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NICOLE HAM. motion designer + art goof + public nuisance 🎮 Loves games, animation and good vibes 💚 hulk comic simp 😭 rip mark rubbalo (✨my views are my own✨)

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Full Credits! Yes I forgot the mask, they were scary enough without lmao @amelia_m93 + @inflatabletrex +… my slasher OC. A Triple mohawk having 4,000 year old eyeless punk/Moe Sweetheart who wields a barbed wire… @Hrbbit is putting together the sickest Frontier Psychiatrist music video collab and I'm so stoked to be include…
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 nicole ham 🦠😰 (busy! less active!)im so excited for this project augh @KevinEleventh What an awesome sculpt omg
@pinguino @kaydamphyr @_tlr_ @curiousjosh Yeah I checked out his work, gorgeous. I'll hit him up. THANK YOU!! @pinguino @kaydamphyr @_tlr_ @curiousjosh Eyy thanks for the reco! @krismukai For you... anything @B0xxmann SERIOUSLY!!! PETER Come ON bro @hypercubexl pFT @B0xxmann He's so good at it! What gives dude?!??! Go BACK to your roots!OK Now I just need a personality and we can DO THIS @amelia_m93 YESSS @eliciadonze Now I'll def check that out! I need some simple but cheaper end stuff, its a subtle thing I'm attempting. THANK YOUUU! @yingdark From his first (?) Film ever made, BAD TASTE! Love it so much.Just need Eye color and Personality!!! Jackson's finest work @lamekail Thanks for the reco, I'll check it out!! So excitedDoes anyone know a good haloween makeup brand that isnt garbage? Im doing a genderbend this year and I really wanted to try something good @SenorWoberto Welder Mask @Xenochrom omg @shayiguess Ombre (This is for the name)I REALLY wanna do this @Maple_stardust Id rather not out them cuz they DID stop when I said plz stop, but still. They even said they 'st… @eliciadonze I guess im fortified against dissapointment @HeijnenCeline Its a bad feeling for sure no one likes it. Its wild to me that major studios are like this @chance_second Some guy with ear gagues literally saying "Im a shit person with shit excuses" PANDEMIC. DUMBASS. HELLO?!?! @BeaPeaBear I dont even have skelebones left, I'm just a depressed powder pile @HeijnenCeline My test for [redacted] had me pissing myself/ depressed literally when I sent it because Ive been ghosted so much lmao.7 years of consistent ghosting really does a number on you lol @HypraSeaPea It is SO GOOD-- I actually just remembered I need to finish it oof @actordougjones @BetteMidler @NYRP omg @MarkRuffalo @prattprattpratt 🥺😢 @uncleunicornart I wish this happened IRL @yingdark @DrooliaSnott pray he begs for forgiveness .....r @MeganRoseRuiz1 You are you, and you will always be you, and people out there with more money, clout (at the time..… @ironshackle thoughts n prayers @ash_branic oof @_MagicScience_ @bobjinx me explaining this to my coworkers today lmao @thenicoleham live footage of you rn
Retweeted by 🏳️‍🌈 nicole ham 🦠😰 (busy! less active!) @SenorWoberto Welp I just saved this video LMAOOOOO @bobjinx rip @Jwaugh123 some thing happened weeks ago and everyone remembered he sucks lol I agree but like???? idk man ahahac yall later i gotta go hibernate for the rest of my adult life lmaò̸̻͛͛̌̊̕Ë̴̡̼̻͖̣̮̠̙͕̱́̈́͋L̸̟̻̹̮͇̟͈̓̋̈́̿̃̏͆͌̀͘Ḕ̸̥̳̱͓̞̦͓͕̪̐̓̀̄͆̄̍͘̕T̴̨̳̦̯̲̥͚̦̳̩̮̀͗̎́̌̕E̶͓̲͈̞͙̟̘̪̜̽̈ ̴̥̼̟̘̞̀̈́̓̋̀͐͒̀͐… @Jilly_Bean1981 STANK! @ash_branic @Frimpys he went to hs in VA beach for like 5 seconds lmao @abellehayford LMAOOOO UGh
@fcukthisguy cry @JoeyNavarraJr THIS DIDNT HELP MY DAY LOL @SketchyBones ppl really sending me this like my day wasnt already bad lmao DAMN Prepare me first @kartewnboi goodnight sweet prince @DrawsTom @MarkRuffalo @prattprattpratt this is like a death in the family @DrawsTom @MarkRuffalo @prattprattpratt toM.... @ghostly_gus Goodnight everybody 😢 @Clarknova1 live footage of me rn @vilacron*through tight lips* *crying* No s...sIR'goodbye.' @geraniumleaf That part is so eerie, lots of really eerie unsettling moments in this show fr!!! @geraniumleaf 0/10 @SenorWoberto GOD DOES THIS ENTIRE PART MAKE ME FUCKING WEEP @SenorWoberto completely decimated me @geraniumleaf When I first saw this series WAY BACK I had to literally lie down for an hour at this part lmao @katamarty paranoia agent @hypercubexl uGHH @Scribbled_Death the WORST
@BannerRuffalo genuinely relate to this weird shit @BannerRuffalo need to rewatch this shit asap for dopamine @Kophen_ @InspectorNerd 🥺 @Andrea_Wagner people with money are bizzare @yingdark I think I drew it ages ago but i'd have to scan the archives..... @brycas ME TOooO @joethegran MURDER @yingdark i mean damn whatchu want me to do? draw forever? my brain can only handle so muchi was listening to the tekken 3 soundtrack and this happened .. not enough attention span to finish
@DNC_That_Coming @spindlypete lmaoooomy #amongus sona @Monodi yepp I know about it @shannondrewthis me at work every day and also like............... Last week I was like lol this is gonna take an e… @SpikeESpencer MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT @_MagicScience_ IS EVERYYYTHING ALRIGHT YOU FEELING MOLDY YOU FEELIN STONEY YOU'RE NOT THE ONlY @GalanTrajeado Def a weirdo N but yeah lmao @SpikeESpencer *REVERBERATED T SOUNDS* @DrawsTom .... @DrawsTom no..always liked this picture indie boys @erindoeshistory I MISS RITAS!!! I think ther are some here in LA tho... hMMM!! @erindoeshistory LEGIT the best place to hang out---- sometimes if ur feeling *spicy* you take the drive to anne arundel lmaooono other explanation!!!! as hell god dammit BOWIE MARYLAND AHAHA @harrisonwyrick sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss… @katamarty @jujujulieta throwbaccckkk @vincentslee @NanaVisitor @StarTrek we stan @SketchyBones uwu big monster