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Unreal recognize unreal. Wrote this book: Co-edited this one: Novel forthcoming from Orbit.

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@parabasis A discussion of tropes is getting very heated'm definitely staying out of it and watching this Romance Twitter drama from a safe distance 👀
😬 @HillaryKelly I actually had deleted the tweet, think I went too far. Still, the NYT seems to run into this issue… the evening crowd, a new short story about vampiric tech bros, medical inequality, and blood: 🧛‍♀️💲🩸“I chomp two carnitas in four bites, feel the heat as my body’s factory gets to work. It’s breaking down particles,…
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @hilsaphina Congrats!!Chekhov's gun has nothing on Tolstoy's knife in the gut, wow, Ghastly and Gruesome: New Horror Fiction: NY Times reviews TINY NIGHTMARES
Retweeted by Lincoln MichelGreat example of how the GOP has been the party of Trump for decades. Bork was part of the criminal Nixon adminis… @rmccarthyjames There's probably something interesting to explore with this, but yeah it's not happening in a drive by Crispin paragraphAnother awesome review of Tiny Nightmares (edited by @TheLincoln and @NadxiNieto) up over at @TorNightfire 🎃👻🎃👻
Retweeted by Lincoln MichelThe idea that YA style and tropes have started to take over general adult fiction is... true I think? The Undergr… day for annoying tweets. @thegoodship @spencerfleury These aren't just Republican voters who call themselves independents though. These are… a slant way, this story is a kind of prequel to my novel coming next year, my dystopian SF story about fluid apps got eclipsed by reality in five minutes of posting… short story from me about dystopian apps, medical inequality, and blood, blood, blood, blood, blood 🩸🩸🩸🩸💉 Friday Fiction 💉 Read “Red Oil,” a new story by @TheLincoln.
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @imjasondiamond One of my favorite 80s punk trends was bands with acronym names that they claimed meant different t… @imjasondiamond GISM is taking me back. Need to put it on.What a killer review of BEOWULF by @DaniTrussoni in the @nytimesbooks this weekend! I'm so honored to be considered…
Retweeted by Lincoln MichelHow does this happen literally every time the NYT does an article on alleged independent voters? Every time it ends…🎵 Ooooh baby I love your way "the wall" come up once in any of the debates, town halls, or interviews this election cycle? calling this a "real debate" even though Trump was a word salad of lies the entire night. The bar is ten miles underground.When does this shit end?Great answer from Biden. Maybe I live in a bubble, but this seems like a complete disaster for Trump.If I could anthropomorphize the health insurance companies I've had, I would punch every single one of them in the face.I truly, truly do not understand the GOP's line that people like their private health insurance. I've literally nev… I guess someone muted the mute button?lmao at the pundits who attempted the "Trump's going to change his tone" articleshappy to be a ghost in this old townTrump can't even pretend for 10 seconds to take the virus seriously."I take full responsibility. It's not my fault." - literal Trump quote.He pronounced the author Gogol correctly there.Is Trump gargling?
A week from tonight, turn out the lights & join us for the launch of TINY NIGHTMARES, w editors @TheLincoln &…
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel👻 "The perfect horror read for this season." 👻 Thank you! 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸 @TPCarney "Corruption is fine" has been the overt message of the entire conservative movement for the past 4 years.… non-RW media has done very little coverage of the massive, and often public, corruption of the Trump family yet… new horror column from @DaniTrussoni is up, and it includes some terrific new books ("Ring Shout," "The Books o…
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel"The editors, Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto, chose stories that deliver a huge emotional impact, their power di…
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @TorNightfire @NadxiNieto @nicolemhill Thank you! 🙏 👻👻👻👻👻👻#TinyNightmares, an anthology of horror flash fiction edited by @thelincoln & @NadxiNieto, is the perfect collectio…
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @DaniTrussoni @NadxiNieto @CatapultStory And tagging @HelenMcClory @CoreyFarrenkopf whose stories were singled out… flattered to see TINY NIGHTMARES reviewed in the NYT in an excellent round-up of horror books from… @CoreyFarrenkopf @DaniTrussoni @NadxiNieto Oh wow, didn't know about this!On the one hand, I'm terrified about all the data corporations have on me. OTOH, algorithms are trying to sell me… team better be cutting an ad right now with this "You're okay with some tough questions?" "No, I'm not!" Trump clip. Just pathetic.Biggest baby to ever hold power to writers the other day about how we all have some universally beloved writer who annoys us and J said "Yes, the Nermal Effect"
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @TheEconomist Gee golly, what will we do without a senator who votes for a far right agenda but expresses "concerns" as she does?Someone splice this into the TITANTIC scene @bcmerchant @timmaughan a favorite! @TheNuminous1 Yep, but they don't give corporate brands royalty cuts to promote at leastWell, that's depressing.💀 this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?
Is the FBI going to talk about the GOP's election interference or... ?didn't know billy bragg had a wario
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @mollymcghee @Columbia Congrats, Molly!Me turning revisions into my editor moon about to drop ordered one. You should too @rkylesmith @AriCohn @rkylesmith whoops shot and two chasers @rkylesmith this you? they're going to ask Biden about Hunter's alleged laptop, they better ask Trump about Rudy's Borat tape at the debate.Sorry, but............... [deep breath] .................. [still breathing] ............... [almost there] .......…
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @bubblesdepot @elliottholt Yep....Damn, @EnnuiPerkins beat me to it called it Garfield and not Nermal People? @SammyZabo @CatapultStory @NadxiNieto Thank you! 🙏🕷👻With severely unhappy endings and unsavory imagery, TINY NIGHTMARES is the rare horror collection that will distres…
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @BrandyLJensen speculative fiction is used all the time but "spec-fic"? Ew.IYM Start somewhere else instead. Many different ways to find your way into writing a story @TheLincoln
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel-______- should still do both of those things. But yes, it is embarrassing how centrist media froths about leftist poli… @ambernoelle Sounds like you know which John Carpenter movie to watch tonight
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@parabasis but it does seem real: @parabasis Get ready for a Barney who quotes EM CioranOkay "gritty Barney" is hilarious enough, but Barney was already live action so I got 5 bucks that "live action" he… diaper baby of a "strongman" the world has ever seen @blgtylr whew!Ah yes the people who toss millions of dollars at nonsense like Juicero and Quibi are the smartest "capital allocat…, who pulled this out on the Zoom call? organ just dropped
Retweeted by Lincoln MichelWe recommend some Halloween reads from around the world
@rysimmons Even works with the classics @dexterauthor Agreed @magiciansbook Yeah I have no clue.Horror fans should also check out Tiny Nightmares, featuring scary shorts by @ambernoelle @SGJ72 and edited by…
Retweeted by Lincoln Michel @dhansenx That accent though @dlukenelson But he's in it less than you'd expect. @rakeshsatyal Yes! It has the right level of gothic camp and also the right level of weirdness for Dracula's powers.