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rascox @thelion_rasco Netherlands

just thelion aka Rasco. I play League of Legends and love to watch it and talk about it . EUW Harrytheman298 on Discord

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@sjokz You are doing Fine :D So nice to see you host the Group Stage
2019 I think Showmaker made a misstake @RiotVedius #World2019 @EloFtw Hello ELLIE <3 @RiotPhreak Caster Curse xd
@Brennyy_x Juist ja :D Had je maar lage cijfers moeten geven aan Bibian :) 5en 6en ofzo . @MonteCristo @Darkoplax2 @RazLPL Don't take those list serious xd @LSXYZ9 Yeah you Cursed DWG :P @LSXYZ9 Caster/Twitter curse?
@RiotVedius Why are you both puting Faker on #1 I am disappointment that you did not put a EU player on #1. What i… @MonteCristo Nice pickem's @RiotJatt Really not having Hillysang on your list is such a bumber also Mikyx not . TheSHy was also not good thi…
@RiotVedius THis pickem is great the only coin flip I have is C9 they might suprise GRF but other than that I have pretty much the same :D @VeteranEU @FORG1VENGRE He taught you where Rekkles :PThese are my picks for #Worlds group stage @benspoont Free Hong Kong
Retweeted by rascox @VeteranEU @Konax_Timmi @CharliHagen Uhm I think its harder for NA to get out of Groups than EU . Lets be honest bu… @Thooorin @LSXYZ9 @GiliusLoL @Veigar_v2 is a pretty good Shaco player :D @esportsawards @GoldenboyFTW @MACHINEgg @sjokz @PaulChaloner @getfrank @RiotDash @NyviEstephan @MLGPuckett @stunna @Atlustv @TheeMarkZ @esportsKobe_ @CaptainFlowers @RiotAzael Maybe he needs a try-out like @EGymLoL ,@Froskurinn and @RiotJatt did :P @OvileeMay @TeamLiquid @Alienware Nah Bang just fucked up the draw for TL xd its a hard group feelsbad for NA this year
@FionnOnFire As a viewer ore player? @ChrissyCostanza Congrats next year please bing @NickiTaylor back maybe a duet :D :DWanneer je helemaal ready bent om in te vallen, maar de scheids affluit.. 😂😅 #veronicainside #NEDRUS
Retweeted by rascoxI just want to say that hot take from @Froskurinn can be actually legit come true :) #worlds2019Guys its time for the SPecial its game 5 with @VeteranEU and @karonmoser on the call come on join us at… @karonmoser Caster Curse? into Twitter Curse :D🔥@tfblade is starting his Alienware PC & Laptop Giveaway! Steps are below, GL! Click to Enter:…
Retweeted by rascoxAlienware PC & Laptop Giveaway! Steps are below, GL! Click to Enter: :keyboard: Reply wit…
Retweeted by rascox
Everything's fixed. Will be streaming later tonight to compensate for missing game 2, will VOD review at least one…
Retweeted by rascox @Froskurinn Nice predictions :D ofc we see no 3-0 for CG bc CG never goes 3-0 :P
Guys its the final tie breaker if you want the real analyses @Veigar_v2 and @MonkWillCarry are live on EU best… @DarthRaverino @VeteranEU Really you pick LB when you already have seen the enemy team bot lane you had scale in J4… @Thooorin Yeah that would benefit it but Riot is already on budget cost so ... I think thats not going to happend any time soon. @RiotQuickshot @MedicCasts @Spawnlol I remember a game with Roccat vs OG when you where casting with @Deficiolol :… @LSXYZ9 @seiyalol Why was their a Morellos on Zigs Pog @Shakarez I think @LSXYZ9 would not love this item :PMaybe 30 coaches can bring Splyce back together I am Wondering ..
@OvileeMay UHm now we have 2 K/DA crew @RiotDash @TheeMarkZ and @ProphetCrumbz :D competition from Olivee and @TravisGafford :DEXCLUSIVE #GIVEAWAY: Secretlab Worlds Prestige Edition Chair With only 1 in the world, elevate your sitting experi…
Retweeted by rascoxMade for the Worlds' best—the Secretlab Worlds Edition chairs. Sit like the Worlds' best on @lolesports grandest s…
Retweeted by rascoxHere's your chance to feel like the League of Legends' best and win an exclusive Secretlab OMEGA Worlds Prestige Ed… @LaureBuliiV You did great so glad you made it your team intros also are so great. EU has talent every where from… @LaureBuliiV @MedicCasts @RiotPhreak Medic is trying to be the EU Phreak xd
@VeteranEU #LEC next year with @excoundrel make the dream happen :DAfter EU Masters went so well, I am open to offers for casting, desk appearances and content for the remainder of t…
Retweeted by rascox @LaureBuliiV OMG what is that with this problems @VeteranEU got the same yesterday :( @RiotVedius Are you not Entertained :D @RiotPhreak This is what PEAK League of Legends looks like and coms from .. EU :P
@Cloud9 @MonteCristo @Thooorin @Locodoco @ATT Bring @VeteranEU and @karonmoser also in for guest apperances that would be so funWho Am I? Meet the #GenG streamer behind the game. This week we are highlighting @NickiTaylor!
Retweeted by rascox @GenG @NickiTaylor Nice video :D @CardioIAN Ja ik denk een kleine inschattingsfout gemaakt door de Gemeente maar, ja dat deden ze bij Vreugde vuur ook al héFor every RETWEET OF THIS TWEET we will donate $1 to @COGorg. Today is the last day to help us #KickChildhoodCancer. GO GO GO! 💛
Retweeted by rascox @VeteranEU Yeah I hope you get your luggage back soon also I hope they refund your cost of your clothes @VeteranEU What will you will be withouth your now famous TiePVV STEUNT ONZE BOEREN! #boerenprotest #boerenprotest #boeren
Retweeted by rascox @D66 @mikeyjuke @TjeerdD66 @RobJetten Geef Leraren meer geld en ook de mensen die nog niks van de Economische groei… @D66 @mikeyjuke @TjeerdD66 @RobJetten Als jullie nooit dit gekke standpunt hadden ingenomen waren er nu niet zoveel…
@AshleyKang @karonmoser I would take Nemesis over both of them and also Jankos over Tarzan and ofcourse Rekkles ove… @excoundrel You and @VeteranEU did great I hope we can see you both next year in the #LEC . EM is great tournamen… @SKGaming @Pireanlol Well pick-up Zazee ore Milica :D @PapaSmithy @VeteranEU Thank you @PapaSmithy :D I hope we see @VeteranEU back on the #lec 1 dayIT'S WORLDS WEEK! IT'S WORLDS WEEK! IT'S WORLDS WEEK! IT'S WORLDS WEEK! IT'S WORLDS WEEK! IT'S WORLDS WEEK! IT'S WO…
Retweeted by rascox @VeteranEU Yeah :D I just re-subbed for the 5th months in a row :D
@Deficiolol @GiantsGaming @LVPesLoL You cursed them again :P @VeritasO__O @Thooorin Yeah I agreed on that please people should read the @karonmoser Article about Griffin its so good
@Thooorin @S04Upset @Locodoco Astalis won :D EPic Semi Final should be the final. @Locodoco @DuffmanLoL @G2GrabbZ TSM has enough coaches to offer @Locodoco @Thooorin @S04Upset I am wondering how Upset upset he is about not makeing worlds again :D @thijszonneveld Wordt wat volgend jaar in Tokyo krijgen wij dan 200km solo? @RazLPL Happy B-day! and I hope we can see some dance moves on the world stage xd @karonmoser So true this but hey al those casters etc are hypeing them up . #casterlogic #fanlogicI voted for Fnatic at the Esports Awards - VOTE NOW! #fncwin #alwaysfncI voted for Tim 'Nemesis' Lipovsek at the Esports Awards - VOTE NOW! voted for Luka 'Perkz' Perkovic at the Esports Awards - VOTE NOW! as a FNC fan I still th… voted for Eefje 'Sjokz' Deporteere at the Esports Awards - VOTE NOW! Best Host of the Esports sceneI voted for Clayton 'CaptainFlowers' Raines at the Esports Awards - VOTE NOW! Because Flow…
@thijszonneveld Nou UCI ik kan mij nog een voorval met Froome of Wiggins herrineren waar de 1 geen fiets had ofzo… #food #family #delicious
@EloFtw Damt so well done <3 @sjokz Wow so nice :D congrats :D @PapaSmithy @lolesports Please @RiotQuickshot make this dream come true. @RiotQuickshot Is their going to be a full list of the On-Air talent. I am glad that @Atlustv is going to cast and… @PapaSmithy @LaureBuliiV @Atlustv YEAH so nice to hear this You @Atlustv and @LaureBuliiV derseve this so much. @Locodoco Maybe they ask you to coach them Loco
@RiotQuickshot @PieterOmtzigt Wanneer je gewoon super eenvoudige vragen stelt ,maar de verantwoordelijk staatssecretaris er maa… Cora dat is nu eens niet hmm van Mora binnenkort lekker alles van die club uit Rotterdam live volgen van jouw wachtgeld . #stint #VVD @Heerbean @MinPres Ja, nu nog even hopen dat die van Haga zen zetel houdt en dan krijgen al die 75 kamer leden van… is dat toch met de VVD en ministers etc die de fout in gaan? Als jij leuke politieke loopbaan wilt vooral daa…
@_waj1999_ @LSXYZ9 Grifin is overrated but I would love to get suprised @Miriakus @FionnOnFire @espn @G2esports I did watch them and yes they are stil a good team but #FNCWIN is so much better :) @Thooorin @LSXYZ9 I do feel sad he is not invited and people who are less good are invited. But a Rioter is cheape… @FionnOnFire @espn @G2esports FNC should get higher and why still that SKT Hype ? @LSXYZ9 Thank you for your prediction yes you are KR biased but GRF is free food and G2 is better than GRF and FNC… @Foxdroplol @PhyGames With a Baron steal a Karthus Top and a Phy on Oriana Mid yeah it was a epic promo series . @thijszonneveld Ben het roerend met jouw eens ik ben ook F1-fan in hart en nieren Assen was prima geweest. Ik was z… @CarlosR Carlos not even a EU team in their group.
@Froskurinn @JannaDiosa Thanks for answering the question I hope you get allot of cast this Worlds. @VeteranEU Yeah ans people are hyping SKT and RNG up again its fucking insane #fanlogic by #bias #casters