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@soundingline ELKHORN @LongTallJodie But every toy seemed to date her..... @Ragnell This is also why I was wondering about how much the narrative got remixed due to the pandemic. @Ragnell I think about Erskine telling Steve that the serum makes you more *you* - it’s very obvious what that mean…
@soundingline Hanch is an affable Duros smuggler who's trying to work off his debts to the Hutts. @soundingline I have already used "Hanch Tarchup" and "Wasab Iaioli" as NPC names and I refuse to feel bad about it. @NandovMovies Infernal Affaors @GirlUnCubed I am a sucker for a good FITD game, and on top of that, they're hitting me right where I'm most vulnerable, setting-wise.Oh no..... @mspark I think it's marginally worse than Carnival Row. If it were marginally more engaging/exciting, I'd forgive… @mspark I haven't watched The Irregulars yet - how bad is it? New Mutants came out in theaters last summer (when n… can now change your Guardian's hair/face/appearance. @soundingline I love to throw myself across jagged glass so that others may tread unscathed.I regret to inform you all that episode two was not a marked improvement. @quinnthegm That said, I think having a structured story that you want to tell is good, but it has to leave room to… @quinnthegm I think "railroading" has become a pretty broadly applied term in the hobby, and I've personally seen i… a win for Dino Crisis fans everywhere."Here’s hoping that Ethan’s obscene little stunt helps other children realize just how ridiculous it is to believe… @jason1749 That's why Target also sells, like, LEGO sets. @HitlerPuncher *whispers* flesssshhhh @GirlUnCubed Six of Crows – right author, right world, wrong main characters. @jason1749 Boned By A Big Evil Fog, the newest Tingler.It's been a minute since this Dungeon World game ended, but I still think about the bond my Gunslinger had for the… Shadow & Bone dropped, I figured I'd read the first book, which I was certain that I purchased on my Kindle… Katy just dropped is difficult to be a loner when you have to have an actionable opinion on the other characters you occupy space… I try to bolt on PBTA-style Bonds to games I run in other systems, I joke about wanting to make the characters… @Koltreg A pretty intrusive question, pal.TEN Rings? It just seems irresponsible to have that many rings, if you ask me. @BurnBigTexBurn My immediate reaction is that I’m glad I didn’t know about this before my wedding, because we’d pro… @colonelnemo Congrats! @unicornosis @HitlerPuncher @jason1749 I nearly typed “thrillogy,” actually @HitlerPuncher @jason1749 The mummy trilogy mostly owns. @HitlerPuncher @jason1749 Yeah it would be a treat! @jason1749 Dammit, do I need to watch The Mentalist again? @soundingline @PraxJarvin If you make it “or” the number goes up sharply. @PraxJarvin My favorite stage banter from a Decemberists show is “Now, one of our songs about 19th century mining!” @Kevin_Church @RobinKimball Congrats! It looks like a great place. Good luck with the move, too.
@kibblesmith This is my favorite flag. @jason1749 1. We officially live in a William Gibson novel now. We finally got there. 2. Stop trying to make QR c…’ve been working my way through My Hero Academia after hearing several people tell me to watch it, and they really… @uzionmain Not in my experience? It’s all about knowing the mechanics and communicating. @LongTallJodie One of my greatest regrets is not buying a physical version of this beauty. @Bustronaut Sure. You’re right. I don’t know that anything I’m saying runs counter to these points. I’m just thinki… @Bustronaut Sure! But the escalation as it plays in the narrative is jarring to me, and I can’t help but wonder if… @THE_Stefano_DLC I hate how cool his whole deal looks. @mossy_toes Maybe not *that* extreme, but the movie should start when JLaw wakes up and play it as a slow-burn myst… is me on my “Passengers works better if you basically edit it so it’s backwards” bullshit.ROT13: Xneyv qrpvqvat “guvf vf nyy gurl haqrefgnaq” znxrf zber frafr nf n ernpgvba gb 1. Jnyxre gelvat gb xvyy ure… would love to know exactly how FATWS got changed around structurally due to the pandemic. Thinking about how a bi… @froonding_loom It has six nonstick raclette trays! @froonding_loom I was considering buying the hell machine for killing all human beings on amazon
I know everyone’s like “the only way to kill Dracula is a stake through the heart” but in modern times I think we s…
Retweeted by Marvel's Derek InDesign @Danielemmons Thanks!(I have been running Genesys a lot, so while I like it and know it can do fantasy, I’d love to hear about other stuff I might be missing).RPG friends, if I’m planning a large-scope, sandbox “epic fantasy” flavored game, is it worth looking at Pathfinder… @OKBJGM The Gremlins 2 pitch meeting but, but everybody gets to make their own Star Wars. @LongTallJodie @treswritesstuff It was his boy, and he should be able to eat it if he wants to. @OneShotRPG I wanted to reply to this with a pithy Veep gif, but somehow Blade came up in my Veep search, and Blade…
@THE_Stefano_DLC In spite of myself, I am fancasting Moonstone in my head. @THE_Stefano_DLC If we don’t get some kind of Thunderbolts thing out of this, what are we even doing? @bigredrobot I think that if you really want to do Epic Fantasy, it's still one of the better options, and I wish it weren't. @HitlerPuncher "Yeah, but it's MY hellsite."Joseph Corden-Levitt is this anything?Can't believe that Steve Rogers was just revealed as the villainous Power Broker. @BannerlessGames I literally just named an NPC “Hanch Tarchup” because I saw a promoted post from Heinz while I was doing game prep.Me: painstakingly selects names for every town, mountain, river, etc in my books using lots of research into meanin…
Retweeted by Marvel's Derek InDesignthe police have been defunding you and you deserve to know that
Retweeted by Marvel's Derek InDesignWas just reminded about this gem. I’m good, sometimes. @Koltreg @Koltreg Heck yeahI suppose I should use my full first name in order to pad out the team, so, um... Rhino Elixir YonduDom once stomped his foot like the Incredible Hulk and caused an entire parking garage to collapse and Thanos died…
Retweeted by Marvel's Derek InDesignThis @laura_hudson piece is 7 years old, but I think about it whenever I think about how much hero cop media influe… are like 25 cop shows called like The Line Of Sacrifice and Vow To Protect and Chicago Gun Patrol on every ni…
Retweeted by Marvel's Derek InDesign
But I don’t want to play a lightweight co-op board game featuring beloved Marvel characters, I want to turn people… of Hearts El Aguila Falcon Firestar, this just leaves time for Soderbergh and J. Lo to make a Karen Sisco movie or six.
Retweeted by Marvel's Derek InDesign @OilyWhisper68 With the amount of money they're probably expecting from it, the cynic in me thinks no. But I'm open… @HitlerPuncher There's no rational world where I expect you to – I just want you to know that there's a six hour vi… @HitlerPuncher Counterpoint: @CeciliaTweets I prefer to think of it as a "scoop" @CeciliaTweets You are the media, and I told you (at least in brief)! @PnxNotDed @jason1749 @HitlerPuncher You mean, ask us to explain Plo Koon to you and then call us 'nerds'? That could be a fun segment. @HitlerPuncher @jason1749 I will absolutely do this. @tatianawrites I actually just had a pang for meetings like this, and I don't understand what is wrong with me.Plo Koon is still alive, in our hearts.
Retweeted by Marvel's Derek InDesign @frasersimons When you KRUMP, roll+DEX @colonelnemo I still like it fine, but this is Max Lord Meme territory we're in now.LRT: Surprising no-one, I have already crafted an airtight justification for how Plo Koon survived Order 66, despit… would have actually lost my shit MORE at Plo Koon showing up alive after 25 odd years.
Retweeted by Marvel's Derek InDesign @Slammy_P @jason1749 I'm pretty sure Jason meant "penision." @Slammy_P Is this just a brother check-in with a fancy new sheen? @HitlerPuncher Iiiii hope Ewok understaaaaand @soundingline Does ACAB include Corean Horn? @Kevin_Church @jason1749 @jason1749 @bigredrobot It is! Just because I love it, that doesn’t make it good!
@LongTallJodie I just saw the Magik sculpt, and I love the portal base on it. @LongTallJodie There's definitely an X-Factor box in the works, too.