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Username: a famous queen. -@madonna 2020 She is Detox. She is the ONLY. She is EVERYTHING. For booking info contact

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@ItsTNolan This had to be rescheduled from this month to next year due to Covid 🤔I am so ready for international waters again! @LunaNewyear @Tender_oni This was years ago in FL I was drunk and it pretty much came right up to me and got in my… @TheDarbyLynn D’awwwww you two! Ditto!!!! @Tender_oni Bc they are precious Illinois! Wanted to share this guide some friends shared with me! Obviously, your vote your choice, but I’m pre… @Navyvet851 Apparently you @calvinandrewhay @SharonLeavy1 @ThePandoraBoxx I dunno how it comes to me. Must be a gift from god or somethin.With today’s Moon in your 7th House of Relationships, it’s pos... More for Gemini gotta go to staaaaaate! And vote out the urnge turd.Apparently the new trend is to get Kirstie Alley to block you, so I’ma just block her.
@themisstoto @themisstoto Don’t misgender me 🥺Be careful of scheduling social outings that will max out your... More for Gemini @themisstoto @SpiritHalloween When he fuck me good I take his ass to get Leg Avenue @gothykendoll *swoons* @itsbambibanks Eeeeeeeee HBD angel cakes! @TheGayGaston You @jawsh_krueger Same @delusion_666 Yes
@HavenGay @ItalianXl 😅🤪Your friends mean a lot to you and you want the best for all o... More for Gemini @josh_jakobss We love love“I’m like Tinker Bell; the louder you all clap and scream, the better I am going to do and the more crazy sh-- I’ll…
Retweeted by Detox... @tightrolltony @jaidaehall Ughhhh take me back! @jaidaehall Omg saaaaaaaaaame! Was so fun to finally work together! Have fun in Whorelando!
Today is a good day to begin a health and fitness routine to b... More for Gemini
@IAMANITABAKER @chevellebrooks yo momma got the JUSH!!!! @TheVixensworld Oh bitch IT’S ON!Get your requests in today before momma packs up the dragz for a min! @StephenZieler @circuitmom @jaidaehall @TheVixensworld @themisstoto @LANDONCIDER @denalifox @JOSHUANAPONTE is a great day to tap into your inner child and have some... More for Gemini Nights production meeting was amazing! We’ve got a Fabulous show for y’all. Tomorrow Night! Drive In- to see D…
Retweeted by Detox...Y’all! This bout to be CAUUUUUTE! @circuitmom’s #DropDeadGorgeousPageant! 2 shows tomorrow w/ @jaidaehall
Want an ooky spooky cameo?! Book now and get it tomorrow! Last time in dragz for a minnnnnnute! @BookCameo @sassyblackdiva @TheBiancaDelRio @emardoug 🤣🤪Yet another stamp of approval by @trixiemattel! Order yours now! @FairyTransFathr Congrats!!! @detoxinghytes Mwah @Phil_Sach 😅🥰 @themisstoto LMAO not that one! 🤣 @themisstoto I do remember spending like a week on a video once tho and then making a whole $43 dollars and then ea… @themisstoto I actually don’t even remember THIS lololol @trixiemattel @TheBiancaDelRio @emardoug 🤪🤪🤪Omg my lil boi is growing up so fast! Love you @merboimalarky! @jwebmusic 🤣🤣🤣Ask and you shall receive! #MoreForGemini tees are now available! @TheBiancaDelRio vehemently exclaims “OK”! Thanks…
Retweeted by Detox... the Sun moves through your 5th House of Playfulness, you ar... More for Gemini @BiqtchPuddin @circuitmom @themisstoto @TheVixensworld @aunty_chan @TheDarbyLynn @jaidaehall @JOSHUANAPONTE @LANDONCIDER @denalifox Broiled @daltoncodyy 😭Production meeting with the dolls (and dude) a success! Can’t wait for @circuitmom’s #DropDeadGorgeousPageant Frida…
@GayConservMan @elainelancaster @LadyMagaUSA @RuPaulsDragRace @getoutspoken20 @LogCabinGOP You need a better grasp… posted a video posted a photo @ The Chicago Theatre @emardoug 🤣🥰❤️RESTOCK of #ElCamino tee! And check out the mask bundle for a free tote! on @racechaserpod this week with our specialest guest @theonlydetox
Retweeted by Detox...Ask and you shall receive! #MoreForGemini tees are now available! @TheBiancaDelRio vehemently exclaims “OK”! Thanks… you ready for this SICKENING @CircuitMOM x @LSDriveIn drag show this Friday? Get your tickets and join…
Retweeted by Detox...You may feel motivated to complete a creative project in your ... More for Gemini
@TheOnlyDetox hi❤ my name is kylie west. I am a black trans, femme presenting sex worker, t…
Retweeted by Detox...With Mercury starting to reverse in your 6th House of Details ... More for Gemini @GayConservMan @LadyMagaUSA @GayConservMan @LadyMagaUSA @RuPaulsDragRace @elainelancaster @getoutspoken20 @LogCabinGOP This isn’t hate. And tha… @LadyMagaUSA @RuPaulsDragRace @elainelancaster @getoutspoken20 @LogCabinGOP The event I worked at was proposed to m… @IsaacDButler @AlyssaEdwards_1 BwahahahahaI really don’t need the gay republicans trying to use me and my decision to work to push whatever the fuck kinda m…
@StephenZieler You’re a great videographer @cjwilson86 Accurate @kenziecoulee @khloecoulee @itsbambibanks @QueenChicagoSB Y’all look 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 @itsbambibanks 🤣 @TonyUntucked Ugh. Fiiiiiiiiiiine. 🤪You’ve been fine-tuning who you want to be in the world and yo... More for Gemini @its_le_roy @JustinThaiPhoto Omfg 🤣Halloween may be cancelled this year, but no reason you can’t play dress up! Head to for a…
@ericthulhu 😩😩😩Byyyeeee @AlyssaEdwards_1! ⁦@jodieharsh⁩ has a new podcast and my Queen ⁦@roisinmurphy⁩ is the first guest! OBSESSED! @HayVanHorn That part. Miss you poodle. @TheOnlyMayhem AHHHHHHHHH 🤣 @voltaverse @ParkerReyes11 I am still perplexed as to why, as a “fan”, I am being singled out while MANY of my cont… @ParkerReyes11 @voltaverse You have no clue what my financial standings are and it is in no way your business. Do y… @ParkerReyes11 @voltaverse I have done several online events. Wanna know how much money I’ve made approximately in… @jodieharsh 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @angelabeehall Been too long baby! ❤️❤️❤️ @angelabeehall I mean same obvi, but I can’t even try to make a living without being villainized. I give up. I have… @angelabeehall Damned if you do damned if you don’t @angelabeehall Literally the first to not even know but ask to share their godundmes WHICH I DOYou’ve been doing a lot of personal development for your healt... More for Gemini @ParkerReyes11 @voltaverse WHAT ACCESS?! @TheBiancaDelRio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 👜Everybody can fer sher suck my dick from the back tonight. @ParkerReyes11 I’d like to advise them to suck it from the back! 🤣 @ParkerReyes11 I’m not doing anything of the sort. The event I am hired for tonight is operating at 25% capacity, h… @ParkerReyes11 @ everyone touring at the moment to survive. Thx. @ParkerReyes11 What connections and resources are you implying I rely on? Asking my wealthier and more famous frien… @ParkerReyes11 Pay my bills then @TheOnlyDetox Masks off, that's on you Eyes on the chalkboard let me spell it out for you C to the O to the V to the I to the.. Hold it.. D
Retweeted by Detox... @nrl90 SCREAMING!