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It finally happened! The flight attendant asked "is there a doctor on this flight?" and I leapt up and said yes! D…
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Retweeted by Lindsay Ellis @HAthemis @TimothyHughes44 😭😭😭WE MET TALL GUY do not let the photo deceive you, he is squatting #Hadestown
@whyangelinawhy We REALLY stan a tall guy @whyangelinawhy We stan a tall guy @JessiSheron THEY RIDE OFF INTO THE SUNSET TOGETHERI just love them both so much @ed_crespo97 ... a lot it's basically half about jojo rabbit at this pointTHIS GUY GETS IT #blazingsaddles an episode on one of your favorite movies is weird because, on the one hand, the editing process is not an ex…
@LindsayRibar @whyangelinawhy I cannot wait to see her stan patrick page’re embarking on a trip to New York to record a bunch of #content - you can follow our shenanigans on Instagram s…
Retweeted by Lindsay Ellis“Make a State-Mint™”* (20 Feb 2020) *Mint™ is the name of JetBlue’s first class equivalent. Took me a minute to figure this one out. @whyangelinawhy bless themmm @patrickhwillems I’m saying is, my pants from ten years ago are the real victims of the fake meat revolutionI haven’t had a breakfast sandwich from Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr in more than 20 years, but then they had to go and start… @DivSavel I’m just too powerful @DivSavel It’s the media I’ve internalizedme at the Carl’s Jr. drive-thru, ordering a medium combo instead of a small news! It's Lit (with @thelindsayellis and @WeekesPrincess) is coming back for a NEW SEASON next week! And you c…
Retweeted by Lindsay Ellis @ungodlykid Yeah but he’s not spewing this line for millennials, this is for white boomers like him who probably own multiple homes @arctic_gnome @ungodlykid he wasn’t haha @kpeclet WHAT LOL Man if I am out of the negative net worth I am flyingactually come to think of it I have no idea what my net worth is, maybe since I got married to someone with no stud… all this talk about the candidates’ net worth and it’s like hehehe... imagine having a net worth without a… how “owns multiple homes” immediately translates into the mental image of a fabulous bungalow in the Bahamas a…’s so odd to me that middle class people fall for this line - like an old dude owning multiple houses isn’t that… El Bloombito has literally 1800 times his net worth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ rich people get really used to never being around people who tell them they’re wrong, so seeing Bloomberg on…
Retweeted by Lindsay EllisHIS FACE @Weldibeast @musicalsplainin @JennyENicholson I’m glad SOMEONE appreciated it. I lived in Philly when Gritty became… Bay Area - I’m going to be co-hosting an event for the release of the final book of @scalzi’s Interdependency S… @scalzi You’ve got your kombucha ready to go right? @whyangelinawhy There’s something poetic in that that’s the night we’re seeing phantomHey Long Beach, how do we feel about the Lana Del Rey cover of “Summertime”? I feel like a pretender because I actually kind of like it.
@Ceilidhann Oh... I AM the chandelierJust hangin out, gettin storied, every (third) Wednesday @ChanningKing @WeekesPrincess It’s it’s owwwwn thang... under the PBSDS umbrellaNew season of It’s Lit premieres next week on the nascent PBS Storied channel featuring new co-host @WeekesPrincess out the ~ very special announcement ~ at the end of the latest episode of ⁦@PBSDS⁩’s Monstrum 👀📚🔥#itslit ⁦… @angiecthomas Have a pre-written 3000-word form letter of Mac and cheese opinions ready to go for each one @cdwhitfill They are... being extremely bearish with where they want to send me, let’s put it that way.@thelindsayellis' new musical podcast is a balm for this wretched world
Retweeted by Lindsay Ellis @witchdrugs @ElisaInTime I say we MAKE it a controversy fight me, hard g loserscanned corn @tvoti One day you’re going to see phantom with me and you too will be one of The Hive One day @HAthemis @kavehtaherian No, this is for @PhilosophyTube The astrakhan hat is for KavehI found this on Amazon for like $5 and I ordered it, unpacked it, and left it on the kitchen table. My husband just… @whyangelinawhy @amagicaldestiny @TonyMParkstar @kavehtaherian I forgot it was in London - that might be a tall order @TonyMParkstar @kavehtaherian Did that get a broadway show too?i like to think i don't ask for much from you guys, but could you please click on this link and vote china in the p…
Retweeted by Lindsay Ellis @BillCorbett I believe they are referred to as “people of means” bill @HAthemis @musicalsplainin @whyangelinawhy @kavehtaherian He’ll love it! @HAthemis @musicalsplainin @whyangelinawhy @kavehtaherian This is almost exactly what we are planning, and SOON @erynlaer I don’t know but I probably won’t have any say in that either way @TheHaydenWilder I love Tall Guy™! Glad I didn't see him as Grand Pabbie lol @catbot158 @EmblemUkulele @PhilosophyTube The second one, yes @PhilosophyTube Having two narrators is owing to the way the book is constructed which will... make sense when it c… I've been given the go-ahead for the AXIOM'S END audiobook news that NO ONE HAS FIGURED OUT because we've been…
@tvoti @midwestspitfire @Cassie__LaBelle @CoraLinehan @AlexandriaDVine @TransPosNews @femme_thoughts @ajhan @whyangelinawhy @musicalsplainin @JennyENicholson @musicalsplainin I can't believe we peaked with our second episode.I went on @musicalsplainin for their 2nd and best episode to discuss Frozen the Musical which as you can see I have…
Retweeted by Lindsay EllisBut "Gerard" has a soft G?? @WeekesPrincess @definitelyvita @weredawgz @fangirlJeanne @ReelTalker @FilmFatale_NYC 🥰 @TinaLucieMarie @musicalsplainin @JennyENicholson It did the same thing to me! @PhilosophyTube mmm... so goodthis is the only gift i've ever received as far as i'm concerned, so, thank you nancy at the philadelphia Make Mean… @Sanpaku1970 I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO NOLA @whyangelinawhy @ElisaInTime Get interred in that sequined dressso the answer is yesI’m not restaurant chain monogamous doesn’t @olivegarden do brand deals with ME? I’ve done more for the integrity of their honored brand than a mil… @ElisaInTime @DrNerdLove The only correct answer @scalzi I once rolled out of the house, to the airport and through security in less than 10 minutes. It has made me extremely hubristic @JeanLucPicorgi @whyangelinawhy We are basically twins with our own language at this point @ChrisxWright @Linkara19 I mean it explains why their power structures always collapse like within a decade @kerfufflepuff @ethancan2 @BrazosBookstore 🙀😸 I’ll mention to SMP! @whyangelinawhy send @damnyouwillis @seananmcguire @dedreamer428 I’d have named him Thundercracker but the GOOD blue one died in a move @whyangelinawhy WOW that was some autocorrect Krispy. Kreme. @whyangelinawhy add a post about Krissy Keene and I’ll be deeply suspicious @CaseyExplosion 🙌 @whyangelinawhy did my spouse write this @charpixvania I could hear the relief in my editor’s voice when I told him I didn’t want to do the audio book @seananmcguire @dedreamer428 “Bumblebee” and “the blue one”
@seananmcguire @dedreamer428 photo of my frogs 4 u #lovelanguage @seananmcguire @dedreamer428 I've been spending the last ~18 months in fear of being boring/basic so I'm like @Bethyyeah @seananmcguire @HumanAdventure those tripods WERE kinda sexy you gotta admit(No, I am not reading the audiobook, thank god)I will have VERY EXCITING AUDIOBOOK NEWS as soon as I GET CONFIRMATION ON THINGS but I have been asked to NOT COMME… @PanchoBah1 @WardenWarpig me: sigh, I miss seasons me, returning to LA after one week in NY in winter: so this is an issue I've been hearing a lot - the issue is a different publisher (@TitanBooks) that is handlin… @radicalbytes @lemon_vampire Like just because there is a plot reason for Boromir to be affected by the ring's magi… @radicalbytes @lemon_vampire Oh no Boromir 100% falls under the trope as you (and I for that matter) would define i…