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Imma ingest a bunch of sugar and caffeine for breakfast and anxiously stare at a blank page for a few hours, ya
@QuillandCrow @mwhitlock93 @J_A_Duncan @kr_wieland @EloquentEnigma @ThePuckishPen Beautiful goblins 😍The Dark Poet Society Blog is officially updated! 💀🖤 Featuring poems by Melanie @mwhitlock93 Jordan @J_A_Duncan K…
Retweeted by Marie Casey @lynncee_faulk @PromoteHorror Yay! Congrats again ☺️Happy release day to They Come in the Night! Pick up this Gothic horror today!
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@CassThomps13 @QuillandCrow @rjoneshowe 💯💯💯💯 @TyoMonica @DrSoucMusic 🤣💯 @lunacyandmagic 💯💯 @lunacyandmagic Growth really does suck. Gotta accept fault, take responsibility, and ruptures brain particles. It's a nuisance.#crowcalls #battle @QuillandCrow
Retweeted by Marie Casey @Ltward2 That's a hell of a story. Good for you for keeping at it. Best of luck on your next steps. 🖤 @trent_lewin Thank you. @author_ayshen Congrats!twirl and cycle form is crucial, remember those toes crack the bones and mutilate my frontal lobe decisi…'s because you don't see me, not as an intelligent being cross face and dilute me bring me to my knees make your wavelengths buzz over me#crowcalls @QuillandCrow @wbartlett1984 DOPE @lunacyandmagic I feel like it's because people want to grow but when confronted with growth they realize how uncomfortable it is#WritingCommunity #poetrycommunity THIS SUNDAY
Retweeted by Marie CaseyWant to win some awesome stuff? Retweet this and join us on Spaces August 1st @ 1 EST to hear the winner. Good luck…
Retweeted by Marie CaseySilent war Constant, unwavering Wants, fears Who cares? Battle lines blur As the rage in my mind Continues to…
Retweeted by Marie CaseyScaled steed Ride together in victory May your fire Bring down my foes Own the skies And all beneath Mountains of…
Retweeted by Marie Casey#CrowCalls @QuillandCrow #dragon The Itch
Retweeted by Marie CaseyFear Without it There is no bravery I stand here, trembling Trying to gather my strength Pleading with myself Show…
Retweeted by Marie CaseyPoetry prompt #lycanthrope #crowcalls @QuillandCrow 📸 credit: unknown
Retweeted by Marie CaseyA #crowcalls catch up @QuillandCrow #darkpoetry
Retweeted by Marie CaseyMy Dragon 🔥🐉 #CrowCalls #TheAncientOnes @QuillandCrow
Retweeted by Marie CaseyBack to work tomorrow. Not sure how much time I’ll have. So here is #battle a day early. @QuillandCrow #crowcalls
Retweeted by Marie CaseyLonging to release the rage Embers aglow within Rising up my throat And wishing to let loose the flames Like the d…
Retweeted by Marie CaseyPoetry prompt #dragon #crowcalls @QuillandCrow 📸 credit: unknown
Retweeted by Marie CaseyTo everything that got sucked in that space, I'm sorry. Everything seems black-white, clear now Yes, crystal when I…
Retweeted by Marie CaseyA little Catholic prayer deconstruction for your Thursday morning, honoring my beloved patron goddess 🖤💀 Art by Ta…
Retweeted by Marie Casey#CrowCalls #Dragon #Battle I can spit flame to etch my name along your spine like a dragon lost in the frozen land…
Retweeted by Marie Casey @QuillandCrow AAHHHGOBLINS
@QuillandCrow @ThePuckishPen Congrats!Congrats to Jamie Kovalsky @ThePuckishPen, our guest poet for August! Read her poetry, as well as others, in our Da…
Retweeted by Marie Casey @VazAnzai @dzbloodjunkie @CassThomps13 @EloualiSabrine @QueenofCastoria Aw, thanks!
@lunacyandmagic I'd do a lot to just meet her. Her energy is just everything I need in life.Stay tuned for our #podcast #firstepisode #comingsoon with @EloquentEnigma @CassThomps13 @theMarieCasey
Retweeted by Marie CaseyThis is the energy I’m bringing today. Happy Monday.
@NatashaCL7 Just friends, they were goofing on me
My flesh boils and burns Shedding from my body Under the midday sun Not a cloud above But still I pray for rain To…
Retweeted by Marie Casey @JungleWriter Oh, Marvin 🤣🤣 @vvikaa @MeredithBoswell I used to be and I dabble here and there but not as much as I would like to. It's one of those sil… @QueenofCastoria @Behsharam AH, I love his work! It's intense. @Behsharam Ah, I do miss going to art museums and galleries😭I don’t actively engage in enough art. I want to change that immediately. @pensivemourning 🤣🤣🤣 F that comma @EssiValo Ugh, this hits hard. Yes, I do a lot. It’s really hard to back track out of it too. Like where did this t… @QueenofCastoria Absolutely @ValontheMoon 😆😆😆 @AlyssaMental Oh no! 😆🖤 @kr_wieland My obsession for punctuation comes out in workshop all the time as you probably could tell 🤣 it's such… @pensivemourning EXACTLY. I've deleted so many poems for an odd placed comma. I'm like WHY?! Why is it there and why is it mocking me? @WindwalkerWrite Ahh, beautiful! @Ltward2 I think it's one of those things you have to grow up with. I did the same when I first moved to New Englan… @Spyder_Collins 💯💯 @kr_wieland @TheTanviSingh @ALGarcix Aw 🤣🥰 @Ltward2 Moxie is so gross 🤣 I just don't get it. @TheTanviSingh @ALGarcix 😭🖤 @Clarissa_RC_519 Same, love it or don't @lynncee_faulk 🤣🖤 @jvscribbles Ya but like, the knife isn't real! @Buck_T_Vampire 🤣🤣🤣 @Shaziane_Poetry No, I don't. More just an unnecessary worry I put on myself but I probably should! It could help me process my thoughts. @QueenofCastoria Probably good. It's a silly worry that doesn't matter much but it's important to me for some reason. @EdieMeade SAME 🤣 @ErinQuill8 💯💯🤣😂 @Inkdom1 Ya 🤣 I keep saying it’s part of my processI hyper-focused on punctuation in poetry until it no longer makes sense, ya know? Then I spend hours asking myself… @JennahWalters I used to easily work 50+ hour weeks and was paid for 40 🤣 it’s a bust system @matthewberg77 Beautiful!! @wbartlett1984 @QuillandCrow Beautiful 🖤Coming soon… 🪓💀
Retweeted by Marie Casey @AJ_Jones_Author 💯💯🤣🤣 @ChefMaslow I feel this lol @wolfsoul4 Aw haha @WindwalkerWrite Haha nice @MarcTizura ALL THE FOOD 🤣 @rjoneshowe Aw but I loved sailor moon as a kid @CassThomps13 Leave me alone 🤣🤣 @OfficialJHarlow Nice!Explain yourself with an anime character @WindwalkerWrite I’m sorry to laugh at you misfortune but I’m howling 😂🤣 @EloquentEnigma Aahhh she’s so perfectPoetry prompt #telluric #crowcalls @QuillandCrow 📸 source: unknown
Retweeted by Marie Casey @Dovetale5 We do! 🖤🖤 @Dovetale5 Aah Danielle 🥺🥺😭😭 you really are my tiktok bestie 😂 But thank you so much. I appreciate you and glad to… @ThePuckishPen @QuillandCrow Aw, thanks so much! 🖤
@rossflores Lol this is why I sometimes prefer vegan meals. I like cheese but it’s not a meal 🤣 @AJ_Jones_Author Not even once, no 🤣🤣 @CassThomps13 I was looking for trinkets but found this and well it's better @carsonbohdi Aw I do and I am sorry you are feeling this way. I get it and it can be an overwhelming feeling. Writi… @KE_Woodruff 🤣🤣 I wanted to just tell my boss I just ain’t feeling it today. @pensivemourning @QuillandCrow Ah, thanks David! @Spyder_Collins Coffee good. Coffee screens— solid wood, can't see through under the skin— rapid decay, counterfeit package promises of perfection…