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Berlin's CTM festival has made its first line-up announcement for 2020. Deathprob, Giant Swan, Zamilska, US rapper…
New tracks by Sarah Davachi, Space Afrika and more will feature on a new ambient-focused compilation from Ghostly I…'s premier festival Simple Things returns to the city this weekend, with Holly Herndon, A Certain Ratio, Wil…'Kim Gordon was always a curious blend of telling it like it is and keeping it elusive.' Kim Gordon's No Home Reco…'More valuable and vital than a million Bellowheads or their tedious ilk. He just doesn’t really sound like folk. A…“When you’re walking around the woods it feels like communication in a way. You’re looking at things and it’s showi…'By a happy coincidence, the performance has fallen on National Coming Out Day; Rostron points out that it took the…"Charles Mingus' Oh Yeah is like The Magic Roundabout, but it gets to this really free thing where he's just shouti…, Giant Swan and VTSS are amongst the first acts confirmed for the 21st edition of Berlin's @CTMFestival e…'Future From Here is an album that sounds familiar and fresh at the same time.' @HurtlingBand's debut reviewed… Younger, aka Helm, will take over @Cafeoto in Dalston this weekend, with a heavyweight supporting cast. Friday…'s premier festival Simple Things returns to the city this weekend with yet another wide-ranging musical lin… the fog and shady sounds, Slaylor Moon's latest album for Maple Death Records feels intimate and ominous, f… Eno teams up with Lee "Scratch" Perry & Adrian Sherwood for 'Here Come the Warm Dreads', from the latter two'… to their appearance at @levfestival Matadero, Emptyset talk to Kristen Gallerneaux about their pioneering use… of how you feel about AI-derived music, Emptyset's latest is an especially remarkable listen, says Krist…'I don’t know yet that arranging a week-long holiday around a series of car park visits between Hastings and the Sc…"I'm just entering Song’s world, the vast universe that he occupies. He has a unique rhythm and tempo." Parasite d… this month's most out there album a ballet performed by 32 vehicles being driven around a brutalist bus station…'This is one I keep coming back to. I play it for people when they come round the house. If they don’t have a stron…"They're setting fire to the cornfields/ as you’re taking me home" Happy birthday to The Sensual World by Kate Bus…"It was a clash of two different worlds, this shop from the past, 1950s style, and then these young oiks coming in…“Music transcends time. People forget their time when listening to music. And when people listen to nostalgic music…'The debut album from Hurtling, [Jen] Macro’s new band, manages to conjure up the vibe of MBV, whilst forging its o…'An exceptionally wrought collection of flash fictions, poems, snippets of essays (and even contains a game of bing…“A lot of us would look at images of apples and we would all agree, that’s a picture of an apple. But as you go thr… @MovingFurniture Looks like Norman Records have it'Emptyset's new LP, Blossoms, is haunted. Not by a ghost, but by an intelligence. Intelligence as a thing, not a tr…'Full of deep warbling organs and chirping electronic pings, ~~~ is an ode to self-recognition and revelation that… and Berlin resident artist, @planningtorock, adapts new tracks for their acoustic performance at ACCA D… quintessential image of the album is Gordon driving through her newly reclaimed (no-)home: pedestrian-unfriendl… shared a 12-hour mix via radio streaming platform Mixlr over the weekend. Listen to the mix including musi…"There's no coming back from it." Richard Dawson on encountering Sun Ra
The next phase of Throbbing Gristle reissues are due in December. Listen to 'Fed Up' from the live ATP Nightmare Be…"If I had a desert island disc, this would be it. It's one of the cornerstones of music for me." - Richard Dawson… duo Autechre shared a 12-hour mix via radio streaming platform Mixlr over the weekend. The mix included music…'Glad to be able to report that up in West Yorkshire, the outer reaches of the cosmos are still being channeled int…'Maya goes on to detail the “government bullshit” she faced in order to be recognised as trans. “I had to be legali…"I've got a Holy Trinity of music, which is Eliane Radigue, Sun Ra and Circle. I could happily lose everything else…'The spoken word over ‘Slowness’ is a set of lines from Czech author Milan Kundera’s work of the same name. The wor… next phase of Throbbing Gristle reissues, due out in December, will cover their post-reformation activities bet…'Slovak artists meet up for a tape of improvised recordings dedicated to "letting intuition, chance and choice lead…'You do not need an encyclopaedic knowledge of either Jeff Goldblum’s films or his life to enjoy this book; you can… to their performance at Madrid's @levfestival, Morton Subotnick and #Lillevan speak to Patrick Clarke about '… played music by Coil, Aphex Twin, Underground Resistance and lots more during a 12-hour radio broadcast ov…'Song is a distinctive performer who marries melancholy and humour in his roles. Is this torn figure he often prese…'As anyone who has enjoyed a DJ set by Steve Davis and Kavus Torabi will tell you, Magma have produced some copper-… talks to to @aimeearmstrong about how moving to the New Hampshire woodland inspired the sound of her ne…'“One of the girls who works on the check-out tuts under her breath and it destroys me for a week.” Pretty much all…"The reason I am fascinated by the sound of nature is that it cannot be made by humans.” Ken Sugai, who plays ton…'Burning fields, black November nights, the swirling beauty of the Uilleann pipes…' Matthew Barton examines how K…“Would this plant respond like a human does if I hooked it up to a polygraph machine? What would happen if I set on…'Full of deep warbling organs and chirping electronic pings, ~~~ is an ode to self-recognition and revelation that… of his gig in Brighton tonight at @DigitalBrighton, we speak to prolific Japanese electronic artist Ken Sugai…'s Out: @tristan_bath on this month’s essential cassette releases, including Donoval & Fiala, Jaxson Payne, Pr…'A seasoned artist doing a first-ever solo album, synthesising a few decades of long-standing creative processes, s…'This is the moment when the car park nonsense, as friends and family describe it, takes over my life. I don’t know…'From ‘Apple’ to ‘Anomaly’, layers the Curve’s walls with 30,000 photographs from the Image Net library, progressin…'Slaylor Moon strips away any clear air away from her productions. In its place, there is a hermetic, cocoon-like w…'Has there ever been an artist who so emotively captures the mood and texture of the seasons as Kate Bush?' Matthe… to a new track from Ian William Craig and Missy Donaldson's new project, Minor Pieces. Shipbreaking is a tra… to a highlight from, Mechanical Fantasy Box, the forthcoming @darkentriesrecs compilation of previously unre…
René Pawlowitz is set to release a new album as Shed, via @OstgutTon. Oderbruch is due out on November 29…'The Sensual World is like an orchard, each song a ripened fruit. It is the sound of Kate Bush more comfortable in…'Hugely witty, but dark as fuck. He deals explicitly in the rich vein of pathos that comes lurking always in the ev…"'Shipbreaking' is a warning about how easy it is to allow our own dreams to consume us and turn into something alt…'The film could be interpreted as a national fable. South Korea has one of the highest rates of income inequality i…'Wonder has become a coping mechanism, a way to lift Cave from the deathly mire of grief, to rediscover colour and…'Transfixion Of Spirits, four songs averaging about nine minutes apiece, retreats into a wyrd, smeared realm, even…'[Tom] Brosseau’s music is firmly rooted in the American folk legacy. His latest release feels like the perfect con… is back on Ostgut Ton for his first album with the label in nine years, titled Oderbruch…'Gordon never shied away from exposing both her strengths and vulnerabilities. No Home Record’s uncanny composition…'Zone of Pure Resistance is an uncanny yet beguiling album that underneath the layers of shady sounds, holds you in…'Two composers exploring the outer reaches of microtonality played with consummate virtuosity'. Ensemble neoN's Ni…'Lumberjacks in Heat' is a frenetic, constantly evolving piece of synth music from Patrick Cowley, featuring on Dar…'Some will know that the label name is lifted from a Python sketch, which may give a clue as to what drives this co…'For all the freedom and open-mindedness the band explore, there’s a fraughtness and anxiety to it too, a tightly w…'I grew up with Depeche Mode. Mute represents something more than just a label.' Alessandro Cortini on his first r…"He will listen to new jazz artists when people make recommendations but he hasn’t found anyone who fulfil his expe…'As viewers, we want to see the rich brought low. But be careful to gaze into the abyss, lest the abyss gaze back.'…"Let's face it, you've got to start growing up when you're 30". @bartonmb looks how The Sensual World marked a tur…'It's easy to imagine that the album and track titles were grown from the metaphorical mulch of Emptyset's decade-l…'[Richard] Dawson’s songs present an ego on the verge of total collapse, but is paradoxically compelled to make thi… the fog and shady sounds, Slaylor Moon's latest album for @mapledeath is intimate and ominous, finds Bob Cl…'The album dazzles with the thrilling cocktail of styles Gordon’s been through, as if changing channels on the cool… to dusk: Richard Dawson talks @Jenn1fer_A through 13 favourite records and the tale of the oddest record shop…'The meaning of images changes according to who is looking at them. I want to see, in technical systems, how those… an extract from his new book Car Park Life, Gareth E. Rees explores the psychogeographic resonances of a Morriso… out of the page 30 years on, @bartonmb examines how @KateBushMusic made the perfect autumn soundtrack in T…'We all know, and most likely love, at least one version of Jeff Goldblum. The question is: How many more versions…
In an exclusive extract from his new book Car Park Life, Gareth E. Rees explores the psychogeographic resonances of…'James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas have worked on the bleeding-edge of electronic music genres, crafting an evolving c…'This silliness could be seen as grating or irrelevant in the serious and mildly antiseptic climate we currently fi…'Their outlook and lyrics were as much informed by an obsession with the horrors of World War 2 as they were by sma…'You do not need an encyclopaedic knowledge of either Jeff Goldblum’s films or his life to enjoy this book; you can…'Also causing ever expanding waves was the sound of acid house. As with punk before it, it too emerged from the Ame…'Its sonic palette is golden and lush, with slow and noble tides of synth, distorted chimes and rushes of chorus. H…'Parasite is about class anxiety and desperation. The movement from comedy to tragedy is linear, which produces les…'All is paradoxical: gauzy violence, inverted blasting, guitar tones so obscene and piercing they attain a droning,…'A performance of two pieces by American composers Phill Niblock and Catherine Lamb, written in the same decade by…