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@DianeScuderi So true
Judge me on my favorite books. (Share yours as well! I’m super curious)
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @MissHrisoula Phoenix and Rooney Mara have welcomed a baby boy. They have named him River Phoenix, after Joaquin’s lat…
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @blueboy81900 @IGN Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions @WeirdNPissdOff No, they don't. @WeirdNPissdOff I agree. look back at my SNES collection with fond memories. Some of my best years playing video ga… @Really007pod Bernard Lee @FictusFilms Diamonds are Forever The Man With The Golden Gun Never Say Never Again Tomorrow Never Dies The World is Not Enough @jmr___18 1. The Beautiful Ones 2. Joy in Repetition 3. Adore 4. Purple Rain 5. 1999 I love Prince
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @AnothermillennR X-Men: The Last Stand Superman III Quantum of Solace @AnothermillennR Reeve and Kidder best thing about The Thing is the whole thing.
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @IL0VEthe80s Very close between 1984 and 1982 for me.Revisiting this Flash-tastic pilot for the next episode... and just in time for its 30th anniversary 😁⚡️ #TheFlash
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf#HEAVYMETAL
Retweeted by The Lone WolfPlease support my GoFundMe campaign: My fiance and I need help for our family we are in urgent need please donate…
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@AMagicWriter Henry Cavill perfect as Superman? Yes Yes Yes 👇 👇 👇
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @AnothermillennR I was actually considering giving this a shot just because I like sci-fi. What makes it bad IYO? Acting, writing? @AnothermillennR I never watched it because the trailers looked cringy.RT for good luck :)
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @AnothermillennR Superman: The Movie E.T. #JBChanceHoly $queesnshawn91 #love #hardtimes #pleasehelp @justinbieber @chancetherapper
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @MovieReviewsIn @EpicFilmGuys Zodiac @screenrant I love this show @BeckyBond007 Definitely Red 🔴 And I do love Infinity War🖤
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @TheCinemaTicket @EarlGrayTrekkie One of the best television series ever made, period. @Tyjos84 @Bandit_JW @Tyranicus @DWSSG01 @IronApostle @ThePoshGoblin @zoidberg95 @BatlethBabe @TrekfanRick @zoidberg95 @TheCinemaTicket @ittatto23 Wow, Christopher Reeve would have been 68 today. R.I.PWe was robbed! 😔😔😔 #ChristopherReeve #HappyBirthdayChristopherReeve #Superman #Supergirl
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @cattbutt Mission Impossible 2 @jmr___18 Powerful words
@AnothermillennR A Sound of Thunder - The whole film @AnothermillennR He was so good as The Trickster in the original Flash TV series @AnothermillennR Black Rain @Film4 Dredd I would have loved a sequel or trilogy. This was one of the best CBMs of the 2010's @IL0VEthe80s Stamper from Tomorrow Never Dies @AnothermillennR Best: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Worst: The Terminal Favorite: Raiders of the Lost Ark Underrated: Amistad @MagicalOverload Introvert for sure
@KrisForan Sending good vibes your way. @neilbelieves 48 Hours Coming to America Beverly Hills Cop @bain007 @calvindyson @TheWizardOfIce1 Connery is a better actor than Lazenby, but he was pretty much done with the… @AnothermillennR All the Mad Max films @AnothermillennR He would be 4th if I were to rank them. Still, I liked Universal Soldier, Independence Day, and T… @TheTchaikovsky She was one of the best things in Octopussy, which is one of my favorite Bond films. @Nick_Sofio I've watched it three times so far. @AnothermillennR For the record, I like them all. Snyder is my favorite of the 4 though. @jmr___18 @TheCinemaTicket Conan the Barbarian without a second thought for me. @DQM33 @landofthe80s Yeah, I've had that problem with a few older shows that I like because of rights issues. In so… @landofthe80s I never watched it but would like to check it out it its on streaming. I did watch and loved China Be… @jmr___18 1. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 2. Rocket Man 3. Your Song 4. Can You Feel The Love Tonight 5. Sacrifice @AnothermillennR @IMDb Batman Begins
What are your top 4 CBMs? Mine: 1. GHOST IN THE SHELL (1995) 2. SPIDER-MAN 2 3. OLDBOY (2003) 4. BATMAN RETURNS…
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf1. Man of Steel 2. Spider-Man 2 3. V for Vendetta 4. The Crow @JTEmoviethinks I still wonder if No Time to Die still going to keep that November date. @mjarbo Top 3 @RackSpinner 3/4. Didn't have Ronin @OnlyFilmMedia Yes. Really good thriller @titMcGrit2 @TheCinemaTicket @AnothermillennR Jeffrey Wright @DaxGigandet The murder of John Lennon
@DCComics Man of Steel Batman v Superman Watchmen Suicide Squad @TheCinemaTicket @ScaredBisexual Conan the Barbarian @TheCinemaTicket
@ArielRelaford Batman - Sam Hamm Total Recall - Shusset, O'Bannon, Goldman The Terminator - Cameron Blade II - Goyer @MUHzzilli @RetroPAT_78 The Delta Force @MagicalOverload Generation X @FilmTVPolls is what Endgame missed. The Hulk fighting Thanos would've been insane. Norton's Hulk was so good
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @TheCinemaTicket @HorrorLibrary_ Sci-fi The Thing Alien The Terminator Invasion of the Body Snatchers#AntSharons30DayMovieChallenge Favorite Robin Williams movie He was so good and creepy in One Hour Photo This wa… @jmr___18 @noobde
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@MovieMantz @StarTrek I use to do that with Saturday Morning cartoonsA #Batman Poll, on this geekiest of holidays: Who’s your favorite cinematic Batman? #BatmanDay
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @Sheena_655321 The Thing is all of us… he is our rage at injustice… he stands alone, as we all wish we could, in the face of a corrup…
Retweeted by The Lone Wolf @salemmohalesh75 @petertrek1 My favorite Voyager episode as well. @AnothermillennR I still wonder if No Time to Die is going to keep that November date @BluRayAngel @BookstoreThor @AnothermillennR YES That show scared the hell out of me. @IMDb A movie you like with a restaurant/diner scene Superman II @KEVINTOMIRANDA @pheltzcomics @salemmohalesh75 Vol. 1 @Dr_Broly