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Mark Lawson @themarkmlawson Los Angeles, CA

Actor/filmmaker. “Dustin” on General Hospital. Husband and father to 3 girls. Horror and metal nerd. RKC 2 kettlebell instructor.

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@jereMEmarshall @BaruchelNDG With Lethal Weapon, the opening. The sleigh bells in the Michael Kamen score. Also,… @BaruchelNDG The score alone brings the holiday vibes. The Christmas decorations at the Murtaugh house remind us a… @BaruchelNDG Agreed.My message to everyone struggling right now is this: Help is on the way.
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I love, love, love this. True story from a friend of a friend. My awful date with Donald Trump: The real story of… @Shorror_ Guitar. @Firstscreamto But....I’ve got 3 kids! I can’t even watch the first 10 minutes of Pumkinhead anymore! @Firstscreamto Ohhh. Still can’t watch this one. Even though I really want to. @CovergirlChase Nothing I can put in Twitter. Heyo! @theheadknight @AaronBKoontz Hell yeah. Can’t wait to turn on Shudder and have this pop up randomly on Shudder Tv.Love this. feeling when your new favorite metal band only has two albums and an early demo. And hasn’t released an album… @Timobros That’s how I’ll feel about my 2nd grade English teacher who warned my parents “he may not be very bright.” @MuchosGarcias Big timeThem Self Tape vibes. #actorslife #selftapeaudition #losingmydamnmind #bluesteel @MichaelVarrati Okay... From my understanding each of us is our own Scrooge, so for the three spirits: Past: Shir… @inkr3dibl3_k Their voice.Please check out Derlis’ music. THIS is the kind of film score I love. That percussion got me feeling like I need… @adleisia Haha. Yes. Strange time! And thank you! @adleisia It’s so good. And I forgot got how violent it is! And now I find it weird how excited I got about that.… that Romancing The Stone is a banger of an adventure film and is currently streaming on Prime. @Kingcast19 JUST started my reread today! @darth25 Noooo! But yes. I loved that role. @MichaelVarrati My 2020 mood described in that autocorrect. Kill= Mull @MichaelVarrati Ohhhh I love this question.... going to have to kill it over.In Fauci I Trust. @choptopmoseley @DaveVescio Of course I then saw you in the wild near a certain donut shop.
@JamesCullenB I hope it was a Christmas tree and not a trash can that made you realize this. @choptopmoseley @DaveVescio Was just about to give you the props on this, Choptop. @Rowaenthe Your mouth to God’s ears! But Phillipe is kind of my nemesis. He doesn’t know this.Just held a persons hand as they died alone, without their family or loved ones by their side. Glad you enjoyed you…
Retweeted by Mark Lawson @laptop_lasane Yeeeeees. @JeffreyaReddick Being a southwestern Virginia boy myself, I’m terrified for my parents back home. @HauntedMeg Judgement Night? Deep Blue Sea?
@creepshowens Great jawline. @ArmyofWomack @BrianUdovich 2nd’d. @BrianUdovich My personal favorite and the first show I was ever in at the community theater when I was a kid. I…
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Just posted a video @laptop_lasane @jnordell @scrawfish It’s a banger.
@AlsoSprachGill @dwain_campbell @dirtsquirrel2 Holy smokes. This is why I stay on Twitter! I think I discovered Alien Weaponry the same way. @dirtsquirrel2 Cause it IS! @Skupowski @Xbox Thank you! @Chaitika @Zarina__2610 @Skupowski Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately o have no one in France.Damn. For the 3rd time now I had one I’m my inbox. By the time I hit checkout they were sold out. Can’t the gamin… @Massawyrm I think he really IS a wizard. @RitaElia6 @EmmeRylan @WilliamdeVry1 @ashton_arbab I’m so sorry, Rita. But I’ll say this. The fact that you feel it…
@Kimmy_D_RN @VocalLizzy Love them both, but I think if I had truly discovered Ronnie before my mid 20s, it would h… @stallioncity @MauraWest @MauriceBenard @kellymonaco1 @1SteveBurton @carolynhennesy @NancyLeeGrahn @WilliamdeVry1 @Massawyrm Just gonna...leave this here at the SIDE BAR SIDE BAR SIDE BAR! @VocalLizzy Forgot to mention my years long obsession with the first three Danzig albums. I tend to love metal with… @Massawyrm Purefoy is so damn good. MJ made an unsung epic. @VocalLizzy Also, great question I never get asked. @VocalLizzy I tend to run a pretty wide gamut from early metal (Sabbath and Rainbow) to classic thrash (mainly Meta… @mgmendacious Thank you so much!!! @mmpadellan Oh I’d pay to watch him dragged out. More to watch it happen by a mob, not law enforcement. @Massawyrm Hell yeah. And MJ Basett’s film does as well! (Sailor Steve are hell raising fun too). @VocalLizzy @RonT84 @soapsindepthabc @GeneralHospital Wow. This really just moved me. I’m sending you and your loved one light and love. @theheadknight Great answer!
Never a bad day of work with this lady. Emme, you are a force of nature. One of the hardest working people I’ve e… @brendaj5853 @JoeBiden So...then why the worry about taxes? @brendaj5853 @JoeBiden I’m amazed at the number of people who respond to my posts who just make more than 400k a ye… election is over. It’s time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric designed to demonize one another. We have to come together.
Retweeted by Mark Lawson"Honored to be part of television history." Mark Lawson said his goodbyes to #GH and his castmates while encouragin…
Retweeted by Mark Lawson @RonT84 @soapsindepthabc @GeneralHospital I’m happy. I promise. Dustin’s end turned out as I hoped it would. @newyorkmets1986 Ooookay. @steampunkblimp People never really discuss REVENGE, but it’s my favorite if his as well as being a style landmark for Tony Scott. @steampunkblimp Check out REVENGE (‘91) and most definelty THE UNTOUCHABLES. @JamesCullenB Shit man. I wish you a speedy recovery. @Charles_Said00 Thanks part of it for sure! It’s unnerving to see that.I wanted you to see Dustin fighting to get back to Lulu, or at the very least make Dante swear the oath to be there… who follows me for my thoughts or shared interest in horror, I hope you’ll give today’s episode of… @Janellaboo @EmmeRylan What a wonderful tweet. Thank you! @Rowaenthe Please and thank you. @Kimmy_D_RN Hahahahaha
Merry Christmas. @debs64213575 Wow. Thanks. @marnards @soapoperafan Please watch. I’m really proud of it.Just posted a video @kavin_b Maybe over time. It honk they both needed heal. A lot. @Janellaboo 🙏🏻 @PhilNobileJr This doesn’t jive well with my Sunday through Thursday sobriety. @AmyMistretta Thanks so much, Amy. @soapoperafan Thanks for the sweet write up, Amy. @RodneyRogers1 Hahahaha.Charles sharing my favorite episode from One Life! Thanks man! @Charles_Said00 @YouTube Thanks so much for sharing! This was my favorite episode of One Life! @A_J_Waters I have three kids. I’ve relearned the joy of sitting to pee. Also, I’d the stall door is closed how is… want to live in a country where Colin Kaepernick is seen as a hero and Kyle Rittenhouse is seen as a terrorist @DevonESawa And you get to a point where your stress modulates according to how many people you’re in scenes with.… @stevencmiller Shit. I’m so sorry to hear this.Just posted a video indeed. @EvanDickson I’ve had it since April and have only watched the first 3 of Ron Finley’s gardening series. But I th…
We ❤️ this Grandpa!!
Retweeted by Mark Lawson @craigengler Just got one installed and love it. @ryanlarson Historical werewolf horror. Werewolves vs lumberjacks. @ryanlarson Agreed. @BluGilliand Robert E Howard’s Sailor Steve Costigan. James Ellroy’s The Big Nowhere. Both as tv series adaptations. @BookishPlinko BRAVO!!