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Dutch spelling but pronounced as "Nay-la" 🌸 City Travel Writer | Bit of a coffee addict 🌿 Dutchie living in the UK ✈️

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@packthesuitcase I got it as a Christmas present haha, at least the photos are really nice in it haha! @TheCSIgirls Fingers crossed for you! I've literally had it wrapped around me since he got me one cause it's so nice 🥰 @luxconduct Would highly recommend it 😍 Especially with the soundbar, it's like a home cinema haha! @TheCSIgirls Just asked him and it’s definitely home bargains 😊 this is the packaging 😊 @TheCSIgirls My boyfriend actually got me one last week because I've been really struggling to sleep and my anxiety… morning light in our apartment though 😍 (no, we don’t have a TV, we use a projector lol) Caught up with my SEO… @afinnontheloose At least the pictures are really nice 😅 @aneuroticwriter Literally me and Richard last night hahaha! My fav show 🙏🏻
@thecrownwings I'd LOVE to go back to Edinburgh sometime <3 @TheCSIgirls It's actually a beautiful book! Really enjoy just looking through it, really lovely photography 🥰 Good… @JackCreate Thanks Jack! Excited to read this :) @tspadventure 100% agreed! I also added a “updated on” to the post instead so people can see when it was last upda… my account was hacked, my product sales have been non existent. So for the next 24hours you can grab my affi…
Retweeted by Nele | The Navigatio (Urban Travel)In the category: books that didn’t age well 😅🌎 @mollmcguinness @bbcwritersroom I’m so goddamn proud of you ahhhh so well deserved ❤️ @imjustagirl_16 YAAAAAS QUEEN! @alana_mae_m 🥰💙 @HeyImMichaela Thank you sweetie <3 I'm very up & down tbh, but it'll just take time ❤️ Would definitely recommend… @PortysDiary Thank you darling! Hope you've been doing okay ❤️ @BeinKemen @imkeepsake @VisitKnaresboro Love you too gal <3 miss you tons! @TheUncorkedLib Thank you darling 💙 Baby steps I guess, it's not been very easy but I'm trying to just take it day by day :) @sunshinesarahxo It's just so cute! We were so lucky with the weather too! @VisitKnaresboro @imkeepsake Thanks for having us! Can't believe it took us this long to finally visit, wonderful place! @kvburton657 @ofaglasgowgirl @kayleigh__zara @bossbabetweets @jennymarston_xo @B_WomenThrive @nuggetstumpblog @TheRayJourney They also gave me a code for my readers for 25% off, it's NELE25 😊 I'm not affiliated with them but… @TheRayJourney Thank you! @ArmorLondon gave me a few to try at the start of the pandemic and we've been using them… @youcouldtravel Happy anniversary 🥰❤️
Planning a trip to #Cornwall this year or next??🇬🇧🌊 Be sure to keep in mind these less visited spots to help you a…
Retweeted by Nele | The Navigatio (Urban Travel)Sorry for the radio silence everybody 😅 Ya girl’s still not doing amazing... But got a couple of pictures from min… @bonditobasic @SolrPowrdBlonde Ahhhh!! This is so sweet 😍❤️ Thank you so much, that honestly makes my day😊Go and give Kayleigh a follow again ❤️ She’s been hacked and lost her account :( @kayleigh__zara Oh babe I’m so sorry about what happened to you 😔 it’s not your fault at all 😔
@imjustagirl_16 Completely missed this tweet sorry gal! <3 Thank you for the support, it means the world ❤️ @HeyImMichaela We went to Knaresborough for a little day-trip the other week and it was really lovely!
@ManvsGlobe I was there last week! Such a lovely place 😍 @vanityowlblog I can't deal 😩 People are gonna make it so much worse doing this kinda shit D: @vanityowlblog Saw a similar thing at the shops today - did my weekly grocery shop and the lady in front of me had… @MaudFeijt Sending all my positive vibes your way, hopefully she returns home soon ❤️
@NomadsPassport @LostWithJen @barefootjandals @mappingmegan @Kasiawrites @lannietravels @TheUncorkedLib
@LaurenyLoves Aawww Lauren!! Reading this made my day 😍💙 Thank you so much for the support and I am so glad it's al…
@sunshinesarahxo You got this!! 💪 If there's anything you're unsure about, feel free to DM me ^_^ @lottie_lately Thank you so much for the support! Cannot wait to see your traffic grow c: If you have any questions, please let me know! @sunshinesarahxo @_kayleighzara @adventureanx @Prolific Thank youuu c: @sunshinesarahxo Eeeek thank you so much for the support!! Cannot wait to see your traffic grow :D! If you have any Qs let me know :) @NeeshaRees You're doing AMAZING!!!
@NeeshaRees Thank you so much for the kind words c: Really glad that the work's already paying off for you!! Can't… @aneuroticwriter @alicexlizzy @GemmaaJayne These are so cute!! @whichicaodotcom Thank you! ^_^ It really was the nice little getaway that I needed, feel so much more refreshed! @ChasingRonin @imkeepsake It honestly was so cool! Not everything was open due to COVID, but we still managed to wa… didn’t stay in Leeds for very long but managed to visit the Royal Armouries which were AMAZING 😍 @imkeepsake
@melaniewithanie Thanks so much for getting it 🥰 hopefully it’ll inspire you to get back into it 🙏🏻 If you have any questions let me know! 😊 @evelynvillecco Thank you sweetie!! Hope you're doing okay c: @thecrownwings omg!!! that's so exciting :D @themaverickjohn Thank you!! :D @The_Lawful Thank youuu :D @msblife_ Thank you!! :D @artbylenashop Thank you sweetheart! @myspanishvida Thank you!! :) @Indiebookmaven Thank you! :D @LostWithJen Thank you sweetie! @worldmeetdani Thank you lovely! @AuthorCarlyle 🥳🥳🥳 @bournemouthgirl Thank you ^_^ @Sine67 Thank you! :D @AllThingsGeexo Thank you!! :) xxx @DarknessDashy Thank you! :D @AllAboutTheDivi Thank you!! :D @teamworkmap Thank you! :D @TheEmilyDyson Thank you :D <3 @nderisarah Thank you sweetie! @TravellingTom Thanks Tom! :D @Omarkwesi Thank you! :) @melisliving Thank you sweetie! ^_^ @thegirlinflat26 Thank you!! :D @emsify Thank you darling!! <3 @sophisobel_ Thank you! :D @ex_quisitely Thank you babe! @awcblogsarah Thank you darling! <3 @newlune Thank you sweetie :D @jasontravelblog Thank you! Had a really lovely day c: @kvburton657 Thank youuu :D it was really lovely! @amerzwithlove Thank you sweetie!! @Road2Culturedom Thank you :D @aneuroticwriter Thank you boo! <3 miss you!! @meganelifestyle Thank you babe!! <3 @jordinpost Dankjewel :D @thetallwanderer Thank you sweetie! @bakeydoesntbake Thank you babe! It was really lovely, much needed distraction from everything ^_^ @janealxdr Thank you!! ^_^ @smiling_food Thank you darling! 😊 @Protostar Thank you!! :D @CozyStylist Thank you!! :D @_kayleighzara Thank you lovely!! <3 @tspadventure Thank you sweetheart! 😊💙 @CourseCharted Thank youuuu :D @Blades_Runner Thank you babe!! And yes please!! It's been too long!! @nicshealthylife Thanks so much babe! 😊 @rosymelissax Thank you sweetie! <3 @vanityowlblog Thanks darling! ^_^ <3 @bossbabetweets Thank you sweetheart! Hope you're doing okay, miss you! <3