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Award-winning freelance illustrator from Boston | Color Designer for @midnightgospel | Co-owner of @LayWasteGames | | he/him

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@DrawnCoyote Slightly easier to drawWhat word would you use to best describe horses?If you're a friend and an experienced Background Painter (ideally with some 3D experience but not required) please DM me! @WotC_Matt Oooh @travisdhill ???
@brennanoonan I really dig it and feel those that hate it have a very narrow view of what makes art "good". @e_c98 There's just more efficient ways of making money as an artist. Commercial work, mostly. Do what you enjoy! @e_c98 I never found personal commissions to work for me. Bad effort to money ratio. @courttheforest She's got the biggest heart for such a little lady.My mom raised 2 kids while bagging groceries as her main source of income until she went back to college. She just… at home was in a small 2 bedroom apartment my mom rented. She made less than $20k a year for most of my life…
@ShakiraPressley Oh I wanna design some crazy characters and worlds so bad 😄 @Sukudow Day one! I wish. I have practiced art forever. Went to the only public art high school in Boston. Took cla… @offcolor @litebox_info Weeeell it shouldn't be! Even with lower cost of living. @litebox_info Seems legit. Hard to continue to compete with all the young people that are so eager to take every gig for $20 an hour. @markh110 WINAMP ALL THE WAY few years of LA was barely breaking even. Had to borrow money, pay it back, borrow again. This year and last… left college at 23 after starting late because I dropped out of high school at 16 to start working customer service jobs. @sciencecomic I did for nearly 2 years and it was a real mixed bag. Was $1730 a month, super cute, but full of roaches 🙃Lived rent free at home until I was 25. Worked on a successful KS and took home nearly $9k, used it to move to LA a… @ErikThurman @litebox_info Very non-rich parents!Is it too soon for a Quibi revival?
In case you need a pixel artist!
Retweeted by Nick Nazzaro 🚀 @jakereevesart And writers! Don't forget the writers!Quibi shutting down likely means a lot of my very talented Character Animator/storyboard friends are soon to be une… @narwhalnelart March is long gone and I miss her? I think? Or maybe I blame her. Who knows! @RobDenBleyker Time to start tossing something into a harbor.AOC expensed Among Us @courttheforest New Years is tomorrow @shanhorandraws Yeah it's always a crazy fast or slow month. Never in between.How is it October 20th already? I paid rent yesterday. Target started selling spooky items mere moments ago.
@yasgoth Same @BoldBebo Looking at apartments and touring street views on google like it's actually gonna happen 😅 @smoniaa Funny how that works! @SpaceF91 Glad it's working for you @ArcTangent19 Sounds like parents unaware of reality @victoriaying Am I crazy for wanting to try something completely new for my final meal??? @AmyJSterling I'm trying to! @haleytheburns You and me both! Thank you! @KingOfSafari It's so nice. Last time there I walked over 10 miles around the city in a single day! I haven't walke… @colamiilk Don't let detractors stop youApplying for this cool job in Washington makes me realize I would be much happier in the Seattle area near trees and water. 🙃 @aptkr_ Finally a metric I can knock out of the park @radsechrist My Boston brain read this is as "Is the new Dunkin Donuts on demand?" I have been awake too long. @Mashenka10 Don't worry, Mark doesn't seem like he's switching to a creative arts major anytime soon. Y'all support/ed me plenty!
If you're an artist and your parents don't support you, simply grind them up and turn them into pigments. Then go b… @WoomyInnit Draw cats @CandraHope @foxrabbitsophie @JuliaMetzgerArt It's all good. I don't want it to seem like I'm saying do whatever yo… @CandraHope @foxrabbitsophie @JuliaMetzgerArt I didn't say go and become a fine artist selling originals. Best resu… @CandraHope @foxrabbitsophie @JuliaMetzgerArt Well you don't want to be hired to make work you don't like making. @carissadraws Classics. Check out these beauties. @carissadraws If by wasteful you mean STYLISHHow much money would you pay for a pair of cool sneakers? @HulseKezia Will always RT thisBehind the scenes of past projects😁
Retweeted by Nick Nazzaro 🚀The full gang. #SquadGoals
Retweeted by Nick Nazzaro 🚀 @drew____draws What's the solution? 😭 How do I embellish the responsibilities of coloring in the lines well???Lightning is not striking twice at this obviously ironic tweet.I can't stress how important is to tweet what you WANT and not tweet what others want to retweet.Who wants to write my resume for me? 😇Just a bunch of characters I've somehow found the time to draw this year.
Retweeted by Nick Nazzaro 🚀These metal pieces for Life Siphon came out so good.
Retweeted by Nick Nazzaro 🚀Writing a resume when you work 5+ jobs a year while the same studio pops up once or twice a year is a puzzle I am not good at solving. @chriswulf_ Oooh yeah, it's not even alcoholic cider. It's just basically apple juice. I did add bourbon though. I'll send you my recipe! @chriswulf_ Delicious fall drinks. Its mostly apple cider but very icy to resemble a slurpee or slushie. I have no… cuz I can only access HBO regular on my Roku TV? Not HBO MAX because they couldn't reach a deal? Also I can't s…
@kurshproduction Then do that @50up1p @sh4b_h Yeah, art making is definitely not as fun as advertised. Especially early on. It's a lot more work… just made very good apple cider slushies and now I'm going to watch Princess Mononoke on HBO MAX which I've been… @aeveternal Happy to help! Fan art will definitely get attention more easily but maybe not the best kind of attention. @trustintoast 6 is still pretty high! I'll take it. No reason to be intimated by me, friend 😇 @Capn_Blackhook @musetheart What isn't? 😭I can't stress enough how important it is to make art you WANT to make and not just art you think others want to see. @d20plusmodifier Thank you! I take my chillness seriously.I think I'm a solid 4. Should I be? No. @dagnificent You can't tweet this within 60 seconds of tweeting at me and have me not be LIVID @dagnificent When you put it like that, it sounds almost achievable! @dagnificent No of course not. You have to magically make LA money while buying out of LA homes. It's possible if you believe in magic. @dagnificent You could probably afford a house in 90% of the country if that helps 😬A surefire way to be a hit on the internet is to call a new version of an old thing absolutely terrible. @carissadraws Target has everythingSome freehand pen drawings from last year done during meetings when I worked in an office.
@narwhalnelart The 107 days were really starting to get to me. Lovely fall change of pace.I walked to Target to get apple cider and donuts and it was only 98 degrees out.Hello lovely tweeties, any board artists or production people looking for work? Comment below! #animation #storyboard #Production
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@AndrewJohnMarks My roommates got a kitty. @AndrewJohnMarks Nope!Little guy is getting bigger. @wolfinsheeps You buy them a vacuum sealer and I think your best parents get promoted to best business partners.Very good advice @2katly What dinguses @courttheforest I know, I know. There's no way those numbers can be accurate. I got a cheap scale.I can't tell you how much better I am doing than my parents at my age. Those suckers just had their first kid while being poor as dirt.In animation you could be working 2-3 years, or 3 weeks only. Of suddenly get laid off, not having anything lined u…
Retweeted by Nick Nazzaro 🚀Wow! That sneaked up on me! Only 2 more followers to get to 200! Help me get there Twitter! 💜 Surely we can do this…
Retweeted by Nick Nazzaro 🚀Twitter hates external links but here is an early review for a game I illustrated that you might enjoy. @BeatriceBlue_ I'll be available in January and potentially sooner if needed. Thank you! might be TMI but I just got my first ever bathroom weight scale and my initial reaction has been to weigh myse… @chriswulf_ Yeah and a real blown opportunity to be known for something positive by doing the exact opposite. @FondlePunch Better time for sure.