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Pepperoniichan @TheMechanick New Jersey, USA

26 | He/Him | Co-Owner of @bentobgaming /TO based in South Jersey | Worst Pika in NJ

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@TheBlacKatt we been friends but i see you girl @chriswhoisgreat Thank ya!god i love the pixels cameraI cooka da meatball @gitoNJ I am, please don't touch me this existence is painFor those of you that missed the stream last night, here's the video of the FF7R new WR! Let's freaking GO! -
Retweeted by Pepperoniichan @gitoNJ I'm just in a constant state of climax @lazul1azure Stay tuned beautifulSo I wanted to try air brushing/air gun spray painting but I need to fix our compressor so maybe I'll give hydro dipping a shot????? @luxthetrainer My save didn't transfer to my new switch so I kinda gave up on it @DrexelAryeh I understand that but I'll wait for them to clear large gatherings again. I can't even hold any of our… @DrexelAryeh I don't think it's accurate to say that about the age group though, there's people who are my age, peo… @DrexelAryeh Well yeah but the HDMI splitter wasn't my main point, my main point is people can be sick without even… @DrexelAryeh Temp checks mean nothing unfortunately when you have people who are asymptomatic. Additionally if this… @dyla_bell_sky *sweats in self deprication* @cirb_ Couldn't be me @cirb_ GOOOOOO tryna b like this hmu
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We are LIVE! Sick beat saturday has returned. Taking your requests, practicing and having a good time!!
Retweeted by Pepperoniichanscrumptious dub boss man @kagatoASUKA89 @DrexelAryeh Geno*deep breath* Makoto NiijimarOaD tO wInNiNg - TAP eSports Tournament
Retweeted by Pepperoniichan @ahhhuma @ahhhuma Nah biological warfare you getting sneezed on @ahhhuma Let's go @ahhhuma I said what I saidRe:zero up with Gungeon, then switching over to Apex Duos
fighting the urge to replay danganronpa mmmmmmmm @LimitedRunGames Fuck yes @tinysyd Grillaz, a BBQ themed bandPut the effort in, tune out the negativity around you, surround yourself with more positive thinkers, and be your own biggest fan (4/4)Simply put getting better at ANYTHING requires hard work, dedication, and a good mentality. I see the difference be…'m definitely not one to talk as I'm very negative on myself when it comes to getting better at games but you need… reminder that nobody was naturally born good at video games. People who you see at a high level of play bus… @gitoNJ 12:00 am🔥🔥 @Squajii "used to" @Squajii Never watched it @Squajii Nadaabout to play some Enter the Gungeon, then moving onto Valorant or Apex later?
@lazul1azure Iconic @treylw89 @gitoNJ @Conrad21SSB Ayyyyyyyyyyyeeeee @lazul1azure Maybe the real locals were the friends we made along the wayI should be in Atlanta for momocon rn :/ @AstoriaMercury SameGoing live! We're giving Phantasy Star Online 2 a shot!
Small Delay in stream, looking at 8:30-8:45 now @lazul1azure Mugi is literally the strongest @itsstilltru I don't care if my man picked up the whole store, you shouldn't shoot someone dead because they stole somethingI told you it was coming, and it's finally here! I'm happy to announce my first couple pieces of merch are live! Co…
Retweeted by Pepperoniichan @dkb_gingerBRED @CJSDSSB @SparkySmash @Squajii I don't have 50 follows yet :c @geddy_cahoon Funky long fucked my wifeGunna stream around 8pm tonight, we're showing off the fancy new graphics made by the lovely @gitoNJ @Squajii for some advice here. I want to move out but don't know if i should go the apartment route or find an equall…
@MyFatToy I thought that was the point @PikachuRTM @PikachuRTM 🤔Winners Finals is currently live with @Pelca_ vs @Jrsmash9
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We are live with Hops & Stocks Home Brew Edition 2!
Retweeted by Pepperoniichan @ahhhuma Maybe @cirb_ I agreeI think I'm gunna grow my beard out until we are able to do in person events againGot an idea to try. Twitter charges BIG $$ to “promote” a tweet but, maybe, that money can go to people instead.…
Retweeted by Pepperoniichancallin my dick richard cus it ain’t short for nothin
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@boosk_i i was just thinkin this same thing last nightMe when my mom tells me to throw away my anime body pillow and to get a job
Retweeted by Pepperoniichan @MiaaaTe NO @MiaaaTe Whatchugunnadoaboutitking @heylookliiisten Because it's official crab cake hourscurrent mood: sonic adventure 2 knuckles ost's @PBJYuki i hope it goes cross plat soon so we can play <3 @PBJYuki i play PC @NuggySJ I can't
@7Ampersand See that's what I loved about Titanfall. The movement and combat is so clean and fluid @kagatoASUKA89 @kagatoASUKA89 Possibly yeah, when you good to hop on? @kagatoASUKA89 What's your origin namePlayed apex for the first time today and it's pretty fun? Not a fan of the BR genre to begin with but I do love the… @strawhat_sama I'm too hard on myself. Whenever I make a mistake I tend to overanalyze and talk to myself in incred… @tinysyd my house search off of how close the nearest Wawa is Found one that has one right across the street, major flex by that housei wonder how the animals in AC see me when i lock my switch instead of ending the session. Like am I just standing…
Hey friends, quick reminder that we are running another free online smash tournament this Monday! Sign ups are in t… @Squajii in advance Nintendo, when would i be able to give forehead kisses to my Animal Crossing villagers??
Retweeted by Pepperoniichan @gitoNJ top 3 was all their limited releases so like monteys reserve, they had a really good shandy, etc. but as fo… @gitoNJ What does thine desire to knowIt's been a while double nickel @SJUndergroundSB Tim @Vince_SSB @dyla_bell_sky Again it's not perfect but not having a unified Ruleset is doing more harm than good imo