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@unoriginaled A meme Bloomberg, like anybody else, has a right to run for president. He does not have a right to buy the presidency.
Retweeted by bodthony postanoYou know, once I'm done these decade lists I'm really excited for the video essay content I've been hyping FOREVER.…
Retweeted by bodthony postanoWhat was the first vaporwave vinyl?
Retweeted by bodthony postanoI wanna to apologize for a statement I made in my new Bieber review tonight. I didn’t mean to say Lil Dicky could b… Nas X - Old Town Road ft. Willie Nelson, Sturgill Simpson and Tyler ChildersAdele plans to release her next album in September
Retweeted by bodthony postanoJust dropped a new PATREON-ONLY Let’s Argue talking about EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY and so much more. Support us… @bumchum21 @ChrisPandapas @traviseubanks13 @transcommie69 @arachnomutalisk @ChrisPandapas @transcommie69 @arachnomutalisk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ChrisPandapas @arachnomutalisk If it could, it would have done it by now. @Smooth_Bernie_ @banditelli embarrassing for NYT that they endorsed Amy without asking her if she knew who the pres…
“The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” by @PostalService
Retweeted by bodthony postano @MikeBloomberg @Genius If this man isn’t on your list you don’t know hip hop... BIG DAY IS GONNA WIN! @mykectown Griselda has more members than I thought.Thundercat - "Dragonball Durag" TRACK REVIEW you think mean tweets are offensive, wait until you hear about Mike Bloomberg's 30-year history of racism and mi…
Retweeted by bodthony postanoDrip ft @no_am91
Retweeted by bodthony postano @rbmichae @mediocre_danny @BiIIyD @JRubinBlogger @jelani9 I dunno. I think if that happened rn, y’all wouldn’t be s… @ToyBokz @UnBoliviable52 @Public_Citizen Yeah, it is. @theneedledrop Medicare for All would reduce administrative health care costs by $500 billion/year.
Retweeted by bodthony postanoAbsolutely end this man’s campaign now. Black and brown males 16-25 who don’t know how to behave?!?!
Retweeted by bodthony postanotell me something important. @theneedledrop
Retweeted by bodthony postanoReally laughing so hard at this episode about @theneedledrop that I made, being on PBS Learning Media for teachers.…
Retweeted by bodthony postanoAbout last night. They were mad late but Griselda killed it!
Retweeted by bodthony postanoNo better way to test out new songs than by DJing them at the strip club
Retweeted by bodthony postano @Nerdologyism @michaelreeves Must be a long list.Well, I’m on @michaelreeves kill list now, but it was worth it... see, there’s bad harassment and good harassment
Retweeted by bodthony postanoWeekly Track Roundup: 2/16 (Billie Eilish, The Strokes, DaBaby, Grimes) morning!Thank you @LiquidHbox for saying what we're all thinking. "Nintendo, I need to say, I love you guys but you are t…
Retweeted by bodthony postanoWow you’re breathing. Oliver dismantling the bad faith attacks on Medicare for All is must-watch TV.
Retweeted by bodthony postano @YourThirdChoice @juckgurry Not voting for Bloomberg unless I get a check for at least a million.What is the best song with Brackets in the title? Surely one of the most underrated sub-genres of music?
Retweeted by bodthony postano
Retweeted by bodthony postano @chrisjewson_ @AROAH @TPAIN @theneedledrop The only bedtime white noise I'll ever need
Retweeted by bodthony postano @YourThirdChoice @juckgurry Well, my lawyers made sure of that. xiu fabulous muscles is one of the greatest pop albums of all time and easily one of the top 5 most important a…
Retweeted by bodthony postano @jeremy_d_cohen @jelani9 ok, but, dude, the future isn't looking bright for whoever you're pulling for. is it he mi… @DrJasonJohnson Jason, stop RTing @neeratanden's burner acct? @_michaelbrooks veagns use plant power to just BUST through it. it's actually quite remarkable. @LilNasX you're halfway to a fursona at this point. just commit. @jeremy_d_cohen @jelani9 caping for a republican talking head that bashes bernie for MSM brownie points isn't coali… @juckgurry dunno what else Australia is doing to keep costs down, but I'd have to look at the numbers to determine… @juckgurry ...meanwhile, our "free-er market" just means we're susceptible to an unelastic market because people wi… @juckgurry well, that's partially the beauty of socialized medicine: every country that adopts is SPENDS LESS per c… @juckgurry doesn't london / the UK blow tons of money every year on.....bikes??? @juckgurry i'm sorry. it's just hard to be respectful when you guys are so deep into a fantasy land where you can't… @juckgurry what are you talking about? the US government is MASSIVE and spends billions and billions of dollars a y… @h0mmussexual yep @juckgurry i'm not "pinning" anything. your ideology / party is a joke. it only "works" when you're all armchair…, travis really gave justin his most half-assed feature ever. @juckgurry yeah, it's just a clown car for manchildren and edgy teens. here's what happens when you fools get toget… @juckgurry libertarianism isn't real. @treytreygotdalb no, i don't really fuck with that...god's tears*walks into my favorite falafel joint* "YOU GOT THAT YUMMY YUM THAT YUMMY YUM THAT YUMMY YUM THAT YUMMY YUM THAT..." @killumi50150718 Not V Good > V Not Good Pete’s search for a black friend continues... @ZacharyNB where's that at???What makes you think I’m critiquing a Carly Rae Jepsen album by the same set of rules and principals as I am a Prir… think beefs, call-outs, and competition can be entertaining as much as the next guy, but it doesn’t need to defin… shouldn't be able to buy elections in the United States of America.
Retweeted by bodthony postanoI dunno. I think everyone doing their own thing and working to get theirs leads to more variety than everyone compe… > Cole > Ken (Rock Album? 😐) > Drake > Sean‘Party Favor’ would never be allowed to sit with ‘Hostage’ and ‘I Love You’
Retweeted by bodthony postanoYeah, what could go wrong? @TPAIN @MrBusby4o8 Boss move.k so here’s wht happened. My dawg sent me the link and instead of trying to take it down an…
Retweeted by bodthony postano @brandonpagano Imagine if all the things you could make him say just by telling him to say it!!!! 😂🤣, Bloomberg might be dumber than Trump... @AdamFriedland DM me when you’re ready to upgrade from a cum town to a cum mid-sized city.
@AdamFriedland you're outta his league, adam.color me intrigued: idolize a rapper, just appreciate their music
Retweeted by bodthony postanoreview soon, obvs: GIRLS is so goddamned good: made a song called trilogy critics are saying it sounds like music have u heard it
Retweeted by bodthony postano @jelani9 You know Bernie isn’t the only 78 year old in the race who’s had a heart attack. Uh, Bloomberg? But I do… is in the house.
Retweeted by bodthony postanoI can't belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I'm rich fuck this I'm going home I don't need this shit
Retweeted by bodthony postanokowabunga dudettes. i'm so pumped to be on this surfing kick. who else surfs out there? gnarly day in the h2o. ridin waves!
Retweeted by bodthony postano @YungVinsmoke My money is on Travis rn.hilarious: have literally NO shame in rhyming "maybe" with "baby" and that's the TEA
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