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@stuffmikedoesca @katynotie @JIMrichards1010 Part of me wants to laugh at that, buuuuut... @HalifaxEditor @Miss_Close Nope! Straight to the compost. @alancross Cc: @HfxGingerJust heard my 10 year old daughter refer to a kiwi out of the fridge as “saggy”. I don’t know how I will recover fr… @HfxGinger @katynotie Not sure I know the answer to that. Maybe figure out how to make him into a potato? @HfxGinger @pitcherplantnl Added bonus: duvet covers. @mogrunt1 @meganfluevog It makes a certain amount of sense. @mogrunt1 Hi. I commented elsewhere on this. @meganfluevog @mogrunt1 @meganfluevog Ha. Got my knitters all knotted up. @liveactionfloyd StOp ThE tEsTiNg! @pirie @meganfluevog Key life skills. Next up. Bechamel. @DartmouthDerek This. Is. The. Best. @jessfromns @SarahDunsworth Definitely not half-assing it. Whole-ass or gtfo @SarahDunsworth @jessfromns Right. So half way :) @Hooberbloob Like losing one’s vestigial tail... @Hooberbloob DM me your bell password kthx
@jessfromns HRM Goes well beyond Halifax.Apparently the Bridgewater Canadian Tire is full of folks from HRM confessing they’re there because it’s too risky…
@ComeToMyWidow We are all disappointed in this.
You know she’s serious about you when she volunteers for your kid’s hockey team as a safety rep, where being an int… @inthefade cc: @BabbleTwit @ryanjespersen Listened from Halifax today. You're doing great! @thebirdiehansen I've been working from home since March 15th. I haven't worn pants in 8 months. That said, I hop… @Hooberbloob Wow. Haunting history. @HfxGinger You’re not supposed to announce if you’re going into witness protection. @grantisagrant Feral?Happy Holidays Love, Nova Scotia
Let’s make some soup ‘cause the weather’s turning cold. @hawksleyworkman @pryan2112 You think that’s good? Try #scottishpeopletwitter
@Jdanielledoiron @HalifaxReTales Like everyone drinking at home? Sounds like... what we’ve all been doing since March 15th.Who's with me on this?
Retweeted by Dammit, Mike. @tony_important What do you mean?
@Jdanielledoiron Yes. With the buttermilk dill dressing and lots of feta.Me: The air is cold. Winter is coming. This is fine! I like snow. Service Nova Scotia: “Time to renew your motorcy…
Another perfectly good day ruined by waking up. @thebirdiehansen That sucks. People think you’re swell and want great things for you. @rob_berg We saw Rome & Duddy (of Sublime with Rome and Dirty Heads) in the USA as they were declaring states of em… @rob_berg Did JT beatbox? If he’d just not, I’d be 100% for him. Ha. @Jdanielledoiron Did Myles Goodwyn have his guitar back for that? What a story that is. @HfxGinger That was a show to remember. @em616 That sounds amazing. @sadvisor What? Really? With me? ❤️Gummies? check....Good night
Retweeted by Dammit, Mike.Listened to concert playlists tonight with my kids. (Playlists I make of songs after we see a show. I’m weird). I… @mogrunt1 @HfxGinger Still am. @mogrunt1 @HfxGinger The knitterati treated me well. ❤️ @mogrunt1 WHAT NOW?“Maybe you need a podcast” is like “Go ahead try it. The first one is on me” for middle aged men. @Adam_Watts77 My reputation apparently precedes me. @Adam_Watts77 @HfxGinger @Jdanielledoiron @_katerr I feel like that’s not a list groups of women keep. But hey, appreciate the defence. @therilesyouknow That’s deep. I think the fault lies in continued inaction. The responsibility is to recognize and correct. @Adam_Watts77 Or tandem long distance synchro.
@Adam_Watts77 We need to lift someday. @Jdanielledoiron @_katerr @HfxGinger I feel like this isn’t the secret Santa list. @HfxGinger @HfxGinger First time I’ve heard you refer to yourself as thicc. #queen @lynesworld @StrangRobert He’s fortunate he has a mostly compliant province surrounding him.Men, what's stopping you from doing this?
Retweeted by Dammit, Mike. @Hooberbloob You, me, a couple friends, and a DVD player? @whichwitch143 I love when people say they were exposed to something when they continue to model irresponsible beha… Twitter: GUYS! WE HAVE STORIES! @megnorris Couldn’t for the life of me keep my glasses from fogging up on the bench at my kid’s hockey game last night. @Hooberbloob You hear that? It’s a dickfer. @HfxGinger I got you.
@Hooberbloob @HalifaxBigDog @whichwitch143 @HfxGinger @CBCPEI “Taint nothing like it!” @HalifaxBigDog @whichwitch143 @HfxGinger @CBCPEI @Hooberbloob Circle J Ranch. @CBCPEI CC: @Hooberbloob , @HfxGingerOh I know this one. I TWO the election! my kid to the bus stop this morning so this wouldn’t happen. @LorneCohen1 @stevenick1 @ByJamesKeller @sunlorrie Good estimate. Possibly even higher. AB, ON, Quebec, BC are abo…“And she handed me $20 for a $2.50 fare... she said, Harry. Keep the change.” @mcblank @katynotie This hits weird. Why do we need to change someone instead of loving them? @Seebo429 Corollary: Rick Astley mug that isn’t gonna give you up. @HfxGinger @privacylawyer @katynotie “Bedford. Flight path of Halifax” @HfxGinger @privacylawyer @katynotie Noooope. Not if that was a prop jobby. I definitely heard jet engines. (?)Dangerously spinning records that will 100% make me cry tonight. @Hooberbloob So, like, the year 2000.
@mogrunt1 @stuffmikedoesca Will double check. The books may have been donated in the last Big Move. @stuffmikedoesca I will check the storage unit (#notaeuphemism) and let you know what o have. @HfxGinger @bexlogic I approve this message. @bexlogic I feel like this is @HfxGinger to a tee. @stuffmikedoesca The original ones?
@mogrunt1 The only traffic is in my brain.Never met a Thursday that resembled a Monday this much. @regdns Saving this for future use. Thank you. @Imprixie @Toomics_EN You clicked.
@HfxGinger @HfxGinger wants to see the Salad Bar. @HfxGinger #winterginger
@charnleymason We will assume that means we’d be invited. Lol. @HfxGinger @charnleymason Boo.
@PePPerish71 But...97.
Your coworker on zoom has a tripod in their living room background. What is your immediate reaction ?
@charnleymason @JohnKingCNN Same. Same.