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Nele | Navigatio @TheNavigatio Manchester, England

Nayla, not Nelly 🌸 | Mid-Range Travel Blogger, Freelance Writer & SEO nerd | Bit of a coffee addict 🌿 Dutch but living in the UK ✈️

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Where to put your target keyword for SEO? * H1 Title * URL * H2 subheading * Body text (only 2 or 3 times) * Alt t… @stylingsocial_ This!!! 👏🏻Are you planning your trip to Japan and want to save a good chunk of money? 🇯🇵 You may wanna get a Japan Rail Pass… @HeyImMichaela I LOVE this 😭❤️ @xchristybx Right?! We gave away something FOR FREE last week and people are so rude and annoying 😬 @HeyImMichaela The writing is brilliant!
@anorthernexplr Same 😭 @TheUncorkedLib Think I’m gonna have a look at it tonight too 🤗 @TheUncorkedLib I need to do this! I feel like I've really started disliking IG because there are so many accounts… have 50+ pages of Detailed notes on Millionaire Fastlane If you want a copy of it 1) Follow me 2) Like and RT t…
Retweeted by Nele | Navigatio @waronweakness @CVRLNE @MJDeMarco Buying that tonight! Thanks for the recommendations ☺️ @jennymarston_xo @Victoria_aptno4 You got this 👏🏻❤️Start levelling up 👏🏻 Stop negotiating with yourself 🌱 Ask yourself “what would my ideal self do?” and then go do that! @ellieblakeney @phoebeemma_ It really makes such a difference! @phoebeemma_ Literally washing my hair & putting on some make up gets me so motivated to get shit done 😂Winners don’t quit ❤️ you may not be where you thought you’d be by now, but that doesn’t mean you’re failing! Adju… can get a flight to Spain for £4.99 but a train to Manchester is £50-£90. Tell me why
Retweeted by Nele | NavigatioYou can get the course here: 🤗❤️Always so happy to hear people enjoy the course and that makes such a big difference in their SEO game 🥰❤️📈 though I loved reading the posts, sites, articles etc y’all have send me, I’ve also bought @TheNavigatio’s cou…
Retweeted by Nele | Navigatio @TheUncorkedLib Amazing!!Had soms friends over for a little house warming tonight and man, I feel so full of love and happiness 🥰❤️
@SaharasDreams @House_of_Coco @imlaurenbate Awww thank you!! That’s so sweet! I’ll make sure to fill it in ☺️ @beautymone I’m so so so glad to hear that! 🤗❤️ cannot wait to see your traffic grow with SEO ☺️❤️ thanks so much f… @travelexx @thecrownwings Taxes are included :) @Jaxben26 Move to England on my own at the age of 18 ☺️ opened so many opportunities, grew independent, motivated a… @emmahallows Hmmm yeah good point! I’ve returned the ones so far but like you said, there’s more letters every day 😬😬😬 @travelexx 😂 @emmahallows What do you do with them btw? I don’t mind sending these forward but not really in the mood to keep do… @emmahallows Oh lord 😂 @travelexx Thought it was the law to either send them forward or return them? @MaudFeijt I LOVE IT!!!Available for pre-order🎉 Turning Your Blog Into a Money Making Machine💻💸 You will learn how to create a blog that…
Retweeted by Nele | Navigatio @BGbloggers My fav feeling though haha! @CourseCharted @IBBtravel @LiveaMemory @beckyexploring @englandandiowa @travelling_mom @orcadianabroad @TrippaTrips @The_WriteBlog Congratulations 😍 @HannahLouisa_xo @doorwaysdresses Perfect! :) Even though it's very focussed on blogging, a lot of the content is s… @world_of_lina Poland is so high on my list! I’d love to go there this year 😍 @doorwaysdresses @HannahLouisa_xo Thank you so much Victoria 😊❤️ Always happy to answer any questions you have re…
@eviesourcepr Sent a DM 🤗 @FashionPotluck @CozyStylist Thank you ☺️ @imkeepsake 😍😍😍100 of my all-time favourite travel quotes to inspire you to book your next trip 😊☀️ Did I include your favourite o… yesterday doing some in-depth keyword research and planned out new content for the next couple of months 🥰 Re… @sidehustlesite @srowlands @TheEmilyDyson Thanks for the shoutout man! Always happy to help or answer any question…
@alana_mae_m It was so sad to see :( It's a shame not more people speak up about it! @VivekVasantha 1. Writing content that's not long enough 2. Using the wrong keywords 3. Writing posts that are too… @samclaytonon @imkeepsake 👏🏻 @TheUncorkedLib Wow that’s horrible I’m so sorry :( @imkeepsake Bill & will @SanaChikhalia Keywords are the search term people type into google to find your articles, if you don’t pick the ri… @trevoratmoz There are quite a few technical things you can do to optimise your website! Getting an SSL & enduring… @WhatLauraDid I currently use a paid tool called Keysearch, but you can do it for free with Google Keyword Planner… @WhatLauraDid Using the correct keywords 😊 When I do blog audits, the number 1 mistake people make is using the wro… DA Score: 💎 What is it? 💎 What is it used for? 💎 How can you improve yours? A beginner friendly guide on…
Retweeted by Nele | Navigatio @tolssuk Stupid Simple SEO is a great one! I wrote my own ebook about SEO, but it's completely focussed on how to u… @KennyLeys Create a blog to answer very specific questions relating to your brand/product to get more people on your website 😊 @ErinPyjamas That you can rank on page 1 within a few days/weeks! People think you can rank super quick when in rea… @mindthegapmgzn It'll pay off in the long run 😊 If you're ever unsure about anything SEO, feel free to message me ^^Got 30 minutes to spare... Ask me anything about SEO😊📈 GO! @mindthegapmgzn Well done!! @InsideTheVoyage Well done sweetie! Glad to have you back ❤️❤️❤️ @adventures_nell Couldn’t agree more 😬 @CourseCharted @curiousdg @carpediemeire @Adventuringgal @TravelBugsWorld @StromfieldAdvs @windsofjane and hedgehog cafes in Japan may seem like the ultimate kawaii experience, but in reality... Here is why you sh…
@adventures_nell I don’t know why but taking the washing out takes SO MUCH EFFORT 😂 @adventures_nell It’s not JUST ME 😂 @HQawiyy Nice one! Congrats! @aquaxkitty thaTS MY GIRL 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @Oh_So_T That makes me happy! I hope it can teach you some new things ^^ Feel free to DM me if you're ever stuck 😊 @KabukiRune @thecrownwings With so many posts there are tons of opportunities to boost them for SEO 😊 I've sent you a DM ^^ @thecrownwings @KabukiRune Thank you Jess <3 Super glad your strategy is paying off :D @MaudFeijt 😍
@Oh_So_T YAAAAS!!! Well done 😍 @doorwaysdresses @beautymone Thanks so much for the recommendation Victoria 🤗❤️LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing my clients' traffic explore after using my SEO tips 😊😍 I did an SEO audit for @thecrownwings @beautymone @popular_is_wron Thanks so much for the recommendation! Please feel free to DM me if you have any que… @_kayleighzara My second website is always open for guest posts! ^_^ It's still kinda new but I'm hoping to grow it… @HasanIbrarKhan There are lots of free guides online like Moz and Backlinko :) If you're interested in getting into… @TheEmilyDyson also I hope you're feeling better <3 @TheEmilyDyson My inspiration 😍😍 @Multibendystraw That’s so sweet thank you 😊❤️ @Multibendystraw Ohh exciting!! I hope everything goes well😊 And thank you so much! I'm trying to create some more… @CourseCharted @orcadianabroad @WattWhereHow @StromfieldAdvs @LiveaMemory @IBBtravel @Hobletsonthego @Multibendystraw Congrats on starting a new job soon! What will you be doing 🥰? I’ve got some stickers & designs h…✖️Finished!✖️ I’ve now finished my latest #art piece, a hand-drawn #mandala design ✍🏻 If you’re interested in own…
Retweeted by Nele | Navigatio @Ryanair Athens 😍 I’ve actually never been to Greece before - need to change that 😱 #ryanairbluemonday10 Best photography spots in Budapest📸🇭🇺 Budapest is such a picturesque city, it's hard not to take hundreds of pho… @bonditobasic It's tough hahaha! I still find myself sneakily checking when I'm not supposed to 😂 @bonditobasic it once a month! That way, you can really see what works and what doesn't & adjust your strategy ^_^… @bonditobasic Hahaha totally understand! I was the same for MONTHS! But I've learned that even if you're working ha… @QuietGrlLoudWrd noooooo that's so sad 😭The natural light in my apartment though 😍😍😍 @lenasnotebook Love love love this design 😍Movie nights on the projector EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE STARTING FEB 1ST 😍 @phoebeemma_ I used to check my stats multiple times a day 😱 but I now try to spend that time on actually creating… learning and implementing SEO now! 👏🏻 you will thank yourself in a few months 🥰📈
@duumu Sending my love man, hope things will be okay ❤️ @imlaurenbate Well done!!! @Culture_bean Really good!!