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I'm Noir! Twitch Affiliate! Community Manager, Digital Marking Specialist. Sponsor Outreach Director @ChromatiChimera Morning Ritual Host @CriticalMisses

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@JonJohnsick ISN'T IT THOUGH! @Superdillin @BabetteKD Getting Sin City vibes from this and I love it!Quote with a black and white photo of you. A shot at one of the last shows I played, think this was at The Wire.… we're LIVE! I'm mad at you. @EvilCleverDog Preach. @GlossandGadgets They don't get to take a shot at one of the best of us and not face repercussions! Have a good night! ❤️This too real fuck 300 lets get them a comma! Rowan is as good a roleplayer as GM could ever hope for and a full on good perso… did a whole ass rant like three vids worth but this is essentially the point. If you wanna come at black creators…
Airing evenings Sundays, @spicycurrybread leads a group of anarchs on a mission to stop the Camarilla and their bil…
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell EnigmaPOC BG3 w/BrightDystopia and OGBrownSuger I've been trying to stream for the last 30 min but that means I have to turn off the Hamilton soundtrack and t… can't hear "What's your name man" without immediately responding "ALEXANDER HAMILTON!"
Going back live for Jackbox games this time! We have about two hours before the next cooking step needs to be taken…
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell EnigmaWhat a thanksgiving treat!'re LIVE! @Nat20_DiceBox No worries just means its time to double up! New box time!We're live come on in! By Deadlight w/ Bright Dystopia I love this I'm just big mad I didn't get mine designed like this haha. live with @BrightDystopia to play some #DeadbyDaylgiht at 7pm Central. Come check us out and see how often… about an hour we will be live with Under the Pale Cold Sun. Join kindred @pahnita @RedWhiteRP @Nng98 @DarbyPak a…
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell EnigmaI am LIVE NOW on @ChromatiChimera as Chase, the catfolk rogue formerly known as Blossom on the Water. Our GM has t…
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell EnigmaI’m tired of being the piece of the puzzle that’s hired to invoke change in all white streams. “We wanna hire you…
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My 2021 dream is to have a vampire game with two other stream channels in the same universe. Sabbat, camarilla, and…
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell Enigma @RY0MASA Correct.Truly one of the finest characters of all was made that day! are going in order of most viewed on our channel, so they are the ones that YOU guys watched so much they are…
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell Enigma @Nymeria941 Shego - Kim Possible Sarah Conners - Sarah Conners Chronicle Alice - The Magicians Megara - HerculesI have hit a new level of cool because I have the same dice box as @GailSimone's flip this up a bit, while I keep casting ya'll haha. @ObviousrebelM You have the vibe of both those characters easy, I'd love to see you in those roles!Show some love ya'll! LETS GO! @Em_Bassador Jessica Day - New Girl Kitty Pryde/Shadow Cat - X-men Morgana - Camelot Dorian Grey - Penny Dreadful @ObviousrebelM Bastila Shan - Knights of the Old Republic Kara Zor-L - Power Girl Jadzia Dax - Deep Space 9 Commander Shepard - Mass Effect @celeste_P_L_S_ Kurgan - Highlander Bender - Breakfast Club Barda - DC Mandy - The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy @MusesAreGhosts Barbara Gordon - Batgirl/Oracle Dr. Claire Saunders, Whiskey, Clyde Randolph, Crystal - Dollhouse D… @MusesAreGhosts Nope doing yours now haha! ❤️😍Bare with me ya'll I'mma get to everyone but this kinda blew up faster than expected and I want to really think abo… @yadreamjae Miles Morales - Spiderman Virgil Ovid Hawkins - Static Shock Artemis Fowl - Artemis Fowl Eli Bradley - Patriot @PopeWorldbuild Oh I'd love to see you as: Ghost Rider - Marvel Bruce Wayne - Batman Beyond Mr. Wednesday - Americ… @ErrantlyErin First off you're beautiful second Phoenix - Xmen Sara Pezzini - Witchblade Edward Nigma - Batman The Sentry - Marvel @miamercuryart Selina Kyle - Catwoman Kira Nerys - Deep Space Nine Ghost - Iron Man Zatanna - DC @PennyforaTale Forge - Xmen Elliot Alderson - Mr. Robot The Mask - Mask Titus Pullo - Rome @Gina_M_Black Caitlin Fairchild - Gen 13 Scorpia - She Ra 7 of 9 - Voyager Julia Carpenter - Spider-Woman @halfling_nik Velma - Scooby Doo Rogue - X-Men Eden McCain - Heroes Sofia Lee - Dimension 20 Miss Martian - Young Justice @AtomicFirebird @DeirdreDonlon's a meme going around asking folx to cast you in a role. I'd like to do it a bit different. Post 4 pics of yo… @DeirdreDonlon @AtomicFirebird I love this thread its helping me find my people haha @AtomicFirebird Also I don't think Methos has died in Canon yet so I totally should have given you that role haha! @AtomicFirebird LOW KEY YOU WERE THIS CLOSE TO GETTING METHOS! Who doesn't want to be one of the four horsemen! I j… @AtomicFirebird I was just about to say if I had to go with only one (hehe) it'd be Connor. @AtomicFirebird Okay I've a couple: Percy in a live action Vox Machina Movie Connor Macleod in a Highlander Remak… @Superdillin @AtomicFirebird You beat me to it!👀 thoughts head empty only goth chinchilla.
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Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell EnigmaI'm gonna work here. Putting it into the universe. you on snapchat? Lets be friends? SC: noirenigmaI've spent the last year and a half "In Crisis" its just now winding down to struggling. LIVE.
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YOU'RE GONNA WANNA BE HERE FOR THIS ONE YA MAD LADS! you like the fantasy genre you should consider stanning LOONA which sounds like a joke but legitimately it’s a p…
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell EnigmaIts almost that time yall
I feel this so hard 😖
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell Enigma @BoonDOGgles_ @CriticalMisses Good. Suffer. @nikkzwrites You're too hot. I'd die!
And we're live ready for the Giant Sized Issue of Second City Savior hoping to see ya'll there at 2:30 central at… it cowards! newest announcement… we are now on DISCORD! You can join the Chaotic Creations server to meet other listeners…
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell Enigma @TtlPrtyChll @Drakoniques Its amazing!Okay I'm seeing a lot of ya'll liking this but not ONE of ya'll offered to beat me the fuck up and that's the problem haha.Saviors, report! @pahnita @ItsDaRiddler @hoosha_kid @RedWhiteRP @BoonDOGgles_ @Brianinja @crosberg Except you love haha ^_- @crochet_bby Whoa how am I just seeing this. what a beautiful little disaster traitor haha.Had a blast with this "Loud man" haha @Superdillin No prob I feel like when I think of the TTRPG community and the best of us yours is one of the names that always comes to mind! @crosberg I swear nothing good comes out of Naperville. @Superdillin Paragon @Nymeria941 @Drakku @snickelsox Looking good my guy! @Nymeria941 @Drakku Don't you go getting any ideas haha. @Drakku *Spit take* @suddenlyatpeace @BoonDOGgles_ I don't know how to feel lol. @suddenlyatpeace @BoonDOGgles_ for this kinda energy in my life. @MrsVivacia You've only got eyes for butts? lol @Drakku *Law and Order sounds* @chaoticrogue You would always be ready to describe your favorite albums. @march1studios lmfao that's hilarious. @crochet_bby lmfao oh wow XDCASH LIFE! we're live! @suddenlyatpeace When did you get those!My shoes have snakes on the soles I am the villain in a YA novel that I have always wanted to be
Retweeted by Noir, I ain't hear no bell Enigma @suddenlyatpeace Yo that's dope!
@pahnita Family!And we're LIVE!