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This is the personal account for Perez Hilton. He's a proud dad and founder of one of the most famous websites in the world. Follow it at @PerezHilton

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Holland doesn't get the hype that some other K-Pop acts receive, but he is just as great! I have no idea what “Nar_… @carlyincontro 😂😂Stand back and stand by, racists! #DonaldTrump is the man for you! Why is it so hard for him to condemn them???? you like Karen videos.... He has a right... to make his own damn food!!!! 🤬 Order your copies of my new autobio… #DonaldTrump supporter drives by #JoeBiden supporters and... @keepinitgangsta @PerezHilton THANK YOU!!!!!! @lilmizstrange @sashy311 Here is my apology to Christina Aguilera. And I won't be donating any money. I wish I was… @lilmizstrange @sashy311 Here is an apology to Britney Spears. a shitshow!!! #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden @lilmizstrange I have apologized. Repeatedly. And, unlike Kevin Hart and others, I will continue to apologize witho… @JenniferLynne28 @PerezHilton Awww. Thank you! I hope to!Zac Efron is now a father!!! 🤯 Order your copies of my new autobiography! Get “TMI: My Life In Scandal” from your f… a warrior!! #ShannenDohertyI'm surprised Jennifer Aniston hasn't launched her own lifestyle brand yet!'t Taylor Swift fans too old for this shit? #JakeGyllenhaal @iitsmelily For views.'You don’t always have to be alone.' Naya Rivera's ex Ryan Dorsey may break your heart as he tearfully responds to…
Retweeted by PerezThis video basically sums up all you need to know about the first of three presidential debates between… election is rigged and a fraud - only if Donald Trump loses!Demi Lovato And Her Team Planting Negative Stories About Her Former Fiancee - He Claims! #ScooterBraun is the mana… @DWalters00 @PerezHilton Thank you! You should get my new memoir! you were O.J. Simpson's children with Nicole Brown Simpson, would U be able to have a relationship with him? you're struggling with using.... #CherylBurke #DWTS #AJmclean #BackstreetBoys #BSBKelly Clarkson's Family At War - With HER! All the men in #KellyClarkson's life suck!!! 💔 Order your copies of my… do these two and Jana kramer and her hubby not have a reality show all together? #cloutcouples
Retweeted by PerezThe Log Cabin Republicans are so happy today! #EricTrump #DonaldTrump @spencerpratt That's a brilliant idea!!!This is a mature turn for these 'Teen Mom 2' stars!
Retweeted by PerezBrandi Glanville deserves a spot on that show, damnit!! She's BROUGHT THE DRAMA!!! #AndyCohen #RHOBHThe Hugh Jackman rumors are pale in comparison to all the reports about John Travolta!
If you think Khloe Kardashian looks like Beyonce in these photos, you need your vision checked! are unprecedented times! #Disney #DisneylandDrinking my ginger shot and giving you all my special code to save $25 at some babies right now???? #JulianneHough #BrooksLaichAnother setback for Meghan Markle! #PrinceHarrySelenas forever! #KellyClarkson paid respect to #SelenaQuintanilla with this cover of her English language classic,… only did this actress FLAWLESSLY pull off Her Madgesty's iconic looks, she also emulated her tactics -- Madonna…
Retweeted by PerezHonesty is always the best police - I do believe that! In age-appropriate ways, of course. Always.… don't wanna put daddy's new autobiography down! It's so juicy! Everyone will be talking about my memoir! It co… Carey - ego? Shocking! *cries in J Lo* #NickCannonHe IS fine! Fine af! And I'm sure he will get a new gal ASAP! #AntAnstead #ChristinaAnsteadI'm not a fan of Kylie Jenner, but I am a fan of THIS: @sheerazhasan 💗💗💗Chrissy Teigen has had a terrifying 24 hours. We continue to send healing vibes and prayers her way!
Retweeted by PerezNaya Rivera's sister is not denying that she's dating the late Glee star's ex-husband, but... excitement is so contagious! THIS IS THE CUTEST thing you will see today!!! have some EXCLUSIVE info on the Demi Lovato split on my new podcast - out later today! Very revealing! Will expla… I... just... wow. is going back to The Lion King! Hopefully it's centered around Beyonce's character this time! The Lion Queen… former fiancée of Katie Holmes' new beau is telling her side of the story!
Retweeted by Perez @kforbs @HowardStern @BethStern They talk about me on the show regularly but don't want me back on! I have a whole… claims he is a part of the #LGBT community. He is???? #DonaldTrump Order your copies of my new memoir! G… reminder. #DonaldTrump @kforbs @HowardStern I did??? What did they say??????My children's first time reading my new memoir and... 🤯😂 Get your hands on this too!!! Order your copies today! Get… is how I feel right now. 🐁🤯 Order your copies of my new autobiography! Get “TMI: My Life In Scandal” from yo… should be in jail, but... #AllisonMackIf you missed the exciting announcement... love to see THIS: #DonaldTrump supporter claims #BreonnaTaylor deserved to die. She's been IDd as Shiva Bagheri, owner of Shiva'… #AnnCoulter just endorse #JoeBiden???? 🤯 #DonaldTrump Order your copies of my new autobiography! Get “TMI: My L… happened on the streets of New York City. I don't even know how to feel about this. What do U think??? 🤔 Orde… is beloved by many, BUT.... after his recent endorsement of #JoeBiden - a lot of his supporters turned int… better get some dick from Tyler Posey!!! need me a man to treat me like THIS: @jeanniemai @JeezyJust a reminder: Chadwick Boseman was a true gentleman!!! #SiennaMillerHmmm. I wonder who she could be talking about???? 😝 #DemiLovato #MaxEhrichIf you can stomach these details... eeek! #CakeBoss #BuddyValastroNYC just paid this Jersey Shore star quite a chunk of change!
Retweeted by PerezMutiny on the set of The Talk! #SharonOsbourne #MarieOsmond #SherylUnderwood #Eve #CarrieAnnInabaCongrats to Meghan McCain and her husband! every parent wants to be involved. Better to have them be there only if they genuinely want to, I say!… to Kylie Jenner's former bestie! #JordynWoodsDax Shepard is committed to his sobriety - and the support that he's gotten has helped a lot! #KristenBellWow, it appears Naya Rivera's little sister Nickayla has moved in with Ryan Dorsey and is helping him raise Josey!…
Retweeted by PerezFlorida governor Ron DeSantis has opened all the bars and clubs and.... this is the Elbo Room in Fort Lauderdale.… @AriaaJaeger Thank you!😳🤔Superglue may work. They it use instead of stitches to close wounds. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Just don’t get any on your tongue 👅. 🤣
Retweeted by Perez @WilliamShatner Carole Baskin's days of freedom numbered? Her time may be up! #TigerKingI actually like this!! I mean, don't get me wrong. It's not a hit. But it's that generic gay pop that makes me happ… West managed to do something outside of Twitter. I celebrate this act of normalcy! #KimKardashian
Mariah Carey really had the odds against her at a young age! Wow! Details HERE: you haven't heard yet.... #JoaquinPhoenix #RiverPhoenix #RooneyMaraWho else remembers @KidSister? I've always loved her! The former rapper is back and not only singing but with a who… a Housewife gets fired the truth jumps out! The gloves are off and #RHOA alum #NeNeLeakes is coming out swingi… nasty splits are at 100 today!!! #ChristinaAnstead #AntAnstead @LennardSbkohut @PerezHilton Thank you!! x @HaileyGoogles23 @PerezHilton xoxo @lilmizstrange It's very hard. I have accepted that I will most likely never be able to find a man because of the mistakes of my past.If you haven't heard yet.... Donald Trump is an awful businessman and he's been defrauding the IRS! @CXM3T3RYDR1V3 @PerezHilton Hi!Macklemore - "Thrift Shop" (Live at Perez Hilton's SXSW 2013 Party)" via @YouTube
Retweeted by PerezMost would not do THIS: #ChadwickBoseman #SiennaMillerTHIS MESSINESS!! Keeps my job fun! #DemiLovato #MaxEhricThis is THE WORST TIMING!!! 😩😩😩 Order your copies of my new autobiography! Get “TMI: My Life In Scandal” from your… love Mariah Carey, but I'm team Jennifer Lopez all the way! U? #ChrissyTeigen all of the healing!!! Turner kept her pregnancy unbelievably private -- so it's nice to catch a glimpse of it now!
Retweeted by PerezTeam neither of these! 🤣😂 #VanderpumpRules #LalaKent #ScheanaShay