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This is the personal account for Perez Hilton. He's a proud dad and founder of one of the most famous websites in the world. Follow it at @PerezHilton

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@TheCrazyBull King of the jungle!!! @ImACelebrityAU #CelebPerez #ImACelebrityAUI think my brother is super proud of his time on @ImACelebrityAU, but also so happy to be returning to LA to be reu… these three, who would you have voted for in the Best New Artist category? #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezDo you feel like Lizzo deserved more #GRAMMYS love?
Retweeted by PerezAnd the final award, Record of the Year, goes to... *drumroll* ... "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish. A total sweep. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezAnnnnddddd the Best New Artist of 2020 is... Billie Eilish! Among those nominated with her were Lil Nas X and Lizzo…
Retweeted by PerezMan, we love watching H.E.R. perform. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezOkay, the set design for Gary Clarke Jr.'s performance is 10/10. The blues is coming back, and they're coming back hard, y'all!! #GRAMMYs
Retweeted by PerezYasss. Shred, queen, SHREEEEDDDD! #GRAMMYs #HER
Retweeted by PerezWho did the all-blue look better? #GRAMMYs
Retweeted by PerezChrissy Teigen just being perfect. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezBest Rap/Sung Performance goes to Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled, and John Legend for "Higher!" #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezLast night's @ImACelebrityAU episode included messages from loved ones for the Celebs. So emotional. Grab your tiss… and gentlemen and nonbinary loves, here is Rosalía and her hot hot hot #GRAMMYS performance:
Retweeted by PerezYes yes yesssssss, Rosalía!!! Bring that heat!!! #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezBillie Eilish and her brother just gave a super sincere, humbling speech. Gotta love 'em. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezBillie Eilish's "Bad Guy" just won the Grammy for Song of the Year! It must have been a close one between that and…
Retweeted by Perez"If I were to list all of Diddy's accomplishments, or his names, we'd be here all night." - Alicia Keys #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by Perez"Long live Nip! Long live Kobe! The marathon continues!" - DJ Khaled #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by Perez#GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezDemi Lovato delivers an emotional #GRAMMYS performance, bringing the crowd to their feet.
Retweeted by PerezTyler, The Creator and his mom made our heart grow 10 sizes. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezCheck out Aerosmith and Run DMC's performance at the #GRAMMYS here and petition with us to get them back to the Sup…
Retweeted by PerezUgh, why do y'all play the music during the speeches of these winners? For such big awards too? BOOOO!!! Tyler, The…
Retweeted by PerezLil Nas X has a Kobe Bryant jersey on his #GRAMMYS set. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Perez @PerezHilton Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet emotion!!!!Remember when Aerosmith played their and Run DMC's "Walk This Way" for the best Super Bowl halftime show in existen…
Retweeted by PerezBillie Eilish's performance comes through the screen and literally touches your heart. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezPrince was honored with perfection tonight. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezVictoria's Secret's rebranding team right now is like "f*ck, how can we emulate Rihanna and Ariana Grande but make it our own???" #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezAriana Grande's ponytail glistens like a diamond necklace in the sun. Same with her highlighter. Possibly best beau…
Retweeted by PerezWatch Camila Cabello pay tribute to the man who loved her first, her dad. This was honestly one of the sweetest per…
Retweeted by PerezCamila Cabello serenading her crying dad is a healing energy. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezTanya Tucker's voice is a stream of authentic wisdom. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezAfter all these years, Usher hasn't lost an ounce of vitality! #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by Perez#GRAMMYS How our alarm clock feels on Monday mornings:
Retweeted by PerezOh s**t, here comes the Prince tribute.. WHERE ARE OUR TISSUES?!?!?!?!?!?! #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezWow, Alicia Keys is out here introducing celebs to other celebs sitting around them, emphasizing community over eve…
Retweeted by PerezTyler, The Creator brings such a certain electricity with him. We feel so alive watching this! #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezThis is the pre-Valentine's Day performance we deserve. #GRAMMYS #TylerTheCreator #CharlieWilson #BoyzIIMen
Retweeted by PerezDrool over the Jonas Brothers' performance! #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezFunny, this is the same face we make every time we see Nick Jonas... #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by PerezBlake Shelton and Gwen Stefani put their love on full display! We seriously thought he was going to bend down on on…
Retweeted by PerezFunk yeah, Lizzo! You EARNED that!!! #Grammys #BestPopSoloPerformance
Retweeted by PerezBilly Porter is a walking heart of the ocean and the heart of our lives!! What a look! Blue suits him SO well. What…
Retweeted by PerezAlicia Keys is the most pure heart in Los Angeles. We need her to pep talk us every morning. #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by Perez"It's when the good people do nothing that the bad guys win." - Alicia Keys, reminding us to never sleep on injustice #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by Perez
Retweeted by Perez#GRAMMYS
Retweeted by Perez"[Music] is the most healing thing in the world." -- Alicia Keys #GRAMMYS
Retweeted by Perez"We're all feeling crazy sadness right now, because early today, Los Angeles, America, and the whole wide world los…
Retweeted by PerezLizzo opening the #GRAMMYS: "Tonight is for Kobe."
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Still stunned. Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant. Our hearts are with Vanessa, his entire family, and… @ImACelebrityAU @PerezHilton Make sure to vote and watch, Australians!!! Xoxo, Perez's sister #ImACelebrityAUAustralian fans, please vote for my brother today (Monday, Jan 27) to save him from being eliminated from… @souplantation The kids ate pasta, soup, and ice cream at the end. Their grandma -- everything!! 🤣😍 @ImACelebrityAU @UniStudios Perez: "This is the last memory I have of home and I know it will sustain me in the @ImACelebrityAU jungle! My… you haven't watch Julianne Hough's exorcism-like energy healing, we IMPLORE you to stop what you're doing and ex…
Retweeted by Perez @ImACelebrityAU @OiRyanGallagher @Charlottegshore Ooooooh, this is gonna be GOOD.From Perez: "The ghost of Perez is back!! Saying goodbye to my children as I left for @ImACelebrityAU was SOOOO HAR…
My mom and I took the kids out last night to @Souplantation. They really needed an evening out! They miss their dad… Perez: "Hello again, from the past! I hope I'm having a good time on @ImACelebrityAU! I really think it will b… how my brother feels right now in the jungle. #CelebPerez would definitely remind my brother of Samantha Jones and Richard Wright on Sex and the City. We wouldn't want to be around her other family either! Buncha vultures, they seem like. A girl's gotta do what… you could only carry one crystal around, which would it be?
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@PerezHilton @cocoperez #dollypartonchallengeMore merch!! I think this is really cute because it's colorful and tropical! Check out more cool tees, mugs, and sw…"I don't even think I should be alive." Justin Bieber talks overcoming depression.
Retweeted by PerezAmy Schumer is living with her ex-boyfriend and her husband. #enlightened
Retweeted by PerezDemi Lovato describes new song she wrote before overdose as a cry for help. We love her vulnerability. So real and…
Retweeted by PerezDaddy "electrifided" himself 😂😍 Mia is too young to really be into @ImACelebrityAU, but I think JR is enjoying it!… Swift opens up about past eating disorder struggles in #MissAmericana documentary.
Retweeted by PerezJessica Simpson keeps it respectful as she reflects on the end of her marriage to Nick Lachey.
Retweeted by PerezCouldn't resist making this for my brother. And it turned out SO GOOD! If I do say so myself...🤣 Xoxo, Perez's sist… Perez wanted me to post this while he was in the @ImACelebrityAU jungle! It's JR Hilton at almost 3 years old… TIME: The Dallas Zoo threw a beach-themed party for four of its otters celebrating birthdays in January, comp…
Retweeted by PerezHa! I know my brother will love getting a whiff of this when he gets back home from #ImACelebrityAU - don't you thi… made sure their stack was STACKED for Valentine's Day! See what's coming and going with the streaming giant…
Retweeted by PerezJessica Simpson showed everyone this day on Instagram -- and we had no idea!
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Sarah Jessica Parker answers once and for all... is she Team Aidan or Team Big?? #SATC
Retweeted by PerezFrom Perez: "Hello from the past! How am I doing on @ImACelebrityAU? Hopefully I'm still in the game! This is a vid… short, super cute clip of Mario Jr, Mia, and Momma Perez sending well wishes to my brother while he's in the… brother dancing while being electrocuted kills me every time!!! Literally cry-laughing! He does so well though!… @ImACelebrityAU @PerezHilton @cocoperez @ImACelebrityAU @PerezHilton @cocoperez photo of my brother gagging on the disgusting "food" they gave him on @ImACelebrityAU's Wednesday episode insp… really cranked the electricity on this next one... let's hope none of the snakes are feeling bitey.…
Retweeted by PerezWay better than how that host dances tbh #ImACelebrityAU
Retweeted by Perez @ImACelebrityAU Hop and skip! Hop and skip! @ImACelebrityAU Love it! Love that tee!!! @ImACelebrityAU LOL!!!Rhyming Tom with Vom? Come on that's pretty lazy. Embarrassing really! #ImACelebrityAU
Retweeted by PerezNick Cannon responds to Orlando Brown's oral sex claims!
Retweeted by PerezJessica Simpson dishes heaping servings of realness when it comes to her former relationship with John Mayer: "He w…
Retweeted by PerezAre you watching Perez Hilton on #ImACelebrityAU ?? Be sure to support him and vote by tagging #CelebPerez on all y…
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Orlando Brown claims Nick Cannon gave him oral sex. If this is true, there is nothing to be ashamed about on Nick's…
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