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Edgar Award-winning, Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of horror and dark fiction. It's like I told you, only the lonely can play.

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@LairdBarron Yeah, and then they remembered who they were working for, and as they all laughed, one of them slapped…
@EllenDatlow I just want to know what unauthorized foods are. @bourjaily Fair enough. Not every movie is for everyone. @texasbookfest @SGJ72 Congrats!!! @therobertlevy 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 @therobertlevy OMG I'm a drunk It Follows monster @therobertlevy You did NOT!!!!!! As soon as I'm all vaccinated up (sometime in 2021), I'm hitting the liquor store… need to add that the soundtrack to this movie (by @disasterpeace) is fucking amazing. It's pure nightmare fuel an… @JohnAuCoin15 @TalkScaredPod I love love LOVE his art so much - it captures something about my life and my outlook… @LastTrilobite Yeah, I had to stop thinking about it, because I was ruining it for myself with stupid daylight logic. @daj42 @EllenDatlow All of these films and their visuals are where my horror aesthetic lives. @JayintheRVA She was a fucking champ.Today's movie is It Follows, a Gregory Crewdson-ish vision of a bleak, rotting, subtly genre-tweeked (seashell read… @shaunhamill Yes, please - my travel bucket list has been whittled down to visiting my parents and Star Wars Galaxy… @JustinHowe Okay, I was wrong, those are real work clothes. My work clothes are just me pulling my blankets off my… @JustinHowe Question: are they the same clothes? @JustinHowe Some of the darkest, most sexually twisted stories I've ever read - I still laugh that my parents gave… else am I supposed to get through this #SwearTrekTheDebate
Retweeted by Livia Decorative Gourd Llewellyn @TobiasCarroll I have to keep switching to the next channel just to keep from having some kind of hypertension episode @MeerkatPress @SofiaAjram What I'm doing right now @ethereallad @fiyahlitmag Second that!Never mind not having kids, I'm totally doing this for myself.
I am 100% not in the mood to watch a horror movie. Today's news has been horror enough. Tonight's debate will be ho… @TheLincoln They do if the company is the one who signs the contract - in which case the author gets a flat fee and… @TheLincoln Disappointing but not surprising - a lot of non-fiction publishers & imprints already use this model (m…
@EmpireOfBloodRW @johnfosterfic Apparently there was a tasteless cameo and gross crotch scene in the latest Borat m… @garnetankh Okay, well then, I'm stabbing my eyes out so I don't have to see-- ... ... GODDAMMIT @cmpriest Everything in this photo - the gray skies, the wires, the trees, that "I live in suburbia" rooftop - make… @haszombiesinit this early so I can get off Twitter for the rest of the day because if I have to read about Rudy Guiliani's… @haszombiesinit oh god no why did you do this @tdelucci That pretty much sums up most of the 80s right there. @monstersamerica When I was about five or six, I had a full-size skeleton best friend that I'd play dress-up with.…
@johnfosterfic Good idea... @crackpothall Vampire movies always seem to know how to remain in style!Today's movie is The Hunger (DVD), a New Wave-in-the-streets, Gothic-in-the-sheets favorite. I remember being thoro… @jeremiahtolbert I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. I really am so very tired.We could have shut down the economy for two months and paid people to stay home. Americans didn't slip. We were pus…
Retweeted by Livia Decorative Gourd Llewellyn @tracy_reads79 @EllenDatlow Thanks! @jamesdbr Yeah, I'm a fan but not a completionist - it's not in my nature to be a masochistic. @jamesdbr Oh thank god, because I read the synopsis and was like, oh fucking hell no that is horrible, I will never watch that! @jamesdbr I haven't. I just Googled it - I'm going to pass on seeking it out for now, I'm just not in the right fra…
@PeterFugazzotto I'm looking forward to it. @jamesdbr He is indeed very handsome in this movie, which makes him all the more sleazy and reprehensible, imoWhy are my work days so long when I'm home? All I want to do is sit by the fire of my luxurious pre-war flat in The… @MattOswaltVA Yes, the caption was, as it should be for every New Yorker cartoon: "Christ, what an asshole."My contributor copies of EDITED BY, edited by the scrumtrelescent @EllenDatlow - my story "The Mysteries" is somewh… @SGJ72 I'm at the age where I'm in the market for a webcam that shows me in 18th century candlelight. @deserthethen Fortunately, the few places I still go to (market, pharmacy, postal store) have extremely diligent em… @claramadrigano Me too. @claramadrigano I only go out because I have to collect mail and packages from my day job, and I can't afford groce… @claramadrigano Ugh. It's why I only leave my apartment once a week anymore. @jenny_haniver Oh god, that's even worse - that's criminal.I went out for groceries & to pick up mail this morning, & almost no one was wearing their mask. Many who were had… @nadiabulkin I deleted my public FB account years ago (I have a private one solely for communicating with my parent…
@theandydavidson Thanks for writing it. @DebraEnglander @Target Definitely stocking up - I've been doing the same all this week! @pinskinator @JohnDiesattheEn I'm putting down my Styrofoam cup of disgusting black coffee long enough to sarcastic… @ethereallad I'm voting for the anvil. :P @ethereallad Oh my god, I can't "like" this tweet, that's horrifying. Even being able to turn that moment into art… @JessieM28393777 I'm so in love with this movie that I've never stopped to consider that the FX might be dated - th… @jenny_haniver It's not streaming for free, as far as I can tell, but it's worth a rental fee, at the least - it's…'s movie: Eve's Bayou (DVD - my first-ever DVD purchase, fyi). Not horror (maybe...), not supernatural (maybe.… beautifully-written essay articulates all the feelings of quiet dread and paranoia and general sense of helple… @Gwenda @haszombiesinit The seventies hurt me. The seventies... @johnfosterfic Yes, that's a great comparison. @JessieM28393777 I saw it in the theaters when it came out, and just about had a heart attack. Everyone was screami… @johnfosterfic Oh yes, I've seen it a couple of times. It's funny (or not) how what used to scare me in the film wa… @haszombiesinit @Gwenda I'm glad you said that, I was thinking the same thingHalloween 2020
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@CSTriffo From the look on that android's face, she's not buying this "study" any more than we are... @shaunhamill That ending fucking wrecked me, I was sobbing like a child. @haszombiesinit You do you, as the kids say. I'm just saying there are options! @haszombiesinit But! Writing IS hedonism - Oscar Wilde and JK Huysmans and Anaïs Nin and all the wild poets and pla…'s movie is The Thing, because 2020 is a conflagration of hideous mutating viruses both political and biologic… @JustinHowe Jesus fucking Christ okay I'm done with the internet for today @mbrightwriter Thank you! @2ndLevelBard This movie is SO not like his others (I can't deal with all the gory mayhem), which is why I love it.… @johnfosterfic I've watched it about fifty times now.
@Valuckesque That sequence is better than most entire movies.I've been doing the same thing since I was five Lovecraft witnessing a horror that's fully describable
Retweeted by Livia Decorative Gourd Llewellyn @spookishmommy @JRJ_Is_Probable @Night_Worms @SagaSFF @MeerkatPress @KatheKoja YAAAAAAAYYY!!!!! @cmpriest I am so glad I have a color printer, this thing is going on my fridge right nowTime goes by, but some will never change. Dame Angela Lansbury, age 18 and 77 years later with the same spark in h…
Retweeted by Livia Decorative Gourd Llewellyn @spookishmommy @JRJ_Is_Probable @Night_Worms @SagaSFF @MeerkatPress @KatheKoja Me: I have no money, I can't buy thi… @nadiabulkin Yes, that's the natural emotional journey of Silent Hill: yaaaayyyy...... ... ... ... .......oh my fucking godIt's an ugly, cold, stormy day outside the moldering office I seem to be permanently trapped in. I feel like the wo…, I’m teaching “The Yellow Wallpaper” from a room I haven’t left in 6 months.
Retweeted by Livia Decorative Gourd LlewellynBring back $5 Chinese food and $600 apartments.
Retweeted by Livia Decorative Gourd Llewellynthis is my test tweet and also my nightly bedtime dance
Do you guys understand that the most effective Biden town hall would just be him rolling out a TV and letting every…
Retweeted by Livia Decorative Gourd Llewellyn @BrianKeene 😭My roommates wouldn't let me 🕷️🐜🐀👻 @BrianKeene I was just fine until you posted that photo of your phenomenal office, dammit! [::BURSTS into tears::] @RealZircher @nadiabulkin There isn't! I think this was an execution issue. @nadiabulkin Very tame and forgettable - so disappointing.This month in review:
Retweeted by Livia Decorative Gourd Llewellyn @MGSoundVisions That's what I've always suspected - it's not some cookie-cutter slasher film, it's genuinely origin… @JimCorrigan_ @MollySneed I know I saw it, but it's been so long that I'd have to watch it again to confirm it. I d… @MGSoundVisions I've loved it from the first time I saw it, so I was shocked when I started reading the reviews. I'…