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Yo!! ... after that response last night to my new record after the battle between LilJon & TPain ... I’m thinkin bo…
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Retweeted by ALIKA @isthatscully The jacket is 5 sizes too big @SICKAVISION ❤️❤️ thank you x @muddacxnt Thank u bbz ❤️ @DozenLife_Livin ❤️ @SamFloating ❤️Get the hell off the stage with this rehearsed ass waffle 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅 seeing so many people on my TL lose loved ones due to the pandemic. I’m so sorry guys. Praying for you all 😔❤️
Retweeted by ALIKA @omozay OMG JESUS CHRISTloooolsksk nah pronouncing this makes me sound Bajan
Retweeted by ALIKAI’m the world’s worst self promoter. Is there a course for that? @KINGVictoria_ Skskskks 😭 thank u bbz ❤️ @HenrieVIII ❤️ love youuu4 mill+ streams across DSP’s, many syncs & counting & you might just get more real soon 😅💥❤️ thank y’all keep runni…
Retweeted by ALIKA @KINGVictoria_ 😭😭😭😭😭If i come out of this period of isolation with healthy loved ones & more self discipline I will be satisfiedJerry i will never forget this LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL everybody calm downHuge thanks to @SpotifyUK for adding Anything I Do to the Home Workout playlist! The people need it during these to… i find myself doing things ppl in love do and i don’t recognise myselfSnoh Alegra in the morning can make my day @4lapowers ❤️ @AW_Zen ❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by ALIKAWell bloody done Tories 😂😂
Retweeted by ALIKA @iservethebase21 Speaks better English than becks
Retweeted by ALIKAI’m actually tired. Beg your parents & elders to tell these people to KISS THEY ASS. NO! goin food FOOD SHOPPING. No small checkout BIG CHECKOUTS ONLY 😂❤️🤑
Retweeted by ALIKA @iamRicardoW 100% 😂April 15th I just no your goner LAUGH THE HARDEST IN CELEBRATION 🤑 If you know what Im saying 😂
Retweeted by ALIKA😂😂😂 My G ❤️ #PRSSavesLives @KeysThePrince ❤️👑👑💰
Retweeted by ALIKA @BigNate237 ❤️ @LouisDeezle 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it still fits my agenda.... ok im convinced all men have terrorist tendencies cos wtf is the reason?? mill+ streams across DSP’s, many syncs & counting & you might just get more real soon 😅💥❤️ thank y’all keep runni…🥺 oh nooo man. RIP Lonnie ❤️ to crochet NEWS. Corona VACCINE the new GOLD. BIll Gates announce his vaccine begins human testing today. SURPRISED?…
Retweeted by ALIKAhold tight all my jobless gang whose income has been halted ☝🏽😔 we shall overcome
Retweeted by ALIKAAmerica is finished man. How can you use Coronavirus Press Conference to ask The President if he will free Tiger Ki… are pouring in for rapper and model Chynna Rogers, who sadly passed away at 25. 💔
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🚨 NEW RECIPE VIDEO 🚨 Fish and chips Caribbean style 🐟❤️💛💚 Seabass marinaded in a simple green seasoning, served w…
Retweeted by ALIKA @TheBiancaBre 👑👑👑❤️ queeen tingsss @ABWunmi_ 🙃🙃🙃Their insurer is vomiting profusely
Retweeted by ALIKA @NotNanalise Yh when they off pant😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 29-year-old NHS nurse has died after contracting coronavirus. RIP Rebecca
Retweeted by ALIKA @Jayandreas__ Yep 😂& the nigeria flag guy still wont quit Naira Marley: 'It's better to have a big bum than qualifications in Nigeria'
Retweeted by ALIKAFuck capitalism. Bus driver killed by coronavirus 'told his pay would be cut if he missed work'
Retweeted by ALIKASo jealous of all you that just loveeee cooking so much kmt @StaycMaria Looool whew im a few hours ahead i see @MonikahLee Wray plz in these uncertain times sis 🤣🤣1 @FelisNotFelish I got there eventually 🤣 @just_georgette I like to let these things marinate so crazy side effects can be sorted out first 😩I am furious & every one of you, black or brown or white should be too. This has to do with institutionalised racis…
Retweeted by ALIKAThis NHS nurse’s family called the ambulance FOUR times and they came and said his symptoms weren’t ‘bad enough’. H…
Retweeted by ALIKA @TheJ2ocean Exact lmao @yola_oni @KINGVictoria_ U can dm me if u have questions tho xxGO ON LADS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Umar said coons are dangerous @MonikahLee Mon!!!! The lack of respect!!!!!! @yola_oni @KINGVictoria_ Its not going to help 😩 @LillzTrackLife Proper. @KINGVictoria_ Looolsks i asked for an opinion on a song i made & now im getting links & info on how to become a professional 😭 @chadalexanderuk 😭😭😭 somehow its my fault @LeviLennox It’s how i write the good good 😂The thought of those Quarantine Radio babes mopping all the milk off their floor now is killing me
Retweeted by ALIKAHoooorayyyyy @Jayandreas__ @ShakraAngel Still processing actually @StaycMaria 🤣🤣 oh i thought u meant hairrrr crochet. Yh fuck that fake knitting ass shit @StaycMaria sorry? @folsforever @ShakraAngel Yhh man they love itThere’s too many types of feminism for you to generalise it like this though sis. Think the most important thing is… @_Nicksy i will never forget it either!TARK DI TINGSSS! No one was enquiring to look like you why u lying is embarrassing. I don’t have words for Jeezy’s fiancé. your stupid NHS clap! They need PPE! They are fucking dying and this is NOT what they signed up for!
Retweeted by ALIKA @KINGVictoria_ Used her friends death fof vlog content then when her family asked her to plz remove as it wasn’t al… @MrMeeds Pathetic @interningtop 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 i love him @AXS_UK Done @DeliciaLondon Weirdoss @interningtop Yh thats why i wanna know what the reason is?? Why they doing all that? Loool @AXS_UK @elizabethgreen_ Can you please respond to me? I’ve been trying to get in contact for almost a week @AXS_UK Hello still no response, where’s my refund??From Lani’s devilish antics to this ... i just don’t understand what the internet is doing to people? @LillzTrackLife ProperLani is the devil.
Retweeted by ALIKAforgot what life used to be likenext time you say you feel bad for boris johnson, please just remember this (a thread) :
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