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Journalist @EW--Anglophile. Cock-eyed Optimist. USC/Oxford Grad. Lover of classic film, romance, theatre, #Keats, #Springsteen.

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@JennyNordbak I think infrastructure wise it's just not feasible. Stocking and check-out is already really hard at… @cogman_bryan @claykeller @MarkerRyan625 Same. Someone told me the other day something wasn't really a rule, more l… @cogman_bryan @claykeller @MarkerRyan625 I'm cackling in glee just thinking about forcing Ryan to watch all of the Pirates films. @elenawonders Me
@cogman_bryan Pretty much all the songs from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend which were also written predominantly by Adam Schlesingersomeone said 2020 feels like when scar took over pride rock 😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Maureen Lee LenkerMe preparing to leave the house now
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker🥺
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker @BenMank77 @tcm @ChristinaLauren Screen Drafts: the Humphrey Bogart episode (am biased as I am on this episode lol)Drinking dry cider and making chicken and leek pie 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
@thedameupstairs @MissAusten Kristen is leaving TCM?!?? @shananaomi Yeah man I’m sorry, that’s a tough one! @shananaomi Ugh bummer!raise your hand if you feel guilty for not writing enough during all of this
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenkerevery child's life journey involves a major event that changes their mind about being a marine biologist
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker @julsrich Soooo pretty!Mary Queen of Scots lived under house arrest for 18 YEARS and I have never had more respect for her. @shananaomi Not sure on it’s ebook options but check out the new website Bookshop @MissCarley Ok well I’m like 25 miles away but might still be worth it for a night @rachsyme Um 5 am? @MissCarley Omg yay they deliver?! @thebasementtan I wear slippers but not shoes if it’s cold. But I’m a southern Californian. I hate wearing shoes even outsideAbout to record a new @ScreenDrafts. It’s about to get snappy in here.
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker @RdotSpoon I don't know Bex! It's so annoying -- I was like, finally getting back on this stupid horse and now the… @RdotSpoon Girl, same.
@MarliesYearby Hi! Might you be able to email me at for a story I'm working on about RENT? Thanks.When you're going through your old HS yearbook and find a note from @dykemadden that says "I love that you share my… @cmholub You watch one episode of Downton Abbey and suddenly you're an epidemiological historian. @CSchoellkopf Christina, I'm so sorry for your loss, but grateful you could share you story so beautifully with us all. Sending you love. @jodirosoff @ReelVixen I am taking more baths, but probably ultimately taking same number of either baths/showers overall?? @cmholub Unfortunately, this is my first thought. haven’t changed anything in my skincare routine (except you know going outside) and my face suddenly feels like I… @tcm Tracy Turnblad 🤝 woke up today feeling the way I always do
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker @jaimealyse Both of Chanel Cleeton’s most recent books! Next Year in Havana and When We Left Cuba! @Lynetterice @samhighfill @devancoggan @KristenGBaldwin @ruthiekinane @Leahbats Honestly briefly contemplated this last night.The March Hot Stuff is live @EW with great reads from @ladrianaherrera @carlybloombooks @Lorraine_Heath & @MhairiMcF a return tonight on #HTGAWM & over @EW we have all the deets on what went down with Connor courtesy of… @jessicasara I got Effie as my number one and Leslie my number two so 🤷‍♀️I wish Coach Taylor was president. @SilverScreener So sorry Walter, but this is an exquisite tribute. @shylawhittney GIRL, SAME. @megsauce Hi from Effie Trinket, it is a lie.
@elenawonders On the longer version, Leslie Knope was a very close second so going with that. I probably just voted… @thatsostelle My colleague @jessicasara thinks it should be animated so Idina and Kristin can do it, and gotta say I agree. @elenawonders I got Effie Trinket on both the long and short versions of the test, and like, I hope not???Classic movie lovers -- it's time for my Classics Corner on the @EW Instagram Live again, today at 2 p.m. PT! @MasterworksIO Here’s my entry! don't worry, he has a "Wicked" movie update for us too -- as a treat. was such a joy to chat with @composerstephen about the "Prince of Egypt" musical and the incredible soundtrack t… don't know who needs to hear this, but fact checkers are awesome and make me feel extra-supported every time they…
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker @tcm His pal here looks like a descendant of Mark Ruffalo
@jessicasara UM JESSICA. YOU NEED AN ENTIRE BOX OF TISSUES.Absolutely gutting news (in a string of what I'm sure is to be more gutting news) -- his music was witty, playful,… @jaimealyse And it was a holdover from a sinus infection at Christmas. @jaimealyse I've just been rewearing mine for lack of anything else, yep.March 1 vs. April 1 @veschwab Oh V, I’m so sad for all the authors losing the spotlight they so deserve right now. Sending hugs.March 1/April 1
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker @daxe1792 @shylawhittney Ding ding ding! @carlylane It’s If I Never Met You!100,000-250,000 projected US casualties from Covid-19. 115,000 US casualties in WW1 420,000 US casualties in WW2 6…
Retweeted by Maureen Lee LenkerReading a book about a fake relationship and the hero just confessed to the heroine he thinks he’s met someone, and…
Discovered this little Springsteen gem (actually a cover) thanks to @BenMank77 today. Crank it up and dance in your… for the return of @HowToGetAwayABC on Thursday for the beginning of the end? We have a handy recap video re… gets it.
Retweeted by Maureen Lee LenkerToday in feel good cries: is a sobering, but ultimately uplifting read on where theatre goes from here. <3 Crawford by Frank Tanner, 1934
Retweeted by Maureen Lee LenkerOn @EW's most anticipated April reads, The Rakess by @scarlettpeckham is my choice! Cannot wait for this lady rake,… was an incredible joy to so many -- beautiful that a rescue could bring so much joy to all of us who followed… @TheRippedBodice Oh I'm so so sorry. Fitz brought so much joy to all of us. Thank you for sharing him with us, it r… @jessicasara She is lonely most of the time...My heart is so heavy for CTG. They're one of my favorite places/art makers in a city full of artists -- and I just…
every morning of quarantine #tcmparty #romanceonthehighseas
Retweeted by Maureen Lee LenkerThe only Pillow Man I have and will ever care about is the one in the Martin McDonagh play. @JDHeyman @BenMank77 I watched that Saturday night too! A new Cary Grant gem I'd never heard of!This is just the best thing ever.
My three quarantine moods
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker @tbreisacher One of the most valuable things I ever learned in an acting class was to answer that question truthful… when someone asks what day it is
Retweeted by Maureen Lee LenkerThirty days hath September,  April, June, and November, all the rest have thirty-one Except March which has 8000
Retweeted by Maureen Lee Lenker @BookNerd216 Just actors but telling real stories they collected from real couples! @bethdcrudele I had ordered a pair for TCMFF and they’re just sitting in a corner looking sad nowThe original Zoom meeting
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Spending my Saturday playing the #MuseumFromHomeChallenge and getting a kick out if it! #artathome @Tate @MarkHarrisNYC Mark!!! This is amazing!!! @PreCodeDotCom I should be doing them weekly I think! @PreCodeDotCom On day 15 and wildly swing between making the best of it and feeling utterly hopeless @megsauce @kategabrielle Link: @megsauce I love love love @kategabrielle and I think you’d dig her vibe a lot Meg @elenawonders Sorta different but still haven’t watched finale of Maisel S3 cause saving it as a treat. And weirdly… @ErikaTsang @Lorraine_Heath I think one of those is the cover with the Bachelorette contestant on it!Mostly I would just like this robe to isolate in @ScottFeinberg Except I actually think the remake is better in this case.... <braces for impact> @LadyHawkins I brought flowers to Keats grave at the same cemetery! Similarly it and the Keats House at the Spanish… is amazing, and a reminder how the joyous, human nature of filmmaking hasn’t changed hardly at all @joeynolfi @Alaska5000 @Aiden_Zhane But Joey when she's good she's bad and when she's bad she's better.