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Halloween just got witchier. @blumhouse's remake of The Craft is heading to Amazon Prime't we all suffered enough?"Those of you excited for the next series from Game of Thrones producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss might have to… the first time since 2009, there will be no new Marvel movie and that's not a bad thing. me "tried" ????? certified banger. show some respect. diamonds on her fingers.
Retweeted by The Mary SueOkay...what is Among Us? @danjlevy did you secretly know that the world was going to need Schitt's Creek in 2020?Finally, Nick Fury is getting his own time MIGHTY WIN
Retweeted by The Mary SueSuperheroes are heading to college in a spin-off of #TheBoys Trump's healthcare plan is meaningless makes false allegation to undermine free elections. You getting this, @Twitter @TwitterSupport ? You getting…
Retweeted by The Mary SueMike Bloomberg tried to help Florida felons vote and now Florida might investigate it. to Billie Lourd and Austen Rydell! are all the metaphors getting so literal.
Retweeted by The Mary SueJust when you think you're out, #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons gives us a Halloween update and drags us back in but we need @RahulKohli13 as Ezra Bridger tho what I hear, if I ask nicely, this can go viral... that being said... please??
Retweeted by The Mary SueGOOD are too good for this world I can’t believe people could fall for Fox News and other times I remember that once Orson Welles did a sp…
Retweeted by The Mary SueThe #SnyderCut reshoots are ago with Zack Snyder in charge with Ray Fisher back to vote. Do it for @LauraDern, @TwoPaddocks, and Jeff Goldblum Taylor's image is not for your commodification #Cuties backlash and the policing of girlhood are all too familiar someone is melting down over that RBG Satanic Temple op-ed? Seems like someone didn't read past the headline Twitter can be used for good. Hootsuite drops ICE contract after employee calls them out on Twitter"The topic of therapeutic psychedelic drugs and magic mushrooms sounds like something you might discuss with your f…
No one wants to smash Luigi (or Waluigi) is an incredible tribute to Chadwick Boseman by @4NIKKOLAS were impeached for life.
Retweeted by The Mary SueYou can rent out an entire Alamo Drafthouse theater but for a price (your soul) added one (1) queer holiday movie to their line-up, some good news!
Retweeted by The Mary SueRuth Bader Ginsburg's legacy in action. Isaacs, Jemima Kirke, and Dua Saleh are heading to Sex Education! @jasonsfolly @jemimakirke @doitlikedua, @RepAOC joined @RepRashida, @Ilhan, @RepPressley, and @RepSpeier in introducing a resolution recognizing vio…
Retweeted by The Mary Sue#BattlestarGalactica's Michael Hogan needs our help are still good things like Donald Trump getting booed i am here
Retweeted by The Mary SueWe don't deserve dogs Snyder is leading the charge on the Justice League reshoots and Ray Fisher is joining him. birthday to #KillingEve's Dame Harriet Walter! Stylish and full of good advice.
Retweeted by The Mary SueIf @LauraDern, @TwoPaddocks, and Jeff Goldblum tell you to register to vote, you better do it. Taylor's image is not for your commodification strikes me as puzzling and troubling.
Retweeted by The Mary SueThere's too much tuna? #Cuties backlash is all to similar to the policing of girlhood folks are mourning Breonna Taylor. When folks are in tears over the injustice over a Black woman shot 6 times…
Retweeted by The Mary SueExplore love, loss, and identity in award-winning author @MarkDoesStuff's new Latinx, queer coming-of-age fantasy,… spoke out about the Lang Lang biopic silence from Republicans is TELLING. has had enough of Rand Paul Cruz is a monster. Full stop. Horror Nights does have quite the frights this year! The frights being the fear of COVID-19"During an interview with the New Statesman, Judith Butler, one of the leading American philosophers and gender the… Stan's birthday message to @AnthonyMackie reminds us that they're friendship goals
Nothing but love for @RealLyndaCarter Cena is getting his own Peacemaker spin-off series! verdict today sends a resounding message that you shouldn’t murder someone in her sleep or you could be charged…
Retweeted by The Mary SueJustice still needs to be served for #BreonnaTaylor Trump is too stupid and sexist to be racist? A+ defense, Trump administration @AOC wish there was a way to put into words how much we appreciate you at the Mary Sue but please know that we do.Breonna Taylor deserves better.
Retweeted by The Mary SueDoes this mean we'll get another Mummy movie now? Squad lives rent-free in Trump's racist, addled mind and @IlhanMN fired back at Trump's latest racist attack police murdered someone, didn’t do anything about it until outrage became public, then the murderers still didn…
Retweeted by The Mary Sue#BlackWidow, #ShangChi, and #Eternals are all pushed to 2021 release dates is so much fun! HAVE OUR ATTENTION trailer for #TheHauntingOfBlyManor is here!!! but @rianjohnson we have theories for this Knives Out sequel OFF FAUCI the words of Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland: Too Much Tuna birthday to the Boss! @springsteen Death Toll and his adoring followers are at it again.
Retweeted by The Mary Sue“Have We Learned Nothing From Mulan?” - @thumbelulu on the Lang Lang biopic being directed by Ron Howard silence on the ICE hysterectomy allegations is telling God
Retweeted by The Mary SueIt is...fall? to @Zendaya and @MichelleObama! Register to vote! yes, #Supernova has our attention with Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci THIS REAL LIFE? @ me when we make it through another day of this year: is an absolutely incredible show and is beautifully told. That being said, it does need to work o…'s time to say goodbye to #Supergirl debate topics? Thanks, I hate it
The cast of O Brother, Where Art Thou? are reuniting! @quiethandfilms we trust #TheMandalorian to AP, the American death toll from COVID-19 is equal to the number killed on 9/11...FOR 67 STRAIGHT DAYS.
Retweeted by The Mary SueOkay what is even happening with these Star Trek movies? watch anything and everything that @HamillHimself and @SirPatStew choose to do together National Voter Registration Day! Celebrate by making sure you’re registered and making sure everyone you know…
Retweeted by The Mary SueMitt Romney reminds us that he isn't someone we should count on's talk about Trump's shortlist to destroy the Supreme Court you first get the idea vs when you've written 25 drafts of it
Retweeted by The Mary SueFall? In this economy??? @mari_shepard We did ours and let me tell took so long