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Mancunian family from Channel 4's Gogglebox! Tom, Julie, Tom Jnr and Shaun. We are the Malones :) For booking enquiries contact

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@McdadeDaniel @goggleboxandre1 @RealDeniseWelch Lovely to meet you too xx @JohnnyVegasReal As someone who has been where you are ,please take time in grieving, cry ,shout whatever but let…
@davidshorthouse Thank you Davidx @stumpnbump @TomMaloneJr @gemappeal We did thank you .It was a great night x @angelalonsdale Loved meeting you xx What a great night xx @chelle_jl @TomMaloneJr @gemappeal Thank you x @SarahBradmore Will power took me years to find mine but got there in the end xx @MDplusthree @TomMaloneJr @gemappeal Thank you 💖💖x @LisaMWilliams75 Thanks Lisa xx @powlapoo Thanks Anita xx @peppyrush @TomMaloneJr @gemappeal Thanks Lynn x @Julie170961 Thanks Julie 👍 @maggiemay39 Thanks Maggie xx @ChristinaTrenc1 Thanks Christina x @Anita28870753 @TomMaloneJr @gemappeal Thanks Anita xxBig Sunday night competition! Win 2 x Christmas burgers and a £50 bar tab. RT and follow to enter. Burger availabl…
Retweeted by Gogglebox Malones @k8_thornton @angelalonsdale lovely to meet you last night ! What a great night too💖💖xx
@nanna2six_1 Thanks Wendy x @MrWayneDevlin @RealDeniseWelch @gemappeal Big fan of Wayne !!!! X @natz341976 @TomMaloneJr @gemappeal Thank you Nat xx💖 @TomMaloneJr @gemappeal My boys xxx @EleanorJemac Thank you x Julie
Evening all ! Thanks for all your kind comments durring the past few weeks ,it's really helped me keep on track wit… @AnneHewson 💖💖💖 @AnneHewson No ,Anne it's no problem he d have loved it xx He was a good un xxx and he could move his hips like T… @49d0cf196d6247d @DaveTheGBDog @C4Gogglebox We have 4 rotties Dave,Lucy ,Izzy and Bob x @AnneHewson @RealSirTomJones @kelvin_fletcher @C4Gogglebox Sadly we list him to cancer on Valentine's day 2000 and… @KellyKesy Thanks Kelly xx @RuthMurrell @DaveTheGBDog @C4Gogglebox That's Lucy and Izzy x @Jobylake @leegogglebox @DaveAndShirley @Petesandiford @PeteandSophie Going to a ball Prosecco all night long xx @DaveAndShirley Happy Anniversary xxxDave s got that Friday feeling ! Hope you will join us for tonight's Gogglebox xx @DaveTheGBDog @C4Gogglebox # Go… lad Reggie here in Rescue @moorlandsrescue #condover #Shrewsbury needs lots of retweets to find him that foreve…
Retweeted by Gogglebox Malones @Jobylake @leegogglebox @DaveAndShirley @Petesandiford @PeteandSophie Prosecco and poppadoms .I m going to treat my… @acollins_x @DaveTheGBDog No I was just checking it in case I need to get a new one x @jonnyrobbo85 @Stephenwebb71 @baasitsiddiqui @umarksiddiqui @viv1gogglebox @PeteandSophie @ellieandizzi @Carole33276034 @DaveTheGBDog I was justing making sure the fibre optics was still working x @stumpnbump @DaveTheGBDog I was checking it was still working it's a fibre optic one x @Normie58 So would I if I was able to afford one 🤣🤣 x
@MrWayneDevlin @gemappeal @EntertainToday @RealDeniseWelch Beautiful ,will see you there xxDo looking forward to this !!! is a time for giving. Please help us to support those families really in need. Thank you
Retweeted by Gogglebox Malones @Ballstocancer God bless little man xx Prayers and Strength to all his family xcThat bloody Dave just cocked his leg on the small Christmas tree !! I don't need this !! Daaaavvviiiiddd !!!!… @CarolMHobbs House full of happiness xc @LydiaLaw53 @rochelle_south That's great xx @scouseadam A dog isn't a present it's family x @NotOnYourNellee Ah Nellie great ideas. How's Walter ? Has he been ? XxxJulie @CarolMHobbs Beautiful xxx
@fionasamhurley Love and hugs xc @Fifimalibu Sounds great x @shona_glennie 💖💖 @TracyFisher71 He can't drive lol x @JulieTurner64 Haha have you seen it ? He looks so young x @Tartannancy He does like vinyl xx @nannyles_9 That's Tom SNR it's Junior I need to buy for x @lallykins1 26 x @CarolMHobbs We don't buy dogs as presents but besides he is away too often dancing x🤣🤣 @maisiedoodie Can't say which but you can't just buy it ,and I found it a lot easier than I ever imagined xx @Hatters201 That was like 4years ago 🤣🤣 @revkatebottley @ScarlettMoffatt @leegogglebox @DaveAndShirley @TheMalonesGB any chance you could retweet this and…
Retweeted by Gogglebox MalonesPlease share,and let's get this lovely home where she belongs x @matjammtb That's a given every year !!! X Julie @catlover1973 He can't drive ,not sure about the helicopter though x @cosmogirluk Oh Em so sorry ,we are at a Charity ball in Manchester xx Julie @Quogess Thanks Laura x @RoyCharlton Doggie treats and a toy xx @Ballstocancer I ve got a new dress that's me Julie not Tom 🤣🤣 @_katie_c Not a chance ,🤣🤣Good morning ,have finally got nearly all my Christmas presents just Tom Jnr left .Any ideas ? Not trainers as we b…
@Natalie_Mawer Aww x @JimG747 Oh no not Anton 😟 @lisasimmons23 Yes he is and as been on Strictly as a professional x @catlover1973 Tom Jnr has been on Strictly as a professional sorry xx @StillSuzi Happy birthday Suzi hope it's a good one for you xxWhat do you lot reckon? lad desperately needing a home please help #reggie find his forever family with your retweets #rottie
Retweeted by Gogglebox Malones
@susandexyblue ♥️♥️So great to hear Wilma is back with her loving family xxx @fionasamhurley Thank you Fiona xx @joannew0112 @DaveAndShirley @P_Wicks01 @gary_wibberley Yeeessss! Brilliant news aww I m so happy for you big hugs to you all xxx @Sarah__wright1 We are great Sarah thanks ,hope you are too xx#RemembranceSunday Remembering all our fallen heros and those that have and still are fighting for our country .God…
@HawleySonya @robbiewilliams Yes Sat at one of Tom s friend s 50th party drinking bloody sparkling water !!! XJulie @oOPeterOo Dave has his own twitter pages @HelenG16 @Kismuil Thank you ladies x @KCWales63 Thank you xx @AnnJones77 Thank you Ann x @Khryztophfer It's between £1-£2 depending on where you buy it x @mozzy_p You know it 🤣🤣😣 @wilcarule We have 4 Dave ,Lucy ,Izzy and Bob xx
@myracrawford1 @robbiewilliams Thank you x @MilliganKirsty @robbiewilliams Thanks Kirsty xxThanks for watching everyone .Time to tidy the kitchen to @robbiewilliams singing the oldies love Mac the knife xx… @talpal14 I ve lost just over a stone Tracey thank you x @Jobylake Beautiful x @TheMalonesGB Wilma is still missing Please share She was #stolen from her home in Stoney Stanton…
Retweeted by Gogglebox Malones @jessjellyhead Thanks Jessica x Julie @jan_sonmez Thanks Jan x