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@atnicksand @dragoninns That’s part of it, for sure. Probably the consensus choice for “Best Demme” amongst that group. @dragoninns I like Demme just fine, but I’ll also never understand the fever-pitch cult he attracts. @ViolasMoustache I’m assuming you’re looking for answers beyond the Before... trilogy, so gonna throw in Waking Life. @GrahamB47 A wonderful picture. @StealingValerie When I was 12, I once made a similar mistake involving Lebanon on a field trip to CNN in Atlanta a… a movie that strives to be about humanity, 2001 sure forgets to put any recognizable human beings in it. A dist… @Jared_the_panda I actually voted Moonlight by a hair there.Children of Men not even in the same ballpark as Rear Window, c’mon. understand where people are coming from when they say that Bush is worse than Trump, but I think you have to admi… results are so messed up.“You mean to tell me that the Democratic Party doesn’t care about black people?” “Pfffffffttt, isn’t that obvious?” the timeline.’m Not There is great because it understands that Dylan is a prickly dude whose music and media personas are far m… biopics are always worse than other biopics because the subjects are rarely interesting as actual people and… @voellig That’s why we call him Godd Haynes.Man, had Mark Wahlberg been in that plane there’d have been a lot of red on that ballot
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud FatherA David Bowie movie taking place within the span of one of his flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s at office depot n my butts just perfect 2 fit in da seats i sell. ahhhhhh (dats me stretchin)…
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud Fatherjack looks like Osama Bin Laden when he made those videos while in hiding towers 19 hijackers 3 places =24🙏
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud Father @thealbertbrooks My favorite Craig, although it's been a while since I've seen Casino Royale.Dodgers have an asterisk ring now???? hear the Braves are in need of another starter @snellzilla4. Just putting that out there.Analytics people need to just take the L on this one.Every group chat has these people in it. @mistermoviespod I’m sorry what the hell[gf going through my browser history] I just think Woody Harrelson is so powerful in that scene
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Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud FatherLmao Roberts never learns’s right. @El_____GBT Nah.Thanks to Bird Boy, I have been reminded of what is currently the top review of The Searchers on Letterboxd. @bostondialect Just a masterclass in willfully and spitefully missing the point. @bostondialect The Searchers
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@decoyrobot Idk the first but the rest: 1999, 2000, 2018, 2017Currently workshopping to the others that if Trump is Frank, Epstein and Bill are Hoffa and Bufalino. just gave the wholesome film chat about a decades worth of material
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud FatherTHE STRAIGHT STORY (1999) @420quiznos The Hamilton tweet is a winner.Biden is probably gonna win like 400 electoral votes and then govern like a Republican. @Srirachachau It’s just funny that Roeg’s 1990 kids studio movie was more terrifying than his classic New Hollywood horror film. @jacob_posts So that’s why Perdue’s ads have gotten so desperate lately.You gotta admit it’s hilarious that the people responsible for adapting The Witches probably hired Nic Roeg thinkin…
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud FatherjUsT vOtE BEAN????Watching Roeg’s The Witches. @katemaclel @jacob_posts They should give me a cartoon gavel. @allahliker Namath @Srirachachau @dylmdav A kaiju I want to hug. @bmrow I’m sure it’ll be terrible.No, it’s the Hillary Clinton court. sarandon is jane fonda for people whose rock bottom was when they heard parks and rec was ending
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud FatherDrafting Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson is gonna follow the Bears around for 90 years like trading Ruth did for the Red Sox.dr loomis is a terrible psychotherapist he shot his only patient in 15 years like 6 times
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud Father @jeanpierreload The Bulworth platform.Big Pick Nick. @StealingValerie Danny McBrideKiyoshi Kurosawa’s CURE. Aaron Donald play football. @TheTumboy THE CAN-SUH.
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud Father @FrenchDogWave Joakim Noah has a name!
I have discovered Sully (2016) memes
Retweeted by Tank Bigsby’s Proud FatherMy name-a Borat. @Srirachachau I know it’s my favorite. @mistermoviespod SOBBING and FILLING MY DIAPER that Space Boys defeated A Midwinter’s Recollection in the movie bracket. @Tasnyx Can’t complain. @scott4listener The first guy seems cool tbh. @nickusen @jacob_posts @katemaclel Cruz/Hillary general election is a real battle of unlikability lmao. @katemaclel @jacob_posts I remember in the early goings it was a LOT of Trump in first, Cruz in second results though.Lmao no he won’t. @katemaclel @jacob_posts Cruz had the second most votes in the Republican primary right? I really don’t know how ma… should be doing more stuff like Llewyn Davis and Card Counter not this dreck.AWFUL @annaswnsn @Srirachachau This Hanukkah...Howard Ratner has a brother. @TheTumboy We can get Marty to make Romano’s Uncut Gems.Sacha Baron Cohen needs an Uncut Gems. @mistermoviespod I told you this in *confidence*.CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY @Balefuego And yet it’s the correct choice. @Balefuego the Rocks is like every other great Murray role in that it understands the man is a complete cad, albeit a very charming one. @Srirachachau It’s a very funny bit for him to live in California for like 8 years and go “I really do think he has… @coopercooperco You can kind of see him hone in more and more on that with each film he makes, which gets me curiou… @Srirachachau @HighPriestOil @JoJoCucaracha I’ve also seen both. Heat takes Strangelove out behind the woodshed and spanks it on the bottom. @GrahamB47 It’s been the primary Baumbach discourse since AT LEAST The Squid and the Whale. @TheRealMattC Anderson getting that treatment actually makes the least amount of sense: he’s from Texas!Look, I love Sofia Coppola and think the article in question is dumb as rocks, but Baumbach and Anderson absolutely… @fuckedupsnake Give Fincher The Knick after Jenkins’ two seasons. @Srirachachau Stupid sexy Mike Myers.Game of the year.CARDINALS simply love saying “Russell Wilson has got moxie.” in an old-timey sportscaster voice.Kliff Kingsbury you dumbass lmao.Tyler Lockett, my god.Look sometimes we don’t know what we know until we write about it. I promise I get it. But you still wrote this int…
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