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Frank. 26. 🇵🇭 kid trying to live a stress free life. Not a fan account. Wrasslin’ is not my life. I make gifs for fun. #MFFL #WHYNOT

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“MMA • Boring” lmao girl tap in 💕👅😘 @Saweetie
Retweeted by acab rockyHoly shit the mayor of Louisville was trying to have a press conference this morning, then this happened.
Retweeted by acab rockyAye #Freewoj man 😂😂
Retweeted by acab rockyWoj has been suspended by ESPN for an email he sent to a senator. Get it trending #FreeWoj
Retweeted by acab rockyFREE WOJ launched a new @youtube! Episode 1 of my new #NBABubble series called #WelcomeToTheBubble just dropped. I shot…
Retweeted by acab rockyThis is a great look inside the NBA Bubble. Can’t wait to watch more. “Did you see the Toronto Raptors bus?” “It’s…
Finally catching up #njcup! I’ll try and be awake for #njdominion later @michellehz23 Hope so and hope it turns out negative for you!These Are All Cakes
Retweeted by acab rocky🤷🏼‍♂️⚽️😂
Retweeted by acab rocky @thesashaprofit My local health center lol everybody has different procedures. Mine happen to be like the one he had @thesashaprofit Cause my dad has it and I think I have it right now lol still waiting on resultsThis exactly how I took my COVID test. I’m glad it ain’t the uncomfortable ones that go all the way inside lol @ChanceOSadness It’s pretty bad right now cause it takes like 30+ minutes before they actually pick up your call wh… working on a new signature move in Orlando 😅 (via @dallasmavs)
Retweeted by acab rocky @ChanceOSadness Yeah you need to call them on that. They’ll make sure they send you a new one if your order is on “… @ChanceOSadness How long has the Ali one been taking?ISO Joe has to end this game with at least 40 points #TBT2020Holy shit does this feel forever ago. Quarantine life was a lot simpler when The Last Dance was airing. Johnson, man. Some NBA team sign that man. #TBT2020Just let Iso Joe score all the points! #TBT2020Imma need @disneyplus to add the Rogue Cut of Days of Future Past 🙏🙏🙏 @duah_desmond Happy Birthday! 🎁🎈That Bayley one isn’t as bad as the Becky one I’ve seen before. Oh man.My cheeks hurt 😁
Retweeted by acab rockyWhat a day’re tired of superhero shows where the heroes don’t show up and the only time you hear about them is when they’re… @sashawolfhardd Yeah she should wear her other onesLuka’s trick shot off the ceiling 👀 (via @think2win)
Retweeted by acab rockyI’m getting back on to American Horror Story Murder House @TQSherwood Am disappointed every time they don’t @PettiESTBoss Chamber this year, no matchSome of the greatest RKOs of all time 😤🐍 (via @WWE)
Retweeted by acab rockyLuka Magic in the Magic Kingdom 🔮 #MFFL
Retweeted by acab rocky @rondarouseyszn @PettiESTBoss SmackDown after thatAlways appreciate Sasha coming through with extra Digitals that don’t upload
Retweeted by acab rockyHad to check if this is real. Yup. Wow. Alexa and Sasha really following each other now. You love to see it! @bitchwhatline She gotta wear something else please stop wearing your Clash of Champions ring gearEating yogurt, oranges, drinking ginger, medicines, eating salmon, adult gummies, turmeric... everything to boost the immune system 😂 @WWEMaverick Isn’t the servers still messed up right now?Ja Morant: "My room is fine. The food is fine. I'm not a silver spoon guy."
Retweeted by acab rockyI don’t know how anyone cannot like Ja Morant. Way too likable. really don’t think they have this in the main event without a title change happening. #SmackDownI’m mad @TaminaSnuka got interrupted and didn’t even get to sing 😤 #SmackDown @NaomiWWE’s tribute to the late great American Dream. Such a talented queen. #SmackDown @bitchwhatline She let out a big smile and laugh when it was all handed to her 😬👀 #SmackDown @SashaBanksWWE @itsBayleyWWE #SmackDown @itsBayleyWWE’s tribute to her good friend @steveaustinBSR #SmackDown ref knows 😏 #SmackDown camera angle TIME IS IT? BOSS TIME. REMEMBER THAT. #SmackDown and Bayley’s entrance interrupted #SmackDown’m better than @AlexaBliss_WWE #SmackDown
Retweeted by acab rockyNahhhh they gonna have Lacey Evans win this thing if anybody’s listened to her sing on InstagramYo, what? #SmackDown
Wasn’t watching much at the time but from memory, I guess Cena vs Lesnar at Extreme Rules or Rock vs Cena at Mania @BabyfaceMick @jussiejussie @WWEonFOX @WWE It was. Mania 23 and the near one hour classic on Raw.This is me walking around my house complaining. Wear a mask...
Retweeted by acab rockyThey’ve been married for 58-years but were separated for four months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Until now.…
Retweeted by acab rockyLeBron’s #GreatnessCode episode on AppleTV+ got me kinda excited of his documentary that will be happening at some… you’re watching Mavs Basketball... In 2️⃣1️⃣ days 😂 #MFFL #WholeNewGame
Retweeted by acab rocky @YaOnlyLivvOnce Are you gonna be playing retro games or current games? Can’t wait to watch!Nah Woj is goated for that lmaaaaoooooo
Retweeted by acab rockyNBA players uncensored. 🤬😳 *nsfw*
Retweeted by acab rockyWoj responds “fu-k you” to a US Senators email criticizing the NBA and China😂 (Via @HawleyMO).
Retweeted by acab rockyHarden leaving the strip club for the last time before orlando
Retweeted by acab rockyMICKY MOUSE WAFFLES!!
Retweeted by acab rockyWhat Disney Channel show would Boban and Luka star in? 💫 (via @dallasmavs)
Retweeted by acab rockyTrue.
Retweeted by acab rocky @banksonmaria You’ll do great! Looking forward to watching it @banksonmaria Making big moves 👀🙌JR Smith reading the food menu for the NBA campus 😂 NSFW (via @TheRealJRSmith)
Retweeted by acab rocky @WWEHypeWomen Not at all. I don’t even want to get close to my family. I try to isolate as much as possible.She ignoring yo calls and play with my balls
Retweeted by acab rockyNba Twitter was a different place 10 years ago
Retweeted by acab rockyWe need a “NBA restart: Bubble Edition” of WHO HE PLAY FOR? for Chuck 😂 @NBAonTNT #InsidetheNBALmao just saw this on Inside the NBA 😂😂😂 #MFFL
@VinaMkayce I said while watching the match vs Kairi. She’s always the one getting rag dolled and now she’s the one doing it👀’t wait 🔥 doin’ your thing, @JoivanWade! If anybody out there has a problem with my cybernetic brother from another mo…
Retweeted by acab rockyThe Nets need to sign BOTH Joe Johnson and Deron Williams to make up their current squad #TBT2020Sorry, but just bad optics. Shit like this, among others, is why it’s alienating potential fans from watching. @SashaBanksWWE Turn on your Cameo chat please 🙏👀 I’ll pay up for it. $20 max like Roman’s 😂The Money Team CHOKED! That was a damn comeback #TBT2020I be wanting to dress like this whenever I go out nowadays so I can’t blame Embiid 😂 Embiid has arrived for the flight to Orlando, in full mask, suit and glove gear.
Retweeted by acab rockySilence is not an option.
Retweeted by acab rocky0.9 seconds of time passes.
Retweeted by acab rocky.@luka7doncic's ball fakes are perfection 💯
Retweeted by acab rockyA sneak peek at what PS5 games will look like when you see them on store shelves starting this holiday:…
Retweeted by acab rockyThis debate is nice and all, but the Mavs will be climbing up the standings and won’t be facing the Clippers first…