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I miss streaming.
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍"Does a 19 hit?" DM: Nope Party:
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍Hey @attack_fox look how adorable! Credit: People can be ace, but queer romantic People can be sexually gay, but aromantic People can be asexu… Nashville Christmas tree
When @neilhimself likes your tweet.... you die. @SweetPeasBakes I'm loving She-Ra lateky because all the princesses (super heroes) have way different body types! @JeffreeStar The messed up part is that the people who are yelling are probably the people who dont actually care a… @sandersgreg We need to either go or see it at the same time so we can yell at each other. Also the big 12 championship game was insanityThis is my girl, and being a mod last week meant banning several people who came in being straight up racists. This…
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍New server! LGBTQ+ positive geek culture. Please RT! No exclusion, no abusive behavior. Fash, bigots and T*RFS…
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍Sundays are for binge watching She-Ra.... I'm totally Catra (I have a type) just got blocked because I didn’t remember a conversation. Friends: People with anxiety and depression tend t…
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍Your kids may not get married. They may not want to. They may not be attracted to the gender you expect them to be.…
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍 @Jenna_DeWitt Omg so much thisWent to Glow Nashville, it was amazing!
@lordofgoats_ My ex husband did this to me twice. @cass_fos Come on over. I have so many left lolDonuts!’m raising a little #dungeonsanddragons nerd while teaching him addition. I fail to see the issue lol
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍 @Alien8thebunny I have almost 10 years of compliments to you and I dont get to grace your twitter feed @motherlyqueer Be right there @motherlyqueer Can I come over? @ForRealzy Too cold to eat it fast lol.Had the BEST vegan ice cream tonight o.0 cajun alfredo!
Hey @Lin_Manuel thanks for takingbober my decade... @ZebraGeekGirl Trying to convince @garethwatts you should help me :PI found her. I found the cat I want. @motherlyqueer Goodwill is literally the best @motherlyqueer You look great! I need those shoes :P @kittylacecos So sad :( @GG_Chkn I wish I could get all errand done while sleeping lolStayed up till 330, got kid up at 730... nap before living real life? @master_crowley @RealAJCrowley @michaelsheen I thought this was my mom 😂😂 @ForRealzy 👋👋👋 @kittylacecos Because the dice hated us by the end.... like badEvery part that was fucked up in this campaign was my fault lolI committed suicide on dnd tonight lmaoSuicide sally is not always the best thingWhen you fuck over the DM with your charlatan rogue....My week on Twitter 🎉: 69 Mentions, 180 Mention Reach, 257 Likes, 59 Replies. See yours with with the fambam @kittylacecos (dani, Kevin, and Melody!)
Finally hung all my art in my office @neilhimself played big part lol @hologramvin @SkelBea Oh my gods. Theysement, makes me feel like we are hiding non-bianaries in the basement @RealAJCrowley @kittylacecos Drunk DM "roll for how many more shots to take" proceeds to flip the table and say that the DM is now… love making personal pizzas with the fam bam. Its something we can do together and I dont have to be in the kitchen alone.I saw a t-shirt that said “I can get you on the naughty list” and if you think I thought of anyone other than @RealAJCrowley you’re wrong
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍 @FarrisKestra @RealAJCrowley Be right there omg. IS NOT AN OPINION. IDENTITY IS NOT AN OPINION. IDENTITY IS NOT AN OPINION. IDENTITY IS NOT AN OPINION. IDE…
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍Everyone check this out! are a lot. a lot of personality. a lot of emotions. a lot of moods, wrapped in over-thinking & song lyrics, fu…
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍 @shiroganejpg I was reading all of her things, she seems really delusional, so laugh away because she is just... well dumb. @shiroganejpg She just seems pleasant....
@SkelBea BlackBerryI need more active mutuals If you stan David Tennant Michael Sheen Good Omens Doctor Who Please rt
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍Dear cosplay community, When are we going to start showing the same amount of love for plus size cosplayers and thin cosplayers?
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍when I feel insecure about my appearance I try to remember that even David Tennant thinks of himself as unattractiv…
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍 @RealDrunKev Age, sleep, and not training your brain also lead to these feelings. @angels_crowley @etherealcrowley Literally me.I cannot warm up at all. Ugh. @TheRealAfr0 We are deformed potato friends @TheRealAfr0 Dis me @TheRealAfr0 Yout face 🥰🥰🥰🥰 click open the photo 🥴🥴🥴🥴 @mrstayanderson Start just giving cow milk and solids? But every kid is different, so it might not work :( @mrstayanderson Also cabbage in your bra to dry milk @mrstayanderson Do you have pumped milk? I literally just started replacing feed times with solids, cow milk, and a… @tumbledorez *if anyone murders tumble tonight, it was not me...swear* @tumbledorez Never getting that image out my head... @Leto Sounds like Kentucky to me... @FangirlTennant It's what I do :P @FangirlTennant Just subliminally make him like it @FangirlTennant DivorceShutting up, sir @attack_fox You came in that thing 🤣🤣🤣 @attack_fox Your insight serves you wellCheers yall. @altonbrown Very much so. I hate being like this because little keeps me going or focused.Anybody else out there just kinda sick of everything?
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍 @RealAJCrowley @AdriIvy That's not creepy imoHere are mine... eek @tumbledorez 100% this one. @iKasperr Dim sum, ramen, and sushi @lifeanddeafpost Big oof. People ask my sister this a lot. Or the reverse "if you're hard of hearing, why dont you… @EbThen Idk, the first thing I see when I see those words is: I'm too much for you, you're going to leave me, you k… @EbThen You just cannot always rely on a specific script, because people can get stuck on them (I have friends with… @EbThen I love this, I had no idea how to adequately say this. I have a ton of anxieties (ptsd, generalized anxiety… @NoodleRama Have fun lovely! It's a great show! @factoid_twitch Nah, I'm mediocre now a days lok @factoid_twitch Me too! I've spent an hour trying to write it out. I sound terrible right now, but itll get better lmaoWhen you've been playing the flute for over an hour and are not used to it anymore can almost play the good omens theme on my flute o.0
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍Everyone- "No Nut November just ended, anyone know how I can break the fast?" Me-"feast your eyes on this, boys"
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍Pre-orders of “Falling” are still open!! #GoodOmens #FallingAliceRovai the book will be printed in December in orde…
Retweeted by 🌿Crowley with more Yule🐍Did you ever watch the Home Alone movies as an adult and think about how abusive that family is? Always berating… That's it, that's the tweet.