but he's brought this on h… the mercy! @burning_warrior @SteveSkojec @Michael_Voris He holds Lefebvre up to a standard of unquestioning obedience while ex… @burning_warrior @SteveSkojec @Michael_Voris He accuses Lefebvre of not obeying the pope while simultaneously going… a good take on "obedience" from a layman who's called on the sitting pope to resign. Hypocrisy much,… @boredoftheworld @SteveSkojec "Conservatives" are revolutionaries who have the audacity to think they can control t… @FrMatthewLC @PumpknSpiceSoul 1. No Septuagesima in the new rite. 2. No prayers at the foot of the altar. 3. Entire… @SteveSkojec Add that to the ever-growing list of things "conservatives" haven't actually conserved. @Boomingbox @aquinasbear @MrCasey62 @TaylorRMarshall @BishopStika You see a lot of that both on Twitter and in the… Watch his sermon later today once it is uploaded on LiveMass, please!God bless Fr. Dupré, FSSP, pastor of Christ the King in Sarasota, FL! He just in his sermon proclaimed that Friday… Ribbon Reset Day (part 2), TLMers! Move your proper of the season ribbon back to the beginning of your missa… Under the 1962 rubrics, the seasonal prayers are not said, as they were suppressed in 1955. Also, at solemn Ma… Under the 1954 rubrics, the 2nd prayers are the Advent prayers of Our Lady (Deus qui de beatae), while the 3rd…, 12/1/19: Today is the First Sunday of Advent under both the 1954 (semi-double Sunday of the I class) and 1962…
And some try to claim Advent isn't a penitential season . . . Finally: Advent begins at First Vespers on Saturday evening, Nov. 30, and concludes following None on Tuesda… Ideally, a Rorate Mass should begin early in the morning when it is dark outside, with the church lit only by… Though not found in the rubrics, it is customary for Rorate Masses to be said during Advent. These are votive… Most votive Masses and requiem Masses are forbidden during Advent. First Friday Mass of the Sacred Heart and F… There is disagreement among liturgical experts as to whether or not it is appropriate for an Advent wreath to… On major feasts and days of obligation (e.g., the Immaculate Conception) the above rule does not apply. The or… The organ may only be played to support the singing of either the choir or congregation at Masses of the seaso… The Alleluia and versicle that follows the Gradual is said only on Sundays. If the Sunday Mass is resumed (sai…