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sharp refracted everything, between god and trash. art, art history, Black Pussy Supreme originator, author of Avie's Dreams. cishet men, don’t follow. she/her

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@OhHeyVic I typically randomly wake up between 2&3am. it’s just that I normally have to get up for work not long af… @OhHeyVic thanks for the reminderto be completely honest, this shit is never going to smooth, until the situation changes. I really thought differen… @gypstaaa 😭😭😭😭😭 @Felonious_munk 😊😊😊 hi Munk! today was emotionally rough, not gonna lie. knocked me on my ass and I stayed there.…😭 waiting until I’m drunk to make a passive aggressive joke to start an argument about something I’ve been feeling…
Retweeted by Audrey II: Shug Avery.—ultimately bc I wasn’t important enough to you to consider. Your apology mostly doesn’t mean a goddamn thing to…, ya know— I feel like I’m coming to a conclusion that I -rarely- give a fuck about niggas actually saying “I’m…—makes me feel pathetic thinking of who I became.That shit really changes something in you. Specially when they continue to not give a fuck.
Retweeted by Audrey II: Shug Avery. @DammnnnDanny 🥺💕💕like, I want to lurk bc gay, but like, it’s too much. I feel like I’d have a heart attack scrolling.omg—me and one of the new girls at work started following each other on IG yesterday. she fine and thick as fuck i… would love a big ass plate of like...penne al vodka rn. need to be comforted from inside my body. 😞bro please don't ever make cool abstract art about me losing a fight
Retweeted by Audrey II: Shug Avery.I guess—haven’t had a full conversation with her in years though, there’s really been no opportunity. Clancy in the last episode, I— 🥺🥺🥺 @IYSKold ! episode 7 when Clancy first describes death fhdjdjjdj 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @DAMNMAUX 🤤😍[presses play on Midnight Gospel for the umpteenth time] @kash_cam nah bc I giggled lmao @rosefxmme !!! @TheViceVixen @ishabril 😭😭😭 what is going on with you today omgg @wholiloleme I know, I know—it’s objectively all bad—! and yet—!! @alphavulpeculae 🥺🥺🥺✨✨✨ @alphavulpeculae 💕💕💕💕✨✨✨✨✨ @alphavulpeculae Sunshine is a little heady/quantum theory for me. I like Starbaby too. @alphavulpeculae right 😭😭 like, of course it’s my favorite one 😭😭😭 @alphavulpeculae WHEW. @ishabril whew. @alphavulpeculae LIKE— @ishabril babe— @alphavulpeculae !!!!!!!!! @alphavulpeculae I read everything—I seem to really like posts by moonshine though. Reading one of their letters no… @PeoplesOracle goodness. @alphavulpeculae love this for usbut no, y’all need to go make an account on the 8bitfiction website—it’s free; then we can talk about it 🥺you’re in my blood like holy wine/ you taste so bitter and so sweetI’m frightened by the devil/ and I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraidlike—ok. bro, y’all read that new post up on @8bitfiction from like, a week ago? “Anime Style Confession of Love”? @Alexecuted Golden girls 🥺
@Deus_Ex_Human ! @yesitsalex___ LMAO @amanniste spicy! @aztectm you right. I been stepping on necks for months now and I thrive then. thank you for the reminder. @aztectm lmmfao sorry babe, I just turned the pot on—it gotta finish before we work on getting it out of here 😭 @kailathecrucian thank you. 💕 @RQStewart I love this song, too. @_official_m_1 drink up, all you people, order anything you see/ have fun, you happy people, the laugh’s and the joke’s on me @Lyn_thinks it is cute 😭intense sadness, download progress: 11% @Yaassuke LMMFAOI love that y’all are still tweeting me ur lil animated avatars. ☺️ @j_brionne 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍speaking love or clarity or support or breaking open or whatever the fuck... is so powerful when you just make it t… precision is so much warmer to me than creating the illusion of warmth with distorted associative meanings and literal synonyms.there is a space where people try to infuse poetic flare with real world description, explanation or discussion. an… Shefon: go do something. 😭 question! Our shop is dedicating to offering tools that emPOWER creatives & entrepreneurs 💘 — couples who…
Retweeted by Audrey II: Shug Avery.It’s been so long since I even heard that phrase... what even is a power couple.I think I kind of really like these—but why described as specifically for “power couples”? 🤔 @0nceler_ baybeeeeee this lil short set 😍😍😍 @BambooRazaq 😍😍😍😍 @KW33NSOHI9H period. @abetterdaaye 🥰😘 @hermesGOD BC ITS LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY. 🗣what the fuck is this 😭😭😭😭 ME IN MY MOUTH IN THE MIDDLE OF YA HOOD, NOW YA BROS AND HOS KNOW WHATS REALLY REALLY GOOD WIT ME AND YOU. that’s on Junglepussy. @AkieaG Moon twins! ✨😍✨ @daleydoseofroe Not cat whistling hggjkjhhgg you piss me off 😭😭😭 @nappynapnaps my fav holiday drink tbh! @SOFTNCXNT Come on perfect nipples. @theroyalbadness this is cute as shit 😭 @RickiiBobbii24 I’m dying @ “ya dick not that heavy” fjdjdjdjd @LaPetiteBre 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @mancubclay why hasn’t anyone said jumping the strap yet @LordeBarrington 🤢my recording skills were far from exceptional—but, blonde chestnut praline flat white today ✨ go red hot like a demon/ I go ghost for no damn reason fucking clue @ohitsebb it’s all heart eyes and shit, now— @fredamohr I’m annoyed lmao @softlovingss 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰not me finally deciding I want to draw 30 mins before I need to be sleep—Yes I want all of the attention. Yes I want to be a priority. Yes I want to be put first.
Retweeted by Audrey II: Shug Avery.This radio station is big big big big “unfriendly black hottie, wearing transparent teasers” tings and it’s giving… @WULFGOD like?! who ready to go to hell first?!?we be having fun, but I be deadass fucking serious. I swear to god I’ll light this entire block on fire.