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Comedian. Texan. Thot. Co-host of the Like A Virgin podcast. @meredithactually on IG. Send me stuff: PO Box 5278 Santa Monica, CA 90409

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Unless you smoke weed, or are trans, or a sex worker, or... next fascist will be smarter and better looking and more polite. Our job is not to wait for them to run for off…
Retweeted by @blackops3690 NoHehe jk I don’t have a boyfriendThank god we’re stuck in our homes right now bc it would enrage me to see this in person @marcelbeffort It was to say good riddance to 45 and also I don’t have the option to to give a 46% discountSavannah Guthrie said “it takes two to tango” and asked Bernie if he was willing to “meet Republicans in the middle…
Retweeted by 45% off inauguration special @itsmariannnna 😂😂😂 I had to @KongKhann Never @Masser_MKE I knew this was gonna be a real niche tweet 😂😂😂😂Omarion and Marques Houston in 2004 picking out a hot outfit for a date @thebiggestyee So rude and tacky!This is so fucking funny @DarthLux Hahahahaha it is his duty as a good Instagram boyfriend! @bigmil31 Bro this is Bernie SandersMy boyfriend taking pics of me for my Instagram beautiful models stand before me but I only have one photo in my hands
Retweeted by @jmurffff HahahahahahahaahMe at a party where I don’t really know anyone if that green light came on and JLo did waiting for tonight
Retweeted by @DarthLux Which is wild considering Trump’s like 28 sexual assault allegations including multiple against minors 🙄 @DarthLux What the fuckIf I see one sad tik tok made by a zoomer MAGA weirdo set to drivers license I will fucking screamCelebrating 45 being GONE with 45% off my onlyfans all day!! my dog and I noticed something on the ground. “Oh no, come this way Charlie, there’s sharp ice on the groun… @ElyKreimendahl Same!!A reminder that @themeredith is a true gem and you should follow her OF 👏😏💦 funny and sexy is a dope combo, look it…
Retweeted by @craydrienne Omg thank you queen 💕💕💕 @NikaLomazzo She deserves it.Obsessed with these photos of LBJ howling with his dog 🥺 @thortallmon @plopfictionally Hi, OP here, I am a sex worker. The point I was making is that in both scenarios we a… @plopfictionally I’m literally a sex worker and you’re missing the pointI love SW Twitter but sometimes we gotta take a day off babes, get some sun, read a book, maybe think about what’s… @unguild @plopfictionally I am saying that at least sex workers are transparent and honest with their intentions an… @RyanConnell5150 Thats shitty, I’m sorry! At least with sex work everyone is honest with their expectations ❤️“I refuse to do any research about the OP to give context or even do any critical thinking skills about what she sa… @plopfictionally @ChuckGriffin117 Yes, it’s dishonest, which, as a SEX WORKER OF SEVERAL YEARS, is my exact point.… @plopfictionally I am a sex worker. The point I am making is calling out SWERFS for their hypocrisy when they too h… @plopfictionally And you lack critical thinking skills because THAT IS LITERALLY THE POINT I AM MAKING AS A LITERAL… idiot doesn’t realize I AM A SEX WORKER and I’m calling out NON-SEX WORKERS for their hypocrisy because at lea… @plopfictionally @SAOFollower I’m a sex worker too you idiot @plopfictionally @SAOFollower I’m a sex worker calling out the parallels in traditional dating and the hypocrisy of… @SAOFollower @plopfictionally I am a sex worker calling out non-swers for their hypocrisy. @plopfictionally I’m a sex worker who is calling out hypocritical women for their puritanical bullshit when they do… @plopfictionally If you don’t support consensual sex work but you use your sexuality to get free food you’re a hypo… is so sinister
@RonaldJKowalsk1 He literally doesn’t, that would be Donny you’re thinking of sweetieDolly Parton said “it costs a lot of money to look this cheap” and that is why I have a spending problem. @caitmarielle @itsmegangraves @therealalisonw @Kellie_Wil @leah_sampson1 @JayMalsky @OMaraRules @hamstertalk @EliOlsberg I KNOW!!! I’m so mad!!!Hello 9-1-1? I have an emergency, I have a crush on yet another Aquarius man, please help.i will be womansplaining promising young woman to every man for the rest of my life :)
Retweeted by worked out today and now I’m nauseous; the two probably aren’t related but I’m gonna pretend that they are. @NikaLomazzo Lol no I just meant because Italians always tell you they are Italian if you ask 😂 like if someone ask… @spongebobtitty Men on the internet are so unhinged 😏Please Donate and Retweet. I lost my mother to a heart attack on 9/3/2020. She always taught us that life is tempo…
Retweeted by honor of Dolly’s 75th birthday my onlyfans is 75% off all day!!!✨It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world ✨ @Poolside_25 Talk about missing the fucking point @Skoog You’re so closeAnd vice versa, dudes, if you’ve ever spent money on a date in order to get pussy, congratulations you paid for sex.If you’ve ever gone on dates with guys just for the free dinners then you should support sex work. @Coffeekurt In my bed @xxoorita He’s allegedly a Republican too 🥴 not surprised they’d fan those flames. I find The Bachelor SO much hard… recently asked what my ethnicity is, which happens all the time, and when I said that I’m white he asked if… @MDlugi Because feet pics ain’t free @roque_c_ybarra No, pay meHAPPY BIRTHDAY @DollyParton!!!!! around find out
Retweeted by would die for all of them @IanS35559556 @glitterghostx I blurred them on purpose because people pay for feet pics, no free foot content @AndySJinks @SpoonsTom No, I get paid for pics of my feet. @SpoonsTom They’re blurred out because people will pay me for feet pics. I have nice feet, no free content. @therustybarbell No my mirror is literally dusty, you can see it if you zoom a little @AndrewRW45 Victoria needs a jade roller, some under eye filler, a Xanax idkHate-watching The Bachelor, if my edible doesn’t kick in soon this is gonna be brutal @LindseyJenningz Thank you!!Did I just stage a photoshoot in my living room in preparation of celebrating Dolly Parton’s 75th birthday tomorrow? Who’s to say... @ElaniKitten I am fat phobic but only against myself @ellorysmith Lol I think he moved to Texas in like the late 70s though to work in the oil industry. At least that’s… @ElaniKitten (Make no mistake, if I had the body I did when these were popular I would be supportive too) @bitter_german @ElaniKitten Some of us need them @ElaniKitten This is skinny privilegeMillennial vs zoomer, zoomer vs millennial blah blah blah who cares we are all stuck in these flesh prisons rotting… @beersnob84 8.5-9 depending on the brand @PBateman__ @roque_c_ybarra Venmo me $20 and I’ll send you a foot pic, my Venmo is @meredithactually @Scouse_ma Haha found it!! The original tweet I replied to was deleted so I had to comb through my camera roll lol @Scouse_ma Lmao they photoshopped it! The original said “to get my vagina licked” 😂😂😂 @FastRamone Always hustling 😂
Lol there’s always one a few half off spots left!! ICE.
Retweeted by you’re 16 years old and your dad and his new wife just told you they are sending you away to boarding school @ClubJapanImport I have too but so has my bank account so it’s fine lolFor REAL my 30s have been so much better than my 20s were in so so so many ways!