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Fly Thinks Back Fondly On Time It Got To Perch On Popsicle Stick For Few Seconds
Consulting Firm Recommends Keeping Consulting Firm On For 6 More Months Warn Coronavirus May Use Propeller Hat To Stay Airborne Slaughters Dozens Of American Troops In Hopes Of Cashing In On Russian Bounties Agent Desperately Trying To Remember Why They Have File On Eugene Levy Again Fool Using ‘Wicker’ And ‘Rattan’ Interchangeably, Yeah, Nation Gets It, We Rapidly Approaching End Of Critical Window To Avert Climate Collapse Or Whatever…
Long overdue reforms are finally coming to the nation’s fictional police forces. Your brain is inactive during sleep. FACT: Your brain uses those precious hours to pursue its own interests…‘Yeah, We Could Invite Friends Over And Call It A Supper Club!’ Says Couple Unknowingly Brainstorming End Of Own Re… Vegetarian Always Kills, Devours Chicken Whole Whenever She’s Drunk you have a question you’d like to submit to The Topical, just use the #LesliesMailSack or get it tattooed on you… Who Would Have Fallen Through Dorm Window First Weekend Sad To Miss Out On College Experience… Finds It Would Be Extremely Satisfying To Have Intercourse With An A-List Celebrity more world-renowned reportage, visit Things To Know About Instagram Reels Announces Players Will Now Be Quarantined For 14 Days Between Bases Apologizes After Inadvertently Giving Platform To Thousands Of Theater Kids
Elliott Abrams Defends War Crimes As Happening Back In The ’80s When Everyone Was Doing It income goes to become disposable. Shop the Onion Store today. Water Bottle Clearly Got Some Action Last Night on The Topical: York Attorney General Files Suit To Dissolve NRA #WhatDoYouThink? Skyrockets After Coronavirus Begins Trading On New York Stock Exchange With Obnoxious Voice Has Been Violently Killed Thousands Of Times In Imaginations Of Others… Smoke Detector Only Alerts You If You’ve Got Decent Shot Of Getting Out Alive Onion’s Guide To QAnon Fan In Stable Condition After Being Hit By Foul Ball The Archives: George W. Bush Debuts New Paintings Of Dogs, Friends, Ghost Of Iraqi Child That Follows Him Ever…’t forget to subscribe to The Topical wherever you get your podcasts. Otherwise host Leslie Price will get furlo…‘Run! Dear God, Run!’ Screams Woman Who Forgot About Sourdough Starter As Doughy Tendril Wraps Around Throat… Announces Plans To Launch Chimpanzee Into Sun Greatest NBA Teams Of All Time Prices Spike During Pandemic #WhatDoYouThink? Cousin Thinks It About Time To Have Uninformed Sex Talk With Area 8-Year-Old today's episode of The Topical, hear why the future of this podcast could depend on locking each one of our empl… This Day In History: to see more from the standard bearer of global journalism. NRA Forced To Shoot Dozens Of Redundant Employees Launches TikTok Competitor #WhatDoYouThink?
Timeline Of Mars Explorations your crippling caffeine addiction with this awesome mug. Receives Massive Funding Increase From Donors Held At Gunpoint Week's Onion Magazine: The Archives: Officials Hurt Saudi Arabia Would Try To Develop Nuclear Weapon Rather Than Asking Nicely For One… Michelle Obama Purchases Copy Of ‘Becoming’ To Inspire Her Desire For One True Love Separated By Fate Still No Match For A Good Porkin’ Introduces New Extinction Service For Eliminating Pesky Animal Species Announces Plan To Replace Police Officers With Thousands Of Heavily Armed Social Workers… Chicago Police Officer Perfectly Capable Of Disappearing Protestors Without Help From Homeland Security… Announces Plans To Release ‘Mulan’ Directly Into Americans’ Consciousness With Coronavirus Gets Classmates To Sign His Lungs Spanish King Goes Into Exile #WhatDoYouThink? Struggling To Pierce Orange Peel With Fingernail Under Impression He Could Kill If He Had To… Little Boy Asks To Sleep With Parents Students Mourn Cancelled Football Season With Candlelight Tailgate Bans 7,000 Hate Accounts That Were A Little Too On The Nose
For the latest from the world’s most unstoppable media juggernaut, visit Census Count To End One Month Early #WhatDoYouThink? This Day In History: August 5, 1914 Henley Sues Both Presidential Campaigns For Not Using ‘Boys Of Summer’"When you’re actually there in the room with him, you’re lucky if you’re able to squeak out even a weak ‘hummina hummina hummina.’”Herbalife Launches Sampler Kit Into Deep Space To Share Once-In-A-Lifetime Business Opportunity With Alien Civiliza… Spices Up Love Life By Adding Sex Into Relationship Journalists In Awe Of Australian Reporter Able To Speak To Trump Without Succumbing To His Raw Animal Magnetis… Trump Campaign Strategists Wondering How Much Mileage They Can Get Out Of Americans’ Fear Of Dentists… To Save The World’s Melting Sea Ice Shows National Weather Service Failed To Stop Devastating Storm Despite Having Advance Warning… Experts Recommend Americans Set Aside Giant Mesmerizing Pearl To Rub Obsessively In Retirement… Loses Limb In Freak Chainsaw Accident Expands List Of Dangerous Hand Sanitizers #WhatDoYouThink? Girlfriend’s Parents Could Hear Everything see more unmatched reporting, visit Nation Calls For Updated Zip-Line Infrastructure 2020 Candidates Are Reaching Young Voters Teenager Faces 30 Charges For Alleged Twitter Hack #WhatDoYouThink?
More Chickens Delaying Egg Release To Focus On Their Careers, Which Happens To Be Releasing Eggs… Reports has rated the Onion Store the #1 place to buy Onion merch in America. Enters Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus Over‘Finally, Sports Are Back,’ Says Gambling Addict About To Lose $2,000 On Parlays Trump Administration Thankful To Finally Get Easy, Run-Of-The-Mill Hurricane Response To Fuck Up… Alert: Kill This Man With Your Bare Hands And We Will Give You A Copy Of ‘Brute Force’ For Xbox…
Retweeted by The OnionVirtuoso Consumer Flawlessly Exchanges Currency For Goods, Distant Boyfriend Finally Opens Up About How Horny He Is Week's Editorial Cartoon: Uncovers Plot Where JFK Was Buried Astronauts Splash Down In Gulf Of Mexico #WhatDoYouThink? Informs Body-Positive Advertisers It Ready To Go Back To Staring At Unattainably Attractive People… Cause Of Domestic Violence Needs A Gun To Protect His Family Nobody knows the troubles you’ve seen. Remind them of this fact at every possible opportunity. Slits Own Throat After Realizing Some Members Of Company Not On Same Page Spoon Only Rinsed For Past 18 Months Finds Poor Often Hit Hardest By 18-Wheelers more exemplary journalism, visit
Nancy Pelosi Slams Edited Footage With Claim That When She’s Drunk You’ll Fucking Know It Evidence Shows Sperm Swim ‘Like Playful Otters’ #WhatDoYouThink? Cities Offering Drive-Through Covid Injection Sites To Put Citizens Out Of Misery Stunned After Adele Shares Photo Of Her Newly Molted Body DeSantis Cuts Phone Line Outside Nursing Home So No One Can Report Coronavirus Data