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🚨 Black Friday GIVEAWAY 🚨 1. Comment your favorite ⌨️ 2. Like / Retweet THIS tweet 🖤 Winner announced December 1st…
Retweeted by Exobro put a ban on dickriding I kinda fw it
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Dang that’s a ton of Pokémon games! I wonder why they aren’t selling??!?
Retweeted by ExoEXCL GIVEAWAY: As we’re prepping for the next drop, we still wanted to find a way to celebrate the giving season. I…
Retweeted by ExoSerebii Update: A new distribution has begun for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Code: BDSPUNDERGR0UND…
Retweeted by Exo @PrincesKittiara Best present @Steezy2Ks Steezy eating dick
BDSP can now be beat in under an hour with some insane skips i did not foresee this outcome i apologize
Retweeted by ExoXtrfy's Black Friday starts now! This weekend only: 38% off @RocketJumpNinja's mice. Grab the MZ1 – Zy's Rail or…
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Retweeted by Exo @daejon24 We dont cook mac n cheese @JustDigitz Brb as i kms @JustDigitz Violence only @daejon24 Yeah the corn is @3lazie @PrincesKittiara Ham is good just didnt know so many people hate turkey @PrincesKittiara Well i dont cook so ya, my parents do @PrincesKittiara Turkey has taste idk about that @PrincesKittiara I thought you were the only one then i seen like 60 othe people say it @GabeAngel5 Thats what im sayingSo much turkey hate on the TimelineYet another cloning glitch. Now you can clone 3 Pokémon simultaneously much faster.
Retweeted by Exo @nobu1x Astra 🥱
Retweeted by ExoBlack Friday Deals for Vancer Gretxa Wireless Gaming Mouse live now: ---------------------…
Retweeted by Exo @Shaimazu Jk your the best @Shaimazu So shitwhat’s going on
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Retweeted by ExoSide note this motherfucker Inosuke needs to chill. 3 ring lights, 2 keyboard wires, my stock cord on my viper mini now a headset. @PrincesKittiara I love it 💙💙 @PrincesKittiara Mommy 😩💙My cat broke my headset while i was at work. She literally buys me a new one at my local best buy. I am v grateful… @PrincesKittiara I love you 🥺💙Advanced warfare remake and ill go back to cod @OwNYoUx_ Xiao supremacy
Anime : Darling in the FranXX
Retweeted by Exothey are really doing ganyu and Xiao LMAO idle animation 1 #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by ExoMe trying to explain the difference between expensive CPUs and cheap CPUs to someone that doesn't know anything abo…
Retweeted by ExoGoku and Vegeta. That's it, that's the tweet. #DragonBallZ
Retweeted by Exo @NotAxiss at respawn so i can figure out where my acc is @NotAxiss also fuck you AxisiGodly @NotAxiss Bloodhound if you play him enough. Wraith overrated. Octane poor animation (only if you main)IGHT. So you've might've noticed already by now, but if you haven't, you might want to check out the differences in…
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hi streamin valorant ! :)
Retweeted by Exomy bfs hot gn
Retweeted by ExoPistol gamer SEE WHAT I MEAN @PrincesKittiara You have them saved to watch forever @PrincesKittiara @OwNYoUx_ Fair enough @OwNYoUx_ An ill have my 17thSometimes i think i have really good aim and then I remember haley has clips of me COMPLETELY WHIFFING inspect man @evaaamo_ RatioTwitch Drops | #VALORANT > Get the spray by watching Champions anytime between Dec 1st - 11th. > Get the gun budd…
Retweeted by ExoI always preorder games literally last minuteBiggest W W @uDaxxi Fair enough @uDaxxi No way you put void prowler C
@nobu1x @3lazie youre so shit toasty could do betterPolearm Impact #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by Exo @QueenLishie Yes yes i will take care of myself @QueenLishie Pretty sure thats the reason my migraines have been so apparent since october. Havent had them this much since highschool @JustDigitz Yea yea i already make my normal hours and currently miss a day almost weekly cause migraines. Thats going to stop thoNot missing no more work unless im physically unable to @NotAxiss Everydaymnk players be like:
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Bro 😂 I missed this part of my stream LMFAOOOOOOO
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Retweeted by ExoOn this day in 2002, 19 years ago, Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire were first released. These games started the third gene…
Retweeted by ExoHappy 37th Birthday to the Dragon Ball manga. I love this series so much ❤
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⚠️PSA: If you find that your trainer shows up when the wild Pokémon encounter starts up, that means the Pokémon has…
Retweeted by ExoWorlds first G303 Wireless. For the man himself @shroud
Retweeted by ExoOnce upon a time… #ApexLedgends #ApexLegends #apexlegendscommunity
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Retweeted by Exo @nobu1x Those are both the worst sounding guns in the gameHaven’t seen anyone talk about this yet, but if you talk to the old couple in Floaroma Town in the…
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Retweeted by Exostarting a diluc hate club only diluc slander is allowed <3
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How they fuck did they go from Naruto to Moncler in 3 days
Retweeted by Exo @jb1zzle3 I would but i have to grab physical copy tomorrow @PrincesKittiara said we are streamers now Poggers
@PrincesKittiara Lets find them and jump em @OFLBravefighter @HaitianGuardian Imo most the time barricade and rift lead to passive boring play @OFLBravefighter @HaitianGuardian Im talking mainly pvp but yes otherwise barricade got hit the most @OFLBravefighter @HaitianGuardian Imo if one class ability gets touched they all should. I still dont agree with ba… @OFLBravefighter @HaitianGuardian What are they nerfing about it? @dooHnayR Your 20 years old ryan
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Before i nap just wanna say i love haley so much Alright gn for 2 hours @OwNYoUx_ Once every 2 @evaaamo_ @Shaimazu Keyword iron @daejon24 Nah @PrincesKittiara Holy crap your the best 🥺 @Shaimazu Can’t believe I actually used that mouse @Shaimazu I hate u @Shaimazu Weird take since its the same internal as a gprox and almost same weight??? @Shaimazu You think so?