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Welcome to the Summer Solstice. Salutations to the sun - Paul πŸ“· by @maryamccartney
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™Good morning ! Wishing #RayDavies a very Happy Birthday. Here's a great performance of the brilliant 'PictureBook'… @Lynn00556882 Thanks xx @F3hvu6kKTYXcOAF Wow !Happy 77th Birthday to Ray Davies, a dedicated follower of fashion, seen here as the character 'Mr Flash' he bought…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @Rockstarscars @MotoringEvents @nottco @nikidoog @Superstar_Cars @dmooreandco @raydaviesfans @TheKinks… @F3hvu6kKTYXcOAF πŸ˜πŸ’œ
@nikidoog Sunday without a doubt !Had a lovely evening out for Father's Day. Our son Ollie treated us to dinner and drinks. Thinking of all the Daddy…
Celebrating the incredible music of Nick Drake - Born on this day in 1948 . πŸ’š #NickDrake Here's the hauntingly beau… BOLAN ~T. Rex 1971 June issue Rave magazine Marc at home, looking fab, riding high on success of "Ride A White…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @JakeWalshMusic Haha ! Oops !10 people followed me // automatically checked by πŸ’š #HappyBirthdayPaulMcCartney #TheBeatles
@peasmoldia Love it , just hearing the theme tune takes me back to being 5 years old , watching it with my Mum and Dad .😍 @AllyMaker @PaulMcCartney Brilliant! πŸ’œMary & Stella McCartney singing happy birthday to Paul during today’s photoshoot. πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈπŸ₯³βœ¨ πŸ“Ή: from @maryamccartney’s…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @ABrit96 Hi , I'll have a look in a sec ! XxxxxHappy Birthday, Paul! Film created by @dannysangra Photos by Linda McCartney and George. @PaulMcCartney…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™Happy Birthday to the greatest living songwriter, multi instrumentalist , animal lover & all round legend - Sir… @JanetArrand Thanks, it's IS so adorable isn't it !
@Ludovicaa Gorgeous, thanks Ludo ❀ @michicolor @Ludovicaa @michicolor ❀ @Lynn00556882 Bless him , so funny ❀😍Remembering my beloved friend #AlanMerrill today and EVERY DAMNED day since he was taken by #COVID19 one year, two…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @Ludovicaa Such a beautiful song and such a beautiful boy. Missed every damn day . 😒❀
@robnitm Fantastic! @waddington7 Congratulations to you both. Have a lovely day πŸ₯³πŸ₯‚ @Trannilicious17 You post some fabulous pics 😍 @colinphoenix @TalkingPicsTV The best channel !Good Morning ! β˜•πŸ₯ #marcbolan #trex
@TestamentOfDark xxxThis week’s theme is β€˜uplifting and rock’ Happy Rocking tunes. Album is Futuristic Dragon. KALMIYH
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @Viv_Ka Very cute , who is it ? 😊Photos of Kate Bush During Cover Session For Her Album β€˜Lionheart’ (1978) πŸ“Έ
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @colinphoenix Stunning . Love her ! @prexcoolrock It really is ! @CosmicXposure What a beautiful photo ! X @prexcoolrock White Album or Abbey Road ! @PackedLunchC4 Love Steph's shirt , could you tell me where it's from please ? πŸ›ΈπŸ’œ
#OTD in 1970 Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn played Coatham Hotel , Redcar Jazz Club, Redcar. (billed as T.Rex)… @Lynn00556882 I love that pic of him . ❀ @colinphoenix Fascinating. @Ludovicaa 😒❀ @Ludovicaa Great shots of our brilliant and beautiful friend. ❀をラン・パγƒͺル #AlanMerrill Vodka Collins at the Imperial Theater Tokyo Japan April 27 1973- The Jackson 5's first ever s…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @jillwebbwords I feel the same, my son will be 21 in September ! @jillwebbwords Really lovely πŸ’™ @nikidoog @GeredMankowitz A fave of mine , brilliant song , their voices work so well together. @Trannilicious17 Lovely.
@1rorycowan Another great Marc T.shirt Rory! #kalmiyh #marcbolan @BeatlesArchive2 @titine_1968 Such a beautiful soul πŸ’œ @nikidoog @loogoldham @WhisperingBob @peterframpton Wow ! That is really beautiful to hear it like that. Stunning. @lynsys57 Lovely, hope he's had a great day . πŸ₯³πŸŽΆ @PeteKMusician 😁 @colinphoenix Disgusting ! 😑 @PeteKMusician He is adorable 😊 Wait till you're the parent of an almost 21 year old ! 😱🀣 @tyrannosaurusx @TheSessionOnAir @T_Rex_Official This is 100% NOT Marc and T.Rex !!Marc Bolan Quiz | This Day InΒ Music
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™#MyFavorite70sMusic Glam Rock song Choosing the band that's credited with 1st promoting the glam rock genre w/ the…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™#MyFavorite70sMusic Not romper-stomper glam, but glorious, majestic and magical… Cosmic Dancer - T. Rex, Electric…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™#MyFavorite70sMusic Glam Rock T Rex Baby - Baby Boomerang Just a GREAT album too
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™#MyFavorite70sMusic Glam Rock Jeepster - T. Rex When I think Glam Rock, I instantly think of Marc Bolan.…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @peasmoldia Have a lovely day Gary ! xx πŸ₯³πŸ’ @suzetrup πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸŽΆπŸŽΆπŸŽΆ @JakeWalshMusic That's Tetsu Yamauchi , he replaced Ronnie when he left the band. He also replaced Andy Fraser in Free.
@Lynn00556882 @SBartchy @davehill_56 @PompeyHutch @MrFlibble72LFC @albolt76 @rahhead01 @MarieHolt50 @BillanyMartin… Faces - 'Pool Hall Richard' , Top Of The Pops 1973 . Sheer joy ! 🎢🎸 #TheFaces #RodStewart #RonnieWood… @Lynn00556882 @SBartchy @davehill_56 @PompeyHutch @MrFlibble72LFC @albolt76 @rahhead01 @MarieHolt50 @BillanyMartin… Bolan & Mickey Finn @NewWaveAndPunk @MarcBolan1977 #photooftheday #RockArt πŸ“Έ Dick Polak
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™Good Afternoon all. Off for a walk in the park . Here's the lovely Carol Hawkins. 🌺 #CarolHawkins #Carryonfilms… @ThatEricAlper 'Cosmic Dancer' - T.Rex ❀🎩
@AllyMaker Great voice !Just a reminder that it is Record Store Day tomorrow! Here's the fab 'Star King' red vinyl which you can buy from m…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @_peterbarron Jeeez ! @PeterMason1227 Cheers! @FatOldAnarchist @jackellyreed Thank you ! 😊 @goonerbeau Great post , just to say that's not June it's Chelita Secunda with Mickey there !Good Morning πŸ₯° #MarcBolan #TRex @Lynn00556882 The one and only ❀
The band needed a police escort to this gig ! Marc on tour bus and arriving at venue , plus a lovely shot of the ba… shots on the tour bus and before the concerts by Michael Putland. #marcbolan #trex play The Capitol Theatre, Cardiff , #OTD in 1972. Pics on tour bus & backstage by Michael Putland. Live sho… @nikidoog @GeorgeHarrison Yes ! I had a look , don't think I can justify that option !β€œRun Of The Mill (Take 36)”, a previously unreleased outtake, is premiering alongside a video created by Able Media…
Retweeted by Claire πŸ’œβ­πŸ’™ @nikidoog @GeorgeHarrison Amazing , I know what I want for my Birthday this year ! @ManUtdMrs Thanks, will check it out !
@Lobehold5 Such a beautiful song πŸ’œ @gnarlybole @jackellyreed Ahh well spotted, I'm not a guitar player but I know he used a capo on T. Sam ! @gnarlybole Ooh ! Wonderful! @Lobehold5 πŸ€©πŸ˜ƒ @colinphoenix 🀣🀣 @DilmMichael From a french tv show where Marc mimed to I Love to Boogie and Jeepster and gave a lovely interview. It's on You tube . 😊 @Lobehold5 Haha ! I've never screamed at a concert before but I think I'd have been one of those girls if I'd been there ! @Suzi_Rex @juliadkfifield Thanks to the talents of Michael Putland ! @Dave2gbs7 Ahh brilliant , I'm so jealous !P/T 3 Marc arriving in the tour bus . Dressing room and another soundcheck shot . All by Michael Putland.… More live shots and the audience in full Trecstacy ! πŸ“· by Michael Putland. #MarcBolan #TRex #70s this day in 1972 T.Rex play the first date of their British tour at Birmingham Odeon . All photos by… @wisetuna Have a great day ! 🎸🎢