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never trust a white person who believes in manifestation. what are you gonna manifest next? destiny?
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@reganbakerr @nktvsk that’s orwellianATTENTION we are no longer in lockdown. @reganbakerr i will go off lockdown so u can retweet <3 @TherapistMitski one day we will take this word away from ethan and nick
Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️ @reganbakerr orwell privileges revoked @reganbakerr i lay in bed at night and all i hear is orwellian and kafkaesque @gibbyfan3001 this or a well @HHuvos damn😔why is evil mitski just shinee
Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️ @_AwkwardAsian_ OH SHIT OK SEXYone day i will find out what “orwellian” meansmy twitter is now on lockdown. my followers here are all trapped in here with mewhat are the chances i leave my bedroom today
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Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️ @reganbakerr me when i opened my laptop last night to the textbook reading and then laid in bed bc that was a lot of work @franksonetra who wonok nvm just realized one of my likes on this tweet is a MEMBER of THE c*cteau twins. i loveeee scottish twitter… is grilling fish on 3rd floor of south and can i have some omg it smells so good
bros before hoeshashtag racismi love when ppl laugh at my jokes like yay irl hit tweet
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@reganbakerr me im oomf @franksonetra @falicia_assman netra supremacysigh
Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️just found out none of the members in the cocteau twins are twins 😐 @reganbakerr always real bestiejust sipped a shot
im going to be transracial white @emofarmgirl @reganbakerr thought you meant you were at shenkman at regans place 😭receiving an insane amount of hate bc i tweeted abt being taiwanese once (1). i hate twitter from now on i am now a white european poc @emeraldwilsonn yeah EMERALD😐🤨 @pitzuhtime EXACTLY @TherapistMitski bitches is a non aggressive gender neutral noun
Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️ @ethan___d no one knows like i do😔 @nktvsk the indie-ification of secretea @nktvsk literally u get urhe wouldn’t understandgot kicked off aux at work bc work oomf said tame impala is music designed to make you fall asleepi loveeee saying people have bitches. i see you interact with one person? you have bitches (gender neutral). my bf? he has bitches (me)every day i wake up and listen to this king princess cover to reset my brain @reganbakerr MORNING @nktvsk @reganbakerr OMG @_Yanathan @nolanp_2002 drunk twitter after dark is fun @JustinDiamondHQ very nice @_Yanathan @reganbakerr @HHuvos defamation @falicia_assman i’m ngl i recognized netra before i saw you @franksonetraman i love when men (nick) hug from behind it’s so cute @JustinDiamondHQ post the full thing we need to see @reganbakerr @HHuvos i agree. pa is the best @reganbakerr true @HarryMcDow @nktvsk @ethan___d @JustinDiamondHQ @ianching685 @realsteelmuslim pretty much @ethan___d @HarryMcDow @nktvsk @JustinDiamondHQ @ianching685 @realsteelmuslim this is why he’s my boomf @ethan___d @HarryMcDow @nktvsk @JustinDiamondHQ @ianching685 @realsteelmuslim SOOOO TRUEoomf wants to make a quizlet to remember the info on their fake @JustinDiamondHQ is this the boxing picture
@HarryMcDow @ethan___d @JustinDiamondHQ @ianching685 @realsteelmuslim ok well are u gonna pay for me to go to the s… @HarryMcDow @ethan___d @JustinDiamondHQ @ianching685 @realsteelmuslim ethan u should SOOOO dye ur hair @ethan___d @HarryMcDow @JustinDiamondHQ @ianching685 @realsteelmuslim STOP LMFAOOOOOOOi’m gonna start artificially creating twitter beef it’s just soooo exhilarating, who’s next? @HarryMcDow @ethan___d @JustinDiamondHQ @ianching685 @realsteelmuslim NOT CALVIN @ethan___d @JustinDiamondHQ @HarryMcDow @ianching685 @realsteelmuslim LMFAOOOOOOtwitter beef is sooooo fun i just got a whole workout out of clenching my jaw @realsteelmuslim i actuallt know Mandarin chinese and taiwanese LMFAO what do u make of taiwanese then😮💨 @emmajthatcher_ the pads without the wings on the side to stick onto ur underwear @McneilJovawn I SO AGREE @McneilJovawn @fratboyjaden @GNM21632337 @realsteelmuslim @ianching685 what the fuck
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Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️ @chris_g_pino oooh good luck on the LSATdurkheim corecraving death but in a non-suicidal way and more in a deathly academic spirit brain dead wayescape room but with escaping the wretched building of Gelmanits lowkey a homosexual trait for a woman to be a swimmer like whos breasts are you stroking? another woman’s???
Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️ @italix1312 “my little pasta noodle” “yas my stick of butter” @italix1312 reveal ur nicknames i wanna see what u callin that blonde man @italix1312 i feel the second half of this tweet so much @parwazcs if i wrote that then my professor would refer me to a therapist LMFAOOOO @pitzuhtime waiting for when 10 bots start replying w es*ay advice @parwazcs my worst nightmare 😐 @reganbakerr @nktvsk not like other airports @willrobertz @JontaeBurton so you don’t believe in reparations🤨 @reganbakerr @nktvsk national airport (normal) @TessKlugewicz SALMON IS INCREDIBLEI don’t wanna see no flags tomorrow make sure y’all wrap this shit up tonight .
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Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️ @nktvsk you when you’re in my hall @nktvsk YASSSSSSmy search history >>>
jaden just found out their dick has a urethra @reganbakerr @reganbakerr real recognizes realPENIS PEOPLE HAVE URETHRAS
Retweeted by hallowleen😮🧟‍♀️i said the three holes were urethra pussy and asshole and they go: “isn’t the urethra the thing that hangs at the b… @clarinettochris yeah😭😭and i end up just opening it a crack and squeezing thru bc i can’t open it wide enough