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'The fantasia-like wonder and caprice of The Age of Adz has been eschewed for more regulated, soulful, almost mourn… the minds behind The Ballad of Shirley Collins comes a new journey into the sounds and history of the Southern… Fincher's grisly neo-noir turns 25 this year, but its major influences go back much further than the film ind…"I know Venetian Snares well and I’ve learned a lot from him, but I listen to that and I still don’t how the fuck i… Craig and Moritz von Oswald have a new record on the way, on which they each offer up their own take on a trac…'One of those albums that occasionally makes you tear off the headphones thinking something unseen has made a noise…'For all the synthetic otherworldliness, this record is unflinchingly honest in its assessment of the United States…"I had quite high expectations of my own record. I never liked that process of relinquishing it to someone else."…'Berlin has underlined its global importance as a leading centre for contemporary art. A more intensive track and t…'s much-loved Corsica Studios has launched a fundraising campaign with some help from Jamie xx, as it faces p…'An affiliate of John Cage and Morton Feldman, but like so many women around that time didn't get her dues.' Bunit…'Even the conceptual adversaries that Fisher takes up during these lectures possess a technicolour glow to them.'…“I had to do away with all my previous tropes. No stories, no characters, no metaphor and no self-mythology. I felt…'With By The Fire, Thurston Moore goes properly into orbit. Make no mistake; this is an album that stands shoulder… Super's third album, 'Every Mouth Teeth Missing', will be released by the NYC-based label Incienso next month…"Some of the most amazing gigs I’ve ever seen have been turntablists. QBert can control the room with one record. H… @PaddyClarke is chiselling out the first of our subscriber-only monthly playlists to help you catch up with all…"They’re the musicians that I stand most in awe of. Where you see rock musicians just get worse and worse, or just… has released a new double single, 'Loveless / Angels Pharmacy', as a precursor to his forthcoming album…'The Ascension feels like an attempt at rebalancing our perceptions of the Christian movement – if only in a small…"There’s no f***ing conspiracy! No f***ing Grand Plan! There’s no f***ing plan at all, that’s the f***Ing problem!"…"I don’t know what I’m going to do. You can’t know what the future holds, but in normal life, you have a certain st…'An exaltation of auto horns joined by a siren that swoops in the back, over a solid drone that sounds like hundred…'Róisín Murphy – self mythologiser, aesthete, blue-rubber-legginged nightclub magician – has conjured this place fr…"I would have never rejoined Red Hot Chili Peppers if I had thought that meant that I was going to stop doing elect… third of UK musicians are considering ending their music careers due to the pandemic, according to a survey carri…'Pieces play out through the development of extended chords that slip quickly from crystalline purity to broad, dar…'In the twenty-years since White Pony, the band have continued circling the formula they established at the start o…
A third of UK musicians are considering ending their music careers due to the pandemic, according to a survey carri…"I love all of Richard D James’ music equally but Analord was a big turning point for me. Suddenly everything click…"An average worker earning, let's say, £1500 a month is going to get £300. That's not enough for rent, let alone fo… from the UK music industry have today condemned Rishi Sunak's Winter Economy Plan as the potential death kn…'Every single one of its songs implores you to dance, and in doing so implores you also to forget the human fragili…'Ohms is Deftones concentrate. The band’s shortest album to date focuses down thirty years of Deftone-ness into a c…'Moore has taken stock of his highlights and consolidated them into a unified whole. Not a re-tread of hallowed gro… has released a new double single, 'Loveless / Angels Pharmacy', as a precursor to his forthcoming album…'The exhibition is supported by a €250,000 grant provided by the city of Berlin, in an effort to get the furloughed…'After Heather died, I was about to start High Rise with Ben Wheatley. I called Ben after she died and said, I'm no… Point Never is releasing a new radio-inspired album, titled 'Magic Oneohtrix Point Never', next month…'In terms of composition, La Haine isn't so different to Amélie. Its characters are expressive, shot in vivid close…'There is a basic lesson underlying these lectures... We will have to learn to endure the hardships of practical, p…'Sonically this album is closer to Sleaford Mods or the Billy Nomates record, or even folk bands like Stick In The…"'Pseudoscience”! What the f*** do you know about f***ing science? When did you last even boil a f***ing kettle?'…"When I discovered The Prodigy I didn’t know about breakbeat hardcore or the scene they were attached to at that ti…'It’s emotive, heavy, satisfying. It’s Deftones. They’ve made their album again and, honestly, you wouldn’t have it…'From the very first track, we are told explicitly that what follows is a technological artifice: “a perfect simula…“I can’t say I was consciously responding to it, but I think I was taking the cue, taking the opportunity to simpli…"My Anglo-Iranian heritage is very important to me. I grew up with my dad listening to Iranian poetry and improv on…'Surti is nothing like the celebratory sound of qawwali, it turns slowly on its axis, a dance in slow motion, accom…'A precision-engineered fantasy, Róisín Machine reaches across the aeons to marry our silicon-chipped overlords wit…'Frusciante's new album Maya is a rapturous, wonderfully shapeshifting release underscoring his status as an electr…"We thought, let’s make the concept of Young Knives something that people like and battle with the demons involved…'These pieces feel like landscapes in their own right. ‘Against all Tenderness of the Eyes’ is monolithic in its st… Mother is releasing a new album, 'Circuit City', this Friday. Developed from a 2019 theatrical piece, it look…
“You think that you’re more in control than you are, but you’re much more driven by your base fears and impulses.”… Mother is releasing a new album, 'Circuit City', this Friday. Developed from a 2019 theatrical piece, it look… is a venue dear to tQ's heart - it's where we held our fifth birthday gig and ludicrous 10th anni… double-saxophoned industrial noise outfit Lonesaw share their debut single in the form of the harrowing 'Ba…"When he passed away recently, it was a sad day for me and so many others. Almost without exception all composers I…'You won’t hear Tricky’s own voice – that wonderful lowdown trademark grind and rasp – until the fifth track on Fal… tQ today I had a chat with @youngknives about their tremendous new album Barbarians
Retweeted by The Quietus"The second I started listening I just knew. I guess I was looking for the punk equivalent of synth-pop or somethin… extensive 1972 library music project by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai is being reissued across 10 LPs next m…"We seem prone to continuously wiping each other out and hurting each other, so the question is, how do you live wi…'Berlin’s infamous club has found new life as a temporary gallery. What will happen to the dozens of other clubs an…'Berlin's art week (9–13th September) saw a repurposed Berghain stuffed with over 100 works, a Biennale spread over…'Cantus, Descant approaches organs from Husserl’s epoché, all presuppositions temporarily suspended to make way for…'La Haine caused significant impact upon release, winning Kassovitz the prestigious Best Director award at Cannes b…"We were at this night in Leeds called Cosmic Slop, and I was like ‘Pete, could you come with me to Uganda?’ The ne…'In the span of a decade, the complexities of his work have been hollowed out his fans and have been replaced by an…'What’s f***ing heroism got to f***ing do with it, you yapping streak of f***ing liquid horseshit? It’s a f***ing v…"As a child I was into a lot of science-fiction, which happened to be based in Japan. I fell in love with Japan the…“I think in a time of crisis, you find yourself in fight or flight mode, and this record is really about that state… Bristol music venue formerly known as Colston Hall has a new name: Bristol Beacon"Depeche Mode's 12”s are so incredible because they’ve been a huge influence not only obviously on synth-pop, but a…'The Berlin they've made isn't a copy in style: instead, it conjures up the sounds of jangly goth-pop, early '90s s… music isn't some casual fling for the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist. From synth-pop and ghetto house,…'A taut, at times challenging, but engrossing collection of sounds - a sort of necromancy of land.' Richard Skelto…'Recorded at the Swiss Museum for Electronic Music Instruments, on some odd and obscure synths, many of which were…"Every aspect of this album feels like a stride through the countryside and it conjures up the image of a beautiful…"That’s it: just me, messing around with a sound, finding out how much can I get out of these turntables. I don’t u…'Kick drums on ‘Rehearsing For The Attack’ sound like explosions heard through a walkie-talkie, and the hi-hats on…'By The Fire is an 83-minute journey that revs up, builds energy and then covers some serious aural distance.' Thu…
The UK government has announced the introduction of a 10pm curfew for bars, pubs and restaurants. Trials of events… a new EP out in a couple of weeks, Yo La Tengo have unveiled a new track from it, 'Bleeding'. Listen to it her…"Listening to this album, I can tell you without ever having met Agnes Obel that she’s a perfectionist. It’s an alb…'Contemporary improvisations on traditional instruments including a pipa, a duduk (an Armenian double-reed flute) a…'Touching on pretty much every aspect of Moore’s career to date, By The Fire isn’t so much a patchwork as a seamles… a new EP out in a couple of weeks, Yo La Tengo have unveiled a new track from it, 'Bleeding'…"One thing that’s unique about the turntable is its tactility, the fingers on the vinyl. There’s a human dimension…'There are no shots of the Louvre, the Notre Dame, or the Arc de Triomphe – the only architectural divinities of La…'Many questions still linger. What will happen to the dozens of other clubs and DIY spaces in Berlin that do not re…'Fisher’s last lessons are so vital because they feel familiarly alien and complex within Fisher’s own body of work…"I’ve become much more inward [looking], much more contemplative, and come to understand and believe that no revolu…"Hassell’s compositions offer thoughtful combinations of cycle and gesture that invoke a grounded sensibility of ho…"We took T-Rex, The Cure, Oasis, stuff that she loved, Springsteen, Elliott Smith, and gave it a sprinkle of our id…"One of those upper echelons of composers who have redefined how we perceive classical music, while being able to m…"Some of the most amazing gigs I’ve ever seen have been turntablists. QBert can control the room with one record. H…'These feral half-songs were recorded around 1993, and are all spikes and squalls and twangs – quick cuts between f…"America’s not really the great democratic experiment, it’s a terrifying manifestation of the relentless pursuit of…