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Just a drag queen addicted to glitter. You know me from RuPaul's Drag Race! Booking: 206-915-9393 TipAHo - Venmo: @ pandoraboxx

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Tonight at @suite_executive in Long Beach, CA!! 10pm! Come out and celebrate the birthday of gorgeous… seeing all the new cast of @RuPaulsDragRace S12, I think I’m changing my Drag name to Oldie Hawn. @RachelTrue Love!!Omg. Hahahaaaahaaaaaaaa! Also. I’ll be over at 12:35. I’ll make sure I keep vacantly looking at myself in the came… @hulu_support In Keep Watching. It misses a lot of the new episodes regularly.All is RuVealed! Welcome queens!!! Enjoy the ride 😉💖 @VH1 @RuPaulsDragRace @WorldOfWonder RuPaul’s Drag Race Se… @hulu_support It’s definitely hard to find shows I regularly watch. New episodes don’t always come up.
So @hulu your app on @AppleTV needs a reboot. Just saying. @BluHydrangea_ @trixiemattel Loving that hair and that look! Yes mod! And the mens are cute too!❤️❤️❤️❤️’s time to put granddad in a home. @justmartindale It’s time to put granddad in a home.She’s bloody brilliant!! ❤️❤️ @SheaCoulee @samueljdonovan Omg. She’s brilliant!!#WeAreHere
Retweeted by Pandora Boxx @Vangsness @gates_mcfadden Yes! I adore @gates_mcfadden ❤️❤️ Beverly Crusher is one of my favorite characters from the @StarTrek universe! @AlanaDuvey @NinaWest I would love that, of course. I did tell Michael Patrick King she could come back as the nemesis. LolSeason One hasn’t even started and already I want Season Two!!!! Also, they must get Beverly Crusher too!! 🖖🏻❤️🖖🏻❤️…😂❤️
@JonathanDelArco @Variety Fabulous! Congrats!😂❤️😂 the yaaaassssssss I can muster! ❤️ @RuPaul !! This is going to be fabulous fun! @jessixxa_14 Rude.Need!!!
❤️❤️ honor of @DollyParton ’s birthday here’s me dressed as Dolly from “9 to 5” in the Peaches Christ parody of the m…
Happy 74th Birthday @dollyparton !! Every day I strive to be a little more like Dolly! 💖🦋 @MissHaviland Happy Birthday gorgeous!! @TaylorREIGNXXX Ha! Me too.For real!! But let’s all at least agree whoever gets it we MUST vote for them. Cuz... you think shit is going down… @TaylorREIGNXXX Ok. But please read your previous tweet. @itsedwardoz @BettyMWhite @LogoTV @willam @itsSHANGELA Yes. I do. @jmoorephotoguy Girl.Omg! New decade. Who dis?
@TaylorREIGNXXX I have a very cute dog. Just saying. @itsedwardoz @BettyMWhite @LogoTV @willam @itsSHANGELA Delta Work @LachxF @BettyMWhite @LogoTV @willam @itsSHANGELA😂 you Jesus! 🙏🏻
In honor of @BettyMWhite ‘s birthday here’s me dressed as Rose Nylund for a Golden Girls promo we did for @LogoTV a… 98th Birthday @BettyMWhite !!! 1/19 Palm Springs @toucanstiki @TheVickyVox @ThePandoraBoxx @TrinnaModele #RosemaryGalore
Retweeted by Pandora BoxxBetty White is the world’s most important treasure.
Retweeted by Pandora Boxx @trixiemattel Stunning!This is a tweet from the President of the United States of America.
@LeighBryan ❤️ @JonathanDelArco @SirPatStew Everything!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @manilaohara ❤️ @WhatsupDanny Thank you love ❤️ @Peppermint247 Thank you love ❤️ @EddieMcClintock @KrisWilliams That is my new favorite gif. Lol @DonnatellaHowe @henchbeaver Miss you too! @chrislhamblin ❤️ @BluHydrangea_ ❤️❤️ @ChipShopBird Thank you ❤️ @DonnatellaHowe @henchbeaver Lol @DonnatellaHowe @henchbeaver Lol. I don’t even remember.My heart is heavy because my family lost a beloved member. My Aunt Jo was like a second mom to me growing up. I wil…
You can’t fix stupid. @KashaDavis Professional reality star!!
@marodmassa Indeed.The scariest horror movie is the one living in the White House. @JonathanDelArco @startrekcbs So exciting!!! @imperfectMikah LOLEep! This photo makes me so happy ❤️🖖🏻’s paying for the wall @realDonaldTrump ??? We are. Build a wall while taking money away from counternarcotics…
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 @BluHydrangea_ @BluHydrangea_ This is now one of my favorite tour names ever.She is my favorite person today! @bdanielcole Nightmare fuel.I dosed off just reading the Oscar nominations.
Maybe 2020 is time for new music... @msFrankieStarr ❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘
@JustTobyMe Thank you ❤️ @TheSharok 🔥 @JasonDottley Ohhhh 😛I’m in the “Dallas” episode of AJ and the Queen out now on Netflix! #ajandthequeen @netflix
This is high art.
Retweeted by Pandora BoxxAwww ❤️❤️❤️ @nicolebyer 😂 almost a haunting passion. Like he died six years ago and doesn’t know it.My look for last night’s premiere of #ajandthequeen ❤️ What a fabulous night! Thank you for letting me be a part of…❤️ the ajandthequeen premiere party with some of my favorite people ❤️❤️❤️ Catch the show now available on @netflix waited until he saw my comment then block his ass. #byebitchI don’t know how we currently live in a cancel culture where everyone is offended by everything yet Drag Race queen…
@Toddmasterson Oh no! Now they can tell each other apart. Devastato! @Toddmasterson Brings a whole new meaning to: go fuck yourself. @Toddmasterson I need you photobombing in the background. Right. Now.Per Jane’s post, he struggled with addiction and mental illness. If you need help please reach out. This is heartbr… am so very sad to hear that @janebadler ‘s son @harrisonhains has passed away. My heart goes out to Jane and her… @Miss_Glitterous She will live on in another form.This adult male human insulted a witch
Retweeted by Pandora Boxx😂❤️ @NinaWest @adorabledelrio Happy BDay.