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@amitbehere Sanju Manju? Tries very hard but just this morning, he said “he’s such a great lofter.” 🤦‍♀️mythology-level omen
Retweeted by NehaMartin Luther King on white privilege
Retweeted by NehaSophie Scholl was guillotined by the nazis on this day in 1943, at age 21. She was a German student and anti-Nazi…
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@free_thinker @AltNews @AltNewsHindi @misskaul @amritat I just saw this tweet and sure enough, @twitter had unfollo… words for this level of pettiness. @salonayyy @ayushmannk Kidnapper wali silver tape 😂
@Kritika_Kamra And yet, committed with impunityMeanwhile Murica continues to be cray cray @surekhapillai Sunset visited Delhi's Mohalla Clinics on four occasions I concur with @kiranshaw that it's a great model for UHC i…
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@amitbehere Yes. It is scary what all the propaganda and the state approval of pre-existing biases have done in a very short time. Unreal @ANI Kya kar rahe hain @Saurabh_MLAgk aap log? Don’t disappoint. @ikaveri It’s definitely rude. I’m not a fan of his by any measure but I find these kind of “public interaction” vi…’t give up the day job 🙏
Retweeted by Neha @rohini_sgh @LiberalMantri @narendramodi Maybe I’m wrong but this was more a critique of his willingness to go ridi…मूर्खता के सिवाय कोई भी मान्यता शाश्वत नहीं है। मूर्खता अमर है। वह बार-बार मरकर फिर जीवित हो जाती है। - हरिशंकर परसाई
Retweeted by NehaAll media people across the spectrum thought of me as an easy target. You took his patience and tolerance for grant…
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How many schools reopened and had classes after August 5th? How many children were present? How many took the exa…
Retweeted by Neha @surekhapillai Every day at around 6 pm, I check if you went there or Jamia.. and who you met. I’m really grateful… @surekhapillai I love your Shaheen Bagh tweets❤️“Aap aam khaate hain”, “batua rakhte hain” type journalist in chaubey: @krownnist This kind of bullshit comes back to these horrible people hundred-fold. This is my strongest belief. If… NRC looks on-ground @krishashok Yeah.. it will need the high heat sizzle with less oil, without worrying that the coating will come off… @krishashok Also, am always suspicious of those videos that have meat cooking in shallow non stick pans being gentl…
Come on India Speak up for Kafeel khan. #RevokeNSA_AgainstDrKafeel
Retweeted by NehaThis is simply insane. Beyond me how nothing can be done about this! Is the SC watching @DChaurasia2312 is suitably embarrassed. thing is, If she had birth certificate of parents, she could have been accepted. Any rich person can easily…
Retweeted by NehaAll of them were rejected by foreign tribunal. She complained in the High Court, the court also rejected her docu…
Retweeted by NehaReal life Example of NRC A woman in Assam submitted 14 documents to prove she is Indian, like - - PAN Card - Vote…
Retweeted by Neha @Pun_Starr I guess you are talking about this fraud in white beard who always speaks illogical bullshit. Yes, the s…
Retweeted by Neha @reddymadhavan I don’t know.. it seems a bit stalker-ish if you know all about someone. No matter if it’s really th… big boss not over why are people still talking about that show is the year made of two parts now one half big bo…
@ikaveri He’s really caught your imagination today! 😛Holds true closer home too is happening here.. Delhi police you are answerable! This is insane.. students packed like sardines in this roo… @amitbehere Don’t change that. There’s enough virtue signalling on twitter. I like your politically incorrect tweet… @amitbehere Humility: thy name is not amit behere 🙈
@jyotiyadaav Diary of an eternal virgin misogynist.#JAMIA
Retweeted by NehaWah! @TheRestlessQuil Speechless, really. @naseemsaifi1231 @karanpujji @ikaveri You seem to have missed sarcasm 😐
@ikaveri I say she should consider moving to Gorakhpur. I hear it’s heaven on earth.When men try and disturb your peace.
Retweeted by Neha"Can the first time voters, dedicate their maiden vote to the brave heart martyrs of Pulwama" --Modi begging fo…
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@ikaveri Big hugs to you @prempanicker This one especially. It was so blatant, so vile, so matter of fact.. it still gives me the chills to… haath mila rahe hain ya generator start Kar rahe 😭😭
Retweeted by Neha @TimesNow No. 5 millionton times no.HM: “economy 3 millionton se 5 millionton tak jayegi.” Bhakts who can’t stop laughing at doctored RG videos are now… @imsabbah Sahi pakde hain.All 10 arrested in Gargi molestatation case given bail just now. They spent less than 40 hours in jail.
Retweeted by NehaEntire Nation pays homage to martyrs of #Pulwama ! Questions remain-: 1. Why is the report of Pulwama attack not b…
Retweeted by NehaToday as we remember our 40 CRPF martyrs in the #PulwamaAttack , let us ask: 1. Who benefitted the most from the a…
Retweeted by NehaDid I hear it right? 3 Million "Ton"? Was @AmitShah trying to say Trillion? Doesn't our Home Minister know the diff…
Retweeted by NehaHe isn’t sure guys. Bihar should confirm his doubts maybe? @TVMohandasPai @AamAadmiParty And you will see this “joke” play out many times now. People like you belittling publ… they deleted that delightful tweet about S. Irani cooking egg fried rice? Cmon NDTV it was just “lifestyle” content! @enthahotness Are you still looking for that for Homeland? If that, then it’s going to be on Star World Premiere from this Sunday on.In other heartwarming news, I have learned from credible sources that my raging-bhakt relative in Delhi hasn’t swit… it really ok to punch nazis?
Retweeted by NehaPersonally monitored Demonetization ❌100+ people died in queues Personally monitored GST ❌GST became most complica…
Retweeted by Nehaमोदी जी अपनी ही पार्टी के ख़िलाफ़ प्रचार में उतरे
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@npueu A few months back I read a twitter thread about expiry dates and “use by” or “best before” dates being just… agree with these members of the BJP as they protest the astronomical 150 Rs price hike in LPG cylinders.…
Retweeted by NehaDelhi elections result not a mandate on CAA and NRC: Amit Shah
Retweeted by NehaMy assessment on Delhi elections went wrong: Home Minister Amit Shah
Retweeted by NehaBJP may have suffered because of hate statements made by party leaders: Amit Shah
Retweeted by NehaEveryone has a right to protest peacefully: HM Amit Shah
Retweeted by NehaAnyone who wants to discuss issues related to CAA with me can seek time from my office; will allot time within three days: HM Amit Shah
Retweeted by NehaKejriwal ji ne DNA test kar diya.😂
Retweeted by NehaThe best Obama and Trump impression ever 🤣
Retweeted by Neha @rakhitripathi Your father is a rare gem. @atti_cus Same. And her conversational style is spontaneous, dignified.. I really hope to see her in a bigger role.… @Raja_Sw @mrgnk @PoornaSwami @RanaAyyub @ranjona @sujataanandan @rupagulab @mitalisaran Will add @sharmasupriya here. @RoflGandhi_ @rohini_sgh Hahahahahha @Memeghnad I don’t think it’s a good idea to have these screenshots here for easy retweeting and use. I know the in… BJP aggressively opposes eggs in mid day meals.
Retweeted by NehaUttar Pradesh is hell in every single way
Even if the methods are new, sowing the seeds of doubt, division, and discord to turn Americans against each other…
Retweeted by Neha @ikaveri This is so bang on about family groups and just so so sad. Unfortunately in my family it’s the younger gen… @npueu It really is the greatest act of generosity, according to my 6 year old too 😀किसी की जीत पे यूं नाज़ाँ हैं शिकस्त खा के फतह पाई हो ! #DelhiElectionResults
Retweeted by NehaHey @TheRestlessQuil | "Hindus in danger", "Will you sell your country for Rs 200 worth of electricity?": AAP's Saurabh Bhardwaj d…
Retweeted by Neha @Swamy39 Sir such accurate much wow! @amitbehere It’s weird but there’s very little trickle down of values and ideology in Congress top down. In BJP how… @AneelaBabar NCR nahi ji only Delhi. Gurugram and Noida still very much infected with kamalgatte.
Itna ektarfa toh engineering walon ka pyar bhi nahi hota 😂😂😂 #DelhiResults
Retweeted by Neha @GulPanag You really think that’s what they are going to do? @BucketheadCase Look at her pinned tweet.. she is perfectly herself#DelhiPolls2020 Time for a short break, lekin yaad rahe
Retweeted by Neha @kikcasso This tweet is a big mood 💯My first time proud and non-ironic usage of this.. it had to happen 👇🏼 will never be Nazi Germany, write it on your forehead Himmlu @AmitShah
Retweeted by Neha @free_thinker It is a life saver.. it helps counter false narratives in almost real time. I use altnews all the tim…