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This, from @ThePlumLineGS is right. The goals are to show that all opponents are corrupted by some form of partisan…
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Happy Hour: with @rachaelmbade @caitlinoprysko @Will_Bunch @jamisonfoser @annaschecter…, sharp piece by @ThePlumLineGS that captures our biggest political problem: manufactured nihilism.
Retweeted by Greg SargentGood question, @strombergsteve: What universe does William Barr inhabit? Via @PostOpinionsVery good @EricLevitz piece putting the Medicaid expansion's success in driving Dem wins in deep red Louisiana and… @ThePlumLineGS @SpeakerPelosi Absolutely right. This reason this has to be solved by #Impeachment is because Trump…
Retweeted by Greg SargentQ: Ambassador Volker, do you have a subscription to the New York Times?
Retweeted by Greg SargentDespite what Volker is claiming now, Rudy Giuliani and Trump repeatedly and publicly and explicitly said the target… totally had no idea that the target of the investigations was the Bidens... makes an important point: House GOP has said they're fine with Trump soliciting foreign interferenc…
Retweeted by Greg SargentPelosi was saying it's not an option to shelve impeachment and ‚Äúlet the election decide,‚ÄĚ because Trump is trying t‚Ķ's funny that Trump and Rs are mangling a @SpeakerPelosi quote to make her claim about Trump trying to rig the 20‚Ķ thanks to @seanilling and @lkatfield, who blazed this trail first: of the biggest Republican lies is the idea that Trump's acts in this scandal were rooted in some conception of‚Ķ propagandist @Jim_Jordan is pushing the absurd line that Ukraine felt "no pressure." A mountain of ev‚Ķ was excellent. Really made me think.
Retweeted by Greg Sargent"the coin of the Trumpist post-truth realm is confusion and nihilism. The basic goal is to eradicate public faith i…
Retweeted by Greg Sargent"We know with 100 percent certainty that if the whistleblower is exposed they will subjected to a campaign of vilif… @benjaminwittes Yes, but as @RDEliason has noted, the criminal code has value in helping us define it in the impeac… loathsome and dishonest @EliseStefanik just pushed the talking point that the fact that the extortion/bribery p… matter how hard propagandist @RepChrisStewart spins, the notion that Zelensky felt no pressure has been debunked… moment. @RepAdamSchiff explains how "bribery" applies here. I detailed some of this. "Bribery" frame is releva… bottom line on all this is that every single Republican in that hearing today is absolutely fine with Trump usi… job by @jahimes focusing on this as an obvious act of attempted witness intimidation by the president of the U…"There's a lot of talk about Biden's son" is not foreign policy. It's corruption, it's an abuse of power.
Retweeted by Greg SargentNow that the GOP counsel has insinuated that Vindman has questionable loyalties, I'm reupping this point:, for Christ's sake. This business about whether Sondland used the word "Biden" is absurd. Rudy and Trump openl‚Ķ exchange below is key. It blows up one of the biggest defenses of Trump: That the gov't professionals were prim‚Ķ @HeerJeet yes, definitely @HeerJeet It's not just lunacy. There is a corrupt purpose to it.'s important to emphasize that when Nunes floats the 2016 conspiracy theories, he's not just being nutty. He's a‚Ķ should be a bigger deal that a top aide to the Vice President just confirmed she believed Trump's pressure on a‚Ķ are not obliged to concede a shred of legitimacy to the GOP claim that Trump's conduct was rooted in any concept‚Ķ‚ÄúPropaganda works best when those being manipulated are confident that their actions are their own free will.‚ÄĚ
Retweeted by Greg SargentOne other point. The basic goal of Trump's propagandists is to eradicate public faith in the very idea that govern… @AndyKroll Sure, with the caveat that this says nothing whatsoever about what Joe Biden actually did in Ukraine.Trump's actions had nothing to do with any conception of foreign policy in the national interest. They were *only*…"When Alexander Vindman publicly testifies today, he will stress his service to this country. "Naturally, Republic…'t get snowed by the GOP strategy on Alexander Vindman. The big lie they're telling is that govt professionals… “has demonstrated corrupt intent all throughout. And no amount of GOP spin can make that corrupt intent disap…
Retweeted by Greg Sargent @CommsDirector @kyledcheney morning @kyledcheney @CommsDirector I know -- I'm responding to what David said @CommsDirector @kyledcheney it's already established that Trump directed Mulvaney to freeze the military aid Marist poll: 70% of Americans say it's unacceptable for a president to ask a foreign leader to investigate a p…>
@paul_bryant @ChrisBeaton10 @PJLM @dj_ewi It has been confirmed that Trump froze the money. Who else would have the‚Ķ Hour: with @amarimow @rachaelmbade @jedshug @carolelee @ckubeNBC @mitchellreports‚Ķ"It is a classic Trumpian operation: Sow doubts about an opponent, dirty her or him up, and let the media do the re‚Ķ point here: John Bel Edwards's pollster tells me that Medicaid expansion was a key selling point among the‚Ķ did Dem John Bel Edwards get reelected in a Trump +20 state? A big part of the story: The Medicaid expansion.‚Ķ @FrenettMarco Read Randall Eliason's piece. It was solicitation of a bribe"As a matter of criminal law, it is not a defense that the US ultimately sent the aid or that Ukraine did not begin‚Ķ"Over and over, Republicans move to embrace Trump in the belief that their self-preservation depends on it, only to‚Ķ fed prosecutor, crim law prof ‚Ā¶@RDEliason explodes latest Trump defense‚Ā©: ‚ÄúBribery law does not require that‚Ķ
Retweeted by Greg Sargent @KnowsThings @Jim_Jordan @SteveScalise thanks!Important scoop from AP: Zelensky *did* feel pressure to carry out Trump's corrupt scheme -- and US officials knew…’s latest defense is a dud. Bribery is complete upon the REQUEST for a thing of value, even if it is never pro…
Retweeted by Greg Sargent @Jim_Jordan @SteveScalise @WSJ @RDEliason Let me simplify the argument. Republicans are claiming the fact that Tru… @Jim_Jordan @SteveScalise @WSJ @RDEliason 6) The full argument is here: @Jim_Jordan @SteveScalise @WSJ 5) Finally, I asked white collar crime expert @RDEliason if the failure to consummat… @Jim_Jordan @SteveScalise @WSJ 4) If the fact that the scheme was never consummated is exonerating, then why the en… @Jim_Jordan @SteveScalise @WSJ 3) As I argue in this piece, it's telling that the two officials -- Mulvaney and Joh… @Jim_Jordan @SteveScalise 2) An important new report in the @WSJ shows degree to which Sondland kept the WH apprise… The new GOP defense of Trump is that the extortion plot never came to fruition, so nothing untoward happened.… done: @WeirdWithWords hahThread: @WeirdWithWords it's 58% "very" or "somewhat" closelyIf more than half of all Americans are watching this thing the Republican party is in a lot of trouble
Retweeted by Greg SargentNew ABC/Ipsos poll: 51% of Americans say Trump should be impeached *and removed* 58% say they're following impeac… am happy to announce we raised $1 million dollars! It is impossible to express the feeling of gratitude I have t…
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Democrats "fear" a Republican who is on defense in a district that Trump carried by nearly 14 points. The contemp‚Ķ's a straight up lie that the tariffs are funding Trump's bailout. Once again, the game here is to deceive his fo‚Ķ @HurdOnTheHill, Here‚Äôs further evidence of that corrupt intent you say you‚Äôre looking for.ūüĎá [link to full Gr‚Ķ
Retweeted by Greg SargentImportant exchange here: witness Holmes destroys Trump's budding defense that his minions cooked up the deal.
Retweeted by Greg SargentSo Greg put in his thumb and pulled out a plum...
Retweeted by Greg Sargent1) The new testimony from David Holmes breaks important new ground -- and it has broader implications than it first…
Retweeted by Greg SargentGreat piece by @RDEliason explaining why Trump's corrupt pressure on Urkraine is properly labeled "bribery": needs to testify
Retweeted by Greg SargentAnother key revelation last night. In August, John Bolton privately urged Trump to release Ukraine military aid, b…*tap tap tap tap tap* You threatened to have him murdered. You changed.
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Very trenchant analysis here by @ThePlumLineGS
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Retweeted by Greg SargentExcellent thread. Trump is in this up to his toupee.
Retweeted by Greg Sargent @IanReifowitz ThanksI hope you'll check out my new thread on the larger implications of the new David Holmes bombshell. I tried to brea… a Wash Post article today, @kenvogel is quoted as saying “Not a single fact in either story has been successfull…
Retweeted by Greg SargentKarma is a bitch: the #GOP has been complaining about heat say. Me Holmes’ testimony is direct #ImpeachmentInquiry…
Retweeted by Greg SargentA thread worth your time.
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Retweeted by Greg SargentAs usual, @ThePlumLineGS brings this home. Read the whole thread.
Retweeted by Greg SargentYeah, it's pretty funny how William Barr is pretending that all of Trump's profound corruption -- from the concealm… @gtconway3d Yes, but a lot more than that: thread fr @ThePlumLineGS. Ukraine affair is a criminal conspiracy involving Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Barr,…
Retweeted by Greg SargentDavid Holmes is the State Department staffer who overheard Trump talking to Sondland the day after the July 26th ph…
Retweeted by Greg Sargent @BLaurune great pointSolid thread. Don't underestimate that bombshell testimony from Holmes.
Retweeted by Greg Sargent @Phil_Blackmon thanks!