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Yes I do love a feminist Dracula, thank you. watch a feature length film starring Lil Nas X McCain was the one who took Bloomberg to task on #TheView? This really is the worst timeline is going to be...She-Hulk...but what does this apparent casting call mean for the future of Jennifer Walte… footage of Donald Trump putting on his foundation:, the horrible side ft. Undertale and Overwatch Ford continues to be the best...this time, not knowing what a Force Ghost is
Just when you think you're out, Ryan Murphy brings you back in scared, Bloomberg. Be very scared of Elizabeth Warren. see our revised version of Stephen Miller's wedding announcement unpopular opinion have angered us all. How not surprising it’s Britney, bitch.
Retweeted by The Mary SueDC is messing up Harvey and Ivy while giving Joker a new girlfriend? Thanks, we hate it! about the Logan Act? Oh the irony love our Avatar box!!! @NickRewind #ATLA deepfake video of Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Brown and Marty McFly in Back to the Future is terr… of us fell prey to the McDonald's Monopoly game and #McMillionsHBO is exploring the rigged game America: The First Avenger is one of the best MCU movies Thompson & Hasan Minhaj are set to host the White House Correspondents' Dinner that Trump most definitely wil… get it, I guess, but Beyoncé was there and you DID NOT have her sing "Shadowland"? #TheLionKing about #Parasite: yet another addition into the unnecessary conversation about Harley Quinn's costume in #BirdsOfPrey The Boy Scouts just declared bankruptcy to avoid sex abuse lawsuits in #BirdsOfPrey: Stop eating egg sandwiches Harley Quinn: a reason to see #BirdsOfPrey? Well, we're ready to give them to you. #ReasonsToSupportBoP you @classicstage for giving me the feminist Dracula of my dreams can’t tell if my car’s decision to not number the volume is easing my anxiety or making it worse. I only wanna…
Retweeted by The Mary SueHonestly can't WAIT for Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman #TheBatman wild called to Harrison Ford. Check out our review for #CallOfTheWild YOU KNOW Tom Holland is British? SAYING that Knives Out 2 should have Marta in it, as a little treat all the negativity of the world likeóbal Rios and his many many holograms #StarTrekPicard #BirdsOfPrey fight scene? *chef's kiss*"So how was your Monday?" It Should Have Ended tackles #RiseOfSkywalker and honestly...yeah, this IS how it should have ended.
Quibi released a star-studded trailer for all the content they're giving us that none of us want to watch on our ph… season of life has gone OFF the rails Bloomberg’s campaign spending is hard to even comprehend.ë Kravitz talks her prep for stepping into Catwoman's shoes. #TheBatman of it is just Captain America: Civil War can't be "The King", Trump. Ford and a good pup? Check out our review for #CallOfTheWild here! someone asks you to do something but you can feel your soul dying a little just at the prospect of it but you… yes, I do love the idea of Alan Tudyk as an alien doctor, thank you very much. JUST IN: Tom Holland is British. dead always talking Can @rianjohnson give us more Marta please?'s the deal with #StarTrekPicard's Cristóbal Rios and his many holograms?, play Dancing On My Own so I can weep into my coffee Polanski's film scored 12 nominations in the French Oscars this year and now the Board of the ceremony has st…, look at this blanket octopus: looking at the weekend: Yan gives some insight into that amazing #BirdsOfPrey right scene. @cyan852's talk about this airplane seat situation. JAMES AND THE GIANT UMBRELLA
Retweeted by The Mary SueA new Phoebe Waller-Bridge show? Yeah, we're in. epic battle between good content and eye strain continues!'s continued success is one of many signs that cancel culture has NOT gone too far.
Plus Green Lantern, book vending machines, and more!'all got any content for those of us with cracked screens?'re here for #ReasonsToSupportBoP Cesar Academy board will step down after Polanski's film scored 12 nominations this year. you haven't seen it yet, what are you doing with your life? #ReasonsToSupportBoP are so down to see this doc! back on WALL-E 12 years later., we will watch Alan Tudyk in anything, next question?
Calling all planeswalkers! you know that the 2008 film was inspired by the rise of Apple and Amazon? would be a great time to check your voter registration! had us at "Alan Tudyk". democracy is very normal and very fine! Act cool Me: Harriet Tubman be.'s fine. he please say "You can google it" as Batman though? RPattz does look like Batman in the Batman suit you watched #ToAllTheBoys2? Check out @RachelLeishman's interview with the lovely @jennyhan and @annacathcart!…, home on my couch, watching television instead of going out like: broke Twitter society? Not climate change or the presidential election but, instead, this guy punching the bac… Eilish's #NoTimeToDie slaps. I have spoken.
We get it you have the best Valentine. it a fan-cast?'s the legitimate cast for #MastersOfTheUniverse to watch #HighFidelity? Check out our review here!’m hearing reports that it was actually Moonlight, not La La Land, that won the Iowa caucus
Retweeted by The Mary Sue"Make Women Great Again"? More like "Can men stop holding all-male conventions to say what's wrong with women" Valentine from Sebastian Stan and @AnthonyMackie is the only Valentine I need #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier’s day
Retweeted by The Mary Sue#Lucifer may be staying yet! lovely Valentine's day treat from @HamillHimself #ValentinesDay like hotman
Retweeted by The Mary SueTrump and Barr put on a little corruption play The Animated Series is coming back in a new way and with Jason Todd and more! #BatmanTheAnimatedSeries’s either having the best or worst Valentine’s Day
Retweeted by The Mary SueOh look Jim Hopper is the Red Guardian #StrangerThings4 Harriet Tubman alone 2k20 two men who made me cry off my make-up this year: Jim Hopper and Tony Stark
Retweeted by The Mary SueChris Evans posing with Ted Cruz isn't a bad thing. NEWS: Robert Pattinson's Batman...looks like Batman. More from Battison soon!