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"Especially after having all our stuff nicked I just thought, ‘what’s the point if you’re going to be treated like…"It's Einstürzende Neubauten's greatest album, it's pop but not pop at all. I used to have that poster up on the wa…'The words themselves remain imagistic and the borders are hallucinatory, like a lesson provided through the lens o…"The remit of ghetto futurism is that in every place where people aren’t the 1%, underprivileged people, there is a… Derbyshire, Laurie Spiegel, Suzanne Ciani, and more are the focus of a new film on early electronic music's w…'Paradise Lost have embraced their goth roots on new offering Obsidian. With a prejudice towards gloomy embellishme…'When it comes to full on, brain-melting psychedelia, album centerpiece and heavyweight highlight ‘Spinning Coins A…, the former Brighton event series for female-identifying and non-binary artists, has released a fundraising… the music Jamaica was creating in 1976 should be seen as a high flashpoint in 70s music, not a footnote, as imp… Stevens has shared the 12-minute lead single for his new album probably know the drill by now, but today is Bandcamp's latest fee-waive day. Find a selection of our favourit… Luke Turner is on @imaxreinhardt's @sohoradio show right now! Tune in here for chat about the music below and m…"Repeating things dynamically changes everything. Repeating white supremacy? We gotta do something else" Angel Bat… live events cancellation (BUT exciting new collabs & commissions). Further details 👇
Retweeted by The Quietus"Matt Johnson's Burning Blue Soul is 60s psyched-out beats and droning guitars, and when you listen to that you thi… blistering new @SLYFAMILYDRONE LP is streaming Xclusively along with this interview. For #BandcampFriday why no…
Retweeted by The QuietusIf you’re on the hunt for some new comics to read, look no further than the latest @theQuietus comics column…
Retweeted by The Quietus'At a time when we’re rushing to tell the untold story, the failure of Lee’s film serves an important warning. Whit… new album Walk It Dry premiering exclusively with tQ, Sly & The Family Drone leader Matt Cargill recounts the…! Today we're revisiting Neil Kulkarni's classic feature on the critical amnesia that surrounds reggae. We want…“This message can’t be contained in a ‘verse-chorus’ performative song where I give you all of my hot takes. We mig… Lee's new film Da 5 Bloods, on Netflix now, grapples with the irony of war and eulogises male togetherness as…'Chino Amobi's Airport Music For Black People might seem like a good counterpart to understanding what Fofana is tr…'Pete Kember has succeeded in creating his magnum opus and an album for the ages.' Spaceman 3's Pete Kember return… was the last live music event you attended? Mine was Ut @Cafeoto on Feb 18 and my ears are still ringing... (n…, reggae and critical amnesia. Why you should put aside your copies of Super Ape and Rockers Up Town and make…"I've lived with all of these records for over 35 years, some nearly 40 and none of them have diminished in their p…'It has a certain rough, blunt, rehearsal-studio feel, but it’s neither amateurish nor lo-fi. This is just one reas…'An album that showcases what can be achieved when musicians working in isolation collaborate.' Compiled by Richar… Swing are to release a remix album, entitled 'Passovers'. Hear the Jane Weaver version of 'Valentine's Day At T… @mattschnipper Love it. A brilliant film/band. The Minutemen doc 'We Jam Econo' is at least as good imo.
Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield has shared full details of his first solo album since 2006 alo… Shafique and The Bug have shared a video for their recent collaboration, 'BURN' All proceeds from sales of t… @friscofreakout @filmsonwax Calling America from a cell phone is insanely expensive still.People still talk about Can a lot, or steal a riff, or steal a beat, but what's worth taking is under the surface.… Weaver has remixed Sex Swing for the band's new remix album, 'Passovers' @FussyGays Unfortunately the musician was defiantly old school: landline or nothing. @dhodgesnyc The line wasn't good enough for either to hear what the other was saying. It's not a question of fideli…"I could hear their influences -black culture, James Brown, street culture, hip-hop, what was happening in New York… @filmsonwax Yeah, that used to be my solution but my gf bought a rotary dial job and that's that gone now. @dhodgesnyc BITD my landline was set up for recording convos... alas, no more. @KaelinBougneit I've just had to abandon an interview for the second time because we literally can't hear each othe… @currybubbles Thanks. Will look into it.Dear Readers, what's the best means for calling a landline - trans-Atlantic - for the purposes of recording an inte… Thompson of Hey Colossus reviews the new book by Sam McPheeters of Born Against - 'Mutations: The many strange… from across the UK music industry, including Radiohead, Paul McCartney and FKA twigs, have backed a new UK…'Composed of three parts, the book itself is beautifully designed, with Cossé’s elegant penmanship bookmarked with… Jones' image and performance style is to be the focus of a new exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary later th… Liebezeit was playful when he suggested that Can could be an acronym for communism, anarchism, nihilism, but i… Davachi is launching her own label, Late Music, with a brand new album coming in September… Cave is debuting a new concert film, featuring him playing alone with a piano at Alexandra Palace, on July 23.…'In May the trio released a charity single, which set Armitage’s newest poem 'Lockdown' to music, and featured gues… @mimi_gx @Miss_chance FYI... Amy: It's something we're talking about but as always, time & cost.'While Amobi and NON cleared the ground for a future-club conceptualism predicated on racialised experience and rad…"It sounded like the future and it still sounds like year zero to me." Karl 'Regis' O'Connor on Robert Rental & T… @dickurgent Ouch. Nobody tell Steve Reich, Charlemagne Palestine or This Heat...'An album that is worth more than twelve weeks of clapping for the NHS on a Thursday.' Compiled by Richard Adams o…! As we revisit this archive Can feature, we want to know which is the finest Can track to exceed 10 minutes in… @frozenwarning @thebigcashprize @JahDuran What are you talking about?'Taking inspiration from Amiri Baraka's seminal text Blues People, Lamin Fofana creates ethereal soundscapes channe…'Captures this duo’s first-ever performance, an all-improvised session rooted in turbulent ambience and ominous por…'s Nyege Nyege Festival will connect with collectives such as Sahel Sounds and Príncipe for a live-streamed d…"‘Queen Of Eyes’ is two minutes of bejewelled joy, easily the equal of any 60s West Coast snippet or Eighties North…"There’s a techno thing going on in Brazil right now that’s associated with the LGBTQ movement which is a really po…"I’m a realist, and I live in the real world and I’ve been making art about how the world actually is. And it seems…"The Egyptians used the power of sound to move objects. I believe that sound technology can move things. Sound is m…"These are the moments where what Can 'lost' in a cupboard sounds most beautifully like what most of us lost when w…'An unalloyed joy from start to finish. Chunks of primary-coloured synths, a thumping kick, congas, a playful appro… O’Connor’s Baker’s Dozen stinks of sweat and leather, lager tins with a ringpull that comes all the way off, G…'Vocalist Nick Holmes is a particular standout here, his voice richer and raspier than before without straining for…
"So we went in this former Ukrainian nursing home, and it was The Velvet Underground playing live with Nico. The st…"We are all commodities and I don't think it's necessarily just women. That was the game, you know? It outlived its… Reserve's Jordan Alexander Groggs, AKA Stepa J. Groggs, has died, aged 32'On a train to Munich, I got chatting to a young lad. I told him I was travelling to interview members of Amon Düül…"Frank Tovey AKA Fad Gadget studied under Lindsay Kemp and could performance art Bowie out of the fucking arena, yo… @Planetmurecords Amended accordingly, thanks for the clarification'Obsidian is firmly written in the death-doom tradition, a mature and considered album from a band very clearly six…, Speaker Music, Beatrice Dillon, and more have contributed to a 28-track charity compilation out on Bandcamp t… album is a knockout and its stripped-down format allows the listener to focus on the kinds of motives these mus… and Roger Eno have a collection of new tracks on the way, following on from the collaborative album that they… Pablo Rodriguez is key to Föllakzoid’s tripped-out craft. As Special Cases, his explorative synth forays are w… Hosono, black midi, Moor Mother, and more have joined @NTSlive as residents for summer 2020. The station h…“It means I can see a light, because the whole metal thing, it’s fucking boring man. One thing we always fought aga…"We need to transition into some other things. This ain’t working, for nobody. It ain’t even working for the people… Glenn-Copeland has shared his first new piece of music in over 15 years, 'River Dreams', which is lifted f…'Yeon-sik Hong has produced a book exploring something we can all relate to, how we care for the people we love, pa… by their most successful tour in two decades, A Certain Ratio headed into the studio to record their firs…"Underwater Moonlight is an album which could hardly date, as it wasn't in the least bit of its time, or any other,…'The music trundles through ecstatic peaks and measured contemplation, but there’s no missing its roots in post-bop…"Europe thinks they’re not racist, that they’re more progressive than America. Get on out of there with that! That… Harry's ascent to fame goes from being improbable to downright astonishing when you cast your eye over her f…"Foetus was always the ultimate one-man-band. I found that so inspirational, if this guy can make all this music th…"Over the last 15 years the definition of what poetry is has really broadened and it now incorporates fully spoken…"It makes me sad that I have to go out in the street and trade blows with EDL people, I don’t want to do that, but… jazz musician Angel Bat Dawid has created a new record in response to Emma Warren's work on London's… O'Connor guides Luke Turner through the 13 teenage hits that made him Regis, with tales of smelling like a bad…'s noise trio Deafkids have teamed up with Wayne Adams and Iggor Cavalera's pummelling Petbrick for an extrao… 75th birthday Debbie Harry! Read Debbie Harry interviewed in-depth by @JahDuran on Blondie, Andy Warhol, reg…'Paradise Lost have embraced their goth roots on new offering Obsidian. With a prejudice towards gloomy embellishme…"I’ve spent the last five years screaming at the top of my lungs about all the things that are happening right now.…